Evansville Church | The Most Important Things I Know

We want to pray tonight and we’re going to I’m going to finish up a series that I started like a year ago called the five most important things that I know on wednesday night and jesse’s, going to help me teach some tonight, she’s hanging out with me up here. Going, to help me teach were going to team teach a little bit, but let’s just bow our heads and what will prank father in the name of jesus i. Thank you to not the words coming to us, our flight and I’ll order. Thank you that every time we open the scripture, the word speaks to us and it goes to a deep part in our life and our soul that the deep things of god, calling to us change outs, rearrange austin right now. We just pray that you would teach us, according to your word, that you would lead us, according to your word, that you’re word would be that north star in our life and father. We pray that we would have your true direction in jesus, mighty name and the church said:amen, amen. Well, if you’re going to learn about love, you might as well turn the 1st corinthians 13. So you open up your bibles with us there and we’re going to talk tonight about lovebeing. The principal thing love say it like you said it:cuz I want to make butter. Love, never fails, never fails some we’re going to talk about that tonight and so will read the scripture, though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not found, though I speak with the tongues of angels, but I have not love. I have become a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal though I Evansville Church have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I can remove mountains, but have not love. I am nothing though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love it profits me. Nothing. Love suffers long and is kind love does not envy love does not parade itself. It is not puffed up, it does not behave. Rudely does not seek its own. It is not provoked thanks. No evil does not rejoice, ininiquity but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things hopes all things endures, all things love never fails, but whether there are prophecies they will fail. Whether there are tongues, they will cease. Whether there is knowledge it will vanish away for. We know in part-and we prophesy in part-but when that which is perfect, has come, then that Evansville Church which is in part will be done away when I was a child. I spoke as a child I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things for now we see in a mirror dimly but then face to face now. I know in part, but then I shall know just as also I am known and now abideth faith hope love these three. But the greatest of these is love. How many of you would say that you have got the scripture in the bag? I mean you have ace the test you areking or queen of perfect love like god, has I am still trying to achieve love. How about you and in the way that god has asked me in the more we study it? The more I understand that I probably don’t participate in it as much as I should on a daily basis, and back today, looking at it, I was convicted of my own actions in the in the area of love, because even the things that I consider love sometimes don’t match up with what god considers love, we all have different opinions, different ideas. Our society tells us what love is where we get love from what it looks like who we should be. If we love you know, god’s love looks a lot different than the world’s love that we live in, and people put that on. If they say hey, this is what love looks like in fact, I think the probably the greatest description of our societies, love is that love looks like agreementand hatred, looks like disagreement and that, if that’s not in the definition that god gave us at all, but in our society, if we’re going to love people like they think that love is, we have to be in complete agreement and we have to. We have to say:yes, that’s fine, everything’s, fine and gods. Form of love is not like that, but it’s also not rude and not puffed up. Doesn’t it doesn’t parade itself? It’s not looking to look better than everybody else or looking to expose everything. That’s bad in them. Love is different than i. Think that we perceive it so I’m excited that we’re looking at it. Evansville Church Tonightthis is top what you text my mom, like i, get nervous. You know this is like my security. Blanket I can hold one of these for eight nine years. The world has this idea of what love is and a lot of times. People think love is just love it simply of the next butterflies we getting our stomach and whatever that’s attached to soul of something. The temporal lobe is something that that’s momentarily.. The world talks about things like falling, in and out of love, but what happened? I fell in love or I fell out of love or I love you or i. Just don’t love you anymore, and a lot of those things don’t show up. Those ideas don’t show up at all. In the word of the living god, the word of the living god never mentions falling in love, everybody say they say falling in loveit’s, not in the bible.

