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Call ryan blessed be the name of the lord y’all should have saw jerry, douglas grooming back there on the back hall, Evansville Church he’s hot and now he’s got some dance moves. You got moves man, bible to proverbs, chapter, 11, proverbs, chapter 11, verse, 24, and we’re going to pray right before we move into the teaching of the word proverbs chapter 11, verse, 24. Whenever you get there safe, alright, alright, alright, let’s father, lord, heaven and earth will pass away, but this word will remain lord i, say the words of the prophet jeremiah. Your words were sweet and I did eat them and they became the joy and the ridge joy sing of my heart, I say the words of the hebrew author. He says Evansville Church that this word is like a sword that it goes down to the very dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and it’s a it’s a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the harp father i. Thank you that that isaiah said that this word would come to the earth and it would not return under the heavenlies void, but it produce exactly what it was sent forth to do. Lord. We love your word:i pray for a holy hunger in this house for the word of god, draw people unto the bible draw them on to the prophecies written by the apostle and prophet. Inspired by the holy spirit that we might live the life you called us to live in jesus, mighty name and the church said, amen all right. It is a season of promotion at river, city church I’ve been teaching about this talkin about promotions, through, the, eyes of the biblical authors and also prophesied by by revelation, Evansville Church to the spirit of god’s that we have entered into a season of promotion that we talked about it. Many people are already getting jobs, they’re getting miracles god’s doing things on behalf of our congregation. Let’s give the lord a big hand, clap for that today and then beats 91, days. Going to do bigger things in our life. We brought prayer request on the altar, keep praying and believing for your miracle. In the year, 2008 I believe it’s going to come to pass out there different principles throughout the bible, but lead us into promotion. How many there are things that we do, that will take us higher in life. Amen. God is a gracious god that we must cooperate with his grace. It’s the way the thing works. There are principles we can apply and give ourselves to it’ll. Take us higher there things in the scriptures we can repel against and be Evansville Church stiff neck, and because our lives will go lower. I, don’t know about you, but I want to go higher. How about um we’re going to go higher so today, I want to talk about a principal of promotion through generosity, generosity will begin reading in proverbs, chapter, 11 and verse. 24. Here’s what it says there is one who scatters get increases more there’s border with holds more than it’s right, but it leads to poverty, but generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be watered them self. The people will curse them, who withholds grain but blessing will be on the head of him. Who sells it? Generosity is one of the key attributes to god in heaven. God is a giver amen. The bible says god so loved the world that he did what he gave his only begotten son that whoever would believe in him might not perish but have everlasting life. I’ve heard the word of an older lady missionary, who said that we are the most like god whenever we are giving you want to be like god, enter into being a giver, see god, give the devil, steals and typically humans in their natural state. They hoard. Let me say it again:god gives everybody say:god gifts, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but people in their natural state they typically heart. Whatever we left the character of god come into our life, we begin to become a giver like god. Is this texture shows us how generosity and sewing and giving is really a key to promotion in our life? Proverbs chapter 11, look at verse, 24. It says this one who scatters there’s one who scattered get increases more, that scattering is a symbol of sowing seed. Bible talks, often to the context of giving financial gifts as sowing seed into soil. Evansville Church Let me tell you this, then:what what is it out there? That dictates a pharmacist? Are farmers harvest, but it’s a solid but said again his soul? It now there’s more than just so. It don’t get me wrong. I’m, not one of these guys that teaches you can just give a gift and everything is going to fall in line for you. There’s also work in the midst of a harvest. Now. Isn’t there he’s so said, he’s going to watch over. Where is planet x he’s got to take care of it. He’s got to be diligence, but the first thing you have to do to even get the whole deal started as he must so got to plan a seat. There is one who who sold teeth he gives yet he increases more. Let me say this:you cannot out give god. God is god, owns the cattle of a thousand hills, the bible says the silver and the gold they are hit. The first person I want to please with my life with my giving with everything else, is god’s cuz I understand. Even though I scatter I can be increased. The world teachers you just the opposite of that world and worldly wisdom, teaches us to horn and a hold on and to not let go look at the next. This text holds more than it’s right, but it leads to poverty.

