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Wayside trent garrett how you doing out there you looking good man, we went to highschool together, you’ll, get rid of big hand, clap for looking good, alright praise the lord he’s kept well you’re thinner than I am trent. What’s up with this morning to genesis chapter 24, genesis chapter 24 going to be in our study there today also want to let you know out there that that this week on monday, you know, there’s a great holiday martin, luther king jr. Day, and we appreciate all that he did for for the cause of civil rights and and thankful that that he’s come in and brought rachel. You know a quality. How many know the week we ought to love everybody in the body of christ amen and racism is a nasty spirit Evansville Church that has no place in in the bride of christ. Somebody say amen to that, but I’m going to give you a great opportunity to serve the lord on martin luther king jr. Day, and that is what we’re calling for service guys were going to get this house ready. Then, if you’re off on that day and I’ll be going to gethouse ready, there’s going to be a big move as far as equipment and lighting and all of that kind of stuff cleaning will be done at the building were going to come together and do that and I want it want to welcome. You appreciate you coming and serving in the house of the most high god on that day, if you’re at genesis chapter 24 this morning, go ahead and say I’m huh, all right, let’s pray and we’re going to move right into the teaching of the word of god father, the name of jesus christ of nazareth. We thank you lord that you’ve. Given Evansville Church us your word today. We declare that it’s a labrador feed a lot into our path. We’re hiding this word, my heart, that we might not sin against god i. Thank you, lord. That victory is wrapped up in the word and then healing is wrapped up in the word, and its salvation is wrapped up in the word and that abundance enjoy the wrapped up in the word father today, I declare that the word is being planted. Deep down in the heart of these, your people and it’s bringing for the harvest some 30, some 60, some a hundredfold, give us eyes to see and earsto hear what the spirit of god would say. Unto the church and the church said, amen, amen, I want to go ahead and intitle. Today’s message, you are a servant with an assignment look at your neighbor and tell him this morning. You have an assignment I want to preach out of the same text. I began Evansville Church preaching out of last week and that is genesis 24 and what we having this text is. We have the father of faith by the name of abraham and he’s called a zelda servant and he sending him back to his homeland, where, when he gets to his homeland, he’s going to eat that serve, it is to find a bride for abraham’s son isaac. We’re talking about the days of arranged marriage in the gibson house for days of arranged marriage have not passed away. I will arrange my daughter’s marriage before it’s all said and done. Welcome mr. Mrs. Josiah murphy right here, yeah yeah they just got married, no i. Didn’t arrange this one, but the lord did alright. Alright genesis chapter 24 will begin reading in verse, 1, and here is what it says:alright well advanced in age, and the lord has blessed abraham in all things. So abraham said to the oldest serving Evansville Church of his house, who ruled over all that he had. Please put your hand under my thigh and I will make you swear by the lord, the god of heaven and the god of the earth. But you will not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the canaanites amongst who might as well. What’s your show go to my country into my family and take a wife for my son, isaac and the servant said to him. Perhaps the woman will not be willing to follow me to this land bus i. Take your son back to the land from what you came, but abraham said to him. Beware of it! You do not take my son back there, the lord god of heaven, who took me from my father’s house and from the land of my family and who spoke to me and swore sing to your descendants. I give this land, he will send his angels before you and you should take a wife for my son from there, and if the woman is not Evansville Church willing to follow you, then you will be released from the only do not take my son back there. So the servant put his hand under the thigh of abraham his master and swore to him concerning this matter, then the servant took ten of us. Masters, camels and departed for all. His master’s goods were in his hand, and he arose and went to mesopotamia to the city of nahor. So here we have abraham genesis, chapter 24, verse, 1 and I pray it and quote it all the time and it’s when abraham was old and well-advanced an agent that the lord has blessed abraham in all things. Somebody say in all things:let’s that one more time in all things, you don’t my prayers, that whenever I get to the end of my life, I can say the same thing about myself that abraham and the genesis author. What was don’t you want to whenever you get old, spell to look at your Evansville Church life and what the lord has done for you and be able to say truly, the lord has blessed me in all things:abraham was a wealthy man.