Now say this falling out of love, it’s not in the bible. As matter fact, love is described totally different when you’re. Evansville Church Looking 1st corinthians chapter 13, it’s something! That’s define! It’s something! That’s transcended! It’s something! That’s otherworldly! It’s not cheap, but can’t be bought by date and the right pheromones on your skin. If it is something supernatural and the bible says a pool in brace and we’ll walk in and we’ll have, that kind of love will have a love that will never fail. Five most important things I know jesus is lord. Bible is the word of god. That faith is the victory. The holy spirit is here and that love never fails. Everybody say, love never fails. So we got this description of what love really is and what love, listen and i. Think some of us need a radical redefinition and reprogramming in our mind of what love is and what isn’t? Don’t you think that america you could use some of that. Somebody sayingso not a man for the bible, says that god is love and so in the second portion of the scripture at the very end that says that now we know a little bit, we see dimly but then face-to-face we will know even is also we are known, and sometimes as I’ve read, that I didn’t connect it with the fork first portion of the scripture, where it’s talking about god, really loving us and whenever I thought I’m going to be known as god knows me, that’s kind of an intimidating thought because there’s a lot in me that I really don’t want anybody to know much less, have to see it in front of me. But i. Don’t really think that that’s at all what this portion scripture is talking about. I think that we are going to be amazed when we get to heaven. Yes, they will be judgment day, but I think that we are going to know as even also we are now and I believe that we’re going to see in god god is love. Evansville Church We’re going to see the amount that god loves us. We’re going to see ourselves as god sees us, we’re going to see ourselves in the fullness of that love that he’s extended towards us helove. He embodies love. So if we are in his presence, we are seeing the love that he has for us. That’s an exciting thing to to learn who that is who god is, and we can become more like him and i. Think whenever you see more of what god loves you it’s easier to extend that to other people and realize that he really loves them a whole lot a whole lot more than we do and treat them at with the kind of love that god would extend towards them. That’s good! It says right here, look at verse for 1st corinthians chapter 13, verse, 4, it begins giving us a list of what god’s kind of love looks like or divine kind of love looks like, and this is what should be flowing out of our life, for this is the goal of what we’re shooting for here’s, what it says. First, it says that love suffers long and is kind. Love suffers long, and it’s time that means that love isn’t always into itself. It’s long-suffering and it’s kind of no matter what the situation is. It goes the second and thethird of the 4th and the 5th and the 10th and the 1000-mile. It is long suffering to be long suffering to have that kind of patience. That’s the fruit of the spirit operating in our lives and a lot of us. You know what we’ve come up in a world where it’s Evansville Church kind of us first and it’s not about long suffering. It’s not about waiting, it’s not about making sure that everybody else is taken care of. It’s a me first culture, and when it’s me first, it’s the furthest thing from love. You can get love suffers long and it’s kind, everybody say be kind kind, man whenever people are kind of one to another, it’s supernatural matter fact:i think it was the most quoted scripture ever heard. My mom say coming up she’s in the back back there, but there were three boys in the house and she was always saying be kind one to another, and does she said $1,000 in the backseat you no screaming at one another that they be beat me up. Cuz they’re older than me, because I kind, one to another, buddy to say, be kind, one to anotherlove, suffers long and is kind. The next thing it says is that love does not envy Evansville Church everybody say envy. What does it mean to envy or to be envious of someone else to have in the order to be envious of someone else is to be jealous of what they have in the bible says that that kind of activity doesn’t belong anywhere in the born-again believers life. That love does not envy that that love doesn’t look at somebody that seemingly is in a better place than them or seemingly have something that they don’t have be in a relationship being a family member being a financial amount bid a job being a status that we don’t envy other people and here’s the deal about the church. It’s easy for christians to reach out to somebody that they perceive that they’re in better position in life. Thenyou found that to be true, I mean you can find lots of ministries that are one person reaching to what they seemingly perceive is. Somebody was Evansville Church having a harder time or somebody that is, is down on their luck or somebody that that that’s destitute we reach in that direction, and we should somebody say him in, but you don’t see many ministries where people are reaching out or trying to minister to somebody who seemingly has more or is it a better place in life or has more going on her more on the ball. Evansville Church

