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Praise the lord huh, alright, open up your bibles tonight to daniel chapter 1, daniel, chapter 1, and we’re going to study out of that portion of scripture tonight. I want to do a teaching tonight and preach a little bit on the topic of it’s okay to be radical, it’s okay, to be radical! Look at your neighbor and tell them it’s okay to be radical! You see today in the modern church we so lost the Evansville Church real essence in the real understanding of christianity, but nominal christianity in the average church-goer going to church in america, doesn’t understand what a new testament book of acts believer ought to look like you understand that. So now they look at people who’ve rooted themselves in a base themselves in book of acts christianity, and they say those guys are off their rocker that they’re radicals their friends, yours, but really all they are-is biblical christians. Do you know what can happen over a period of time over a period of time? The true essence of a movement can begin to deteriorate and if you’re not careful, the world can creep into the church and then before too long, people don’t understand people who really pray and I don’t understand people who really fast and they don’t understand people who really grab ahold of the scriptures and believe god and see those things and i. Don’t understand, christians that prophesied or pray in tongues or pray for the sick and believe that god still moves super. Naturally, on this earth but I submit to you tonight that the truth of the matter is it being radical. Evansville Church According to 21st century standard is really just being a new testament christian somebody say amen to that huh I mean the thing is going great so far that people are blown away by christians that fast fast I mean what what for did you ever seen a deer running by the look at you like that when they find out their church, they pray for the sick. Look at you like you’re insane. You know what if they would have been around the apostle paul, they have been around peter. If they would have been around john, they would have been around james that they would have been around any of the first century. Christian, that’s exactly what they would have. Look like it’s okay to be radical I want to just go ahead and summarize I’m running out of time tonight. First daniel, you can read it later on tonight and I want to show you an old, testament saints, Evansville Church who was a radical man and made some radical stand and radical commitment, and because of that, god used him in very, very, very large, waist here’s the story in daniel’s life, what spray and then we’ll move right into it tonight, father in jesus, mighty name, I pray that you bless. This teaching, indeed i, think you that the anointing of the holy spirit is here to open eyes, to open heart still that things might be poured into people I pray that everything you want in this would be any and everything you want remove from us would be removed from us tonight. In the name of jesus christ of nazareth amen during the days of daniel before daniel, there was a happening called 586 bc. If you look at any old, testament timeline, it’ll be one of those things that stick out on the timeline and what happened in 586 bc was that a Evansville Church foreign army lead by a king, the king of babylon invaded jerusalem. They sat jerusalem, they brought great, have it under that city and then they begin to carry off captives. Babylon would be as cruel as this that they would take your sons and your daughters, your entire family, if they conquered lands, and then they would begin to spread you to other places, they would take the people away from their families, put them in foreign land, mixed in with other conquered foreigners, so that everyone will begin to lose their identity. Double operates in a similar way. He wants to scatter the sheep and move them about and get them so mixed up with the world that they begin to lose their identity. That’s why it’s so weird now to be in the new testament believe her, because babylon his crept into the church. Babylon would do this Evansville Church whenever they carried away your sons and your daughters, captain they would come and they would take a fish type apparatus open up the mouth of their captive and they would run that fish hook their jaw. Then they would take all of those fish hooks. All of those caps that would put them on a chain marks them out of the city. It was the way that they transported that their slaves. Now that was cruel even by the standards of the ancient near east and the profits they would talk about the cruelty of babylon. You know all throughout the scriptures. Evansville Church Babylon is a type in a symbol of the world. Somebody say the world:let’s say it again:the world:how do I become such a typing symbol of the world in the book of revelation, when the apostle john is riding led by the holy spirit, there’s only two all caps statements in the entire bible any talks about mystery, babylon and they’re all in caps. There’s another all caps statement in the bible that says king of king, jesus, christ, king of kings and lord of lords, and what that is is a symbol of the two kingdoms exist out there. One is the kingdom of jesus christ of nazareth. The other is the kingdom of mystery, babylon, the way of the world and all of the foul things that are in it. So they conquer, israel and the world takes israel off tooth to be captive, and it was because of israel’s, rebellious heart and finally got it to for judgment on israel, because god is a righteous judge and he can only let people go to long before that judgment begins to come to pass and the king of babylon decided I need something in my courts.

