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River city church podcast pastor brian gibson shod, with the gospel recorded wednesday, january, 17th, 2007 7 p.M. Service, a few things that don’t go exactly the way we think they should have went and then before long, if we use it lose our child-like ability just to believe and respond to the word of god. Some people say it like you support like this. They say you know whenever I was young, Evansville Church I was on fire, but now I just had to kind of interested in the become a mature christian. And now you know I’m not as radical, don’t look as radical, but I’m just a more mature. You know what I say about that:that’s backslidden, isn’t it i, don’t want to be back soon. I want to have the dream in my heart that I always have the dream won’t die in my passion for jesus to remain the same with somebody say. Amen to that amen. Let’s keep our passion level 2 sex tonight to ephesians we’re going to open up our bible to ephesians we’re going to go back and take a look. Evansville Church We’ve been taking a look at the armor of godwe’ve, been studying there for a couple of weeks now and we’re going to talk a lot about the preparation of the gospel of peace tonight, the preparation of the gospel of peace tonight, jesus I’m. Still thinking about that about young people, you know jesus said you must become like little children you’re ever going to enter into the kingdom of heaven spoke, and he said that describes the pharisees to the heavy hitters in the community. He said:if you’re going to enter into the kingdom of heaven, you must become like little children. What a little children like church little children are easy to believe. Aren’t they I mean whenever the word of the lord is spoken to them or the father or the mother tell that little child something the kid believes that it’s just gospel believes it so don’t they don’t have any problems lifting their hands to their heavenly father lifting their hands to their earthly? Dad children are easy to believe easy to respond to your love, my little girl when I love her. Do you know what she doesshe loves me back. She reaches up and she packs on me. Evansville Church She looks up at me like she likes me. She grins at me when I walk into the room, pretty nice, isn’t it the love of a little child. To, look at me and say:hi, there’s somebody that loves me like a little child moving right along will begin reading in verse, 13 ephesians, chapter 6, verse, 13, it is the whole armor of god, is what we’re talking about tonight. Here’s what it says, therefore take up the whole armor of god that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand, stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, having shot your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the songsword of the spirit, which is the word of god, praying always with all prayer and supplication, in the spirit being watchful to this, in with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints and for me that I may be given to me, but I’m I open my mouth bola to make known the mystery of the gospel, which I’m an ambassador in chains that, in it I may speak boldly as i, ought to speak. One of the great things about the apostle paul. At the end of this he says he is an ambassador of god in chains. Do you know the apostle paul pin to mini of its letters from a prison cell and whenever you read some of the things he writes whatever you take it in the perspective of this guy sitting in prison has been changed for the preaching of the gospel. It makes everything come alive in a really really new way. The apostle paul says in the dark prison and only can think of themselves as a victorious warrior in christ, you can put on the full armor of godstand against the wiles of the devil. How many you think that sounds like a faith man to you got a guy in prison who’s talking about being an overcomer, because he’s got spiritual armor to put on praise the name of the lord. He starts out any talks to me. Ephesians about these different parts of our armor says. Put all of this armor on and you’ll be able to stand. You be able to withstand the attack of the enemy in the evil day. Having done all to stand, you will stand there for, and Evansville Church you will defeat the devil here’s, Evansville Church the analogy he takes from common culture. He had seen roman soldiers many times and so are the people in the city of ephesus. It takes that thing. They think they seen those people prepare themselves with armor for war I mean no. Every military man has a certain amount of armor or certain amount of combat gary puts on before it goes into the war. Does that make sense to the church say amen make sense. He puts on several things the things that paul begins. Talking about the first thing he talks about his death. He says he puts on a belteverybody say about first thing that goes on. Is the belt in the belt? Is the central part of the roman armor that their soldiers would wear? That belt would be a place where they would hang all of their instruments of war ii? Think he says that they have to put on is a breastplate of righteousness. Everybody said breastplate that would put on the breastplate, for whenever they got into the middle of a battle that nobody could easily stab them easily puncture their chest and get down to some of their vital organs. Evansville Church

