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In america who’s office was in the lizard lounge once upon a time for my office started out at phrase. Henderson Kentucky Church The name of the lord, what’s good to be in the house of god amen church, the bible says blessed is the man who dwells in the house of the lord. Why don’t you look at your neighbor? Tell them they say you’re blessed, just for being here. Tell him that this morning, glass, just for being here so i, can open up your bibles this morning to a luke, the gospel of st luke and we’re going to start in chapter 9, the gospel of st luke and chapter 9 we’re going to move right into the teaching of the word of god today. If you know we’re not going to be able to gain any weight this week. Okay, somebody told me that when I walk down, we can’t gain any weight. I will wait because we’re running out of room but god’s. Given us a new building, a man going to give us a new building by faith, we’re going to find it we’re going to we’re going to move into Henderson Kentucky Church that thing. We’re going to have room to get bigger in to do everything the gods called us to do. Somebody agree with me for that a man amen. Alright luke chapter 9 we’re going to begin reading there in a minute in verse, 57before. We do that I want to go in and tell you the title of the message this morning and I want to pray. If we’ve been talking about promotion for several weeks and the testimonies are coming in about people getting new jobs, people who’ve been healed up, people are getting promoted in their family and their marriage. We’re going to have a Henderson Kentucky Church testimony time at the end of these first 3 months and wow. It’s amazing what’s happening for people I’m here in about people getting up a lot better jobs. Lots of stories like that tell me know if god can do that for somebody else, you can do that for you amen. Amen. God is not a respecter of mankind. So the word over river city church right now is it wearing a season of promotion. Today, I want to talk about different principles of promotion and I want to talk about promotion through the plow everybody say:the plow all right, luke, chapter 9 right here in verse, 57 jesus talks about the plow, let’s pray in the marines father i. Thank you that you’ve, given us things you’ve given us princessthe teachings of jesus christ through his word father i. Thank you that the words of jesus they are the rock his teachings, and if we build our lives upon these principles upon the rock her house will stand sure it will not fall. It will not falter, even though the winds blow blow, even though the waves crash upon that house that house will stand I pray today that the principles of jesus christ would become our principles that we Henderson Kentucky Church might live and move and walk. Like you, father now I pray over this prayer request. That said at the altar. They represent families in this room. Lord I pray right now, but you would promote these people I pray that you would kill marriages, I pray right now that you would deliver people out of debt that you would promote them in the realm of finances, that you would give them new job that you would heal their bodies in bless them. We agree our faith together and say:amen, amen, amen, alright, luke, chapter 9, verse, 57, here’s how it reads now:it happened as they journey.The road. But someone said to him:lord I will follow you wherever you go and jesus said to him. Foxes have holes in the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head. Then he said to another following me, but he said lord. Let me first go and bury my father. Jesus said to him:let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of god and another also said. Lord I will follow you, but let me first going bid them farewell who are at my house but jesus said to them. No one. Having put his hand to the plow and Henderson Kentucky Church looking back is fit for the kingdom of god first 62, but jesus said to him no one, having put his hand to theeverybody. Let’s say that word again, be no one, putting his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of god. Now the plow is an instrument of labor. It’s the instrument, the hebrews would use to till up the ground. It’s the instrument, william kentucky, still use to fill up the ground halfway around the world and putting your hand to the plow is a symbol of what it really takes to make it in the kingdom of god. You know it takes more than just walking to an altar and praying a prayer, although that is a beginning in the kingdom of god. It takes after that, putting your hand to a plow and actually following jesus god has called us to work. We are designed by god to work. We are designed by god to carry out some task for his glory and for his grace. You are made by god, with an assignment in mind. That assignment is to be fruitful. That assignment is be faithful. That assignment is to bea worker. Look at your neighbor and tell him this figure to sign to be a worker in jesus name. My prayer for the Henderson Kentucky Church people of river, city church, is that we would be work brittle how many people fought in the past. If they join up with the kingdom of god and all they’re doing is they are jumping aboard a luxury.

