Henderson Kentucky Church | Raising Kids with Principles

Welcome to the house of god:are you happy to be in church? Somebody say I’m happy, but my name is pastor ron gibson, it’s an honor and a privilege to get to preach the word of god this morning and we are so glad you’re here all in and just like what matt said between your first trips here, I I say welcome and it’s just an honor that you would come and hang out with us on sunday morning. Why don’t you turn around and tell your Henderson Kentucky Church neighbor this morning you were lucky to get to sit by me. Just let him know that they’re lucky to be in your presence. You going to open up your bibles have y’all been laughing at that for 8 years, man I’m not getting a new material because it’s still working so go to matthew chapter 16, verse, 18 and I’m, going to start preaching out of there here in a minute but i. Just it’s the first of the year, and you know it’s january and we’re all thinking about where we’re going and what we need to do and where we need to head and I’ll pick. The same thing needs to be said about what we’re doing, where we’re going as a church body and I just want to bring us back to our core values, who we are, what does it meanriver city church cuz, here’s, what I believe nothing worth having in life just automatically happens. Would you agree with that? Was Henderson Kentucky Church some riding some things about? What do I want my son to believe what kind of man do I want him to be. My girl and I have a due north I want them to know. What’s right, I want them to know. What’s wrong, i, don’t want to be looking at a 25 26 year old kid who’s. Floundering I want to put principles in his life. Just like that, and also I’m writing these things down and I come down to one of them that I wrote hey and it is a it’s simple. It’s been said a whole lot of times, but there’s nothing in life worth having unless you’re willing to build it or work for it. Somebody say amen to that. That’s true in business, that’s true! In construction building, something buildings, don’t just happen. They have to be built marriages, don’t just happeni have to be built on ethics and integrity. It doesn’t just happen in your life. It has to be built. I believe the same thing about great church is great churches. Don’t just happen. They have to be built. Somebody say amen to that and watching just kids come up. You see, skill sets have to be built, things have to be put in their life, they have to have principles and it starts Henderson Kentucky Church when they’re, small and jesse and I are our oldest daughter, bradley. She 6 now she just became old enough to start upward basketball she’s, not doing basketball, she’s doing cheer, because her daddy can’t dribble still at 35 of those left hand. So we thought we do cheer instead and hope for the best there what we started doing that and you watch those kids they’re out there they’re 6 years old and they’re playing ball. You know, there’s nothing more play, basketball, it’s it’s action-packed and i, even out their work with upper body work with him. I know we have some people out out here. It’s a great program built on christian principleswhere. They don’t keep score and that’s a blessing go personality like mine and and and some other things like that and I’m thinking, I’m watching the kids out there, somebody from the sidelines a kid misses a pass and somebody screamed pay for catching you in hitch come on. Get your head up number 7! What’s wrong with you! Blue I mean it would shut the place down. Why? Because they’re just getting started there, just building something in life, but lots of times in the church. Henderson Kentucky Church People are so quick to throw stones and the judge. Young people are just coming to the kingdom of god they’re, just getting their legs under their just getting started, and we ought to give them grace to build something in their life to get character, to get integrity, to allow the holy spirit to work on them and love them when they first come through the doors somebody say amen to that, we ought to be the most loving group of people in the universe and that’s what I want us to build. River city, church out of I want us to build bringing people along from right where they are to work out one sim to be step by step every bit of the way we are here to help to love, god, love, people and love life. Somebody say amen to that. Look at matthew, chapter 16, verse, 18. This is where jesus talks about building his church, and this is a scripture that I about some last week, but I love it. It’s something. I hang my hat on it and I believe in, and it’s called the most quoted scripture that that i, even quote matthew 16:18 jesus, said these words. He said I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Henderson Kentucky Church Christ himself said:i will build my church, interesting to me that the creator of the heavens and the earth who can speak and things just happen. He said, let there be light. There was like let there be laying there was land let, there, be, water, let, there be sees it happened, let the water in the trial and move apart. He says and it happens, but he didn’t just create a church out of there. He actually said that he’s not just going to speak it into existence. He said I will build my church because it’s the greatest thing that god is ever going to put together on the earth and the church is something so beautiful.

