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Come on, let’s give the lord one more hand, clap this morning. Evansville Church Welcome to the house of god. Are you happy out there today? Somebody say I’m happy, but it’s good to be in the house of god on a sunday morning and I love preaching to the early crowd. I know that you people are the kind of people that take care of business. You got your eyes. In. Your t’s crossed and I’m excited to be here with you today. I want to highlight a couple of things that you just saw in that announcement real, but one thing is next week:there’s baby, dedications and I’m excited cuz I’m, going to get to have my baby here in the house of god brand new little girl named chapel elizabeth that we had last week and jesse and I are super stoked to bring that kid in the house of god. How do you think of the house of god is the place that we all to have our children, a man I mean to you. You can’t replace raising the kid in a godly Evansville Church atmosphere in the ekklesia in god’s plan for his people on the earth, so I just want to highlight how good what are kids workers do in the back, we’ve got faithful people back there thatteaching our kids, the things of god, the precepts of god, about the power of the holy spirit and a model girl comes back all the time and she tells me stories. People think that, because I’m, a preacher I’ve taught my kid every story in the bible. But it’s really not me that stole her. All that she’s learned that in the house of god she’s learned that and kids ministry she’s learned that from our faithful workers in the back. Let’s get all those workers a big hand. Clap this morning, it’s awesome. Next week we’ve got a special guest john siebeling from the life church of memphis, and his church. Little has been one of the fastest-growing churches in america he’s a guy that the lord uses to coach pastors all over this nation. One of the most successful church-planting movements in america today-and you won’t want to miss him next week. I know lots of people find out that I’m not in the pulpit and they don’t show up but listen. Evansville Church The guy you’re going to have your next week is, is an incredible communicator he’s a real voice in america and a leader, and you don’t want to miss it andso so be here next week. Look at your neighbor and just say:don’t miss next week tell him that you’re going to be here next week. It’s going to be awesome. Also can’t wait to see our vips this afternoon, and also we have some special meetings. Next saturday as well. You have your bible on you today go ahead and open it up to the book of nehemiah we’re going to go to nehemiah. It’s an old testament book I began teaching on this a couple of weeks ago, I got busy last sunday morning. Having a baby, you know, I figured. Maybe that would be I could get a good excuse for not being here on sunday morning. We go get me a pass to miss a sunday to have a baby, and we we did that, but but I want to pick back up what we’ve been teaching. Here’s jessie and chapel elizabeth right now, you’ll show them that baby jesse just a little bit. Oh I’m, going to take her uppraise the lord come here, girl, hey, she needs she needs a flower or a bow. Could somebody get this kid? A flower Evansville Church or a bow? This is chapel elizabeth, gibson and chapel. Elizabeth means this chapel means I serve in god’s house and he is my oath I serve in god’s house and he is my oath. So you guys pray for our kids that they serve jesus all the days of their life. I think she’s, beautiful jesse. You did a great job, i! Think it’s all for mom. You got her babe, alright, alrightall right, all right nehemiah. If you’re there go ahead and to nehemiah chapter 2 and. Here’s, the story of nehemiah. Here’s what’s going on in the amaya. Is that a hundred forty years before this text, the nation of israel had been overtaken by foreign people by the name of the babylonians and the babylonians burnt, the walls of jerusalem, the babylonians carried off all the people as captives to their part of the world and they forced many of them into labor that they split the jews and move them to different parts of the earth. Some of them ended up it in in the kings court, and there were young men who were trained because they were smarter. They were sharper, they would serve in the kings court. After a while babylonian it was a babylon in babylon Evansville Church was overtaken by a group of people called the persians, and the persians became the dominant world power. There’s a king by the name of artaxerxes in this story who has a cupbearer name, nehemiah, everybody say a cupbearerwhat, a cupbearer is it’s a glorified butler who taste of the wine to make sure the wine isn’t poison, and it’s cut. Bear one day heard news from jerusalem that the place of his father had been burnt with fire, that the walls have never been rebuilt. That the city line in ruins and that they felt as though they were embarrassed and an embarrassment before their god, and whenever me and my heart this it cut him to the heart. He wept. The bible says from many days for the land of his father’s bible says that he got down on his knees and prayed. What should he do about it and he got a word from god and he rose up and he Evansville Church actin and here’s one of the first things you’re going to have to do.