Cruise liner is kind of the way they would see it they’re going to get on the boat the love boat. If you will and once I get on that love both I’ll be plenty of little drinks with the with the umbrellas in them and will lay out in the sun and we’ll work on our Henderson Kentucky Church tans and we’ll go have buffets anytime. We wanted and it’s going to be fun and they’ll, be no, they’ll, be no labor. Let me tell you, the kingdom of god looks different than the love boat, my brother, my sister. Now the kingdom of god has many. Many benefits bless the lord, oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgive us on nick woody to heal if I diseases and the list goes on and on stair great benefits in the kingdom of god. There was also a costthe kingdom of god. Brings you everything bring to salvation brings you grace brings you the knowledge Henderson Kentucky Church of god.. It brings everything under your plate, but it also cost you everything. What does christ require out of us? What’s the cost to follow him? Let me tell you this morning:it’s every part of you. God wants all of you, that’s what coming it is all about. Jesse and I are in a covenant. We don’t just have a part of each other. We have all of each other. God and I are in a covenant. He doesn’t just have part of me whenever he saved me, he gets everybody stay home with me. He gets all of us and he wants us and requires us to labor it’s a kia promotion in the kingdom of god. If a man won’t work, the bible says neither shall he eat. The bible is very emphatic time and time and time again throughout the book of proverbs. That god has called us to be diligent, to put our hand to something and to not look backchapter 20, verse 4 says that a Henderson Kentucky Church man won’t plow, because it is winter I’m at and won’t plow, because it is winter and when the harvest come, he will put a beggar boy lifeworks the people who won’t lay their hand to the plow and get busy about what they’ve been called to. Eventually in life, don’t become a bigger butt will come a blamer, become a person who always has an excuse. Why somebody else made it and why they didn’t i. Don’t believe that that is our destiny. Him in church jesus begins talking in this text. I began to read it about today and at this point, jesus has reached rockstar status. Around jerusalem he’s entered into a miracle ministry and at this time there’s no vh1, there’s no mtv, there’s no television or movie house people went out to hear the rabbis. They would teach themprinciples of faith that would also entertain them. Christ also was a miracle worker. Henderson Kentucky Church The bible says that every winnie cap doubles out of people he laid hands on the sick they recovered. He calls the blind to see in the deaf to hear how many no that’ll draw a crowd. It just flat will so people come and go there to hear jesus and people begin to put in bids on following him on becoming really a cool, labor or worker, with him in verse, 57. Here’s what happened to luke chapter 9, a man comes to him, and he says these words. Lord I will follow you wherever you go. That’s what I’m talking about today following jesus. What are the most important things we can learn to do in life is to follow him. A man he is alright by we are his disciple and lots of people will come to you as a preacher. Ml commit themselves under ministry order. Some work of the lord i, don’t know why they feel obligated to always tell me things like that, but sometimes they do, and the sad thing is is it90% of the time they don’t follow through with it. We said that again, 90% of the time they don’t follow through with it I’ve learned in ministry by now. Jesus is learn this lesson by now, I know I mean he’s god. He knew it already, but his ministry grows. This guy comes to him. He says lord I’ll, follow you wherever you go so jesus have to put into his mindset what the cost of that statement he just made really means says I owe you follow me wherever I go tonight starts talking about the labor end of the kingdom Henderson Kentucky Church of god says this. He said foxes have holes in the birds of the air, they have nest, but the son of man has no place to lay his head. Some people taking those statements and tried to twist them and try to say that jesus is talking about entering into extreme poverty. That’s not what he’s talking about. Jesus was never impoverished in his ministry. Three of the guys who followed him you’re talking about peter peter, was apart of the fishing industry, came from a family that you have to make money in the fishing business, james and john sons of zebedee stephanie got hard workers. He was a guy who was in commerce in the fishing business. You have matthew, who was a tax collector finished past swindling people out of money probably had an account hit backs just in case this discipleship thing fell through some, where jesus was not without funds. Henderson Kentucky Church How do you know they can take a couple of happy meals? They can feed 6,000 people could meet the bible says it when it was time to pay taxes, he would send his disciples down two to the river or are to the sea of galilee. They cast in a line pulled out of fish with money in its mouth. Everybody say this same jesus wasn’t poor.