I need young men the best, the brightest, the smartest, the fastest, the quickest, the people from babylon who have it or from jerusalem. Have it going on i, Evansville Church want my man to sort through them and bring the best on to me. Look at your neighbor asked him. Are you the best other neighbor and say you look like the best to me? Could you tell him that tonight they find the best they go through everybody and they find the best. The brightest, the sharpest, the best-looking, the quickest on their feet. The sharpest intellect number for guys-and these were their names of daniel shadrach me shack in a bendigo. Some of those names were they were renamed whenever they got to babylon and then the king, the king of babylon, of the king of the fallen system. He put one of his best man on top of training. These men, he said I want these men to be trained in the language of the chaldean. I want them to be trained and all of our literature I want them to understand our culture and whenever they’re ready, they’re going to serve me in the midst of my temple and I think conquering king, one of the best things you can have would be men from other cultures who you have defeated that I disturb you in your own house. When your friends came and saw them, you can talk about the hebrews whom you defeated, and now these men came out of their stock and they have to serve me. You can talk about the ethiopian soup, you’ve defeated and these men come out of ethiopian stock, and now they have to serve me. So it was almost like a pride thing for kings in that day to have men Evansville Church from other cultures, so they can take daniel shadrach me shack in a bendigo and they pull them apart and they’re, getting ready to train them and one day they bring out this table and they begin to feed the people there and the king said apart a portion of his food for these men to eat up and shadrach me shack in a bendigo they come around and they look at that table and there were foods on the midst of that table that was forbidden to them to eat unclean according to jewish law, probably shellfish, probably lobster. Probably pork-probably food like that, and they looked at it and shadrach-probably look to daniel and daniel. Look at a bendigo and I looked at each other and they said I ain’t eating that no shellfish is good and pork is good, but to a jew that many years ago, they’re log bound them from eating it lets gentiles we can eat whatever you want to it’s in the new testament praise, god I can eat lobster in port whenever I want it, but back then I can have a lobster port combo dish. You can find that out there, but I’ve been they couldn’t do it. The first thing, first symbol of a radical I want you to Evansville Church know. Is it these guys understood the law of the lord you’re going to be a radical? You have to understand the law of the lord, everybody understand the law, you got to know what’s lawful and what is not lawful for you to take part of, and the only way, you’re going to learn that is hanging out by god for hanging out with god’s people and spending time in god’s word. The second thing we think about these guys. These guys were willing to compromise, and the scripture says there in first daniel that these men purposed in their hearts. Evansville Church They purposed that they would not defile themselves with the food from the king of babylon table. Radicals live by purpose, but it’s a lip balm purpose. The only way you’re ever going to live a radical sold-out, born-again life stuff that doesn’t look like the world is you’re going to have to purchase something in the midst of your life. It’s not that you make decisions whenever you get there and the heat is on and things are already happening. You have to make the decision before you get placed in that situation. I believe the daniel when shadrach and meshach and abednego before they ever got to babylon stay already had convictions. They already had purpose in their life, what they would be a part of and what they would not be a part of things that I will eat this I won’t eat this. You know you’ve got to learn to live by purpose people who just do whatever they want to do. Whenever they get thrown into the situation, they will always lose every time they come up bankrupt. Somebody say:i want to live by purpose. Listen I want to live by purpose. Life isn’t just happening to me. I’m happening to life, i, Evansville Church don’t believe I just take it as it comes I believe that I dictated my in my heart in my life. What I will and won’t be a part of him in that flows? Out of me and I walk into the midst of that you got the purpose, some things in your heart. You know the teenager that doesn’t give it away in the backseat when they’re, 15, 16 or 17. You know what that kid did they purposed in their heart. Everybody else might getting getting smashed and getting knocked up in the backseat, but not me I’m different I live by the law of lord I purpose it in my heart. You know:i was talking to a guy today for just a couple of days ago, I had to have I had to have a pardon the expression by the way that was a little rough for the bullpen, I apologize. You know I just don’t change the way. I am up here from the way I am in life.

