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The name of the lord go ahead and open up your bibles tonight to matthew chapter 6, matthew, chapter 6, when I move right in to the teaching of the word of god could be good to be at church in it, hey man, I can think of no better place to be I love to be in the house of god to talk about it all the time I’m sold out to the local body of christ and hung my hat of hung. My life on matthew 16:18, the lord said:i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. You know what the bible says that the local church is the pillar and the ground of the truth. Why don’t you look at your neighbor and just tell him safe you’re sitting in holy ground right nowyeah, Evansville Church it’s the pillar and the ground of the truth. It is the hope of the world and we get to be a part of it. That’s not that’s an awesome thing. Isn’t it alright? Well tonight, I’m going to pick up where I left off teaching last week, I’ve been talkin about a prayer when you pray doing the wynn use. We did when you give now we’re on when you pray and we’re teaching to the model prayer next week, we’ll talk about when you fast and that’s going to be a whole lot of fun. How many I want to do a 21-day fast with me here? Pretty soon they I don’t want to do one I’ll. Let you guys do just raise your hands. Do the 24 in their edwards right there he’s getting stronger than me in the gym, so I’ve been baited emma, do a 21-day fast run and get stronger than him. Alright, alright matthew matthew chapter 6, let’s pray and will begin to teach father i. Evansville Church Thank you that your word never comes back void father, but it accomplishes that which it was sent forth to do. Father I think you that the will of god is made known through the word of god. These are your thoughts spoken to the mouth of apostles and prophets Paini’m guarded over by the church fathers to bring it on to us that we might know truth. Lord teach us to love your bible to revere. Your word:i pray for a holy hunger for bread, the bread of life to come into our hearts, father role that we might be the kind of people that they did say bring me the book of god. There is none other like it, father, I pray. The people would fall in love with the bible all over again and here, I pray for an anointing and a return to our first love to the number one you lord jesus and-and we learn you through studying your words so so. I pray for that in our house in jesus, mighty name, amen and amen, amen. Alright, we’re talking about the model prayer in jesus said when you pray, pray like this, so he’s giving us some model on how we can pray. How many bell pepper ever started to pray and it get into your prayer room or your Evansville Church prayer closet or are or wherever you’re going to play at? And let me say this:if it’s a good thing to haveplace, you pray daily. Let me say that it’s a pretty good good thing to have a place. Now, it’s not mandated it’s, it’s not commanded and we live in a lifestyle of prayer. We pray without ceasing. But how do you know if you study it’s good to have a place that you study at a man? Y’all y’all agree with that to me buddy study and whoever, when you went to school, it’s good to have a place where you study, where you keep your stuff when you get there, you know you’re in study mode, how about whenever, whenever you work, some of you guys are our salesman or what not do you have a desk at work that you go to and your stuff’s there and you know when I sit down here, it’s about business, isn’t it yeah, pretty somebody say:yeah, yeah, pretty Evansville Church good habit to have a place where you pray that the lord amen right. There are 40 price, it’s good to have somewhere you enter in, and you talk to god people old-timers used to call it like your altar room and they talk about even families having a familywalter room where husband and a wife and kids would come together and pray, and it’s good to have a family prayer time. How are your kids going to learn to pray if they don’t see you doing it amen? Let me tell you something:fathers:if you don’t learn to pray over your kids meals in public in front of people who did the young men you raising your house, they won’t be able to pray because they’re watching us aren’t they huh well where, where, where the picture of what god’s like in front of them each and every day, and what we do, they got a better chance of entering into and doing so. It’s poor it’s important to learn how to pray. Jesus tells us how to pray. You’ve ever went to your prayer closet and made some kind of i. Don’t know if you’ve ever been where I was but went out when I first got saved. I would make radical commitments like I’m, going to pray an hour a day every day until the lord jesus christ comes back, and that would last all of about 10 minutes. You know and I pray. My 10 minutes I would have anything else to say and I feel like a failure and that there’s no mantime or anything like that. Don’t put pressure on yourself like that, Evansville Church but but you can move into that prayer. Closet and if you have some things to pray, it’s easier to stay there jesus said:pray like this look back down at the text.