He wasn’t. He became poor on calvary’s cross, but he wasn’t poor. What he’s talking about at this time he’s talking about being i, might interest minister Henderson Kentucky Church called by god to go to all these different regions. It was just time to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and that meant every night. He would have to find another place to lodge. Talking about discomfort. He’s talking about labor, oh you’ll, follow me. That means you don’t know where we’re going to sleep tomorrow night. You don’t know what kind of crowd we’re going to preach to tomorrow. You don’t know what those yell at me out of the crowd you want to follow me want to be a part of this. Let me tell you it’s not all going to be easy. People are going to make up lies about us. Talk about you around town and have troops on you. I’ll come on come with me. Foxes have holes, birds of the air they have. They have nest, but I have no place to lay my head there’s another guy in the kraut and jesus points that moment calls him out a buddy Henderson Kentucky Church got nervous. So you right there guy looks around you in the red shirt right there says. Follow me got guy answers, says master rabbi. First, let me go home before I really enter into work. So I put my hand on the plow. Let me go back and bury my father. Jesus says this. He says he turns any makes a very sensitive statement at this time says:let the dead bury the dead. You go preach. The gospel, the kingdom of god, everybody say:sweet little, precious, moments, jesus, right there huh. How about that jesus have lots of things? Lots of people would agree with them. Saying a text with this man’s father is dead. Yet what the guy was probably saying is he saying my dad’s aged and he’s coming down to the twilight of his life and i? Don’t really want to do the work I’m called to do until this chapter of our life is closed. Jesus says:no. You don’t Henderson Kentucky Church wait till this chapter of your life is closed. It’s time to do the work of the kingdom now put your hand to the plow today. Now, how do you know if you’re never going to have enough chapters close to enter into what god has called you to do today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to enter into what god called you to today is the day to go to work. Look at your neighbor and say it’s today:some people in life there always waiting till they’re ready to do something. You know I’m waiting till I’m ready to get married while you’re never going to be ready to get married. Let me tell you Now:i’m not talking to you 15 year olds out there, but the rest of you. How many know you’re not ready when you get married, you get married and you find out your insight in about 2 years later, so I can I need professional, help,, most selfish human, on Henderson Kentucky Church the face of the earth, and then people are waiting for the next chapter. You know what am I going to have kids I got to wait till I’m, getting ready, get ready, ready to take care of a child or you kidding me you’ll, never be ready to take care of a child, takes the grace of god I’ve got 120 months old I’m, still not ready, I’m going to think about having some more god help me all right. What have a bunch of them we’re out breeding them? River city, church, m, m m m or enter into the end of the ministry. You will never be ready. It takes a face step. That’s why god called us into a faith kingdom. He wants us to get out of the boat. Third guy isn’t in the audience, and he he calls jesus first 61 does another also said:lord I will follow you, but let me first going bid them farewell dinner at my house. Let me go tell all my old acquaintances by jesus said now:you’re not going to do that. No one, having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of god. Those old acquaintances often will talk you out of what god’s talking you into jesus. Has him there he’s hot right now he feels the power Henderson Kentucky Church of god on him right now. He’s got a word to do something right now and he wants to go back and talk to his own acquaintances will try to talk him out of it. Jesus has no. No, no, you put your hand to the plow and you don’t look back. If you look back you’re not fit for the kingdom of god. Would you lift your hands up just like this right now, I want to pray over her hands in here, father I pray that hands would be laid to the appropriate plow in the name of jesus christ of nazareth I pray that we wouldn’t be the people that look back, but we would be the people Henderson Kentucky Church that push forward bother. You told moses to take his people forward today, I say you’re, going forward with the gospel plow and your own specific call in jesus mighty name. You see, we got to lay our hand to a plow church, it’s a symbol of work, it’s a symbol of getting after it. It’s a symbol of sweating. It’s as if you know where to sign the work. This body is designed to be spit on the earth for the glory of god. When it’s time for us to check out of here, I pray at the end of my life that I would have given it all now. I can I can go in the glory and I’ll Henderson Kentucky Church hear well done, thou, good and faithful servant and this instrument would have been used to the glory of god, but we got to get our hands to the appropriate plow plow shears, three things I want you to do to get your hands on the appropriate plow first thing is we got to figure out where we’re destined everybody say destined 3ds at the cute little preacher trick.

So the first thing is this talk about destiny i, don’t talk about it in the sense of star, wars kind of destiny. You know luke, it is your destiny, no matter what you do it’s going to come to pass because biblical destiny doesn’t work like that biblical destiny works more like calling god is calling. Will you answer., needs laborers? Will you show up looking for workers any calling for them like this. Just called your cell phone? You pull it out you. If you look at it. You see that name right there, says. Right here, alright, see that. Are you going to answer the call? Are you going to let it go to voice mail? Henderson Kentucky Church We’ve all got choices when the phone rings, so god has a destiny, a plan and a purpose for you. But will you answer it? If you won’t answer, you won’t fulfill your assignment and you’ll step off into eternity one day and you’ll recognize you missed it your whole purpose. We have to answer the call. How do we find out where our purpose is? Our destiny? Is the first thing you do? Is you just do what’s obvious? That’s where it starts I’ll try to live. My life like jesus, would ask delete my life I’ll, just try to work on my character, work on the fruit of the spirit, work on serving