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Come on, let’s give jesus one more hand, clap in the house today, let’s give a good hand clap. Can we do that? Alright, that’s good! Why don’t you turn around your neighbor? Tell him to say you look like you’ve lost 20 pounds just tell him that today date day 21 of a 21-day fast, so you ought to be looking like you’re losing some weight today, and it’s been awesome at midnight tonight. I’ll bet they’ll be able to hear is eating from here all the way to southern illinois it’ll, just be this noise of crunching and breaking and entering into steak & suites, and things like that. Come on, it’s going to be awesome and i. Evansville Church Looking forward to eating tomorrow, I’m looking forward to eating big god and I just want to thank you so much. Those are either been participating over the last twenty one days with prayer and with fast and we’ve been we’ve been in a series called grow, everybody say, grow and I come on satellite romantic crow come on help me out alright, so here’s the deal we’ve been, we’ve been pushing and believing god that god is going to grow us as a people and I believe this I believe in our god wants us to grow more than even we want to grow his his great desire for us is that we would grow up and we would have looked or spiritually. Now we have the church and as a culture over the last 10 years, the culture of america has changed so drastically it’s quickly changing and we’re kind of on a downhill slide. If you look at it from a moral spiritual Evansville Church perspective, america is different than it was 20 30 years ago, and it’s getting different every day. So as a church, we have to do the work of an evangelist. We have to look for a way to connect with our culture. This next series will be doing it’s called at the movies. It’s a great time where you can invite somebody who’s unchurched to come out and hey we’re going to talk about spiritual principles, adam movie, it’s something! That’s easy for you to invite somebody look at your neighbor and say invite somebody just tell him bring somebody with him, one of those powerful things you can do as a believer is invite, but but we it’s not enough for us to just fish for people who are far from god. We also have a responsibility as a church to grow the people who been found it and here’s one of the things we’ve hung our hat on at river, city church we’re going to find the lost and we’re going to grow the found. So we’ve been challenging you to grow over the last 3 or 4 weeks, and we can talk about things like prayer talk about things like fasting talk about things like bible reading and those are the things that make you get bigger and make you get stronger. I want to have a group of mature believers who can do what we’re called to do my god, who can stand the test of time and whenever the wind comes and the rain falls and the waves hit I don’t want to see her house crash into a million people. Evansville Church I believe you’re going to stand strong, going to be the kind of person that hold your ground you’re not going to back up or give up you’re going to have a backbone and you’re going to grow in jesus name it, and today, I want to talk about one of the major components of growing as a christian, and that is having a heart for the house. Everybody say the house of god. Do. You got a bible on you, go ahead and open it up to psalm chapter 90 to this morning, psalm chapter 92, we’re going to read verses 13 through 15 psalm, chapter 92, vs. 13 through 15, and here’s how that read:psalm 92 13 through 15. It reads like this:those who are planted in the house of the lord shall flourish in the courts of our god. They shall still bear fruit in old age. That’s good news, for some people in here be fresh and flourishing to declare that the lord is upright. Evansville Church He is my rock and there is no unrighteousness and him the song starts off, and he says this:those who are planted everybody say plant it man planted in the house of the lord. They shall flourish, one of the biggest keys, which I think would probably bigger than prayer bigger than fasting bigger than just reading. Evansville Church The word is getting planted in the house of the lord. Why? Because it contains all of those elements, if you plant yourself in the house of the lord you’re, going to be challenge to pray, you’re going to be challenged to read you’re going to be challenged too fast and your life will be able to get bigger. The church of the lord jesus christ is the gym of christianity. Do you want to cut the fat off your body and you want to grow your muscles you’re in the right place this morning, you’re in the blessing zone the church is the place where you can become spiritually fit. Those who are planted in the house of the lord shall flourish. Your life will get bigger chest by planting yourself here. You see when we come into this house and we’re together. There’s a corporate anointing, there’s a covering that comes on your life when you’re part of a church that doesn’t come on somebody’s life. Who is disconnected from the body when you’re in the house of god you’re in a place where there’s people that love you, people that are looking after you, people who can look you in the eye that can encourage you. They can help you when you’re Evansville Church in the house you’re under the word, consistently being preached to buy ministry gifts were known about the spirit of god who been sent here by god to help you to break the bread of life.