It’s worth being built. Somebody say amen to that. What it means in the greek to build it means to put together like a house builder would build a house. I will construct my church. What jesus is doing on the earth right now is he’s the form and he’s the great overseer, the owner and Henderson Kentucky Church the builder of the church and he’s employed everybody’s help under the sound of my voice to build the church of the lord jesus christ peter wrote this in the epistles of 1st 2nd peter. He said he said that every person under the sound of my voice is a living stone, you’re, a living stone and that we’re being built together as the spiritual temple or the spiritual priesthood god is calling all of us out of darkness into light and he’s using us as a building block to build his body where the foundation were parts of the church. How many of the church isn’t just the Henderson Kentucky Church building? It’s not brick, it’s not mortar! You know we got to have a building in january kentucky cuz. If not, we be really cold outside we were in southern california. It would be different, but we need a building here today, but the building isn’t the church. The church is everybody. Who’s called on the name of the lord jesus christ and, if hooked ourselves together by his spirit and are trying to do something for him all the earth, we are the church and the church has to be built out of what brian, houston pastor of hillsong church, says:sydney australia, what the hell song crew has done for the church around the world, really it’s phenomenal with worship with cultural relevance with with of while bringing young leaders and young people into the ranks and giving them leadership positions. It’s been amazing, but he says this. He says I’d rather be a movie maker been a movie critic. I’d rather be an art builder in an art critic and I’d, rather be a church builder than a church critic, nothing wow. What a good word! Why not build something? Why not live something? Why not put something together instead of terror something down in life, amen and I want to live my life positive i, want to add value to people. I want to add value in everybody’s life out here. I want to be bring something to the table and jesse. We’ve talked about this and just the other day, I said jess. Here’s what we’re going to do! I’m going to take 21 days and I’m I’m, going to I’m going to try to fast and not say a negative thing about a situation or a negative thing about a person for 21 days. Why I don’t want to be critical? I, don’t want to be a problem. I want to be the answer. I want to be the solution, no matter what kind of deal man I want to be a part of somebody that brings grace and peace and help how many you think that that would be a great idea, a man 21 days that that’s what I’m going to do. Listen gods called us to build this church, just called us to reach Henderson Kentucky Church out and to love our community and we’re coming up to about eight years of river, city church being in existence when we came to owensboro 2004 begin organizing through the summer like sunday morning services in 2005 in january. So it’s been 8 years next week, we’re going to celebrate with some birthday cake in here so come out, we’ll have communion also at the end of the service for my birthday cake. So you know any type of birthday cake I’m in it’s going to be great, so it show up next week, look at your neighbor and tell him nobody cake next week. Just let him know god spoke to me when I talk about building a church. He he called me way back. 2001 and I was going to school that time at oru out in tulsa oklahoma, and we had a guy come the preaching chapel in the man. What was an amazing man? What did accomplish in his life was pig. It was amazing. He went out into the bush in africa and establish the church also hospital that that people were coming getting treated when they couldn’t get help from from anywhere else and he’s preaching in the guy grabbed a hold of my heart when he was talking it was like he was talking to me and at the end of the service he said, I want you guys to come down here. I want to pray over you for you to get directions on what you’re supposed to do in your life, where bunch of bible school students and and probably a thousand of us piled into the altar down there Henderson Kentucky Church and that man of god begin to sorry. I was standing there by the spirit of god forget to come on me in a real, strong, manifest way and got spoke to my heart, and he said these words he said build me a church. Build me a church, build me a church 3 times that cadence that sentence structure, I can remember just like it was yesterday and so I stood there in the presence of god and I said all right up to that point. I knew I wanted to be a preacher, but I didn’t want to be a pastor. I want to do if angela’s I want to come preaching places, I want to come in blow blow in blow up blow out and then let the pastor to the next place. You know you’re going to build me a church and I said yes and jesse and I we began to pray for you, I’ve been praying for you. Since 2001. We begin to pray that god will draw people to the house. Henderson Kentucky Church

We began to pray that god would use us to build a great church for the lord. We began to pray that it will be a church that would be full of the spirit of god of the word of god for the gospel to be proclaimed, we pray that it would be a place where the addict would get set free, where people would be delivered from everything that binds them. We pray that it would be a place where families would become stronger. Marriages would thrive where one generation will declare to the next. The wonderful works of god and we pray that people would come in by the thousands in the god would work a great work in our life because I don’t want to just live my life. Normal I want god Henderson Kentucky Church to do something supernatural around man in me. I don’t want to go to my grave with a dream in my heart and we pray that way for you. I’ve been praying for you since 2001, something like that and hear you all are god’s been faithful to bring you here, but we we came to owensboro, but we didn’t know where, and in town and I felt like it was the right place got about a year into it and I begin to wonder. You know how I thought I thought. 