Abraham had a name. What was great among the nation’s abraham had been given an air, but before abraham could depart to his father’s in peace. He had to be sure that his son had a proper bride. How do you know you never really leave in peace until Evansville Church your kids are on the path that they’re supposed to be on so abraham called his eldest servant and that servant came before abraham and he said today we’re going to make a note. Abraham was older and not able to make the journey and soak this guy’s, probably eliezer of damascus, and he comes, and he says, I want you to put your hand under my thigh, and that was a part of old swearing in the ancient near east. It was a symbol, as you swore one to another with the hand under the thigh that if you did not fulfill the valve that you take, both your seed would pay for it, and the man whose hand was under the fact that his seed would execute judgment upon you for not fulfilling the oath. Look at your neighbor and say no to serious, business, see covenant and marriage they’re serious business. Aren’t they church are coming. It’s not half-heartedly. Evansville ChurchWell, steak are covenants seriously, and it’s interesting that abraham wouldn’t allow his son to take a bride from the pagans around him out there under the sound of my voice, and you are a christian and you’re dating someone who’s. Not you are in send stop it cut that relationship off while there’s still time for you. Do you hear me? The bible clearly says that you can’t be unequally yoked with a non-believer and I watch, so many people check their mind at the door when it comes to love. For you know what I’m talking about people who know better, then I’ll do all kinds of theological cartwheels try to change the truth. I was setting with the lady one time her a pastor and a pastor’s daughter up in nebraska I was preaching at a church in nebraska, and this lady came and tells me she says you know I married a man, that’s not a christian, but the spirit of god told me to do it interesting to do something that the bible clearly tells her not to isn’t it now either god changes his mind or that woman was a fruit loop and, from my perspective, that woman was a fruit, loop and i. Just look at him, like you guys, are crazy. Evansville Church I, don’t need to be leaving the church cuz. The pastor was shaking his head in agreement and I thought god help you everyone, you know, listen. So it’s an important thing to so. You’re going to marry wisely, amen, amen, choose it wisely. So it starts this journey back home and he goes as a fervent on an assignment since he’s going to find the bride of isaac. Last week, I talked about how isaac is a type or a prophetic image of jesus who was to come. Here’s the way isaac and jesus are types of each other. Isaac was a child of promise jesus was the child of promise isaac climb the hill jesus climbed the hill of calvary isaac, had wood strapped to his back jesus had a crow trap goes back. Isaac was offered up as a sacrifice. My father, abraham jesus was offered up as a sacrifice by his heavenly father. Everybody say this say:isaac is a time of jesus. This servant was sent forth on an assignment to find the bride of isaac church right there, where you’re seated today, let me tell you, you are a servant, who’s being sent pork to find the bride of christ. Somebody give the lord of hand clap if you believe that this morning, Evansville Church that is our primary assignment in life I’m looking at people who work in so many different fields, I’m looking at medical professionals, I’m looking at school teachers, I’m looking at entreprenuers I’m, looking at homemakers I’m looking at people that work in the foodservice industry, I’m looking at the doctor’s I’m looking at loggers I’m looking at other ministry staff, and you may all have different gifts and are called to do different things. But on top of that call how much supersedes every one of our gifts and a bill is the assignment that god is giving his church that we are to understand that all authority in heaven and earth is given unto us go, therefore, to all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit teaches them all thinks he is commanded us and low is with us always even to the end of the age. Everybody Say:i’m a servant on an assignment. Your son is to bring the bride of christ into the church. Now the church calls the bible called the church, the bride of jesus christ of nazareth vanessa father, abraham called eliezer of damascus and sending forth I Evansville Church declare that god, our father is calling you this morning and sending you for want to show you some of the truth of when god sends us forth. First thing I would like to say is this:you are serving on an assignment. The second thing I would like to say is this:your assignment is to bring back the bride of christ. The third thing I would like to say is this:you have been resource to fulfill your assignment, look at your neighbor and tell him you have all the resources of heaven genesis, chapter 24 and 10, here’s what it says first and then the servant took ten of us, masters, camels and departed for all his master’s goods, we’re in his hand, and he arose and went to mesopotamia to the city of nahor I love that scripture all his master’s goods, where in his hand, I was really missing my quiet time the other day and whenever I came across Evansville Church some of that went off like rockets.