But church is the place that you’ll flourish do plant yourself in the house of god. The bible says she will still bear fruit in your old age. I, don’t know about you, but i. Don’t i! Don’t just want to Evansville Church bear fruit in my twenties, my thirties, my forties, my 50 is my 60s and 70s. I want to keep bearing fruit in my old age when I’m a hundred and forty, you know where cartman and out of here I still want to be fruitful. Somebody say amen to that in my old age. I want to be fruitful. It says this. It all comes down to being planted. Jesus said this in matthew 16:18, one of my life scriptures, one of the most important scriptures me I’ve, read anywhere in the bible. He said this he said:i will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Evansville Church I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Do you want to know what jesus is building on the earth today? Jesus is absolutely building his church. This is the thing that he’s building. This is the thing he’s working on and to set that up to say those words. Here’s what jesus did jesus took his disciples on a road trip and he didn’t take them down to the bar. The book story load, the van. He didn’t take him to a christian conference. He didn’t take him to a passion album. He didn’t take them to see chris, tomlin or hillsong, or anybody like that. Jesus loaded up his disciples and he took the door of the filthiest places in the region. He took them accessory pillow pop. It would be like loading up your disciples and taking them to the mardi gras to bourbon street, taking them to the red light district in amsterdam, taking them down to the prostitution district in bangkok. He took them to cesery philippot, here’s what cesery philip I was. It was the epicenter of pagan worship close to where jesus came from no orthodox jew would be found dead at cesery philippot. They believe they would be to file just popping close to there and he took them to a giant rock wall that was a rock wall and at the bottom of the rockwall there there was a spring and all of the pagans believe it up and out of that spring came all of the fal filthy spirits to travel in the earth. Evansville Church That was the epicenter of all of it. You take some to this to this spring to the dirty place. You know the jesus and scared of the dark by the way wish I had again cheese’s in scared of the dark. Jesus doesn’t run from somebody who cusses at work. Jesus don’t get offended when somebody drops the f-bomb, but don’t know better and make a deal about it. Jesus isn’t afraid of the darkness. Can I say that again, jesus isn’t afraid of the darkness? Don’t have a version of a scared jesus who can’t go somewhere, that’s not perfectly pure and clean, because whenever he shows up in darkness, man light comes forth in the darkness has to run. He changes the environments, that’s what jesus does he’s not he’s, not a Evansville Church thermometer he’s a thermostat. He changes the environment. He shows up accessory. Philip I asked his disciples. He says who do men say that I am not answering, they say things like this. They say well, some singer, john the baptist return from the dead, some savior elijah or one of the prophets. Some say they sell all kinds of things about people who teach muggles so I’m sure there are other things in the list, but Evansville Church then finally jesus gets personal. He says, but who do you say that I am turn your neighbor just say say this? Don’t say who do you, think jesus is just asking man who you think he is peter answers that question. He says I say your son, living god, jesus answers back and says you’re blessed, simon son of jonah for flesh and blood has not revealed this sunday, but my father is in heaven:i call your name peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against the jesus said. Listen you knowing that I’m jesus is the rock but I’m going to build my church on panda gates of hell cannot stop my church. The church of the lord jesus christ is chopper, been hell. Has a better and jonathan held up his a stronger driving force than hell and hell cannot stop at church from taking any ground god sent Evansville Church the church to take, which is the whole world come on. Somebody give the lord I handclap. He said the whole world is ours and the hell can’t stop us from taking it. So the church wakes up every morning at the gates of hell. You know that churches that are moving forward churches that are trying churches that are out of the box reaching people every morning that church wakes up and they’re there at the gates of hell house got there it’s snipers, but with all sorts of guns pointed at the church as hell, don’t want to give up any ground number to tell you. We use the church. We intend to take every bit of its ground, and so you got some casualties from time to time. You get some carnage cuz, it’s a war, but but listen. What we still are never going to be driven back by hill, we’re going to drive into hell and the church is going to win it’s Evansville Church going to rain in owensboro indiana. It’s going to win it all right! It’s going to win the 10/40 window, it’s going to win in the end, even the most radical beds of islam on the earth.

