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Bible on your tonight go ahead and take it out and open it up to genesis, Henderson Kentucky Church chapter 11 and verse, 31 genesis, chapter 11 and verse. 31 is where we’re going to begin studying the word of god tonight. I want to go ahead and entitled the talk that I’m going to do tonight. I want to call it this I have not yet arrived in her and I have not yet arrived in her, and so, if you got your bible there in front of your lips say this out loud together, everybody say this say this is my bible. It is the word of god. It’s a lamp unto my feet. A lot unto my path. I’ll. Have this word in my heartbut i. Might not sin against scott faith comes by hearing Henderson Kentucky Church hearing by the word of god tonight, I hear and my faith gross. My faith is getting giants I’ve got mountain, moving, faith cuz. The word of god is in my heart and in my mouth and it’s changing me and my future in jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, hey man, here’s what I want to I want to set the stage for the text that we’re getting it ready to read here in a moment and we’re going to read about a guy by the name of tara and tara was abraham’s father. Now many of you know who abraham is. Whenever we talk about abraham, he was the father of faith in the bible, and literally he was the patriarch of the jewish nation abraham is the guy that god called to found and establish the jewish nation? Whenever you read through the bible, you’ll find two names both of them allthe abraham before god had changed abraham’s name, his name was abram Henderson Kentucky Church and then god called him change them told him that he would have so many kids. They would be like the stars of the sky and the sand of the sea and that they would be a a multitude that could not be number they would be that large and whenever god gave him that promise, he came back to to fulfill that and he told him your name won’t be able to anymore, but it will be abraham. Now this is the guy we want to read about who fathered abraham the father of the nation of israel center steam, that, as you read about this player tara in the bible, he doesn’t get much press he’s only there for a moment and then his name is gone and I want us to take a look at it tonight and see what we can learn from tara. Here’s, what it says:genesis chapter, 11 and verse, 31 says and tara took his son abram and his grandson lot, the son of a ran and his Henderson Kentucky Church daughter-in-law sarahand, his son abraham’s wife, and they went out with them from earlier of the chaldeans to go to the land of canaan and they came to her ran and welfare. So the days of terror for 205 years and tara died in her and here’s what the bible says about tara. Here’s, what we know about him, but he came up in a city by the name of author of the chaldeans and what are was is our was a a large metropolitan area and its date had anything that you can imagine in it. It would have been the new york city of its hour and it’s amazing. You can see art archaeologist and people who uncover that kind of stuff, what a develop sophisticated city. They had even thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago, running water. Already there, indoor plumbing already there commerce strong people came there from everywhere and that city the Henderson Kentucky Church word itself. It means a flame aura light, so weaksay this that this man was living in a land of light. Light in the bible means this revelation, it’s a symbol of revelation. It’s a symbol of knowledge. It’s a symbol of getting understanding from god and I believe that this man terraria sieve some understanding. While he was living in that city, he received enough understanding to know that that city wasn’t a place that he should stay and raise his children in. But there was a better place that god had for him and its offspring, and it said that to rob abraham’s father left her and he was on his way to a land by the name of canaan. Everybody say canaanland. Whenever you study canaanland all throughout the bible you’ll see that it is a place that is symbolic of living in god’s, best living in the sweet promises of god. It’s the place Henderson Kentucky Church that god promised to fulfill his covenant to his chosen people, israel and i. Believe this to every person under the sound of my voice, has a cannon land that godyou don’t live in a place called the best, a place that flows with milk and honey a place with giant grapes, a place where god’s going to show his faithfulness to you. Does anybody else out? There want to live in canaan land, i, don’t know about you, but I’m going there to canaanland everybody say:i want to go to canaan, alright, so this guy loads up his family load up abram loads up light loads up, their wives gets his family gets him settled up and he says guys we are leaving early and we’re going to canaan land and something interesting happens along the way. This guy goes so far in the vision and the destiny and the plan that god has for his life. But the bible says that he came to a place called her and came to a city or a place called her, and and that literally this man settled in her and then he stopped of this version I believe it says he set up. What does it say? It says that he hangs around and 12th are the nlt says that he settled in her aunt and the Henderson Kentucky Church last thing it says about this man after it says that he settled in her and the next news that comes about this man is that he died in her and here’s what I believe? Whatever you settled of the promises of god and what god tells you you can have in your life and the best for your life, a little part of you begins to die because none of us were called to live short of canaan.