If you want a brand spanking new world, we talked about some of this. Last week we talked about how you’re going to take an honest assessment:how you’re going to have to Evansville Church worry about it, you’re going to have to pray about it and you’re going to have to move about it, but here’s one of the things I like about nehemiah nehemiah, went all-in whenever he discern what god wanted for his lifelook at your neighbor and say, go all in seems to me that god can do nothing for any of us or for any of our lives. Until we decide to go all-in, you know what that means. You push all the chips into the middle of the table and you put everything on the line. There’s so many people in the church in the kingdom of god that are always just hanging on the line. They never go all-in. They never totally sell out. They never get to a place where god can do something brand-spanking-new in their life, because they’re riding the fence, the book of revelation, says something like this says that if you’re lukewarm, that god will spit Evansville Church you out of his mouth, he would rather have you cold or hot god wants you all in jesus, told a parable like this. He said these words. He said that the kingdom of heaven was like a merchant who was seeking beautiful pearls and when he found one pearl of great price, this beautiful pearl this thing even looking for all of his life, he sold everything that he had. How old is farm sold his clothes sold his car empty out his ira. He did everything he cashed it all out and he bought that one pearl see the kingdom of god is like that. God has so many things to give to us, but he wants us to go all-in me and maya went all-in. He was so moved about rebuilding the walls around jerusalem about fixing this problem, but he went before king artaxerxes put his neck on the line and could have been killed because he didn’t look happy in the kings pleasure. Evansville Church You know what jessie now we came to owensboro kentucky to plant a church early on we’ve been here over 7 years now and my 7 years fly and what we’ve seen god do in the last 7 years of been been amazing and I believe what we’re going to see god doing the next 7 years is going to be even more amazing. Somebody saying men out there I believe we’re only just getting started as a church and if you just got here today, you got here at the right time, because you’re going to see god do the supernatural in owensboro kentucky in the surrounding region and also in the earth through this church river city church. But when I first came here, you know I knew that I was supposed to plan a church, but I didn’t know exactly where and I felt like it was owensboro, but I didn’t know for sure and got it spoken to me back when I was a student bible Evansville Church college, and he said these words to me. He said build me a church. Build me a church. Build me a church, not said all right and I knew that’s what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t know exactly where and I ended up in owensboro, and it seem right to me but I didn’t know, and I was always in the first year. I was here, I was kind of hanging on the fence, am I in the right place, am I doing the will of god. I was halfway in, but it wasn’t all the way in. Is this right and got sent an evangelist here to preach, and you know it doesn’t always work like this. So be careful was stories, it’s not always this easy, but that evangelist got up in the pulpit and he was preaching and he didn’t even know what he said. But it got to a point in his sermon and he looked down at me and he said. Told brian to come to owensboro and build him a church building a church build him a church, send it the exact same way. God said it to me a man jesse. Now we looked over to each other. We knew that story or eyes got big and it’s like honey. We are in the right place before that I thought about going to a city like boston or something like that. Evansville Church But how do you know? People in boston wouldn’t like me anyway, I’m in the right place in owensboro and at that point we went all in and then we got all in. You know what happened. God started to move on our behalf. Supernatural things started happening salvation momentum started, picking up, people started getting healed and miracle started happening around us in this church, went from 100 to about 3 or 4 hundred overnight back then there’s something supernatural about going all-in. My question for you, there’s something you want god to do in your life brand-spanking-new, but you’re willing to put your neck on the line for kingdom of god is always a risk reward. Kingdom god tells us to do something. We risk our whole lives believing his word and when we risk it he gives us reward here’s the divine reward. He gives us nehemiah 2, verse, 7. Let’s see god’s divine favor on a guy that goes all-in. If you’re there, nehemiah 2, verse, 7 go ahead and say ah huh, here’s what it says. Furthermore, I said to the king:if it pleases the king, let letters be given to me for the governors of the region beyond the river that Evansville Church they must permit me to pass through till i, come to judah and a letter to asap the keeper of the king’s forest, that he must give me timber to make beans for the gates of the citadel which pertains to the temple for the city wall and for the house, but I will occupy and the king granted them to me and the king granted them to me.