work on doing just the obvious scriptural written christian thing. Second thing I do is I find my skill-set. What am I good at? Where has god gifted me, you don’t there’s nothing more painful than watching someone do something that they were never created to. Do Henderson Kentucky Church you recognize that how many parents ever watched, your kids, try to do something they weren’t created to do it and I’m sure it’s got to be a couple of months ago, I like to watch fights. Do you know that your pastor does that’s the redneck in me, I suppose that the apostle paul talks about boxing. He was boxing wrestling and running, and allergies I feel, though, I have biblical license to watch people, fist, fight, i, went to this fight and this guy gets in the ring. He had no more business being in that rings, and I would and he got pummeled beyond imagine or in the first in the first round. It’s like they blew they blue or whatever they do. You know tap clubs and come out fighting, and this guy is on his back. I’ve got knees on his chest and he’s just getting hammered have her to have her and he look like a man in a gunfight. The didn’t Henderson Kentucky Church have a gun, so I can go to feel sorry for this guy. The pastor in middle of the voice in this guy’s life, but the pastor in me wants to go, go, go, get him and take him here. Can I talk to you for a moment? Let me let me help you here for a moment, let’s find something that your created to do, how about how about you and I i. Don’t know what we’ll do we’ll join the chess club or do something that doesn’t involve defending ourselves. Alright, you know because the first thing that people tell their kids, you can do whatever you want to do. That’s not true. You’ve told your children that you’ve lied to them. They can do whatever they want to I want. If I want to be an nba superstar, it ain’t happening. What I can do is whatever god wants me to do. That’s where destiny comes in the second d is determination. Everybody say determination, jesus Henderson Kentucky Church said put your hand to the plow and don’t look back i, don’t believe simply destin men or women, succeed, I believe determined men and women 16th. They grab ahold of that plows come hell or high water. There plowing this row cuz that’s what they’re called to do, get determined about your calling get some gravel in your iphone little little. Still in your spots like on the something and don’t let go, I pray that you would get delivered from the quitting. What god called you to do. Some people can’t finish anything. They can’t finish up 3, page pamphlet, they get Henderson Kentucky Church bored halfway through and let down and go to. The next pamphlet then finish what you start getting determined the third day. Is this a what do I put my hands on and that’s that’s the day of dreams. Everybody say:dreams I’m, not talking about pie-in-the-sky daydreaming, type, drifting, stuff, I’m, talking about what burns in your heart of passion we got called you to to head and a dream is to become a goal and a deadline to come into reality. Eventually, you take that dream that gots place in your heart and you go after it and that’s where the step of faith comes in. You got to see yourself doing something else. My pajamas a dream in the night babe again is a dream in your heart step again is a prophetic words, but when that cd at your heart, you need to start moving in the direction to fulfill your dream. People will tell you your dream:their dreams. Often what I want to see is what are you doing to pursue your dreams? One of the laws of promotion is putting your hand to the plow, a plow that you’re destined to be hooked to a playoff picture determined to hold onto, and a plow stugots placed a dream in your heart to run through the road and bring forth a harvest. Would you stand up on your feet this morning and allow me to pray for you? It’s the principle of the plow, the principle of the plow just go ahead, those of you that are comfortable with it and lift a hand. For one moment, every Henderson Kentucky Church good and perfect gift comes from above the bible says:men everywhere all to lift up holy hands without wrath or doubting it.

It’s a it’s an ancient, christian custom, nothing strange about lifting hands very biblical would have seen an early church without it. Father now, I pray, i, pray in jesus, mighty name in jesus, mighty mighty name. The people would grab ahold of that plow. Probably you would give us work. Ethic., the, bible says work is honorable. I pray that you would deliver people from the idea that they’re calling and their work is always going to be fun, not always going to be fun. Always going to feel perfect, Henderson Kentucky Church not always going to be easy, going to be possible. You’ll know you’re. In the midst of what you’re supposed to do, I pray that there would be deliverance in that area. We wouldn’t just be just be very till dreamchasers, but then we would follow the train that you put in our hearts. Lord make, me, pants, work, riddle for your kingdom, for your, glory, I pray for these by my sheep will get you call here to this church prayer that you would lead them and god them that you would bless them know that you would teach them to be like you that you would promote them and Henderson Kentucky Church lita is higher in our life in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth I pray, amen, amen, amen., just for one more moment right now we’re doing announcements it at the end. Here today it is. It is time now to prepare your type and you’re offering to bring to the house Henderson Kentucky Church of god also want to. Let you know that this next week will be the first fruits offering and what first fruit is is. At the beginning of the year we bring a substantial gift of free will, offering led by the spirit of god, over and above our tithe to the house of god. The tie that was commanded. The commanded 10% in the bible first fruits, offering is just a free, will get something else you want to give, but we’ve seen great harvest come from and I appreciate. All of your giving you make things possible gear, river, city, church. Let us minister too many people Henderson Kentucky Church I want to pray over you as the ushers prepare to come, receive the giving today. Let’s pray that you given unto us abundantly lord. Today we get back under you, go. Thank you that you’re you’re teaching us father to do everything. You’ve called us to do your teaching us to to worship, to work, to give to serve father, we’re putting our hands to plows and we are not looking back now bless these your people in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth, amen

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