Matthew chapter 6 will begin reading in verse. 8, therefore do not be like them he’s talking about the heathens for your father know. That knows the things that you have need up before you ask him in this manner. Therefore, pray everybody say, pray like this in this manner there for prey or pray like this first thing. He says we talked about it last week. He says our father in heaven. First thing we do, is we identify who were praying to a men? Are you going to identify that everybody Evansville Church talks about god, it’s a sheet thing to talk about god and your higher power or, if you’ve ever been in an na or an aa meeting, but that a higher power is not just some entity out there. It’s the god of israel, the god of our fathers, abraham, isaac and jacob. You canwhen does name of the old testament. His name is yahweh hold of the hebrew people thought it was so holy. They wouldn’t even speak it and if you pick up some text from some modern-day messianic jews, they don’t even write that name because they say his name is to holy to be written. You’ll see it still have an l for the lord and I’ll. Have a dash and an rd see the thought it was a holy thing. We won’t be able to identify who god is when we pray. We don’t serve the same god that the muslims to what we don’t serve the same god that the buddhist it religion. We don’t serve the Evansville Church same god that the mormons 2 after text is filled with wife. We don’t serve the same god of jehovah’s witnesses. Do we do serve the same god, the methodist, it., of, israel, isaac and jacob, when you start praying identify who you and jacob names referring to him in the old testament different jewish names, different attributes to who he was. You can find in the old testament text, sometimes you’ll be called. He alway, sometimes it’ll be called hova, which is another pronunciation of yahweh. But you’ll find things like this jehovah-jireh and what that means is the lord our provider, everybody say our provider jehovah jireh, sometimes i, going to print off a pray to jehovah jireh jireh, the lord, who sees ahead and provide. For me, some of those other names are like jehovah nissi. That means the lord our banner of victor come before Evansville Church jehovah nissi tonight and I’ll pray for the god who wins all of my battles. Another name is jehovah. Rapha means the lord, my healer, if you have, if you have need of healing you know who you’re praying to god is a healer amen, we we coming, we pray to jehovah jehovah rapha, jehovah tsidkenu, another hebrew name. That means the lord. Our righteousness he’s made us righteous jehovah shalom the lord are peace. We come and we pray. So the first thing you need to do is identify who you’re praying to second thing you need to do. Is you coming with worship? It says hollywood be thy name. Why don’t you just lift up a hand for a second, let’s go and practice this holy? Is your name or are they your glorious? Your your your god, there is none like you, your your who sits on the throne and unto the lamps to do be blessing and glory and honor and power Evansville Church forever and ever and ever. Let me say you don’t have to say wake me when you pray, hey I might get this I’m a mouthpiece for the body of christ god designed me to run off at the mouth. So so I’m a pray, fluid you have to pray fluid you just got to play with a sincere heart. Come in and say holy is your word that you’re magnificent we’ve all got different gift, don’t not pray because you don’t sound like somebody else, bring that that’s what I’m trying to do to get you it to see here next thing he says:i can’t look down at verse. 10 says your kingdom come last week, I talked about the coming of the kingdom of jesus christ of nazareth, alright, the kingdom of god. It’s do list it, because no one is already here. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Everybody hold your hand out like this. That means the kingdom of heaven is within your reach. Evansville Church You can grasp it, you can live it. You can have what the absolute fulfillment in the second coming of jesus christ have not happened. Yet christ will return physically visibly in body and he will set up his throne and he will judgment upon the nation and receive the righteousness unto himself because of that we pray maranatha even so come quickly. Lord jesus we pray for is coming. So that’s $0.01 in which the kingdom is coming. Whenever jesus thought he would say things like this:the kingdom of heaven, whatever you start a parable, he said the kingdom of heaven and Evansville Church whenever he said the kingdom of heaven, what do you meant most of the time was god’s way of doing things, but kingdom of heaven or god’s way of doing things is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls when he found one pearl of great price sold already hat and it went anybody jesus would tell parables, but he would tag with the kingdom of heaven is like the way god wants us to live. It’s like a merchant looking for a beautiful pearl when he found one pearl of great price sold all that he had me when anybody he traded everything, but the problem is he traded everything for christ, god’s way of doing things or kingdom lifestyle is like this. We tried everything for the glory of god by kingdom. Come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven let kingdom principles and your will be done in my life.