According to the good hand of my god upon me, according to the good hand of my god upon me, the amount was a guy who was willing to go all in and because of that, the bible says that the good hand of god was upon the amount as why I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to Evansville Church live without the good end of god upon my life, i. Don’t want to just walk and stagger through this life without god’s blessing without his power. Without his present on my life, I want his hand on every area of my life and here’s the way the hand of god helped nehemiah number one nearby had safe travel, everybody, safe, safe travel doesn’t matter what god calls you to do doesn’t matter what the new thing is. He’s called you to do he’s going to grant. You save travel sitting on the front row right here. Sneaky montgomery missionary for 20 years to pakistan Evansville Church she’s been lives in thailand now. But if you look at the list of some of the most dangerous countries to preach the gospel and look up on the internet she’s been to most of them, her and her husband pastor ran preaching the gospel and it’s been 20 some odd years and you’re still sitting here safe alive. Aren’t you nikki huh come on give god a hand, clap you give safety to a servant’s. He gives safety to a servant’s and as long as you’ve got something of a field on the earth, you don’t have to worry about. One thing in your life:cuz a good hand of god’s opponent. Evansville Church Second thing me and my hat is nehemiah. Had to kings resources to fill this thing that was brand spanking new, he got a letter from the king to take to the kingsport and the keeper of the kings resources and said, give him everything he needs to rebuild the wall. It any anything. He needs it’s mine from to take to jerusalem, to rebuild the wall, to rebuild the temple walls, to rebuild the walls around jerusalem and the rebuild him a nice house whenever this guy got all in god resourced him to know that our god shall supply all of our needs. According to his riches in glory by christ jesus, there might be somebody out there. Do you want to minister to set something you want to do in the nuwave? Maybe god’s put something in your heart or something you need at your house for your family. Our god is a god who absolutely provide all of everything we need. According to his riches in glory, you don’t recognize. I’ve never had god. Tell me to do something, but I have the stuff, in my hand, to fulfill what he told me to do that minute. I wish it work like that. Nehemiah got a deal like that, and one time in my life I Evansville Church want the deal near. My hat, you know the moment I was told to do. God tells me build an orphanage wilshire god. That’s what this 500,000 k in the checking accounts for we’re going to do this, but it doesn’t work like that. Normally he’s waiting on step of faith and when you take a step of faith man, the resources they begin to flow into your life and my head whenever he e finds this favor on his life, as he had an endorsement from the strongest leader on earth, the king of persia. At this time, that’s a pretty strong endorsement. You know. God has a way when Evansville Church his hands on you love making people like you that doesn’t even make sense. As a way of connecting you with the right people to get you in the right place at the right time, because god’s favor on your life and listen, everybody doesn’t have to like you, but if the right people, like you doors, will open that no man can shut. God puts favor on our lives for these assignment. So that’s all good stuff. Whenever you put your neck on the line, but everything in the story isn’t good I wish it all was nehemiah took these resources with hundreds of miles he landed in jerusalem. He starts looking at the wall and one of the first things that happened is there’s an enemy that begins to try to discourage him lots of times. People think if they’re in the will of god, it will always be easy.. Never said that everything he called us to do will be easy. Evansville Church He said all things are possible to him who believes he didn’t say. All things are easy to him who believes somebody saying men out there and lots of people think the first time they encounter some opposition or something goes wrong, maybe god’s not in it, but most the time whenever we start in countering the opposition, it’s because god smack dab in the middle of something and the kingdom of darkness is getting nervous. You don’t there two wheels for your life that exist in the universe. Some people think that everything that happens is the will of god. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus told us to pray like this by kingdom come by what church about that, what church, but I will be done on earth as it is in heaven that I will be done on earth as it is in heaven see, there are two wheels out there. That’s why we’re to pray that god’s will will be done in our life. There’s the will of the father. There’s the perfect will for your life and then there’s the will of the enemy there’s a little devil that wants to destroy your life. So we live in this world where there’s some more fair-weather some battling going on where there’s an enemy, the bible says:there’s a thief, comes to steal, kill and to destroy, and he wants to fight against the people of god and the plan of god for your life and listen to closer. Evansville Church

