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River city church podcast pastor, brian gibson. He saw their heart sunday january, 28th, 2007, 10:30 a.M. Service name of the lord blessed, be the name of the lord praise him on the screen. Instruments, amen, amen, bible is the word of god I love it. It’s dare to me it’s better than desperate housewives, it’s better than the sopranos, it’s better than the superbowl in jesus. Mighty name, amen, amen, i, love, football played 9 years of it, but it’s not better. My bible, a man, hey man., mark, chapter 2, the gospel of mark chapter 2, want to go ahead and intitle this teaching this morning, I want to call it. He saw themhearts going to put your hand on your heart right there for one. Second, you know that jesus sees what’s on the inside of our hearts. A man. Man looks on the outward appearance, but god looks on what the heart, let’s see, how jesus or god sees the heart in mark chapter 2, verses, 1 through 12, will begin reading. Henderson Kentucky Church Now, here’s what it says and again he entered capernium and after some days it was her that he was in the house. Immediately me together together, so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door, and he preach the word to them. Then they came to him bringing a pair of shoes carried by four men when I could not come near him because of the crowd they uncovered the roof where he was so when they had broken through they let down the bed on, let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. When jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic son. Henderson Kentucky Church Your sins are forgiven. You and some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoningtheir hearts. Why does this man speak blasphemies like this, who can forgive sins but god alone, but immediately when jesus received in the spirits that they reason that’s within themselves. He said to them. Why do you reason about these things in your heart, which is easier to say to the paralytic? Your sins are forgiven. You or to say, arise, take up your bed and walk, but that you may know that the son of man has power on earth to forgive sins. He said to the paralytic I say to you:arise, take up your bed and go to your house. I made it leak. He arose, took up the bed and went out in the present of the mall so that all were amazed and glorify god saying we never saw anything like this amen, amen, amen, here’s the story and I want us to take ourselves today and insert ourselves into the midst of that story. It’s a powerful practice whenever you read the text and not just read it, but to think of youstill sitting there and being an eyewitness to what’s going on what it’s going to take for us to do. If we’re going to have to leave owensboro kentucky we’re going to have to leave the year of our lord 2007, and we have to go back to about 3333 ad right there. So we’re going back and we’re in a city by the name of capernum. Look at your neighbor and say welcome to him. We tell you a little bit about the history of capernum. Capernum was a city where jesus based his earthly ministry. He was born in bethlehem raising nazareth, but whenever he came for performing miracles and teaching his ministry city was the city of capernum. It was from there he would go out to other places, but he would often returned. We are citizens of capernum. We’ve heard a lot about this new teacher about this new rabbi about this new age. If you will everyone has a different opinion about him, but everyone’s talking about him, some people say he’s a prophet like john, the baptist Henderson Kentucky Church like elijah, maybe like jeremiah. Some of the people are saying that he’s a madman he’s a lunatic he’s a false, false teacher, false prophet trying to get us in trouble with rome. We’ve heard everything, but some other people say that he’s the messiah, but he’s the prophesied won out of the scriptures that he’s coming to sitar kingdom of jerusalem free out from under the impression of roman and to give us a brand new way of living. We’ve also heard these words we are doing. The messiah would come that he would come forth with healing in his wings and if he will be a healer down the city of capernum, you and i, we know a man, a man is in the building industry and has been for many many years, but it was about a year ago our friends had a horrendous accident. He was at the building site and something went wrong. Thanks fell on this hardiman, this business man, this guy, we all know and love and as a result, he was paralyzed. Keep that in mind. Jesus comes back from one of his outside teaching. Engagements comes back to the city of capernum, and you and i. We find out that he’s having a meeting at one of our friends house now. Did you want to go here this guy? Do you want to go see this guy I mean come on? He is more known, better know if there’s more paparazzi following him, then they’re following britney spears this point in the game. You know what I’m saying I shot and see:jesus, not the shop to brittany shown america recently by the way to the room where jesus is we all gather into a house where they’re at and where this thing to him teach everybody list. Would you listen to jesus christ what he has to say, I absolutely,, do you want to listen to me? There’s lots of people. Henderson Kentucky Church I don’t want to listen to.