Some people won’t even a mass giant amounts of wealth in this life. The wrong way, but really we’ll have you ever met a terrible person that has a whole lot of money. I mean they’re out there and then I have met many Evansville Church wonderful people who have a whole lot of money. I’ve met many very odd destitute and poor people, who are wonderful. People who have nothing I’ve also met many poor and destitute people who are stingy and misers stop the amount of money. A person has the dictates the heart, but it’s not thought you’ve been taught as a child that just because somebody has something they must be greedy, don’t be deceived there. Many generous people who have a man there, many genders people who don’t have but I believe I’ve got seed in the ground and they’re going going up work Evansville Church or at the bible says. If we would hold more than we all to withhold, then the next something that will lead to poverty, not putting seed in the appropriate ground will dictate not having a harvest when the time rolls around and it comes, and the world would teach us know you got a hold on to what you got to have it. You gotta keep its don’t let it go, you’ll never get it back, but the fact of the matter is it’s a lie from the pit of hell and it’s a focus only on what is temporal. Now you can clap your hands to that freak out today, because the preachers talking about money, you know I know you blocked on your bank account and you look and you see. What’s going on, you been listen to politicians, talk about recession, you work all week for mom and you read money management material, but when a man of god, a prophet of god, is going to teach you the word of god about the subject, everybody gets nervous, look at your neighbor and say:don’t get nervous. Listen to this offering doesn’t come to me. I promise you that it goes but I’m taking up an offering them to the service. Let me tell you where it’s going, it’s Evansville Church going for our sons and daughters to build a spirit-filled lighthouse built on the word of god kind of ministry. That stands the test of time. I don’t get a dime out of it nnn if you think I do. Let me tell you:i came to this town for nothing, chicks for free for 6 months and haven’t had a raise since I started this church I’m, not in it for the money that was in it for the money. I would have work for my father and stayed on the family farm god called me to something else. Somebody say amen to that, get it all out there. You know in the open, so you can beat. You can be easy. You can chill or what he says this. He says he says there is one in which holds more than his right, but it leads to poverty. I was talking to the other day. He was talking to me about greed, and this guy is he’s. The head of ministry is a ministry head guy and his ministry had a building for sale in that building was for sale within close contacts to a large organization that deep pockets and needed his building so fat. That organization gave that ministry a great offer on their building, some of the board of that ministry. They got dollar signs in their eyes. They got greedy and they got crazy agree to make you crazy there will they go back to this large organization and they more than triple what they offered a fair price for that building and laid it down on the head of that lord, a large organizations table and says Evansville Church here’s what we want for our our building, the guy, who runs that large organization he laughed at them out loud and he withdrew the first offer that they had, because you recognize that they have been eaten up with greed’s today that same ministries trying to sell that building for half of the original offer see. That’s the way:greed works! What’s fair, it’s what’s right. What goes around going down and look at our texts? He says this but generous, soul verse 25 will be made rich, the generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be watered Evansville Church them self. The people will curse him. He withhold the grange, but blessing will be on the head of him, who sells a song about a guy who has great provision during the time of drought and people need food and he’s waiting for the man to get higher and supply to get lower. So I can simply jack check the prices jack the prizes check the prices at the people’s behalf. That’s the way you get cursed in life, but if you’re good and your generous you get blessed, it says this. The generous soul will be made. What to say text. Rich says it in several different translations. Somebody said fat, somebody says:prosper, the generous soul will be made rich hill waters, others will himself be watered, be not deceived. God is not mocked, the bible says:what’s over man sews also. Shall he reap the apostle. Paul said these words. He said whoever so sparingly Evansville Church shall reap sparingly, but he was those fount of lee shall reap bountifully. See if we reap in this life when we so we also reap in eternity when we so we reap in eternity when we. So let me let me get this very clear with you. You cannot buy your way into heaven and then some possible only one way to get to heaven and that’s the free gift of jesus christ of nazareth, with all of us. We will stand before god every man, everyone movie judge the bible says it’s appointed.