Any calls in a breastplate of righteousness. Since the righteousness of god that guard your heart, the three major hearts that makes you Evansville Church hold and if you’ll put on that breastplate do you have a provision that will keep you from getting wounded mortally in your heart. The next thing the apostle paul says, and this is where we’re going to start tonight. He says that you should have u-verse 15th, having shot your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, having shots your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peacedown at your feet, right there for one moment at your neighbor’s feet, right beside you other feet, good-looking it’s winter, so they don’t have on shoes right. You shouldn’t be seen Evansville Church their toenails right now, but I bet. If you took off some of their shoes in the middle of winter, their toenails wouldn’t be trimmed very well. Cuz they’re, not wearing sandals. The apostle paul goes to talk about feet and he doesn’t several of his letters. You don’t he calls the feet of the gospel messenger in romans, chapter 10, beautiful somebody say I have beautiful. Feetthe bible is very clear:it doesn’t matter if your feet or fat, it doesn’t matter if they have corns on it, doesn’t matter if you haven’t trimmed or toenail, it doesn’t matter if you’re missing a toe or two. If you carry the gospel of jesus christ, you know what your feet are. Beautiful, just pick them up there for one moment say those feet. You are beautiful, yeah, look at your neighbor and say her feet. Her feet are his feet, are beautiful and he talks about Evansville Church the full Evansville Church armor of god says:having showed your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, everybody say the word shot not aware. We use a lot in in our common language today, horse people use that today they say:i had my horse shot. That means they put a new set of shoes on their horse. I can say this much for a warrior in the ancient near east. What he has on his feet is something that is very, very, very important. Your footwear matters now doesn’t it make if you were to try to go out and run a marathon today in a pair of dress. Shoes would be hard on your absolutely think about if somebody work in a industrial site or work construction, and they went out in a pair of soft old shoes, could that be dangerous to their feet. Absolutely park construction. What kind of boots do you wear? You need steel toe boots because Evansville Church something could fall on your foot and it could damage it well, whenever these soldiers went out to wash the type of shoes they had on it matter, historians tell me that rome and their shoes and the legions in their army had the best footwear of the day, with the type of footwear that had a certain type of traction under it was almost like spikes. Whenever those guys went to war, they would be able to dig in and hold their ground and not lose their footing, and it is even considered an offensive weapon for the roman soldier. Somebody, but you told me all fence. Evansville Church Every other part of the armor of god is a defensive weapons except to one but the shoes and to the sword. Cuz. You know. Whenever you got the right direction in your feet, you can dig in and you can drive into the enemy territory. Would somebody say amen how many know the church is supposed to be on the Evansville Church offense? Not just the defense write a best. Defense is a good offense. You can run up the scoreboard again and again and again and you keep the ball out of your opponent’s hand. You can win your game almost every time. What happened to the church of the lord jesus christ in the last hundred years we went on the defense, didn’t we we didn’t need spots, we didn’t need cleats, we didn’t need something to fight anymore. We were caught in the 1950s and the 1960s doing the same stuff. We’ve done for a hundred years. Church wasn’t charging into progressive culture anymore. Today you look at it all across the board in america. That’s why there’s less people to church today in america, then there’s ever been before cuz we had a relic to the traditions of power of the past and we have people out a form of Evansville Church godliness but didn’t have the power thereof and didn’t look anything like anything made sense to modern america I mean all the package has to change. Gospel stays the same, but the package must change. I have friends that won’t come down there because it doesn’t look like some pretty church from the 1950s and 1960s and all I can say. Is there crazy, they’ve missed the entire point open church of the lord jesus christ? Would you agree with that? How many churches not about us, you know i, have a nostalgic attachment to some old hymns that were sung in the church. I grew up in, but I understand this most Evansville Church people, my generation, don’t see what I’m saying most people don’t have that attachment 25 24 23 years old. How me know they’re not into singing just as i. Am you know that kim’s in my personal prayer time, do you know that you wouldn’t think it by the music I like that? But you know what I understand it doesn’t connect with most of modern culture. You understand that doesn’t connect with them years old when he died last year. You know how old mick jagger was house mick jagger. Now what is it Evansville Church 60 63 for something like that? Mick jagger, the rolling stones everybody say the rolling stones the rolling stones are in their 60s, so does it make more sense? Okay, if people in their sixties can connect to a screaming guitar and if a 15 year old kid can connect to a screaming guitar, doesn’t it make more sense that we have a screaming guitar on stage to you, you see how that’s offensive thinking.