Every person in this room. God has a good plan for you. God has a perfect plan for you got as a goodwill for you and that he wants you to cross over the jordan river and live in your own personal came in, but whatever people stop pressing, whatever people stop pushing whatever people Henderson Kentucky Church pull back and get ready to settle, and they think they’ve got enough and they’ve went far enough and I’ve accomplished enough for the kingdom of god and they lay down their tents there. The next thing that comes is spiritual death. You see there wasn’t much else written about tara. He just gets a short bit in the bible the moment, but he settles. The author has nothing else to write about, because the life of a settler is a boring one. I don’t want to live a boring life. How about you I want my life, the full of the power of god and the mercy of god in the movement of god, and if you’re going to see god moves strong on behalf of your life, you’re, going to have to set your sight on kanan and settle for nothing less lots of people want to see miracles. They talk about the god of the miracle. They talk about the cop that can move mountains in Henderson Kentucky Church the gothic and split the red seat and the guy that can cause the blind to see. But you have to put yourself in a context what god needs to do a miracle for you before you ever see the miracle working power of god, because god is in a guy that wants to entertain us with this power. He releases his power on the earth to accomplish something covenant people pushing forward in the promises of god. That’s when the power of god is released whenever it’s for the advancement of the kingdom somebody say amen to that huh yeah I’ve got lots of people, I won’t call him. I am Henderson Kentucky Church charismatic. Let me say that that means I believe in the power of the spirit of god I pray for the sick, I promise, I’ll pray in tongues, I believe it all spiritual gifts are operating today that were written about in the bible. This is a charismatic church that you’re in now, karen’s mom is not the only thing that defines this church, but we do believe in that. But there’s other people in the charismatic movement think signs and wonders in the gifts of the spirit come for our entertainment, but they don’t come to entertain us. They come to advance the gospel they come to edify they come to exhort, they come to lift and they come to encourage. They do not come to entertain and the mormon church groups begin to think that the gifts of the spirit of the power of god is simply to entertain us. Those are a group of people who begin to Henderson Kentucky Church settle. They settled cuz god didn’t call us to be entertained by gifts of the spirit. He called us to fulfill the great commission and it will get serious about the filling the great commission signs and wonders will begin to follow us everywhere. We go because we put ourselves in a context, were god needs to do miracles on our behalf to fulfill his plans, and it will feel his purpose and the longer I passed her. The more I realize that people want to show you want a show. They don’t stay when you get serious about fulfilling the great commission. If they just want to be tickled, they want to have fun that that they want to have a show like that. You get serious about winning souls and going all the way to the promised land. Those people don’t want to be a part of it cuz. They were here for a show. They weren’t here for the kingdom of god to be advanced and then I want to go to the promised land. Here’s what he says about about these this or what the author of genesis says about this man says that he left her. He was going to the land of canaan, says that he came to a place called her, and everybody say who ran I ran Henderson Kentucky Church literally. What it means is, it is a dry parched place that this guy is on his way to the land of the promise and he stops and he settles in a dry parched place. It’s like it was long enough and he stopped wherever he was literally stops in a dryer parts place. He settles there and he dies in the dryer parts place. Now. Why do people settle? Why do people stop? Why do people put down their their tent pegs in a place that isn’t god’s best well, i, believe that there’s quite a few reasons how many of you have ever met anybody who settled somewhere less than god’s best in their life I mean you seen. Somebody go so far be heading towards a destination heading toward the plan of god and they just stopped all the sudden and they settle somewhere and they begin to die and get dusty spiritually in that place. You know, there’s some reasons. Henderson Kentucky Church People do that I want to give you some of those reasons. I believe that so many of us settle short of best. That god has, for. The first reason is this:why would you settle in a drive parts place? The first reason is people get dry and parts themselves, everybody say people get dry, you don’t the bible shows again and again and again that the holy spirit is the symbol for it’s. Like water jesus said this to the woman at the well. She said if he said, if you knew who I was, you would ask me to give you living water I’d, give you living water and it would spring up into eternal life, and you would no longer thirst.