The church is tougher than hell and you connect yourself to the church, some of that power, some of that force. Some of that annoying and some of that covering some of that back bone that ability it gets transferred to you, but the devil wants to keep people away from the church because he knows, if you get hooked into the church man, that’s when you’re really going to begin to grow. You think about this. The bible says those were playing at the house. Oh lord shall flourish in the courts of our god. What does it mean to be planning to be planted? It means to put down roots to get down in the soil, something that’s planted. It stay somewhere that run off every 10 minutes he gets it gets planted. Think about. If you were to plant some kind of plant, maybe maybe a tomato plant, maybe a maybe a corn plant don’t be playing with their plant in washington or colorado right now, plan something other than that. You know america’s on legalizing marijuana everywhere, like we’re going to be better as a culture when we’re all stones, nope I’ll, try to stone and I’ve tried it sober trust. Me life is a lot better sober somebody saying into that. I mean Evansville Church when we going to do with all of us:do our bones:get some play-doh video games and just trust the government to take care of as we morphin to just one giant, national couch potato, it’s going to be bad, everybody say stay sober minded, just saying it’s crazy, so i! Imagine you plant something and let’s, let’s go to tomato plant. Okay, when you plant a tomato plant, you let it sit there for 2 weeks and then you get tired of where it’s playing it. So you pull it up and you take it somewhere else and you plan it again. You let it sit there two weeks but I don’t lie i, don’t like the plant right there, because it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel right it doesn’t it doesn’t i, don’t know someone writes i, dig it up Again:i’ll, take it I’ll plan it for 2 weeks, not digging up again. I’ll, take a nap later for to it. I pick it up again to plan it for 2 weeks,, don’t think that plants will be able to produce much, no way. Evansville Church Why cuz it’s not rooted, it’s not grounded and see. The devil does that to people, but let the devil take some somewhere I’m in there like how the music’s too loud and they they pull themselves up, or somebody offended me and they pull themselves up. Why didn’t like what the preacher said? He’s challenging any he’s sweaty and he gets all her grounded and they pull themselves up in the worship. Leader looks like a professional wrestler, so they they, they pull themselves up and I keep moving and moving and moving. You know what god can’t do anything with them. Cuz I was about to say planted in the house of the lord they flourish in the courts of our god. Some people talk about I’m, not a part of a church. You heard anybody say this I’m, not a part of a church I’m, a part of where they say the they always pull the church. You know you’re, not a part of the church if you’re not a part of a church. Those were planning the house of lords been the most the most encouraging, but I ever did as a believer’s I got planned in the house of god back in the in the 90s back in the 90s I went into a church and I plan to myself I kept coming into the church coming into the church coming into the church and i. Remember having friends back then that they saw me and they’re like brian, you change so much I just don’t know:what’s happened in your life, Evansville Church it’s amazing that were due b2 answers. I would give them the reason of change number ones, because I’ve met jesus, not giving my life to jesus. Aren’t you glad that jesus is met you and change you and it’s working on you and helping you been jesus’s. The in in the second thing to change me is I got planted in the Evansville Church church when the doors were open and they were having service man. I was there that was listening to the worship and I was in there in the atmosphere of god and I was listening to the teaching about learned so much that I learned in the church, how to be a husband to a wife, didn’t really know how you learn, what you learn as a kid just watching family, but the church taught me how to be a husband and the church taught me how to be a father. Didn’t know how to be a father. Tell people in the church started talking about it taught me how to be a father. Evansville Church Didn’t really know about about anything or so many things. The church told me all of those things and listen to church can do that in your life you get planted in the house of lord I guarantee you, you will flourish. Somebody Evansville Church give the lord of handclap he’s going to flourish. Us he’s going to help us he’s going to left us a man if you’re taking notes, you got one of those things, I want to say and I’ll move quickly. Cuz. At the end of this message, I’m going to really challenged you I feel like I’m in a season right now, where I got a challenge, this church to go to the next level, but here’s some things, I’ll save the other reasons why you need to get planted in the church. The first is that the church is the pillar and the ground of the truth. The church is the pillar and the ground Evansville Church of the truth.

1st timothy chapter 3 15 paul, told timothy that the church is the thing that holds up truth in the culture. Do you want truth? It starts with the church. Cuz the church is what champions the bible second thing I’ll say about. The church is the church of the place where faith is built, the bible says in romans 10:17, the faith comes by hearing everybody say:hearing faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god. You come to the church, man, the word of god is talk under and anointing by people or five-fold ministry gifts and i. Think about the things that have been birth in my life, just by listening to preachers, preach in the house of god ideas, spirit and the spirit of god impressing upon my life and things I needed to change. My faith is lifted being in the house of god third thing I’ll say is that the church is a house of help to the believer, just needed some help out there. Man I need somebody to help me somebody to pray. For me. Somebody to love me. When we come to the church, you find a place that will help you not. You got to be willing to ask for help from the people around you. The bible says you have not, because you ask and if you