You know. Some people are talking. It’s like your mouse moving, but I can’t hear what you’re saying. What’s up with your noise in the roof, everybody look up at the roof right there. How to stop your feet from you hear a noise annoys from the roof. What is that? What is that now? The next thing you see that booty drop their. You see somebody being lowered down from the ceiling when I get your attention in a religious meeting. Absolutely you ever seen a ceiling act in a service, and some Henderson Kentucky Church guy get lowered in before I’ve, never seen it so right there we look up and there’s four guys through the ceiling and they’re laying down a guy guy who’s been paralyzed, her friend the builder right here he is coming to the service right in front of jesus jesus walks over to the mat, where the guys coming down bent over in front of the paralytic looks at him for one moment easy now for one moment-and he says this time said son, your sins are forgiven. Do you hear those guys right there? God is hearing their heart, those got screaming out. You are god right there hearing their hearts. Here’s what the text said. Whatever jesus forgive this guy sent everybody in the room, all of the religious crowd. They say, wait a minute. This guy’s a blasphemer. He can’t forgive anybody, since how many of you would agree with me that no man can forgive your Henderson Kentucky Church sins. You agree with that. I would absolutely wholeheartedly agree with that statement. 100% of the time what the pharisees were missing is that the idea that maybe this man who was forgiving his sins was got two thousand years after the matter. It’s pretty easy for you and I to believe that jesus is god, but during that day they weren’t, so cheese’s looks out at those guys he’s forgiven their scent. How me know healing is a great thing healing is for this laptop, it’s wonderful. When somebody gets here, it’s wonderful and somebody. That’s just for this laptop. The most important thing is that somebody sends get forgetting the healing comes here in a minute. Jesus says those guys. He says you say I’m a blasphemer. Tell me what is easier. Is it easier for me to say to this guy your sins are forgiven or to say to him. I’ll rise, take up Henderson Kentucky Church your bed and walk. What’s the answer to that question cesar to talk, isn’t it then is to perform a miracle and then jesus looks down.. Even says take up your bed and walk. You can do it. How come on? Let’s praise the lord with him for a moment:praise the lord for the miracles of the new testament for the miracles that are here today. That’s worth praising god for a man about it. River city for the miracles of the lord have not passed away, is the same today yesterday and forever amen. Church, say, amen, amen, amen, see this guy gets his miracle. I want us to stop for a moment to think about some of the things we see in mark chapter 2, chapter 2, we’re going to be going to reading in verse. 5 jesus sees their hearts in verse. 5, it says:jesus saw their faith, everybody say their faith. He saw their faith. You think this guy was as lucky and Henderson Kentucky Church it’s blessed to have for friends who were filled with faith believe that they could just get there buddy to jesus that he would get there miracle. One of my prayer for you today is that you would have for friends like that. Another pair I have for you is it you would be a friend like that him in church. Do you guys want to be a friend like this? This is what we do in the city of owensboro. We do whatever we can’t just to get a hold of somebody and bring them to jesus. Amen to jesus will go to the bars on friday night at river, city church. Won’t we just trying to get people and bring them to jesus would do that. The river city rod I want my life, an extension of this ministry. All of your lives to be like these for faith friend somebody say god. Make me laugh a friend in jesus name, interesting thing in that text, as he sees their faith, doesn’t just say that he sees the paralytic man’s face. He sees their face collectively in the story their face. You know your face, for somebody else can go out further than you think it can no I’m not saying that it can go all the way. How many you have any love ones. You would like to see get to say if you got anybody like that, you been praying for them, inviting them asking them to come to church. If you got your face out there for them, and it looks like nothing, let me say this to your face. You know a whole lot further than you think it can. It Henderson Kentucky Church can go a whole lot further than you think. It can’t tell me know we are to pray and believe god for miracles in other people’s lives and them, and let me show you what jesus saw whatever he looked at their hearts. It said he saw their faith. That raises a question in my mind. What does faith? Look like? What does faith? Look like first thing, I want to tell you that face. Looks like today is it looks like love, everybody say love. You know. The book of galatians has that faith works by love, faith does not work. In the absence of love, love you, the motivation Henderson Kentucky Church that makes faith come to pass. These guys love their friends enough that they would go after them and bring them to a place where they could encounter jesus.