You get to the fulfillment of a plant, the bigger Evansville Church that anime fights and the bigger of the call that god has on your life. The more opposition you’ll begin to encounter because the devil can’t lay down, and just let you have the people of this earth and establish god’s kingdom. He has to fight so here’s the way he fights one of the first ones he fights is through discouragement. Everybody say:discouragement, there’s discouragement, often whenever fights again from the outside. Look at me and maya chapter 4 verses, one through three nehemiah chapter 4 verses, one through three years. Discouragement from the outside this guy is here nehemias. There he’s going to start building this temple and here’s what it says, but so it happened when sandlot her that we were rebuilding the wall, that he was furious and very indignant and mopped the jews, and he spoke before his brother in the army of Evansville Church samaria and said:what are these people to use doing? Will they fortify themselves? Will they offer sacrifices? Will they completed in a day? Will they revive the stones from the heaps of rubbish stones that are burnt now told by the ammonite was beside him and he said whatever they build. If even a fox goes up on it, he will break down there stone wall they get back in jerusalem and there’s some guys there, but don’t want jerusalem to be strong there, samalot and tobiah, and by the way, if you look at the news today-and you still keep an eye on the news and listen to current events, that same spirit is still there-that hates israel and doesn’t want jerusalem to be strong, but but listen. Our god is there in the midst of atlanta. Has a special plan for israel christian should never side with anyone who is anti-israel will to have a pro-israel policy, because that’s one of the center of god’s plans for the earth. You understand the scripture, get it down in your heart. Don’t ever let a politician talk you out of it we’re talkin about god’s prophetic plan for the earth. These guys are coming against it. There’s two Evansville Church guys there sample out there and they’re still buy up there and the scripture say things like this. If your for israel got to be for you, you’re against israel got to be against. You, I want god for me. How about you, hey man, so so here’s this guy. He becomes indignant he’s against. What’s going on, there he’s against it and he sets himself up against what miles there to do and there’s a sample lot and he starts mocking them and making fun of them and discouraging them, and that discouragement comes from the outside. Listen there are people out there that Evansville Church will try to discourage you from what god wants you to do with your life, and you got to learn not to listen to their voices. The devil wants to discourage you or take the courage out of here, but the spirit of god does the absolute opposite and the people of got all to do the absolute opposite thing. We don’t remove courage from people, we encourage people. Are we put the courage in to people so they can have power to do what they’re called to do. We have to be the most encouraging force in the universe, the church of the lord jesus christ of nazareth,. Look at your neighbor and say be encouraged this morning. Tell him you can tell him this I think you got what it takes. Just tell him that you got what it takes. You going to do this so there’s this discouragement from the outside. Also there’s something else that me and my has to deal Evansville Church with theirs criticism. There’s a guy there by the name of toby maya becomes critical, but nehemias doing and he says, spend you’re going to rebuild this wall. Are you kidding me you? Can you choose your so weak or feeble? You built this wall. You built this new thing. It’ll, never stand even if a fox, a little bitty creature gets on top of that thing, it’s going to come tumbling down and if you’re going to do something new for god and we’re going to have. Move modeling, your behalf, so you’ll have to learn to deal with critics and criticism. It’s a part of the world that we live in. It will never cease. Some of you may say pastor. Do you think somebody’s criticize you before I mean that criticize me like everyday of my life I deal with it all the time you got to learn, not to listen to it. You got to learn to do what me and my then me and my did this when people were critical of him is he took that criticism to god he prayed about it and he went right back to work. Take the criticism to god see if it’s valid, what they say is it is it true cuz, sometimes it’s true, sometimes you’re just being jerky or something, and you need to be criticized, but if it’s not true, just take it to god and go right back to work, but what the enemy wants to do is he wants to distract you by criticism? So you become, you become stop you if you don’t move forward and you don’t do everything that god has called you Evansville Church to do, one of the greatest things that you ought to not pay attention to specially. If you’re building something forgot, you just don’t pay attention to facebook or twitter or email, you know it’s become easier in america to take shots of people than ever before. Just on the drop of a hat and I’ll be preaching about that in march, I’m going to talk about social media and the way the church out to use it, cuz I watch how christians do everything with social media that solomon and the book of proverbs wisdom, literature, told us not to do huh be careful with that stuff.