run in and it and turn inward to yourself and run out as soon as you can, you probably won’t get the help you’re looking for, but if you plug in and and let somebody see and know man I’m telling you can have help in the house. The last thing I’ll say is that the house is it’s a source of encouragement, Evansville Church everybody say encouragement, bible says in in hebrews chapter 10, verses, 24 and 25. It says this, it says, don’t don’t neglect the assembling together, even if the day comes closer, but when you assemble together as the church. Look for a reason to encourage one another when we come to church were supposed to look for a reason to encourage one another. Just look at your neighbor and say:i, like you just tell him I like it, probably be encouraged. If it feels good, it’s a house of encouragement, the last thing I’ll say about a church is the church is the place that teaches our kids are due north. The church is the place that teaches our kids are due north, because the message of our culture is increasingly becoming wrong. You know what I’m talking about all the message out here in the media is the wrong message and the church is the antidote, the churches that do north just I’m, not one of the guys that says, don’t watch movies, don’t listen the radio but think about. Turning on 96 sto for a moment, what’s the message of the songs to young people to your kids, mammon money grinding on somebody you’re not married to come on somebody sex is going to fulfill you just get it at anybody. You can get to hold still for. You have sex with him. That’s what life’s about and none of that’s north is it call south in it? And so the church is a thing that comes in front of your kids and has no that’s, not north son that’ll kill you that’ll leave the empty. That’s not nor young lady, that that’s something that I’ll leave. Evansville Church You hollow, that’s mammon! Let me show you what north is there’s a higher wage. His ways are higher than I was his wife’s different than ours. You have a different life than that and we need to do north more than we’ve ever needed it before now. Declare our kids are going to have a do. Northfield green with me just say:amen they’re, going to have an ortho, don’t know the difference between right and wrong. We’re going to stack the deck in god’s favor on all of our children. That’s what we get in the church. The church is all of that and that’s why we got to fight for the church, pray for the church, build the church and forgive the people that are around you be the kind of person that loves church folk cuz. The church is jesus’s brought. You cannot disconnect jesus from his church, never hurt your people say things like this. Why I love jesus is just christians i, don’t like that! Doesn’t work theologically at all, because he’s married to his church might is pride. You’re just brought my brights on the front row and you can say I like brown, but i, don’t like jesse and I’ll, never liked. You never you’ll, be on my hit list as a matter fact. If I ever backslide I’ll be at your door one day, that’s a that’s just the way it works. You know what I’m saying, because what I mean covering it with her. Any good to know that jesus is in covenant, come on with all of us I’m fat, Evansville Church I’m thankful for it. Let’s get my hand clappers covenant this morning, just church, so forgive the church and church people are crazy, but it’s beautiful, and so are you. So what comes around goes around and I need a lot of forgiveness. So I need to sell a lot of forgiveness for church folk and it keeps you planning it keeps you together. Now this last wednesday night we had a miracle as a church body. We really did. We had that. We had a guest speaker. Here’s where I’m going to challenge you today and that we had a guest speaker come dr.. Bob rogers came from wolves got the second largest church in the state of kentucky. He is a international speaker on prayer and fasting I’ve been with him. Jesse not been with him where he preached it. Almost a million member church guys taking all around the world and he talks about blessing a prayer.

You know prayer will bless you, but if you couple prayer with fasting it multiplies the Evansville Church blessing and then, if you take but there’s three things in matthew, 6, there’s prayer, there’s fasting and there’s giving you take prayer fasting. Can you take giving and you put them all together and it keeps multiplying and there’s a bigger blessing we’ve set aside the first month of this year to grow spiritually to really give ourselves to got into the things of god through fasting for prayer for growing and up man. It’s been awesome and he came and he challenged. Does he ain’t told me when he got here wednesday night I want to take an offering up a special offering for your church. Now thought man, that’s refreshing, cuz, most of the time he want to take an offering up for our church to river city church, most the time when guest speakers come, they want to receive an offering for themselves or their ministry, so somebody say thank god out there. That’s that’s cool and-and we were already getting ready to do, that. I was going to challenge you guys today to give we’re going to bring the first fruits kingdom builder type, offering a special offering to the church over the next 30 to 50 days, where it where we could so something and we can receive a ha from god cuz. Here’s the deal that there’s so many people under the sound of my voice that never entered into sacrificial giving and if you learn to be a blessing to your church and to bring a sacrificial gift from time to time, we always believe in tithing, but from time to time, I’ll bring a sacrificial gift, not give it to the house of god number to take her to tell you that the miracles happen in my life and wednesday night, but it was a small crowd. It’s a wednesday night crowd. He challenged are people to give and if you were in here, you’ve already given maybe gave wednesday night or do gave on on sunday bring those envelopes pass out those envelopes this is this is where the challenge starts. Today. Cuz we’re the challenge starts, but he challenged people to give any told him to give a gift that would scare them lot of people’s, never given a gift that they take space. They took god during gift time, but they’ve, never given a faith gift and for a lot of people. Just middle-class america I’ll tell you what