Then maybe we do and I think a lot Evansville Church of it has to do with envy and jealousy you know and will twisted in spin it in the church world, and sometimes people that have done well are demonized by christians and most of the time it’s not really accurate. It’s normally in the or jealousy i. Think that when we see this come full circle, if we can get ahold of loving, like god loves, if we can get a hold of not in vain actually getting the principles of love in our life as god sees love, not as we see that it will be the greatest tool that we have ever use the tool of love not invading the greatest tool Evansville Church that we have ever used to see the gospel actually make it around the world. You see if we envy someone who has more than us or has enough or has more than enough and we demonize them. We then shut off the flow that god has called them to bring it to the church, which is a sign answer flow up, increase that they can bring to the body of christ that we can use to then go and be king, find it and take the gospel to the world that god called us to do it. But as we sit today, we don’t have that ability, because we have so demonized anyone who has more than enough that they stay as far away from the church as they possibly can. And yet god has called us to love them like god, loves them and bring them into the body of christ. Just like we would love someone who had less than us and bring them into the body of christ. We have seen this firsthand Evansville Church and such a real live living way as we work with lana vasquez in thailand, because when we first met lana, we were the very first church that ever came and brought finances into that ministry shed individuals. That would support her randomly, but she did not have a monthly support of churches that would get behind her finance. What she did. There was an endless number of children that she can rescue from the sex slave trade. There’s an endless number of mothers that she can go and help become good mothers that don’t have to sell their children and give them a job so that they can pay feed those kids there’s an endless number of people in the cities that she can go in and preach the gospel to. But she didn’t have the finances to make it happen, because she was worried how she was going to buy rice that week, and so we saw as god brought increase if we made a documentary and then god start attaching church after church after church after church to her ministry that god brought an influx the financing because of it the gospel, is being broadcast in such an amazing way. Now so much different than it was whenever Evansville Church we first went and I believe that when we get a hold of that god kind of non inverting, loving everyone the same, even the up and out as much as we love the down-and-out in as much as we love someone. That’s like us, god’s going to be able to use that it’s going to be amazing, I believe river, city church is going right. There I think scott’s going to use them to bring the gospel to the world. I believe that be something that that and jealousy is something if you feel it rising up in you. What’s not love, you know it’s got not god’s will and you got to push it back down. Take control of it. Somebody say amen to that tonight is not puffed up. It’s not all into itself does not behave, rudely does not seek its own is not provoke. Thanks. No evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in truth. It bears. All things, believes all Evansville Church things hopes. All things endures all things you see some of this that bit love doesn’t number one focus on itself, not looking for the spotlight all the time. It’s not trying to be number one. It’s not trying to push itself to centre-stage. It’s not puffed up and one of those things that that we don’t have it as born-again believers is we don’t have rights anymore? We don’t have control of her own life. We don’t have charged and the only spot like we should put any. Where is upon jesus christ of nazareth? So it’s so he says this. He says it’s not puffed up, it’s not like that and it doesn’t think evil. It’s not trying to get ahead, hear some things that I see about love. You look at god, god is love, and the bible says that god so loved the world that he gave god wasn’t all about himself. He was all about the world. Somebody say amen to Evansville Church that, not all about himself, but he’s all about the world and god so loved the world that he acted and he didn’t just act in his own interest. He acted in our interest. See love is an action word. It really is, first and foremost, it’s not just the state. It’s not just a feeling. It’s not just an emotion. It’s none of those things. It’s something that propels people into action for god, so loved the world that he did something. What did he do church he gave so somebody that’s puffed up somebody. That’s focused on sale, somebody, that’s all and me being number Evansville Church one me being in the spotlight is the last person that become somebody who contributes or gibbs or puts the world before him. God, so loved the world that he gave and here’s what he did he eat instead of being popped up, instead of being focused on himself, he gave and he gave of himself he gave his everybody say a son.

So it’s his son, it’s his only begotten son that he gave when god loves. He gives the best that he has not for himself but for the world, and he gave jesus gave his son and when he gave us, sunny also gave himself because god is at trinity father son, holy, spirit he’s giving up Evansville Church himself the son and that son is being separated from him dying on the cross. See love is sacrificial, love is not self-seeking, love is not focused on self-love is focused on the world and it’s so powerful that we would get a focus off of our self in a focus on the world man. It will do that. The scripture says right here that we will not fail. Do you want to live a fail-proof life meant to tell you. Love is the way that you can live a fail-proof life there, lots of other tactics that will fail that’ll blow up little burnout that’ll be gone, but love will never ever fail. It always wins. No matter what the situation looks like no matter what it feels like no matter. What’s going on, love always wins in the end, without any shadow of doubt, love is going to win and if you read the end of the book of revelation and you see who wins whenever Evansville Church this entire world is rolled up and the thing is done, our god in heaven is a triumphant came because he is the god who absolutely is love. He is love and relationships. We just say the word love. We say we love someone or we say what I know that they act this way, but they love me and we were watching a show. The other