What are we made out of church permanent I’ve been hardly said, dirt he’s a dirty white boy. Right here says we’re made out of dirt:hey man yeah from from dust. You come before the funerals. What were they say, ashes to ashes dust to dust? I, don’t know liturgical guys say something like that from dust you come to dust, you shall return… Evansville Church Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You know what’s done in heaven, everybody said the will of god. If you don’t do the will of god in heaven, do you know what they do to you? They kick your butt out of heaven by jesus, said:i saw satan fall like lightning to the earth. The devil wanted to steal, god’s glory. He said in his heart. I will be like the most high. He started a rebellion in heaven against god’s will, and then there was an angelic war of the prophets. Talk about one-third of the angels were thrown to the earth with lucifer wife, because he didn’t want to do the will of god. We pray for the coming of the kingdom. We also pray that his will would be done on earth in our lives. Stark in your life praying lord. You know you can’t change. Everybody you’ll recognize that you can’t change your spouse. You, you can’t change your kids after they get to a certain age. You can’t change your workplace now you can pray, but those people are free moral agents. They have a free, will I can’t change. Jessie jessie! Can’t change me. Do you know who I can change it right here by will be done on earth as it is in heaven, propaganda, pray, god! Let your will be done in my life. Let your will, which is your word and the principles of your word and what jesus told us to do. Let it be done in my life, why don’t you just lift the hand and pray that for a second just asking say, lord, Evansville Church let your will be done in my life? Let your let your will be done in my life. Let your will be done in my life, all yeah, that’s that’s it! That’s a dangerous prayer! Let your will be done in my life. That’s the way you pray now. What is the will of god for your life? It’s pretty simple! Let me tell you the will of god for your life is the word of god right here, simple, the one of my life I pray god’s will for my life is that I might have the fruit of the spirit in my life they man so I get up and I pray, father i! Thank you that I have love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The will of the lord is that I walk in the spirit of lust of the flesh, so I pray that today, father I pray that I walk in the spirit. For filling out the lust of the flesh. The will of the lord is that I would be a witness lord today, I pray, your will. Is it the spirit of god, be upon me that I might be your witness in jerusalem judea samaria and of the uttermost parts of the earth today I pray that you would give me the ability to be a proper witness and a walk worthy of the calling with which Evansville Church I’ve been called I pray like that, it’s the will of god. You don’t know what to pray, just open up the bible start, reading and pray. What you read some of some of these some of the early church fathers and many of the early evangelist and great christian author. They were talk about the power of praying the scriptures cuz. You can’t go wrong when you pray bible now. Can you wait and pray lots of things and we can be wrong, but whenever I pray, scripture, I’m right, so lots of my prayer life is spent like this I pray in in unknown languages. Spiritual languages, by by by an utterance given to me by the holy spirit spirit of god, gives glossolalia is the word in the greek root of god comes in you and gives you an ability if you’ll receive it to pray in a language. You don’t understand the bible says when you pray like that you you pray that you’re praying perfect prayers. The spirit of god making intercession through you in languages. The greek says they cannot be intelligent. Leaf articulated is what it says so sometimes I remove the english out of and I’ll start praying in a language, i, don’t understand and I pray perfect wheels. According to the will of god perfect prayers according to the will of god, then I pray. The word of god. Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven verse, 11. Here’s! The next way you can pray says, give us this day, our daily bread. You know you can Evansville Church pray for your provision. It’s okay, jesus told us to pray for ourselves. Some people teach and think that it’s on spiritual to pray for myself. You know why would I bother god praying about me when they’re starving children in africa should not be sure to be praying about starving children in africa, where ya go to pray about starving children in africa and more than that I guess. Y’all have fun to missionary somewhere in a third world country. A man put wheels on your prayers. Do some about it, give some to somebody and then yeah. You pray for them, but jesus said pray like this pray. Give us this day our daily bread. What is bread, bread, the symbol of provision? What I need for my life? You know in the new testament it says:there’s an abundance for every good work they can be given unto you you can have bread and in in adult kind of sense, financial provision, the bible says all our needs, but there’s supplied according to his riches and glory, you can pray for bread.