What brings common culture here? Everybody say the shoes must be all sensitive. Aunty says this. He says your feet, shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Everybody said the preparation says the preparation of the gospel. Evansville Church It is the gospel of peace. That prepares you to be offensive and the gospel of peace is the primary means of spiritual warfare that exist on the earth today, but verbal proclamation of the gospel spiritual warfare at its highest level. People talk about spiritual warfare between army and another, and you know what it’s great to pray. It’s great to bind the devil, it’s great to get in your prayer, closet and pray and pray that the storm. But unless you proclaim the gospel to somebody, you will never win a spiritual for your feet must be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, romans, chapter 1, verse, 16, Says:i’m, not ashamed of the gospel for the salvation, the power of salvation front of the jew first, and also the somebody say they say the gospel is the power of god to salvation. Do you want to be offensive in the kingdom of god? You must get prepared with the gospel of peace. Alright, that works gospel. If you have your bible right, there just go ahead and underline gospel. Underline gospel right there. Fine! That’s! Why god gave us the bible we can ride and we can take notes in them back and see what the lord spoken to us and we wear it out will get us a new one, amen amen so that work gospel. It is this greek word it is the greek word evangelion evangelion. It’s simply means this. It means good news, everybody say good news. Isn’t it good to know that the message of god today is Evansville Church good news on to humanity, amen, glad that the gospel is good news. A man wants to set us free from our sins, a man he wants to kill. Our broken body wants to give us our grades. He wants to put our lives back together. It’s good to know that god is on our side. There is good news for you tonight and good news to everybody. You cross path. Whenever you have the gospel of peace, it is the evangelical, it is the gospel of peace. Everybody say peace that word. Peace means what it’s written in the greek. It means peace and or prosperity, but I don’t want to talk to you about the preparation of the gospel of peace. On your feet. First thing:i want you to write down those if you’re taking notes right down this right, I need to be familiar with the gospel I need to be familiar with the gospel. That means you need to know exactly every element that is contained in the gospel message. You need to be familiar with the gospel, that’s part of being prepared becoming familiar turn over the 1st corinthians chapter. 15 I’ll show you pull sums up. The gospel of jesus christ christ very quickly, very, very in a nice little package here, Evansville Church several versus it does not take long to present the gospel 1st corinthians chapter 15 again reading in verse, 1. Here’s what he says says these words. Moreover, brethren I declare you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand everything we’ve been reading about in ephesians about standing. Isn’t it stand, stand stand you spend on your feet on christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand. The gospel, the evangelion, the good news which I preach to you, which also you received at in which you stand by which also you were saved. If you hold fast at work which I preach to you, unless you believed in vain delivered to you, first of all that which I also received the christ died for our sins. According to the scriptures everybody say, christ died for me. First step of the gospel. You want to be able to carry the gospel anywhere. You go. You need to be able to tell people that the scripture say:christ died for you, christ died for you, alright, that christ died for our sins. According to the scriptures, verse, 3, verse, 4, and then he was buried. Everybody say he was Evansville Church buried yeah that he was placed in a tooth. That’s the second part of the gospel of christ. He was placed in the tomb for us and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures everybody say the resurrection and that he was seen by cephas, then by the 12th, after that he was seen by over 500 brother. Nor once who made the greater part romaine to the present, but some of falling asleep after that he was seen by james in by the apostle. Then last of all he was seen by me, also is by one born out of due time. The apostle paul gives us the gospel in just very few scriptures. He says that christ died for our sense, but it came to this earth. He was buried. He rose from the grave and that there are many witnesses of his resurrection. That’s the gospel, the gospel is simple, everybody say it’s simple. It’s so simple that a great school Evansville Church child can convey it. That’s the beauty of the gospel of jesus christ. You don’t have to be a theologian. You don’t have to be a preacher. You don’t have to be a pastor. You don’t have to be a very good student of the bible not yet to present the gospel of jesus christ. As a matter of fact, I’ve ever met are people whose only been saved for maybe a matter of weeks. They know this much. They know christ died for me. He he came to this earth. He was buried, he was resurrected.