In my spirit that all my master’s goods are given into my hand on the wii have a worldwide church church is the entire world who god so loved the world that he got guts over blunt got to love to watch that he gave his only begotten son that whoever would believe in him might not perish but have everlasting life. If it is a worldwide assignment given to the Evansville Church church by god’s, then there must be world-wide provision to fulfill that assignment. If there’s a worldwide assignment, there must be worldwide vision. Where god calls you and guide you, he will also provide for you and liaison new this, whatever his his master cinema on an assignment went down to the stables and he didn’t just pick out one campbell. He didn’t just pick out to he didn’t pick out 3 or 5, but he picked out. 10 camels camels were expensive animals in that day, and he didn’t just load them up with enough water and enough bread to get him there. He loaded them up with silver and gold. The bible says whenever he got there, he was able to put a gigantic nose ring on the bride-to-be. All of y’all would look good with a gigantic nose ring. You don’t have a great big off of bracelets made of gold. All of that stuff. We’re on these Evansville Church camels I say all that to say that eliazar believe that abraham could provide for his assignment believe that the father of lights can provide for your assignment. You don’t there’s nothing, but aggravation me more in my spirit that when I listen to people are called me this or called to do that and I talk about their dream and their vision. They think there was start a business to. The king tamela things to do that, but then they always come back with the at the end of the day that they don’t have the resources to do it I understand when they say that they don’t understand who their father is. The bible says that your father owns the cattle of a thousand hills. The bible says that the silver and the gold of the world belongs to our lord’s. The bible says that the earth is the lord’s and the fullness thereof. The bible says let the lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant, who favored his right, just called or I could say to favor his assignment, john wrote, beloved I wish, above all, things that you may prosper everybody say prosper and be in health. Even as your soul prospers now, don’t Evansville Church be afraid of that hebrew word prosperity. Some guys post stop on facebook against it there all up in arms about it. They want the church to be broken porsche, but when the church is broke and poor in earthquake hits haiti broke and poor won’t pay to help people in haiti. Somebody singing that this is what prosperity is. Let me to find it for you today as having enough to fulfill your assignment and then also help someone else to fill their prosperity as having enough to fulfill your assignment and also help somebody else to fill. There’s no I’m, not all into Evansville Church stuff stuff, isn’t much to me. I mean I like nice things, but how many new wears off of nice things pretty fast. What was cool last year, how many all you know are still tight rolling your jeans, its back spell jean is dead and gone now. If your trending, you wear skinny girl jeans that make you look old awkward if your mail, you know that style is that a no I need a grown man wearing girl jeans on praying for you in the name of jesus christ of nazareth I will take you with me to the cowboy store will get you some jeans and boots. You dress, like a man, Evansville Church praise the name of jesus. Now i, don’t care! If you wear girl jeans or what you wear. I love you, the lord loves you do you remember me, listen the new wears off the stuff, although god doesn’t mind you having stuffing mind stuff having you but I want you to understand that you can accomplish everything that god has called you to do, and you don’t have to say that you’ll never accomplished, because you don’t have enough stuff, cuz, your father, who called you already prepared, no provisions from the foundation of the world. The bible says that the lamb was slain from the foundation of the world. End of god has a call on you on your lunch. He’s already look ahead and he knows what you need any knows when you need it and he’s going to be there knocking on your door the moment that thing has to come to pat’s. His name is jehovah jireh the lord and sees ahead and provide serving of abraham went and he took 10 camels and all that is master had was given unto his hand. Everybody lift up your hand for one second, and just say they said the lord has given what I need to fulfill my assignments into my hand. Thank you for in jesus name. The next abraham sb made this off to each other eliazar the servant sent on the assignment he said master. What, if i, get back to that land and i, find the bride but she’s not willing to come with me. Abraham made this statement of faith. Abraham made the statement of Evansville Church faith that went like this. He said the lord who called me and made a covenant with me. He will send my angel before you and whenever you get there, he will prepare a way for your assignment, listen to church. Whenever we go out in the name of the lord, whenever we go out into the workplace, whenever we go out and do our city whenever we go to family functions, we do not go alone.