Just like that pray. You can pray for money. Do you know that? Has anybody in there needed money? Did anybody go to work for money Evansville Church today? I’ll bet you did anybody get nervous, cuz the preacher start to talk about money? Probably you work for it, you need it. You spend 90% of your time doing whatever it takes to get it, but when I’m out of god talks about it, people start getting nervous. What jesus talked about it said. Pray like this. Give us this day our daily bread. What does it cost to buy bread cost money? Alright, so bread? You can pray for provision, but I’ll pray for permission. All the time you can pray like that. Brad is also a symbol of the word of god from heaven. Fresh word give us this day our daily bread. You know you don’t have to live without the voice of god, you don’t he he speaks to his children now. Doesn’t he I believe it all? The other. The bible says, says:they’re made of wood and clay and stunk their mute and their silent. They do not speak, but we serve the one. The truth, the living god, who talks to us about yeah, look up. The bible says that his sheep know his voice and they follow him. You need you need a fresh, fresh, taste, of, the bread of heaven each and every day. There’s a symbol of that in the old testament Evansville Church temple called the showbread. What the priest would do. They would take it before the presence of god right outside of the holy of holies. She’s me inside of the holy. There was a table where the presence of god’s, welts and everyday those priests would bring hot bread it into into the presence of god has an offering unto god it’s a simple, but in the presence of god each and every day there is daily bread. There’s a word from heaven little lead you and guide you and move you in the right direction. You open up your heart and pray for it in the morning. See if god won’t show you things to come in your day. Won’t speak little words to you. Little bits of intelligence, supernatural, intelligence. You don’t win a war. You recognize that kingdom of darkness rages against the kingdom of light and any war that happens out there. You need good intelligence program of governmental policies to try to take away the government’s ability to get us intelligence from our enemies. Can’t get the intelligence will cost you something call flight political, but it’s true. You can’t get intelligence in the spiritual sense, it’ll cost you something. One word from heaven can keep you out of a mess one morning in the presence of god. Getting a fresh word. Keep you out of a whole lot of trouble. Huh all matt worth everything, keep some of you guys away from from a seductress. Keep some of you from messing up your marriage. Keep some of you from getting in a business deal that sinks. You keep some of you from blowing your top and doing something with your family. You should have never done. One word from heaven can be that crossroads death in life. It’s it’s big! It’s huge give Evansville Church us! Let’s pray like that, didn’t just say:give us this day, our daily bread, yeah just pray like that. It really your prince god, give me your voice. Alright I got to get done tonight. So, let’s, let’s keep looking there 12, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Forgive us our debts. When we go in, we begin to pray. We always let the flood light of the holy spirit search us look up, there’s a wicked way in us how many of y’all were not get perfect, I’m so far from perfect it, and it’s becoming so much more easy for me to admit all of the time because I’m, your pastor, I’m your shepherd i, do everything I can do to live right and then I believe I’m, a pretty good model to follow, but I know I’m, not perfect. I mess up, I miss it. So when we come in the end of the presence of god, we can say forgive us our debts search me for when I miss kitty and then you repent, of what the bible says. God is faithful to forgive you if you’re coming you repent of your sins and it’s a process each and every day, if we’re being responded, we’re becoming more like jesus. That process is called sanctum. Patient comes to repentance comes through coming before his presence scene, where you’ve messed up repented of it and let him work on you. You know the more. We allow him to work on us, the quicker we become like him, really why we can’t, and you can get to a place where you don’t miss it and messed up all Evansville Church the time. Bible says:we’ve been given everything up pertaining to life and godliness, and it will allow him to work on us. We can become more like jesus. We can walk like him and talk like him. I’ve met some extremely godly people and I’m, not saying they never miss it, but you can get a whole lot closer than you think you can don’t hold on to that I’m a sinner excuse. You know we’re saints, a man so so far, nature exchange we’re new creations, we’re now saints we’re not sinners by nature, but sometimes we miss it and we slipped back so don’t hold on to the center card. Understand your sink is being sanctified, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. I’ll talk more well. Let me go and hit that forgiveness is a master key to the kingdom of god. He won’t forgive jesus as a little later in this text. Neither will your father, forgive you.