I think it’s got to be even i, don’t want to preach your boyfriend chanel. This is who I am and I don’t feel as though it’s on rochester anything but but anyway, Evansville Church I was talking to a guy today-and this is the guy he’s my bug guy and he used to be a good friend of mine. We grew up together, went to school together and we were talking about getting life insurance, health, test done and I just had one done this last week in the coming to take your blood and then ask you all kinds of questions and I get down to that. Have you ever used illegal drugs question and they’re looking at when they start this list? Have you ever taken? You know this there’s lives there and I’m, just kind of like I said yes and she says which ones I did all of them nothing, but it’s been 10 years ago. So so that gets me a little leeway and I was talking to my buddy about that today, and we talked about that and he says to me, you know most and he’s like I tell him. No, no, no I’ve, never taken any of those, and the difference Evansville Church is I purposed in my heart years ago, but I’m not going to lie because liars have their place in the lake of fire, which burns forever. You got to make some purposes in your heart. You know the person who says I’m going to support the church financially as long as it’s convenient as long as I have money, that’s not the way the deal works. We purpose in our hearts that I’ve all but given us is, is given unto the lord. That’s what the radical does the radical purposes in his heart last until you can’t stand it anymore purpose in your heart, what your fast is going to look like, and then you bring that thing to pass and god meet you with grace, wherever you purposed and whatever you purposed i, believe you won’t leave you hanging I’ll, be there to back you up in the lift you and to help you and to get you through this thing amen. Evansville Church So these guys they say this to the to their headmaster. They safe i, pray and i. Ask of you that that you would allow us to not eat these foods that the file that would defeat. We asked if you that you would let us eat vegetables and drink water instead and the guy says no I can’t let you do that because I fear the king and the king. If he sees you guys getting can’t and drying up cost me my head, so daniel said to him:let’s try it this way! Why don’t you give us 10 days why everybody else is eating pork and lobster and their defiling themselves according to our standards, will be different than those guys and we’ll just eat vegetables and drink water? And you can compare us at the end and see what we really look like, how the whole deal stacks up and so the 10 days go by any bring isabel out there in front of them, Evansville Church and he looks at the guys. Who’ve been eating off of the kings delicacies and then he looks at the people who refuse to defile themselves and the bible says that the men that refused to defile themselves that become better in their flesh that they become bigger, that they become larger than the other men, because god respected and honored their commitment, and he said I’m not going to let them have to defile themselves, I see their heart I see their purpose. I see a radical, they are and I’m going to meet them where they are. Listen. Here’s the moral to this story. If you live by purpose and you live by the word of god you’ll start living large. These guys got larger, didn’t they. You live larger, then other people live around you and it might not all look like it in the beginning, when the whole deal starts out, they wonder day to they probably all look the same, but has two years go by the guys who purpose are the days go by the guys who purpose in their heart to live with integrity and not to defile themselves. They begin putting on weight i, don’t believe it was flab either I think it was good, no cellulite, nothing like that, I think of her putting on good, solid mass, and they were check it out themselves in the mirror and they were flexing and doing all that stuff. Until somebody else bought by me straighten out, then you know act like they weren’t doing it. Evansville Church You see you live larger, I watch people over the years, people who live out their commitments and live according to the purpose and who lived that radical lifestyle. You watch them the staircase. They live in life. It is since it goes up for the people who sell out anywhere and let the thing go there staircase. They live on it descends. It goes down the scripture in like this in this story that they were able to keep eating like this. And finally, the scripture says that god supernaturally bless these guys who were living according to their purpose, said that they have new wisdom and that they had knowledge passed all of the other people him in the scriptures going to say that then daniel was given a special ability to interpret dreams. The gifts of the spirit begin to flow in their lots because they were people of purpose who Evansville Church could be trusted with it, and daniel took that gift that was given unto him, and that would later be a problem in the midst of the king of babylon fly and that king had a dream. He could not find anyone who could tell him what it was or was able to interpret it and got it already placed daniel in the midst.