Jesus also said this:he said that the people who believe on him he said in john, chapter 7 out of their spirit out of their innermost part of their beans, would flow rivers of living, water would say things like this about the spirit of god. They would ask for rain in the time of the latter rain. She got to pour out his spirit and the spirit comes to quench your thirst. Jesus said whoever hunger and thirst after righteousness, they shall be filled. Something happens along the way and people quit going after the presence of god. The presence of the holy spirit Henderson Kentucky Church that thing that can be can fulfill quench your thirst and give us hydration in the spirit realm and then what happened as we begin to get drive. Would you know where the spirit of god the spirit of god’s on the inside of us, but there’s something I found out about christians we leak coming on know what I’m talking about you got to get full again. You got to hang out in the presence of god. You got the water on the inside of you, but but we lose some of that and we’ve got to go back for it and if we quit going back for it, we begin to get dry and parks and the more Henderson Kentucky Church you go get in the presence of god the more you seek him, the more you will want to see him. You’ll know what I’m talking about it’s it’s true with water. You start drinking water. All the time should have coffee and pop and all that stuff before long you’ll have a real thirst for what water nothing else will do same is true with the spirit of god, the more you drink of the spirit of god, the more you want of a spirit of god and it protects you from becoming dry and parched. People get dry and parts, and they begin at that point to settle when you’re drawing parts and you’re in a dry parts land, but there’s something about that. You just fit in that environment and I’ve seen so many people come so far and then stop they quit seeking they quit pushing they quit going after the spirit of god. We ought to push hard after the spirit of god I love. What the psalmist said, the song lord. My soul follows hard after they said as the deer pants for the water, so my soul, longs for you, the psalmist was radical about going after the presence of god. Now don’t get me wrong. The presence of god is right there in your heart, Henderson Kentucky Church born-again believer york. Your spirit is wall-to-wall. Holy spirit. Everybody say this:the spirit of god, it’s only inside of me. Let’s say it again:the spirit of god is on the inside of me, so the spirit of god is on the inside of us, but you know we still have to access and push presents, go after him and that will hydrate us get us ready and keep us from settling, because the spirit of god wants to take us forward. What are the second reasons, I believe the people began to settle in her an in a drop parts place instead of going to the promised land is, is because they don’t see the full picture. They don’t have a whole vision of how good canaanland is going to be. The bible says where there is no vision. The people want church when you don’t have a clear vision of your future. When you don’t see what god wants to do out there for Henderson Kentucky Church you, when you don’t have the promises of god in your heart and that vision in front of you, you begin to paris, you begin to die from the inside out and you quit pushing and you’ll just start. Settling people go crazy when they lose their vision. One of my dear friends, somebody. That means a lot to me in life and they have for years and years and years had a dream wanted to go into. Ministry wanted to literally go on the mission field and begin to head and move was going to school and headed in that direction. To do that kind of a thing and through a series of Henderson Kentucky Church events in their life, they began to look at themselves and begin to think there’s no way that god can ever use me to fulfill this vision. The god is giving me lost sight of their vision in that our came out of ministry and pushing after god’s plan for their life and settled into the business world. Wasn’t long tell that dryer parts place begin to consume that person, because they lost sight of the vision of god, where there is no vision the people perish, but he who keeps the law happy as hell I want to ask you. How is your vision? How are you pursuing what god has called you to go after tonight? How are you passionately going after? How are you believe in god to see it for phil? Do you still have your site? Do you still have your vision or have you lost it? Looking at something else, the world has to offer, keep your eyes on kanan and don’t let herron herron get its claws into your head. There’s a story from the judges about a guy by the name of samson, the strong guy got, the spirit of god will come upon and he literally was a deliver to the people of israel. That’s what he was called to do. You took a nazarite vow any that meant he would never cut his hair even from his mother’s womb. A nazarite couldn’t do these three things couldn’t cut their hair, couldn’t drink of the fruit devon and they also i, couldn’t touch a dead animal. To look at your neighbor and say:don’t handle that animals just tell him that they want to be nazarites out there leave me alone, i, don’t know how you get into an animal that, but that was a part of the valve and up so you got this, got stamps and he’s a deliver to the nation of israel. Henderson Kentucky Church