Let me say forgiveness, isn’t it eternal issue? It affects your eternity, says it in red. If I won’t, forgive other people, their debts, god won’t. Forgive me that’s heavy bible, forgive people their debts. Evansville Church God won’t! Forgive me some people say well. How do you forgive brian i, don’t know how to forgive. Let me say it like this. You forgive by faith. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Forgiveness is a choice, so you choose to forgive fake it till you make it huh, yeah I hate their guts. Just keep telling yourself i. Forgive him and I love him in jesus, name, i, pray for him. I heard a tremendous story of forgiveness a couple of weeks ago about a guy who prayed for some people for a couple of years make they. They did really bad things to the guy pray for him. Tell her tell her tell yourself you forgive me a million times until you do it. It’s a faith action. You got somebody you need to forgive right now in the presence of christ. Forgive them. Maybe they fired you. Maybe they told lies on you. Maybe they raped you, but maybe they molested, Evansville Church you i, don’t know it’s amazing. The stats in the things that people go through and you wouldn’t think the guy right down the aisle from you. It’s been through that, but they have I found that out as a pastor. But I know this. If you don’t forgive and you don’t get over it, that thing holds. You get your held at that point. That offense, that that point will that person crossed the line with you and you never get past it until you choose to forgive when, you pray, forgive people just going to go ahead, just just right. There close your eyes. You’ve got to forgiveness issue in your heart. What a time to do it and pray like this. Just tell the lord you forgive them here. Beside of god, we forgive them here. We choose to forgive choose to forgive choose to forgive choose to forgive in jesus name. Next thing he says is:do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. One last last way to pray is the parade in authority and the understand that you don’t have to be afraid of the devil. You don’t have to walk around the devil. You don’t have to run from the devil. God has given you authority over the devil, deliver us from the evil. One is talking about all of the kingdom of darkness and on calvary’s cross, absolutely every demonic power. In principle, every bondage, every sickness, every vial wicked, think was defeated at one moment in, the cross you’re called to live in a thority over that Evansville Church deliver us from the evil. One understand that you’ve been delivered in calvary’s, cross i, don’t have to live in bondage anymore. I have more power than the devil. The bible says that I have authority over the devil. Greater is he who is in me than he was in the world:i trampled over serpents and scorpions mart in the end of the gospel of mark. It says in his name we cast out devils. That’s simple johnson! For this reason, the son of god was made manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil. You can pray like that if you got demonic opposition, sometimes you know, and your body composition is, is something that keeps coming at you by being a addiction might be a feeling of worthlessness might be an attack on your mind. You have authority over and at the end he says this give god the glory. He said yours is the kingdom. Evansville Church The power and the glory forever amen, amen, amen. Why don’t you stand up on your feet? Tonight, stand up on your feet, father in jesus, mighty name, i! Think you that you are teaching us to pray teaching us to pray teaching us to pray. Why don’t you just ask him that for a moment, say lord teach me to pray. Teach me to pray, i, pray lord for spiritual disciplines to be built in people’s lives, lord that we might look like you’ve called us to look that we might go until your presence, each and everyday, receiving receiving bread receiving power receiving your grace receiving everything we need. Let us build an altar right before your throne room lord. Let us live there and move there and be there. Let people have not yet established your prayer life make a new fresh commitment in their hearts. Let it let it start tomorrow morning let him meet with you. I believe you’re going to speak to them. Wonderful things from your hand, your mouth, your throne, i, pray for this congregation as a shepherd and a pastor. Now I bless them. In the name of jesus christ of nazareth I bless, you I’ll, say you’re, going beside still waters to green pastures that the lord’s going to restore your soul, I say the goodness and mercy are going to follow you all the days of your life, and you will dwell in the house of the lord forever in the mighty mattress name of jesus christ of nazareth and the church said, amen, amen, god bless you church, you are dismissed tonight

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