That is, love. Apostle paul wrote these words in 1st corinthians chapter 13 he said Now:i’ll buy these three faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is what love he talks about. Some of the mountains of of this christian life. We have cuz, there’s three mount, he says, there’s faith, hope and love, but he says the pinnacle. The very top of those mountains is love. Let me tell you what faith is a force. Hope is an attitude, but love is a motivation. How me know that god’s motivation for saving you and I was god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. He will have that god kind of love in our hearts. John wrote that god is love. We need to reach out with the love of god, with no strings with no gimmicks attached with not wanting anything for herself, but we just want to love people and bring them to jesus for faith works. When you get an attitude like that, a man ii think the face looks like is it faith looks like work, everybody say work, faith looks like work. Let me know it’s work for them to carry this man unto the house. Jesus is in a man who knows what size he might have been a small guy. He might have been I have a guy. You don’t know what he was 300-pound guy up here to this to this church. You might not have been paralyzed very long. They might have had to do some serious work. They carry him there to the place that they have him there at the house, and then they can’t get in the house somewhere. They do. Then they have to get him up on top of the house. Do you think it would work for him to climb that building absolutely for two other ones to push him up? Absolutely that are open. That ceiling absolutely told me. Let me spell ministry, for you spell ministry work looks like I’m going to quit my job and live by faith. No, that’s not living by faith. Put your job! Limbaugh fight, your living. Somebody else’s, face you’re living on a handout that has nothing to do with face face always works. James said these words. He said that I hate, you show me your face by your work. I’ll show you my faith by my work. Look at your neighbor and say you are at work. Man, you, oughta work. Man looks like work. Was it work whenever noah begin building that boat? Was it work whenever abraham walked out of her and started going to alandy didn’t know where it was at work when isaac begin digging? Those well was it work when jacob wrestles with the angel of god? Absolutely, let me tell you this face requires work. The next thing I want to tell you that face, looks like his face. Looks like the termination everybody say, determination, yeah I will never quit come hell or high water. This deals going through and I’m not backing down one. That’s what I like about face people face people, don’t quit, doesn’t matter what it looks like when you get to the house and the house is full. There must be another way because jesus is going to touch. My friend a man looks determined. It takes a determined person to see the word of god in their life know. If you read the text, it says what they went to the house and the house was full, so they assumed it must be the will of god not to kill their friend and they packed up her bags and went home, but I know they went to the house and the house was full and we will find another way. They were determine that climbed up on the roof, and they let this guy down by ropes. Hey, hey, that’s that’s determination. You know, in the face last out there a couple of tough things. One of the tough things is the first step to get peter to step out of the water step out on the water that very first death. But it’s not the hardest step. The hardest step is not quitting lots of people start things. Do people finish things i, don’t people who started a bazillion different projects? You don’t do you know who the people who go down in the face hall of fame are the other people who finished projects I want to be a finish:you’re, not a starter, a man church. Let’s finish what we start. Faith looks like two terminations. The next thing face looks like his face. Looks risky business to get that guy up on the roof. They could have got him down to jesus, but they could have killed him to. They could have dropped him and killed the man. You know it’s risky to do some of the things that the kingdom of god requires us to. Do it really. What are the problems with american christianity? Is it? Is too safe? People won’t give anything for face. It’s too safe. You, never china weather kill you. If you have a church in your house and they don’t go to church is growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because there’s some risk involved because it takes some real fights. Why? Because there’s adventure involved the real fake life is an adventure it has some dirt bike doesn’t involve any risks. You don’t have a face that you’re really operating in that you’re, not out of the boat. Yet hey man, hey man, you know it’s risky to do some of the things we do for the kingdom of god. It should be. It was designed to be like at the next thing face. Looks like its face, looks a bit ridiculous, but it’s a ridiculous there’s some ridiculous things. In the midst of faith.

We were setting them and we saw four Henderson Kentucky Church guys were going to crack open the ceiling and they’re lowering down this guy. How many of you know that all of us would think that they are behaving in a ridiculous man were with me, I mean these guys must be on the bad trip. What’s going on on the roof they’re tearing off stuff, they got that got paralyzed guy up there, I mean it’s ridiculous. What are they doing face can look a bit ridiculous, looks ridiculous when you start building a boat in a land where it’s never rained a man. It looks a bit strange whenever you’re not scared, when I put you in a lion’s den, we don’t care. We’re not going to bother. You face, looks ridiculous, but tell you this foolishness is not always face, but neither is always playing it. Safe must be just a bit ridiculous. Really selling out to the kingdom of god and living by the new testament standard is really Henderson Kentucky Church ridiculous. It looks ridiculous to the world, doesn’t it what people say when they see people who worship according to a new, testament standard, they said they’ve lost their minds. What do they say? Whatever they first walked in and looked it up? Never people clapping and shouting whatever people are worshiping god the bibleway and not just the way that makes them feel comfortable. Does it look a bit ridiculous? First time I walked in the service like that I said these people are crazy, I’m, never going back. I said it looks ridiculous. To me tell you this faith can look ridiculous. The next thing that face