The born-again believer never travels alone. No man or woman is called him. A name of the lord jesus christ walks along. There was a god. He was in you greater is he who is in you than he that is in the world? His spirit is leading and guiding you. You are lead of the holy spirit, the sheep of the lord, hear his voice and they follow him. A man and the lord we serve. The bible calls him the lord of hosts. Everybody say the lord of hosts translation, for that Evansville Church is the lord of war or the lord over the warring creatures in the heaven. Bible talks about angels talks about fallen angels called demons, says that the angels, the righteous angels, that there are ministering spirits sent forth to the heirs of salvation, but they watch over the protectors of the covenant and, if they’re so amazed by the gospel message that you become a part of it, says they’ve long to look into these things times. Past god send his angels to prepare your way. He sent his spirit to prepare your way, he’s preparing his bright and he’s waiting on you to show up and bring her back to the child of promise. Would you stand up on your feet with me today, stand up on your feet with me today, let’s give the lord a big hand, clap hallelujah i. Want you to know this morning. You are a servant sent forth on an assignment. That Evansville Church assignment is the proclamation of the gospel. That assignment is to bring the love of jesus to a lost and to a dying world. You know people come to this church every week and they give their lives to jesus, but they don’t do it because of my good preacher or pastor darrell’s good preaching the reason they come here. It’s because of you look at your neighbor and tell him it’s because of you, the church being there called to be never walk of life. The church have an arms of love for the people around them. The church, caring when nobody else cares see the bride of jesus will be brought to him, not because of you preachers preach, but because thousands and millions in a billion servants surf they went on their son god’s. Calling you I believe that, with all of my heart, I can boldly declare he calleth it equality, he calleth it. You must make a note with you. Want you to come up and put your hand under thigh. He wants to say I want you to go forth, find my bride he’s going to resource you in a quip you going to send you your mission, going to be one. That’s prosperous going to be one that successful and at the end, you Evansville Church lift your hands and you’ll give glory to the god of israel, who called you I want to pray for you. Would you close your eyes for one moment, those of you that are comfortable with it? You can lift the handle heaven father, i, pray. Now for these. Your servants I think it will be there an order with the holy spirit and with power to go about doing good healing all those who are oppressed of the devil. I think your father, that they are anointed to be a witness father, but they’re going for sent by you that we’re sending our father, the father of like they’re, representing them well to you mad at you to the people around them. I say the field no longer embrace, a spirit of I can’t or spirit of black horse. I. Don’t have enough to fulfill my calling I declare that don’t understand that you are god of abundance and that you are a god who sends his service and thank you sent your angels before them, and then all of heaven is stan on its feet to help them into a system in this endeavor I think you look for supernatural power. I think it will that we lack no good thing. We declare about faith. Salvation is hitting the city we declare by the salvation is hitting this region declare by faith. The salvation is western kentucky southern indiana, all of the surrounding counties, davis and everywhere around us father figure using us to make a mighty mighty mighty difference, and the nations will be glad cuz of my brothers and my sisters, lord I release a soul winning in the morning on this house. Now now now now now now now I feel the spirit of god swelling up. Here now, in the name of jesus christ upper nazareth, rd clare, you haven’t I declare you have it I declare you haven’t. Everybody say this out loud I’m, a servant’s on the side minutes but she’ll be fulfilled in jesus name, hallelujah, hallelujah praise the lord. Well, it’s my privilege to get to speak the word of god into your life. Won’t let you know that we love you. We bless you in the name of the lord jesus, if you’re here for the first time and you’d like to meet some of the staff or maybe you’ve been around for a while. We have a guest reception prepared for you as you walk out of this building. If you take a right right down the hallway there that there’s there’s a room on the left and there will be cooked cook and punchy, hallelujah and other niceties in there so come come now. As you walk out. The building Evansville Church

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