Just because you don’t see people’s faces doesn’t mean that the people aren’t real and they don’t really feel it y’all think that’s good, preaching give the lord, Evansville Church a handclap, a man! That’s good pay attention to it. It hurts people, so so these guys are criticizing nehemiah. There’s criticism from the outside. The next thing they have my faces is criticism from the in people were close to in people that are working with him, people that he loves. Look at me and maya chapter 4, verse, 10, nehemiah, chapter 4, verse, 10 call to do this thing, brand-spanking-new and here’s what happens says this ben judah said the strength of the labors is failing and there’s so much rubbish that we are not able to build the wall there. People on the outside saying it won’t work. Then there are people on the inside saying that it won’t work and whenever people get tired, sometimes they say the wrong thing me and my ex got workers in the trenches there working hard they’re doing everything they can do to rebuild the temple of god they’re trying to get this thing have, but they’re wearing down and so the company of mine. They say it’s not possible. We can’t do it. This thing won’t work and there’s discouragement all around him. After that there’s the threat of attack. There are people outside Evansville Church of jerusalem, begin to form armies and they want to assassinate nehemiah and they’re. Talking about reading against the people and nehemiah praise he prays again and again throughout the scriptures, any rallies, the people and here’s what he has the people do before long. He has them to keep on building no matter what the opposition is, that they face. They got their thing, they’re working that they’re building the stuff up and then one hand they have. What they’re working on they’ve got a tool to build. Sometimes in life you got to have a tool to build Evansville Church in one hand, church, planters and church people. It’s always like this we’re always building. So we got to have this in one hand, but in the other hand, there’s the threat of war, so these men are working in their building the wall with one hand, I got a tool in their hand and, in the other hand, I’ve got a sore in their hands and they’re ready to fight and shut blood if they have to and listen so many times whenever god called you to build something. This is what life is, like. The devil want to distract you from your purpose. Tour threatens war against you and you got to be ready to battle in one hand, but keep working in the other I think about. Whenever we were finishing this building, building the building you’re in right now or renovating it. All of us were working like everyday all day long all of the staff was we get up in the morning. We take care of church work. We would come in here at night and we would act like we knew how to build something which we didn’t. We were just here for moral support. We found out that if I walked around here with a hammer, acting like I was doing something that people would stay but up if I left they left and I’m terrible with my hands I’m like the worst down the universe, to build something. So I was really just like a prop here in the church. You know to keep volunteering volunteering I’m here as a prop me and andrew would walk around acting like we can do something we can and what happened. You got this big project. You got to build this thing. Judy. To do something, brand-spanking will the devil and just let that go at the time he attacks. Jessie jessie was pregnant with justice. You know it seems like at this point of our life Evansville Church she’s, either pregnant or having a child every day. So that’s what’s been going on in our life. I, don’t know jesse. That might be time to put an end to all this, but up so we’re here at her health gets attacked and she’s got blood pressure issue she’s on bed rest for weeks and I’m having two bills but I’m having a fight and it’s two sided front. Just cuz, you’re building doesn’t mean you can’t fight the fight of faith somewhere else and and husbands. Let me say this to you, love you a call to do some, some mighty things, your building, some things, but we can’t ignore to fight for our family and be prepared on the other side, not believe the gods wanted to prepare us and make us ready to be people who can build and fight the kingdom of darkness. At the same time, let me say it like this I think you have what it takes to be ambidextrous to hit with both hands. You can use both sides. Why cuz the spirit of god and the king of kings and lord of lords will empower you to build and protect. At the same time me and my face is all of this discouragement. All of these words come and him and the summation of why he wins why he build something brand-spanking-new I believe it can be found in nehemiah, chapter 4 and verse. 14 and I’ll close with this thought today. Here’s what am I said to all the people following him, he said:i looked and arose and sent to the nobles to the leaders and to the rest of the Evansville Church people. Do not be afraid of them. Everybody say do not be afraid. What are the first things you do. Is you don’t ever let fear consume you? The lord is your shepherd. You will fear no evil. The lord is your shepherd. You will fear no man, the lord is your shepherd.