That’s what he’s called to do but-and that was the vision that god has given for his life, but he got his vision somewhere else. He began to lose his vision. The devil knows how to steal our vision and the devil scent of delilah. Who was a woman who work for a pagan army who came and would try samson woo him sexually and try to understand where his power came from and samson bought into. Henderson Kentucky Church Delilah’s lie. Be careful that there’s not a delilah around you right now trying to steal your vision. You know who your friends are. Do you know who your photos are? Whatever god wants to bless, you you’ll bring a person in your life whenever the devil wants to destroy. You you’ll bring what church a person in your life. The last person begins to understand who is who, in this delilah comes to samson’s life and begins to woohoo, begins to mess with him. He falls into her ploy. He tells her. Where is power came from? It came from his hair and she cut his hair and all the sudden samson lost his vision. Literally his enemies came, took him drug about bound him and gouged out his eyes. Then they tied him to a mortar where, where drain would be ground, and he would have to push that this apparatus around day and night, whatever you lose your Henderson Kentucky Church vision, you begin to lose your sight and life just becomes a dry, thirsty grind it’s what happened to samson, be careful that it doesn’t happen to you. Everybody say this:i have strong vision, because the word of god growing in my heart I have a vision for canaanland in jesus name. Some people don’t get all the way. They’re called to go with your life, not because they lose sight of their vision, but they never thought big enough. They never had a big enough vision in the first place. Now the bible expands our heart. The word of god expands our heart, and it makes us feel it makes us understand. The god on the inside of us is bigger all the time and that we can really accomplish. We can really do what god has called us to do and told us to do that’s what the word of god does for our life and I told the story of the guys are on monday night Henderson Kentucky Church in men’s bible study, and it’s a story about the chancellor of the university that I graduated from oral roberts, university, jesse and I both have degrees from or you and I or you was a great school still is to this day. I am but being there on the campus. The best way I know to explain it is. It is a place where there is faith and destiny and vision around you now, I always say this people think they’re going to go to bible, college and learn how to do ministry. You don’t learn how to do ministry at bible college. You learned that at the local church, but and that atmosphere, we learn bible principles and also oral roberts went there in the sixties. It was a healing evangelist that traveled a praying for the sick and literally changed the way. Americans thought about the ministry of healing way back. When you would ask denominational people Henderson Kentucky Church about praying for the sick and they would act like you were caught. If you believe in laying hands on the sick and praying for them today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many christians of any type in america that they get all tore up about. You praying for the sick, I mean a lot more. People are okay with you praying for the sick. That influence came from oral roberts in america by the way. That’s where that influence came. Called him told him I want you to be able to university, and he went out into a cow field literally began to pray and believe god for interpretation of his tongue and begin to cb things coming up and would believe god and build them and have them built out there and there’s been literally thousands and thousands of students that have went through that university now and they’re all over the world. Pastoring churches like this and doing missions all over the world. It’s literally touched the entire world. How many are believed that the power of one person can be strong in the lord by hand, clap you believe that out there I believe that the power of one person can be so strong. It can dHenderson Kentucky Church o so much, but chancellor roberts that there’s a guy by the name of jerry savelle told the story recently said the chance of roberts called him and said dr. Jerry I want to go with you to africa was getting ready to go to africa to do some ministry and jerry savelle told dr. Robert well, I wish. You would have told me earlier:i would have loved to take you with me, but but my schedule is so:booked I won’t be able to spend a lot of time with you. If you go with me, it’s it’s bambam things are lined up and dr. Robert said to listen to it. Don’t matter of whether I get to spend time with your, not god, told me to go to africa with you and I want to go with you and he said they got over there, and the reason savelle was going to africa was that he was trying to build a hospital for a nation and a group of these destitute people, and he had a meeting with the president of that nation, and so him and oral roberts go to meet this president and they say what does office and here’s? What jerry savelle is there to do he’s going to ask this man to give him land that you’ll raise funds for and build a hospital on, take care of Henderson Kentucky Church his people, so they’re sitting there forever the president’s talking jerry savelle to listen to him in and he said that oral roberts was acting strange.