Daniel interpreted the dream and all the sudden was elevated in the ranks of babylon, listen, I believe the promotion in your life. Evansville Church It begins by purposing in your heart, you’re not going to eat the food off of the world’s table, bigger not going to eat the stuff off of babylon stable, that you’re going to be different and that you’re going to be set apart and then you’ve given got something to work with it at work and promotion will be yours not many days hence so my question for you tonight is:what are you eating off the king’s table? What are you allowing to come into your life? That’s the filing you and separating you from the purposes of god in the plan of god and the will of god for your life. What are you picking up, but you know it’s forbidden, forget hey it’s not worth it. You know I want to see some people who are sick of eating off the king’s table, sick of eating the stuff that the foster they’re sick of the broken relationships, I’m sick of the addictions of feeding on feel that this world pumps at us through the media and there’s a movies in through all that stuff, and they just want to eat a righteous milk and then want to live right and live holy before god I believe that that, somewhere, that the whole deal can begin and the god can begin to work in your life will just end up with me tonight. I’ve ran out of time just end up with me tonight:praise the lord gordon close your eyes right where you are right, where you are right, where you are hey, it’s okay, to be radical, somebody saying, then it’s okay, you have to Evansville Church do what everybody else is doing you have to eat from that table. Everybody else is eating. You can be different matter fact. You been commanded to be different. The apostle paul said, come out from among them and be separate, says the lord and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you be holy as your father in heaven is holy, those who are any of them off to walk as he walked upon the earth. You are a new creation in christ, jesus old things are passed away. Behold all things have become the life that you live now. If you live by the faith of the son of god, no wicked thing, don’t defiling thinks no broken thinks has place in you. What fellowship does christ have with belly elf or light with darkness you’re different you’re holy nation, a royal priesthood for special-purpose? You don’t belong at the king of this world staple you belong at the king of kings table. You belong at the marriage, supper of the lamb you belong, with all the good things god is preparing for you. He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies and it’s not filled with the food of babylon. It’s not filled with Evansville Church the ways of the world. It’s not filled with the fleeting pleasure of sin of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Don’t know it’s filled with the blessings filled with peace, righteousness, hope, grace, a greater tomorrow, joy, unspeakable and full of glory joy, unspeakable and full of glory joy, unspeakable and full of glory. All you want to just lift up a hand and receive that joy, unspeakable and full of glory in the name of jesus christ of nazareth father, let them dying from the table of the king of kings and lord of lords of the king of kings and the lord of lord. You been defiling yourself right now, just repent of it tell the lord you’re so I repent of it repent of it. Let down don’t pick it up anymore, back up from the table of the king of babylon, back up from the table of the king of babylon, Evansville Church back up from the table of the king, oh babylon, by faith right now tonight, right now tonight or I call you clean, i! Call you clean those if you’re repenting right now and you purpose in your heart. You’re not eating from that table anymore. I call you clean no longer to file but clean as a representative of god, most high as the pastor and a priest in the new covenant I called you clean tonight in the name of jesus christ of nazareth in the name of jesus christ of nazareth lauren, withrow you’re, getting promotion in your life right now, you’ve seen and tasted of the fruit of it. It’s because you purposed in your heart. It’s because you purposed in your heart, lord honor and he’s blessing you and they’ll be more blessed. Little slow down like like do off of mount hermon it’ll slow down like rivers of living, water, it’ll, Evansville Church slow down like oil off the head of the priest, I believe that in jesus mighty name now, if you close your eyes right there, there’s anyone under the sound of my voice, that’s not right with the lord jesus christ I want to give you a moment to do just that, just that, just that you say:brian! I’m, not right with jesus I need to get my life right with jesus. Maybe you never knew him before. Maybe you’ve known him but you’re far from me right now, you’ve been living. Your way want to give you an opportunity to repent of your sins and receive him. Christ died for you on calvary’s, cross god loves you it’s not mad at you wants to forgive you! That’s you right there, where you are, if you just wave at me, lift your hand and wave at me right there, where you are brian, I need to get right with jesus, get right with jesus get right with jesus Evansville Church praise the name of the lord.

Everybody could say this with me, so father I purpose in my heart to touch no unclean thing. I purpose in my heart to live after Evansville Church you make me radical. Make me the real thing. I submit my life to you, I give myself to you. I say that you are my god and I said it. Only your table in jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen. What you give the lord a handclap tonight praise the name of the lord

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