Why in the world, would you fear me and my says, don’t fear them, no matter what they say. The next thing he says is, he says, remember the lord, everybody say:remember the lord. He send you a bunch of jews remember what god has done for us. Remember Evansville Church how we were slaves in egypt and god has set us free. Why would we fear sam? Why would we fear tobias? Why would we fear any of the other people in the country? Our god is with us whenever you’re up against an obstacle, you got to remember what god did for you in the past and what you’re looking at today won’t be so big. The next thing he says he says, remember the lord or don’t be afraid of them. Remember the lord, and then he says this fight for your brother and your son’s, your daughter’s, your wives and your houses, fight for your brother and your son’s, your daughter’s, your wives and your houses, them I said. If you want to win you’re going to have to look outside of you, you never said fight for yourself, not one time. What about fighting for you about fighting for your brother and your son’s, your daughter’s, your wives, your houses! Evansville Church Do you want to fight a fight that wins kingdom of heaven requires us to quit. Fighting for ourselves start fighting for something bigger than us. Annette I want to fight for something bigger than me. Just listen, I’m, just dust I’ll, be here so many years and I’ll be gone. You’ll be the end of story. My life is like a vapor I want to fight for something eternal. I want to fight for the kingdom. I want my life to be one. That’s not about me. I wanted to be about my son’s, my daughter’s about at heritage, but godly heritage I wanted to be about the people of god. I wanted to be about the kingdom of god I wanted to be about his church. I want it to be about his righteous calls cuz. If you’re fighting for yourself, it’s really easy to lose strength, drill easier to lose heart, but if you’re fighting for something bigger than you the purposes of god, my mama, you got something mighty assisting you. Would you stand up on your feet with me this morning? Stand up on your feet with me this morning, come on, let’s be the kind of people that fight for something bigger than us. A man church the kind of people that fight for Evansville Church something that matter. I want you to close your eyes one moment and ask god. What. Do you want me to fight for what? What do you want me to? What do you want me to move towards? What do you want to do in my life, this year. How? Do you want me to serve you lord, just speak to me. Talk to me show me lead, me, guide, me I want to be a person used by you used by you used by you. Some of you may want to lift a hand to heaven right now, just let the spirit of god begin to minister to, you, right, where, you, are god, where do I need to fight who do I need to fight Evansville Church for what’s your plan? What’s your purpose, what’s your will now I speak to everyone of you and I say don’t be discouraged but being encouraged. Remember the lord, sure. Don’t be afraid, but you got to god that’s going to lead. You guide, you take you to a place, that’s going to flow with milk and honey and establish his purpose, and his plan in your life I believe that just say this out loud church. Would you say this out loud, say:father I believe that you’re going to do something brand-spanking-new in my life, not just for me but for others teach me to Evansville Church focus on your kingdom on your people that I might do something that brings you glory. I! Think you lord that I don’t go alone, but that your hand it’s on me and it’s with me in jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, come on somebody get jesus a hand, clap in here hey. We love you church good, to preach the word of god to you today, you’re here, one of the leaders. Please come back after the second service for a vip session today and we’ll see you this wednesday night or next week. Don’t miss john siebeling, going to be an incredible word. I’m excited be praying, i, Evansville Church believe god’s going to do big things in this house. Next sunday we love you church, give somebody a high-five on your way. Out of here. You are dismissed

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