looks like his face looks like a breakthrough. Everybody said breakthrough, look at mark chapter 2 will begin reading in verse, for when they could not come near him because of the crowd then cover the roof where he was so when they had broken through, but let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. Everybody say broken through please. They broke through. That was a barrier that was holding them back from their miracle. It was that roof that roof. That was on top of the house, and they decided that if Henderson Kentucky Church they would not let their better stop them from getting their miracle, they took whatever tools they hatch and removing the roof. Everybody just hold up here till right now, you’re going to your hammer that you’re going to remove that roof with it down just for a second, we don’t let roofie don’t ever stop beating now. Does it true that hammer that you can see through the top of that roof? You can see all the way through somebody say:i need a breakthrough. People need to break through people need to get through something in the hold on and they won’t let go and I won’t back down, look at the break through there after amen, amen, amen, i, want you to share the story with people with with with our church. Here about about the breakthrough. You guys were needing what god has done in your life. You’re welcome. Thank you. Good morning. This is amy I’m david, I’m nervous. This is amy matthews, peter he’s 3 months old after he was born about 2 weeks later we got a call from the hospital saying that there was something not right about his blood, that they hit tested positive for a metabolic disorder and when I first heard Henderson Kentucky Church his name, he called me at the course when you hear that it’s very disturbing but and then I read more about it in and it could lead to blindness mental retardation, even death. And it’s scary, when you think about one of your own kids in that position. You know, but I really in my heart, just didn’t believe it and amy. She was at home every day while I was working speaking scripture over and about healing and things like that, and we had a bunch of christian brothers and sisters just holding us up and praying with us, and it’s very true what brian says about not your face. Sometimes other people’s face can be so so strong and powerful in your life or simon didn’t even know what was going on, but we were expecting him to be healed and we prayed. So it takes about 2 weeks to get this blood test back and, of course you know. Sometimes it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, but in my heart I just knew it’s not true. I know it’s not true. The devil is a liar i, don’t believe it I don’t receive it. I, don’t expect it i, don’t accept it i. Just can’t. Let you know in my heart, I believe it wasn’t true. We got the second blood test. Back was also positive. That was a really hard to hear and we at that point i. We had to share it with a lot of people. We just we knew it was okay. I mean we. We hadn’t really reached out and told anybody at this point. We we came to the church and then we we threw a little Henderson Kentucky Church more faith on it in and brian and jesse and michelle edwards in a lot of them went back and we prayed over them together and a couple days later they have another blood test and we got the results back that that he was perfectly fine, so praise god. Thank you. Thank you, david. Thank you. Amy,! No god is a god who can move your mountains and break your bears, amen, church and then going to stand up on your feet this morning set up on your feet. The bible says that god is no respecter of mankind, but what god will do for one person he’ll do for another person right now. I want you to begin to just think in your heart of where do you need a breakthrough where you need a miracle and I want to agree? My face I want to pray with you right now that you would come to the feet of jesus and that he would look down upon you say your sins are Henderson Kentucky Church forgiven.

Take up your bed walk home that you would be made well in jesus, mighty mighty mighty name right there right there right there right there in jesus, mighty name right there right there in jesus, Henderson Kentucky Church mighty name right there just say the lord I thank you for my breakthrough in jesus name now, I’m going to pray for your father, I pray in jesus, name that god would arrive, but his enemies would be scattered in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth father I pray that you would touch people that you would bless. People bother as they come to your feet that you would say your sins are forgiven. Now rise up and walk lord, whatever area it may be in their life, it may be physical healing. It may be something in the emotional realty. It may be something Henderson Kentucky Church financial. It may be a child, that’s away from you, but lord I pray that you would touch them. I believe in god that you can do all things. All things are possible to him who believes lord. We say we believe by faith and we receive in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth. Right there, just let the spirit of god we’re going to come on you. It’s open up your heart to the anointing of the spirit of god, the anointing of the spirit of god just for one. Second, the spirit of god is here right now to minister to you right there just be ministered to by his spirits by that holy spirit by the spirit of peace, by the spirit of grace by the spirit of healing lord fill our people prepare them for their walk in life, where they walk the walk of faith in jesus, mighty mighty mighty mighty in jesus mighty mighty mighty name in jesus mighty mighty mighty name. Hey man, hey man, would you say that to the lord praise break praise the name of the lord church I want to let you know what do a quick commercial right now next week, I’m going to be talking about the coat that joseph received from his father israel and it’s called a I’m going to call it a dreamcoat next week, I’m going to preach about dreams and we’re going to start a series on the life of joseph. You won’t want to miss it. I’m going to show you out. The code of the father will make me make your dreams come to pass in. Your life Henderson Kentucky Church will see you next week also I’m available now to pray for anyone who wants personal prayer. Everyone else turn around somebody you’re dismissed, but if you need prayer for healing or anything in your body in your life, you can meet me right now, I’ll be more than happy to lay hands on you pray for you, whatever god bless, see if the skating rink Henderson Kentucky Church

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