day and a lady said well, I love my spouse. I. Do we have two children and I love them, but I’m? Just not sure I want to be married to him anymore, but love is also a choice to do what’s best for all of the the parties involved. Now. Obviously, there are reasons that people can’t. You know that that god gives people out and those things, but she wasn’t referring to anything that was abusive or adultery or any of those things she was just saying. I. Just don’t think that i, like this guy anymore, I’ve chosen to just not do what I need to do to be best for everybody, cuz i, just don’t want to do it today, and sometimes we get confused about what that love is i, think a great natural thing that we can, that we can go according to this is how god loves us. So if we look at how god loves us, I think the closest thing on earth that we can even imagine is our children and if we treat people like we would want someone to treat our child will almost always hit that list I mean in the natural. If you will treat someone like you want, you would like them to treat your own child. Maybe have Evansville Church children in this room, yeah god loves us and he was the first father, but never showed how to love, and if we can treat people according to this list. It’ll look a whole lot like. We want people to treat our children and we can’t just go by that, because in the natural people get off course they get off of of the right track because they weren’t love brian. So they don’t love writing all of this, but it. But this list is so good that we suffer long and we’re kind. We don’t envy, we don’t pray it ourselves, we’re not puffed up. We don’t behave rudely, we don’t see car, we don’t. We don’t rejoice in iniquity, but we were joyce in the truth. When we hear evil things or bad things or gossipy things, we just choose to believe the best and we wipe that aside. The bible says that we believe at that love covers a multitude of sins, evil and and people that aren’t loving they expose things but love covers things. Would love encounters a situation where it’s, where it’s not so good, where it’s not so pretty? Where it’s kind of ugly and filthy and bad it covers it, it does the best to cover it. Not only does it what it came not Evansville Church to expose it, but then it covers it with speaking over it good things. You know when you hear some in the best thing you can do to walk in love is to say you know, I’m believing that god is going to move in that situation. I believe it you say:they’re getting a divorce I believe that they’re not getting a divorce, I believe god’s going to move on their behalf. You say they’re going bankrupt. Why say god’s going to bless their life I’m saying, and you just believe the best to the bitter end, because that’s what love does love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity or a bad things, but it rejoices in the truth. And what do we know is the truth, the word of god. So if you don’t know any other way to walk in love, just use the word of god and just cover it with truth, the word of god, whatever situation is in front of you, would you stand up on your feet? I’m I’m almost out of time, here. One more minute and here’s here’s. What I want to finish with bet that scripture. It says this. It says that that there you can have faith to move all mountains, but that’s not as great as love is. It says you can have supernatural power or or or supernatural revelation, but that loves greater than that and at the end, paul closes down this chapter and he says now abideth these three things, faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is what cloth do you want? Any situation fixed long-term in your life? You just take the Evansville Church the the the love that’s been given to you, love the spirit of god, and you apply at end of that situation and it’s amazing.

If you’ll allow and not act before you need to not say things you don’t need to, but just be Evansville Church loving, regardless of what’s going on and that we’ve all had to work on this. How many goals ever said something you shouldn’t said:yeah you ever gotten angry ever ever stayed on one topic too long. All of us have, and we can fix that by allowing the law of to roll into our life and now they’re about these three faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love and if i, let that love love rule in my life and I’m here, to tell you that things that you never thought to be restored can be restored. Relationships that you never thought to be reconciled can be reconciled. God can turn things around for the good. Let me pray over you that the god kind of lava flow into your life father in the name of jesus christ of nazareth. Thank you for the people under the sound of my voice, i. Thank you lord that you’re using them you’re you’re you’re Evansville Church flowing in them and threw them. We thank you tonight, love that they have the god kind of love and that god kind of love. We declare that it never ever fails father. We say that that loves working that loves flowing that loves taken them up to a whole nother level in life father. We declare tonight that we love you because you first loved us, so lord I pray for a fresh baptism of love to come into this house. Lord you coming to these lives to come into these people, supernatural love by the anointing, the bible says the holy spirit sheds love abroad in our heart love abroad in our hearts. Some of you were saying right now:brunt I can’t love that person I can’t forgive that person. I can’t get past that trespassing, but the spirit of god says if you’ll allow me to change your heart. I’ll fill you with love that you’ve never experienced. Evansville Church Never known and it’ll come out of you in such a way that you’ll be surprised and shocked and you’ll, say. Surely, god is flowing in my life, so lord I pray in the name of jesus that that love would be released, but that love would flow that that love would go and grow in that it would change the world that we live in in the name of jesus christ of nazareth, I pray, amen, amen, amen,