Believe me on this message and I’m saying that they’re on fire about it, have you ever seen a brand new christian, be so on fire and be such a great presenter of the gospel. You ever seen that you can be that type of gospel witness. Do you know that it’s a simple message so simple, the apostle paul said that some of the greeks Evansville Church they won’t even receive it cuz. It’s too simple for them said these words. He said i, don’t come in persuasive words of man’s wisdom, but I come and demonstration and in power of the gospel paul said it was simple. That’s one thing you need to know. You need to understand your gospel. How many toes do we need to be able to get an answer to people whenever they questioned us about our faith, amen, church? We need to be prepared to give them an answer, to talk to them efficiently, to talk to them effectively and to let them know about this gospel that we are a part of its part of the christian faith. Second thing we need to know is what all did the gospel purchase for us? What all did the gospel purchase for us? What did christ die for us? Couldn’t turn over your bibles to isaiah chapter 53, isaiah chapter 53, isaiah, chapter 53. This Evansville Church is isaiah looking for feta klee into the death of jesus christ, hundreds of years before it ever happened. He reads this:this is talk of the atonement or what was paid for for you and i. Whenever jesus christ died on calvary cross, isaiah 53, verse, 5, it says this will start in for excuse me says:surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. Yet we esteemed m, stricken smitten by god and afflicted, but he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement for our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are Evansville Church healed. All we like sheep have gone astray if we have turned everyone to his own way and the lord has laid on him. The iniquity of us all start off by talking about jesus christ, say:surely he has borne our griefs need understand that say:jesus took, my, grief’s yeah. He took your grease says he carried our sorrows, he is taking our sorrows and then it says we esteemed them stricken smitten by god and afflicted. Then it says he was wounded for our transgressions. What does it mean to be? A transgressor means this that you and I have broken the Evansville Churchlaws of god, because we transgress the laws of god. That means we broke. The law of god in christ was wounded for those transgressions. He took your punishment. The next thing he says is this:he was bruised for our iniquities, everybody say:iniquity, iniquity means you’re bend towards sin. You know all of you manage as a natural bend to do the wrong thing. If you ever recognize that as a young person did you recognize that you had a bin to do what was wrong, even though you wanted to do what was right? Maybe you saw it to do what was right? There was this natural bend in your life to do the wrong thing. I can remember taking my little nephew when he was a little boy doing a test on him. Leave it in my living room. I pick up a remote control, I’d, say john jacob, looking here jake and look over at me, I say:jake, don’t touch this remote Evansville Church control set in the middle room. I’d walk out of the room in the you-know-where john jacob would go. Where do you go straight to the remote control every time why yuma nature is we’re full of iniquity? We have a bent or send whatever adam send every person receive from their grandfather atom and an iniquity in the heart jesus christ. He took that iniquity. We don’t have to live with a bent or send any more whenever you coming to jesus christ his atonement, the gospel of jesus christ changes you where you no longer are bent towards. Since you are bent towards heaven, somebody say, amen and amen. Isn’t it good to know that the grace of jesus christ changes are very nature in the gospel? Very simple:is there let’s look back down that are text says this:the chastisement for our peace or the punishment for our peace was upon him. The punishment for our peace was upon. Him says the punishment for our shalom or shalom was upon him. The punishment for our shalom was upon him. Everybody say peace that worth the purchase or the punishment for our peace. That means our prosperity that word shalom. The hebrew Evansville Church concept, 2 piece means there’s nothing missing. There’s nothing broken that you have been made totally hole in every area of your life. Jesus christ was punished so that every broken part of our life by be put back together, shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken completely whole. That’s what the gospel comes to do for me to understand what this preparation is. This gospel is it’s jesus christ coming to make us nothing missing. Nothing broken perfectly whole. How me know god’s in the fixing people business what he does best praise the lord he came to me whenever I was a drug addict and an idiot and out-of-control broke into pieces, and he put me back together. He said shalom, nothing missing! Nothing broken totally. Whole concept is this that you would be protected, but I say shalom include protection. The protection of god comes upon. You in the gospel concept is that you would be prosperous to have what you needed on this earth you would live in abundance to an overflowing victory, even even material things. The concepts there in the word, shalom, prosperity protection and peace, means that you would have peace in your mind.