For once for the man to die, then we’ll come to Evansville Church judgement. We all have an appointment with judgement. The only thing that will get us through the first level of judgments, the blood of jesus christ. You have to plead the blood of christ died for my sins and then entrance will be granted to you into heaven. There’s a second judgement:paul wrote about the 1st corinthians and it’s the judgment of our work. Our life’s work, the kind of person we did. Everything we gave ourselves unto it’ll all be unveiled before I am in the bible says our works will be tried with fire. What we did on this life in this world, for others it’ll, be tried by fire, and it says that all of the hand, the stubble, in the things that really worried about what god want us to be about the female, be burnt with an unquenchable fire and all of the pure precious real things we did in life will be left. Jesus said:don’t Evansville Church store up for yourself on this earth treasures, where moth can break in and eat your garments, where r us can corrupt both gold and silver, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven when you’re a generous person and you’re a giver. You you can’t take money with you when you die the pharaohs. Had it all wrong. Do you know that they believe that they bury themselves with all of their treasures, with their wives still alive when they went into those tunes, but I could take them and their money phone into their app I own into the afterlife I’ve often said when my father died. First in my mother started dating understand why the pharaohs buried their wives with got to put up with that now. I’m just kidding. Thank you praise the name of the lord, even like david letterman, but you can’t take it with you, but you can send it to hit your Evansville Church neighbor and tell him that you can send it ahead yeah. So it’s like this when we give him we’re generous and we give our life to do the right thing on this earth you’re sending stuff ahead in the heavenly. The life that we live on, this earth is simply a vapor tara moment. It’s gone. The next doesn’t matter how successful or good-looking how charming, if you’re a star as keith ledger about all this you’re here, one moment and you’re gone the next in our life on this earth. It’s like a. In, the midst of the book, war and peace, a large large volume. Man only lasts for second and then the rest of eternity is so much bigger than that little bitty. Do. You set yourself up in life to come by how generous you are. Let me read the scripture to you out of the message paraphrase and that’s what the message is:not a translation. It’s a Evansville Church paraphrase. Proverbs chapter 11, verse, 24, says listen to message paraphrase straight to the best, but wicked ambition, inns an angry frustration. The world of the generous gets bigger or excuse me gets larger and larger the world of the generous gets larger and larger the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. The one who blesses others is abundantly bless. Those who help others are help. The world of the generous gets larger enlarger. You know some of the people live in the biggest lies. I know upon the earth are some of the biggest givers on earth that people are just looking for somebody to be looking for something to do a person your world just keeps getting bigger. Your life just keeps getting bigger. The abundance of god comes into your heart into your life, and your heart begins to swell, and your life follows Evansville Church the generous person. World gets bigger and bigger larger and larger stingy person’s world gets smaller and smaller. You don’t want people, I know what the smallest world I’ve ever met. That’s one of the stingiest person’s people. I’ve ever met a person who’s in my family or should I say jesse’s family names today, but but but there’s a person that that we know that is extremely stingy. What are the stingiest people I know and we’ll take the kids and play them against each other like bring out jewelry and stuff, and it’s like when I die, honey I’m going to give this to you and she’ll go in the next, room and say honey when I die. I know I’m really going to give this to you and playing like that. You could you could you could take her out somewhere and she’s liable to steal something? You got to watch her she’ll steal, something you got to Evansville Church take her back and and make her give the stuff. What are the skinniest people I know? And now do you know how bigger world is her big this world is large, is the small smoke filled apartment coming to the twilight of her life? She has no friends. She has no people to come to visit her that really want to sometime, because they feel it’s the right thing to do, and your world just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Smaller I don’t want my world to be small at the end of life and then I want to live a large life. Somebody just flipped a hand up to heaven and Evansville Church pray. This out loud just say the say:lord make, me generous, so my life can get larger and larger and larger in jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, deuteronomy, chapter 15, verses, 10 and 11. It says this in the message it says:give freely and spontaneously:don’t have a stingy heart. The way you handle matters like this triggers god, you’re, god’s blessing and everything you do all your work and all of your ventures you see. God is not a respecter of mankind.