You sitting on the side, the president of this nation, stalking in or robertson, even really paying attention to him he’s riding on something and jerry’s like I was looking at him thinking what in the world is he doing over there? He said it was over there right now on something and then before long you want it up what he was writing on and he threw it and jerry savelle he’s like men, the president’s talking to this guy throwing paper logs at me, and so it took it off and he said that he threw another paper one at him and he said:read it and he’s like man i, don’t open that up and read it right now, I mean that the president stalking and oral kept saying, read it and he opened it up, and he said he couldn’t understand what was written on the piece of paper. It was unintelligible, it was just all the gospel on the paper and he said oral wrote another one, threw it at him and got louder and in the presidents look at him as a present was talking. I was looking at this guy, throwing paper wads in his meeting his office and he said:read it and jerry open it up near enemy, said i, don’t know what this says are aHenderson Kentucky Church ll this doesn’t make any sense and he said I’ll tell you what it says:everybody’s! Listen to him now he said it says:oral roberts backwards. He said you, men are boring me cuz, there’s no one in this room that thinks big enough. That has a big enough vision. Pretty strong and present of a nation he’s talking like this and he says:listen jerry! You need 10 times as much land to accomplish what you’re called to accomplish in this nation, and you know it. Why don’t you get to it and ask him for it? And he said jerry savelle said I looked over at him and said how about you ask him for it all, and he asked him for the guy gave him the land in the hospital built sitting there in africa today, there’s a guy that thinks a little bit bigger than other people around him and I’ll tell you what you can walk around and what god called that man to do, Henderson Kentucky Church and it’s there. It’s established on the earth and you’re looking at some of the fruit of that university today, but god wants us to think big enough to get all the way into our canaanland. Somebody say amen to that. Huh just give the lord a hand, clap for that all the way into our canaanland, not stopping in a rant, not selling yourself short. Here’s one of the other reasons, I believe that people sell themselves short and they stopped before they get where god’s called them to be. Is it life happens, everybody say life happens and people kind of pull in the reins they get settled into where they are. We don’t want to push forward any more in life. They get comfortable life happen, and now we got to deal with it and i. Hear lots of people make this excuse about what god’s calling them to do and they don’t want to push any forward is that they Henderson Kentucky Church have kids now I’ve got these kids I got to take care of them and I can’t step out in faith kid almost every faith missionary that ever lived on the face of the earth had children think about the people that pioneered the nation that we live in in america. How do you think those people have some kids with them? You don’t think I did some people have one child and it’s like their whole. Life has to shut down. Cuz I got this one little baby. Now what baby needs to go with you and watch you get to canaan land get some of that spirit of an overcomer and its heart in its life with you and it’ll get its own personal canaanland, because we’re one generation stop the next. Generation comes on and gets there that’s calling you the kids minutes, but I can’t work in the kids measure. Cuz I got kids of my own, join the club, amen, somebody say amen, let me say it again:join the club, a man. That’s no reason. Life happens. We don’t want to leave now because of some of the blessings god has given us, our our our children. Other things happen. Some people have tragedy that strikes in life. I mean we live in a fallen, world stuff happens, things happening because they happen, some people give up and they stopped pushing forward in the dream that god has for them and they bury a little part of them with that tragedy and they stop moving. Stop pushing stop going for the high calling of god, they begin Henderson Kentucky Church to settle in her and don’t let life deal you a blow and keep you from going to your canaanland stuff happens to everybody. Everybody under the face of the earth have something that happens to them. It’s adverse or tragic. At one point or another, you can’t let it change your spirit. You got to push forward through whatever. Whatever happened to what god has called you to one of the last things. I’ll talk about I’ll pick up some of these next wednesday night together, but the last reason some people don’t get to the promised land is distraction. Everybody Henderson Kentucky Church say distraction. Man we live in is distracting of a time as as ever existed and there’s so many substitutes for what god has called us to do. They can sneak into our life and still really god’s purpose and his plan, and it’s best you got to be careful. You know, I was looking at a Henderson Kentucky Church survey the other night and they are studying national study. That was done by some of the different on networks and they talked about what areas of the united states of america, how much tv different parts of america watch and I’ve got tvs in my house in it and then I’ve got I’ve got what we have.

Henderson Kentucky Church I’ve got cable television in my house and I’m thankful for it and I like watching the tv, but it said in our region of the world right here. In kentucky, the average person person watches 28 hours of television a week 4 hours a day. The average person sits in front of the tv and watches television 28 hours a week. That’s a work week in most european nations. It is the work week is about 15 hours in most european nations is the way it is, but we watch that much tv now. How many think it’s going to be harder to get everything that god has for us in life? Whenever we watch 28 hours of tv a week, don’t get tougher, those distractions come? They may not be bad things, but the things that stop us from pushing forward and I don’t want to settle in the promisor in in moran and a dryer parts place. I want us going all the way to canaan Henderson Kentucky Church