How many all know that piece in your mind is worth worth every dollar on the earth? Isn’t it you could have rest in your mind, the bible says this:the jesus christ in the gospel bought peace for our minds, peace of god, our hearts, to god our mind. He says he goes on to say this and he says by his stripes we are healed. Everybody say physical healing physical healing is paid for in the gospel of jesus. Christ back Evansville Church was broken so that we might be made whole if you will place your faith in the broken back of jesus christ of nazareth healing is yours. It’s already been paid for in the gospel of jesus christ i. Want you to understand what all belongs to you in the gospel you to get a good handle on the gospel. You don’t know how to put on the preparation of the gospel of peace, so that nobody fools you nobody tricks, you. Nobody takes away. What’s your covenant right, what’s been paying for you by jesus christ on calvary’s cross next thing, I want you to know what you need to be prepared to present the gospel to somebody else. Have you thought about it? You ever witness to anyone. The gospel. Have you ever witness to anyone, the gospel of jesus christ? Recently, it’s really simple. Don’t have to be a preacher to do it. You just have to be able to tell Evansville Church somebody god loves you jesus loves. You wants to forgive you of your sins, so much he died for you. You know you can do that almost anywhere. The bible says that there’s an anointing on our life to have the gospel of peace on our feet says that we have an unction of the holy one and that we know all things. First, john 2:20, acts 1:8 says you shall receive power to be my witnesses witness of his gospel in jerusalem, judea, samaria and of the outermost part of the earth. The simple fact is:this. Is, commanded, you and I have to carry the gospel into the world. Matthew chapter 28, the great commission mark chapter 16, the great commission. We must wear the gospel of peace on our shoes everywhere we go we’re walking examples who the king of kings and lord of lords in salmon. When we get there, we must be able to tell them tell them tell them. Let me give you an easy segway into presenting the gospel. It’s like this. What’s your story, what’s your story? Think about it for a second? What’s my story, what has god done in my life? What is god done in my life makes it personal how many no telling somebody what god has Evansville Church done in your life. It works better than just sticking a piece of paper in their hand, I’m not against tracks or tracts, witnessing not against that at all, but if you can make it personal personable, this is my story. This is what god has done for me in the gospel I have a testimony, everybody does. It say:jesus christ of nazareth can say what god saved you from a man. I mean it doesn’t matter. If you got to say when you were three years old, god saved you from sin, a man saves you from sin. You know my testimony is this:is that god set me free from drugs, jesus, christ, set, me free from drugs set me up wash me cleanse me turn me around. Put me on the right path. Will do the same for you, that’s my angle and I preach the gospel. What you just think about it right there for one moment. What’s my angle, what’s my angle, what’s my angle, think about it? My angle:are you committed enough to the gospel of jesus christ ever share it with anyone else? Are you committed enough to the gospel of jesus christ to ever share it with anyone else? Only thing that can stop. You is yourself, fear those things shouldn’t roll Evansville Church over the christian. What is my angle? What is my angle? What is my ankle? Just asked the lord bible says this:we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. Your testimony is powerful. It’ll put those those shoes on your feet, enable you to preach the gospel to somebody else to somebody else. Let me pray for you guys to be anointed win souls with the gospel in your mouth. It’s going to lift your hands to heaven there. To believe god wants to anoint you to do such father I pray in jesus, mighty name. We would be carriers of the gospel of peace everywhere we go father right now. We have hands lifted up in a hearts lifted up with our hands, nor believe in that you have anointed us to be witnesses of your gospel in every spear of our life. Father I pray that we would be gospel. Witnesses in our workplaces, I pray lord that we would live out. The gospel walk out the door look. What jesus christ father when we show up I pray that you are annoying and your spirit and your wisdom would show up lord daniel wrote the souls is wise:father I pray for a soul, winning anointing in this house right now, I pray, father that our loved ones who are lost would see the gospel shine. Clearly, sean clear lake threw up all of the people. We contact everywhere, who were lost would see the gospel flow through us lord i, pray that you would have known, our, lives to speak more Evansville Church than fear would be broken out of our life that stops us from doing what we’re called to do. I pray that you would give it in this house give it in this house also went in anointing in the name of jesus christ of nazareth.

There’s anyone in here tonight. That’s not right with the lord jesus christ I want to give you the opportunity to do so right now, I barely clearly taught christ died for your. Since he was placed in a tomb on the Evansville Church third day. He was resurrected, spilled his blood on calvary’s cross that you might go free from the law of sin and death. You can be saved from your sins, could have a home in heaven. There’s anyone in here that needs to do that tonight. Very matter-of-fact, just slip your hand up right now, very matter-of-fact. Let me see you people make matter-of-fact decisions, they seem they seem to stand the test of time. Just a matter of fact. I need to get right with the lord jesus christ. Just lift up your hand right now, right now, right now, father I pray that you would Evansville Church make this house a landmark for salvation. Now, as the pastor in this house, I lift my hands. I bless these people I pray that you would lead them guide them, take them to a place called the best father prosper. They anoint them in every area of their lives. I’ll bless them now in jesus, name, amen, amen, amen, god bless your church, you are dismissed, will see you sunday morning or saturday night.

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