The bible makes that very clear, but god is a respecter of faith. The bible says without faith. It is impossible to please god. The bible says with faith. All things are possible. Evansville Church Let me give you a quick definition of what is a given obedient unto the written word of god. If the bible says do it, but we do we do it and whenever you enter in to doing what the word says, that’s when the blessing of god will come upon your life tell me you have been waiting and you’re wavering in this topic. Let me tell you:you can’t be promoted until you allow the jenner skip. Begin to change your character in flow out of your life. I. Tell you this today, because I love you. Some preachers won’t talk about issues like this, because people get angry with Evansville Church us and they leave our churches and things like that. When we talk about money, but the fact of the matter is I love you enough to aggravate you with me. I really do I would rather have you blessed and dislike me. Then, and loving me I’m, not having entered into a popularity contest, a call to be a prophet to a city and i. Don’t like politicians. Mistakes like the written word tells me delete it and I’ll tell you the truth today. If you’ve held back, what god has called you to give you need to repent and do the first thing you need to render your garment? Is Evansville Church it a test? Everything you’ve been given is a test from the hand of god and the most stingy. People cannot part with what they’ve been given, and it’s a test that their life is eating up with god gives us the time in the offer to break the back of greed out of our lives where we can enter into generosity head. Our world can get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger shovel to take you and make you better than you are today, but you’ll have to pass a test to get there. I could sugarcoating lie to you and grant up here and make you like me for that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, subaru straight-shooting about the topic number one, the bible says, but I have the tent. If you don’t, do it you’re cursed with a curse, repent, i, don’t want you I want you blessed. Some people told me in the past:i can’t afford to tithe. That’s a look man. You can’t afford not to 90% blascos a whole lot further than than a hundred percent curse. Let me tell you, people will come to me and ask me:will you pray for me pastor I’m, struggling in my finances. First thing, I asked him is do you tithe and if they say no I say what Evansville Church I’m not praying for you, then, because that’s what god has cursed. You have to go and do what the bible was told you to do all right, so attempted entry level giving for a christian after that, there’s the offering and got done so much for me, man I think we all are to get more than I just flat. Do bigger and better and upward and onward and I’m looking forward to a day where I can get away half of what I make that that’s. That’s just where I want and I believe the guys raising up people in this house and he’s going to do mighty mighty things for people he’s trying to anoint people to be kings and paymasters for the kingdom of god. Whatever the missionaries need, the money they’ll be able to write the check and send it whenever the teenagers need the money to go to camp. So they can write the check and send them I’m believing god for that kind of thing around here, but it takes money to make a ministry go text money to send missionary sex money to do all those things it just does so what’s the plan of god is that we would all do our part it’s, not a few big fat cats riding big checks. Evansville Church Although we’ll take your big Evansville Church check, what it is, it’s an every person doing their part, never heard many hands make, makes the work lights didn’t get everybody to do their part to work comes like an offering is anything you give above the tide today we’re going to receive an offering or first fruit offering it. When we’ve got this idea from the old covenant and what they would do in israel, it wasn’t at either or 10th attempt came after they were done with the harvest. Before the harvest began at the first of the harvest, they would go out and eat fruits and by faith they would bring them into the temple before it was time to harvest the rest of the crop in the field. He was a faith action that god is going to bless the rest of their harvest today, I want you to cut off a portion how about god’s, giving you head to Evansville Church bring it to the temple at the first of the year, believing that god is going to bless the rest of your harvest and here’s where all of this money is going to all this money is going into our building fun at you’ll, see that we need a new building but I’m sure you’ll figure that out. We need a new building, we’re just we’re crammed in here, and we want to grow and do what god has called us to do, and we’ve got some different options out on the table. Number one I want you to pray, because this week we’re having a meeting with the transportation committee that that that we were, we can get entrance off of jr, miller, boulevard and beach on the road. But in the meantime, before we build on that property, we’re going to go to another intermediate location cuz.

The deal is now to build a building from scratch. We we can’t build a building big enough, can’t finance building big enough at the rate we’re growing. It looks like the moment we had it built that it would be too small. Evansville Church So instead we’re going to another location for a couple of years. We’ve got a few different options hammered out today or I could tell you, but it is not hammered out yet. But but there are several different options on the table, and it’s going to take money to prepare that for kids to prepare that for you to prepare that front for all of us. So I say when you sell a gift into this first fruits, offering we’re not giving just for ourselves we’re giving for our sons and our daughters in it for our grandchildren to build a house. That’s going to stand the Evansville Church test of time in the midst of owensboro kentucky the right now. What I would have you to do? It is to begin to pray at the spirit of god. We would have you to give. Why don’t you close your eyes? See what your part in this offering in this offering today don’t want you to sow a seed into your own promotion, so a seed into your own promotion. The bible says that god deals with us according to how we deal with matters like this I’m understanding, I’ve seen so many miracles in my own life personally, whenever I get out of the boat and give because the bible says where your money is, that’s where your heart is going see, there’s a connection with your with your heart and with your money. What you believe in-and you love you so into the spirit of god i-pray that you will begin to speak to people on what to give in this first fruits, offering today in jesus mighty name, just listen for a moment, see what have you give in jesus, mighty name

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