10,000 people are supposed to show up overnight, because I didn’t understand that anything worth having in life has to be built. Great things would happen, but it always felt smaller to me than it should you know, I still walk out of here and I still may I see bigger than what I see in front of me. I love, I’m, constantly frustrated in life. So don’t cancel me for a second or somebody help me out. Okay, cuz anything i, walk out and look at I already see. I see what should already be there.. I. Think it’s a little bit of a define come on son i! Think that’s what god does for so many of us. He shows us some of the end from the beginning, and so we walk out and we’re looking at what we want to see in it. We’re not there yet and it’s something to keep us pushing on it and so I began praying it was a year and we’re about a hundred people and it’s like i, don’t see. 10,000 people and I didn’t want to get in any deeper than I needed to go somewhere else or do something else and godson evangelist to preach at this church by the name of james payne friend of mine, he officiated, jesse and eyes wedding and he’s up in the pulpit he’s preaching and asks preaching. He says these words. He said god told brian to come to owensboro and build him a church, build him a church, build him a church just like that. Jesse. Looked at each other. We said man we’re right in the center of the will of god for our lives. God church in owensboro he’s going to save the lost he’s going to he’s going to do supernatural things through each and Henderson Kentucky Church everyone of us, if you believe it just give the lord a handclap this morning, I believe it in jesus, mighty name on my life is to build the church or to lead in building the church. It’s kind of, like the part of me as a pastor, is i, have to extinguish the dna of a house. What matters in the church what matters to us, what makes us run? What makes us move forward or what are the things that we’re going to build with here at river city church? What are our values? What are our principles to take the next couple of weeks and talk about things that are guiding principles for this house? The first thing I’ll say about this house:is this house is committed to winning the los people who don’t know jesus at any cost, we’re going to win spiritually loss? People turn over in your bibles to matthew chapter 28, matthew, chapter 28, g of the bible Henderson Kentucky Church on you, i, want to show you where this comes from. This idea that we must reach people were far from god above anything else, we do and when we’re not building the church for those who are already found we’re not building a church for ourselves, we’re not building a church for for any certain group of people were building a church for those who are far from god and I need to know him. Matthew 28, verse, 16 years what jesus says to his disciples, what he says to his disciples. He says these words, then the eleven disciples went away in the galilee to the mountain, with jesus, an appointment for them when they saw him. They worshipped him, but some doubted and jesus came and spoke to them sing. All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Henderson Kentucky Church father and of the son and of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and I’m with you always even to the end of the age. Jesus gets his people together gets his disciples together and he says here’s what you’re going to do and it gives him the great commission. This is what I want the church to be about. This is what I’m commissioning you to do, or I can sit like this. This is your mission says:i, want you to go and make disciples of all the nations. Everybody say every nation I want you to go all around the world, Henderson Kentucky Church he’s talking to a small group of people, and it gives them this unbelievably large assignment, because god’s got this always trying to expand our hearts. He’s always trying to make us see.

Bigger he’s always trying to get us to push further I want you to go to all the nations. Can you imagine there’s just a handful of you sitting around in your rabbi walks up and says you guys you’re going to cover the earth with my knowledge Henderson Kentucky Church everywhere. There’s a nation everywhere, there’s a tribe everywhere, there’s a tongue that that’s where I want you to go and I want them to know about me. My glory, my plan, my life, he said you’re going to go to all the nations going to make disciples of them you’re going to baptize him you’re, going to teach them everything that I have commanded you and I’m going to be with you, jesus great commission to us is that we might win loss people all over the earth. Why? Because people they matter to god. You matter, to god your fearfully and wonderfully made your Henderson Kentucky Church beautiful in his eyes, you’re made, in, his image, our god is wild about people, every kind of people, every type of people, no matter what background there from what nation there from what they have in the culture there from god is wild and. For, each and every one of them on the cross, and it’s our mission as the church to take this message of the gospel god’s grace, god’s, goodness god’s mercy around the world to save them at the strongest place. We do missions isn’t somewhere else the strongest place we do. Missions is right, come on somebody! It’s Henderson Kentucky Church here. We start here, i, don’t even care for now how I use the term missions cuz we do for admissions is church and we have missionaries that we support. We got lana vasquez working, what with kids rescuing them from the sex trafficking industry. We got random, nikki macgomery that teach all over southeast asia training and equipping leaders, and we give money to missions but I’m, careful on how I play missions now cuz you’re. Still when we said missions, everybody thought the mission is just a foreign mission across the world not come from a church. I was raised in a church where we literally didn’t do a lot right where we were, but whenever on offering came around, we gave a bunch of money to missionaries to make us feel good about rn activity where we are because we were paying somebody to do something for the gospel somewhere else. But listen. We can’t just pay someone else to reach the world. We have to be the people that reach the world right here in owensboro and in the surrounding region. You’re, the one that’s a sign to win them. Somebody say:hey man out there, it’s easy to look and say well, the leadership of the church, they’ll, win them or or bob bob’s, real spiritual. You know somebody or maybe max and pat. They pray that they been around here, that that they teach reteaching, dave ramsey course, their spiritual that other people they can win people. But the fact of the matter is the only person that’s going to win somebody in your spear of influence. Is you and the preacher are cover is already blown i, told the story a lot of times whenever people find out but I’m a preacher things get weird and my cover’s blown but you’re covered some of your so far. Henderson Kentucky Church Undercover. We still worry about you. I’ve been saying that for years we don’t even know where you are you’re so far, undercover I think about it years ago, I was through college and carry golf clubs for money, love the game of golf and carry a couple of back, sometimes two rounds a day be 36 holes and one day I was starting out number one with this guy and he looks over at me just want to drink a beer. Might know, I’m good I appreciate the offer. But I’m. Fine, we played a couple more holes, he pulled out a flask. He said he want to take a shot of whiskey man, you what you want to drink, i, appreciate it, but I’m good, I’m fun. When we get down a few more holes than looks over at me, and he said she want to smoke. A joint and I’m like I appreciate the offer, but no I’m fine and we got to the end of the round. I was putting his bags in Henderson Kentucky Church his car and he looked over at me. He said what are you going to school for here in tulsa anyway said I’m going to theology school to be a preacher. He said you know I’m just kidding about that joint I wasn’t serious about that joint, see why my cover was blown but as soon as I find out. What I am that’s, why god has called you to be a livingstone and to help construct to help love to help pull people into the kingdom of god so that they might get born again, I think about back in the day one of my sister-in-law’s was such a shy normous influence in my life when I was a kid. The love me and pray for me and do something for me and reach out to me. She went out of her way to be nice to me. She was in my sphere of influence. That would be enough for me and reached out enough to me, along with the rest of my family, that I can diction Henderson Kentucky Church follow me everywhere. I went and eventually it’s like man I got to get saved, I’m not going to make it much longer. You have that kind of power in someone else’s life. You are the different somebody say amen to that. We’re going to build this church off of a strong sense of winning souls and reaching out to people, so I can think we’re going to build this church on. This is the last thing I can talk about today.

Is it? Is we build this? On the word of god, everybody say the words. We have nothing else in the word of god to build this Henderson Kentucky Church ministry on what we’re doing owensboro in the surrounding region. It’s the word or it’s nothing. We have 66 books are bound in leather, inspired by the holy spirit pain by apostles and prophets literally church fathers were to bring us this and it is wall-to-wall truth thing about christianity is christianity is not a faith that we can just make up. We can’t come up with our own version of christianity is a received faith, 2,000 years of teaching and beliefs handed to us, and we take it whenever we grab hold of the word of god, we’ve got a hold of the identity. Of who are god really is there’s this idea in america right now, where god is kind of like a build-a-bear workshop, you cook up whatever you want, god to look like whatever you want him to be. Do you want a dog looking daughter, a bear? Looking. You want your dog got stuff. Henderson Kentucky Church Do you want his eyes to look like this blue or brown? What do you want? Your goddamn look like just make it up, but the church doesn’t have that luxury. It’s really not a luxury. It’s a lot. We’ve got the truth of who are god is handed to us in the word, and this is it. This is what we’re building this house on. It’s going to be this bible we’re committed to it. What does the scripture say? Through the eyes of new testament revelation. This is what we have jesse and i. We were eating it’s been years ago, we’re out to eat and there was a waitress there and we struck up a conversation with her church and she said:i appreciate the invitation, but actually I won’t be coming I’m, not a christian, I’m I’m a pagan, and you know we used to joke about being pagans back before I got born again. You know:what’s my mom’s a christian I’m I’m, I’m, not, Henderson Kentucky Church I’m, a pagan should go to Heaven:i’ll go to hell, I would be real, honest i, wouldn’t you know, but any bits about it back then. But this girl looks at me. She said she’s a pagan I’m like why you’re the first car care in pagan I’ve ever met i. Think and I also tell me what does it mean to be a pagan it and she said well, i, worship, an ancient, italian deity and she told me the name of that and I’m like that’s interesting, I’m, a christian and I worship, the god of abraham isaac and jacob-and you know his son jesus. So so the way I worship is I have a a set of holy scriptures that have been on the earth for thousands of years. There are hundreds of prophecies that have been fulfilled in the scriptures, proving that they’re, accurate and authoritative, and they show me what god is like I said:surely it if you worship this italian did he have Henderson Kentucky Church some sort of scriptures or something sacred writings? That would let you know about what your gods like and she said. No I have nothing like that matter. Fact:i kind of got on the internet and I looked around and I found some things that I liked and I read a document or two that was posted out there and that’s how I worship my god. Bald man, you know she’s got a real strange form of finding out who our god is, but a lot of america does the same thing. What did my grandma say? What feels right to me? What do I think is right. What is right, what is wrong, what does the common culture say is acceptable, and then we take our own minds and we deify them and we turn them into the god I would worship i, just don’t believe god would say that i, just don’t believe god would be into that. It’s whatever I want god to look like I make it like that. Henderson Kentucky Church How many you know the church of the lord jesus christ, to be painting a clear picture of how loving how gracious, how real, how benevolent hell holy? How how how beautiful our god really is, and we can only do that if we connect our self to the written word of the living god in the media. Just in the last few weeks, there’s been a controversy surrounding somebody who’s, a christian like us who would say yeah the new testament standard is the standard and lou giglio from down in atlanta all the passion, founder movement got invited to to pray at one of the big presidential inauguration and he accepted the invitation to come and pray for the president long history of men of god praying for presidents, both democratic and republican. Think about billy graham pray for almost every president in office for years and years, and so what an Henderson Kentucky Church honor to be asked can print something like that. But them beat the press or whoever does it out. There started bedding lou giglio, this guy who’s a great guy, and they found a a message that he preached out of the word of god from 15 years ago. Talking about sexual lifestyle, what’s right and what’s wrong and if you’re in here and and maybe if you live in a homosexual lifestyle or or you battle with that or you been involved in that in the past-listen we’re not against you, I’m, not mad at you. I love you I am for you not believe that god is for you he’s not against you he’s not mad at you, but the word of god gives correction to people who would live in anything that the bible clearly condemns, us in and if you’re in here and you’re, in a heterosexual relationship where you’re sleeping with somebody you’re not married to the word of god, also:correction, hey man, so everybody gets theirs.

Eventually, with the word of god and I’m, not going to pick out one group of people and just bash on the mets, not ever my intention nor shouldn’t ever be are hard as christian somebody say amen to that. Well to love everybody. We love the center and we hate our own sin. No Henderson Kentucky Church t what was sinner hate, the sin cuz it’s easy date, other people sense, the older I get the more I realize I need to love, the, sinner and hate my own sent and if I’ll deal with home first man, things will start changing, and this message it comes up to the top of this guy was preached this and has this belief that that that’s not right in the pc moving up to date doesn’t like that, and so so so much pressure, lou giglio drops out of praying in that inauguration. Any steps back. It shows me just a little bit of how the wind of change in america is pushing Henderson Kentucky Churchpeople who really committed to the word of god. It’s going to test our metal trying to see where we stand. It’s going to see if we really believe the bible it’s the book. For me, it’s going to see and what do we think our truth really is we’re living in an hour? What are countries changing it? Listen god wants to raise up some churches that will be like. This is what it says. This is what it means it doesn’t change. This is where it’s at and that’s just got to be the way it is all of that done in love and grace and with concern. But we got to build this house on the word of the living god. Would you stand up on your feet with me today? It’s the only thing that will stand sure stand. True, standfast I was I was thinking just just yesterday and jesse told it to me. Somebody came and said she heard one of her grandchildren instructing another one of her grandchildren in the truth of the word that they’d learn here at river, city kids ministry, a man that blesses my heart to think about generational, christianity being established in this church and one generation declaring the word of god to the next amen. I want to pray over river city I want a prayer for you. I Henderson Kentucky Church want to pray over us as a church body that we would become and do everything that we need to do. The god would push us for the. We would build this house out of the right stuff and it’s supernatural thing what happened I want to pray over. You is a livingstone which close your eyes with me for 1 mile, my father in the name of jesus christ of nazareth I pray for the people under the sound of my voice, I think you for them father i! Thank you that you’re going to move through them, you’re going to use them yet you’re going to help them father. We just pray in jesus, name that we would win the law, so we would grow the founding father that the word of god would stay in the forefront in our lives and we would always be open, and it’s correction I pray that your word would have its way in all of our lives speak through us to it. Lead us guide us help us in the name of jesus of those of you that are comfortable with it. Why don’t you just lift a hand to heaven for one moment right where you are just asked him to speak to you and to correct you through his word father, we pray that you would correct us through your words, but our lives, our homes, our families, our marriages, mental relationships of every kind. Let them be built on the word of god, we lift up our hands, we surrender we say lord whatever it says, that’s going to be truth to us, we’ll find it around our heart book book. Put it in her heart, keep it around her neck will live in it. We declare it in jesus, mighty name and the church said:amen, amen, amen, come on jesus, warm or hancock

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