a big gift is, and this is what the guy called for he said. A thousand bucks is a big gift for most americans for most americans not know their story brings just two minds giving more than anybody else, but she’s the exception. She, someone is destitute and hurting. Most of us have a nice house. We got, we got things going on. There are not many people in here in a widow’s mite situation you may be, and if it is we’re going to pray for you in a moment, Evansville Church but he challenged us to give a thousand bucks somebody’s balls bigger than that to there’s some business guys that did the thousand bucks means nothing to him. It’s like 5000 10000, whatever it any challenge people to give it in in one service on wednesday night, here’s what was here’s? What was given pledged over the next 30 to 50 days over and above their time they pledged actually gave 21,000 in that offering to the church about it, clap your hands right there, that’s big, hey man, that’s that’s messy process of church. It takes what it takes. Takes about a million bucks to run this church of here about a million dollars? Most churches are size. It takes 2 million dollars to run them through other churches. In this town with the same membership, they run on twice as much money as we run it and and they gave 20000 they pledged 40 over 40,000 over the next 30 to 50 days on wednesday night. In the last service we let other people get in in in the in the 945 service. You want to be a part of this. You won’t even face gift. We asked people they wanted to give and another $66,000 was given and pledged in the last service this morning that that’s that’s massive for a month, gift people stepping out by faith and giving listen here is what I want you to participate either on wednesday or on this morning in that service that there’s a time for private giving. Then there’s a time for public corporate, giving just like there’s a time for private prayer right. We pray by ourselves, but there’s a time for group prayer when we pray together, there’s a time for private fasting and there’s a time for public corporate fasting as a church body cuz, we’re team. So those of you that have already participated, wednesday night or last service I want you to stand up for one moment as its leaders in this room. I want you to stand up wooden, stand up and let them standing up in in the in the last service, the incredible and here’s what we passed. You we’ve given, you you’ll just remain standing for a moment:we’ve given everybody in there, you got an envelope. I want some of you to move out and they give supernatural e. Today, I’m going to tell you it’ll, be a blessing. Your life it’ll be a blessing to this church and god will do something. Please promise that you cannot out give him and what you sow. You will also reap not stand as a testimony to that on this stage. I think back to the times I’ve, given when god’s prompted me or my church was doing a corporate offering and the blessing that came on my life was supernatural member jessie, nah I’m, just teaching and I want to lift your fake jesse.

Evansville Church

Now we were college students didn’t have a lot of money in our church was doing a building campaign and we pledge to grant to give to that building. It was a number that would choke me back then not know what I was going to do or where I was going to go, didn’t have a job didn’t have anything when I got out of school and I’ll tell you what god did god met me where I was so. My faith is opened up doors for me to travel and preaching churches all over all over america, a lot of churches when nobody knew who I was I was a 25 year old. Kid be provided for us in that hour in that day and then open up a position for me to have a job after that, as an associate pastor, I heard of testimony this last week of somebody who gave a gift in this church play the song, nobody asked for it. They just felt prompted and I want to give I want to give something. They were believe in god for a certain property. They gave that gift and the next day they got the property they wanted at the price they wanted it. Man god does miracles like that for people who will Evansville Church trust him and believe him I want those of you. Here’s what I want you to those of you that want to be a part of this offering you want to be a part of this gift-giving today other than the people standing you want to join them. Evansville Church You want to you want to be a part of this. Do you want to give something that challenges you? This is where growth growth comes from challenge. Do you know that the best coaches in the world, you know where they’re at their athletes grow bucket challenge the spirit gods challenging us right now, those be the one to be a part of this challenge. Supernatural offering today I want you to i. Want you to stand up on your feet right where you are I want to join them. I’m, going to pray over all of you that better that are part of the moment. I want to pray that god would do something in your life. Do something for you, you going to stand up right, where you are we’re going to pray for you in a moment in a moment, going to pray that god’s blessings going to come on you in a supernatural way in a supernatural way stand up on your feet, I’m going to pray over you in a moment. We don’t Evansville Church normally do something like this, but I feel that it’s time to spirit of god wants me to challenge you so I’m going to pray over you in a moment, I’m going to pray over you in one moment, I want you to close your eyes right where you are right, where you are right, where you are and I want you to think about. What would god have me do today? What we got help me gif now. Won’t you take that envelope that you got in your hand today and I want you to just hold it for one second I’ll pray over, you didn’t sit down and take care of your business. Never don’t count this offering together today, chemical see where we are. Let me let me pray over you, father in the name of jesus. We thank you for the people that want to be apart, want to give they got a heart to serve and to do something over above in our house today. We Evansville Church thank you for our members and I’ll just pray. The blessing of god would come on their life in a supernatural way that you would leave them. You would guide them. You would help them. I, pray father that you open up business opportunities for them father they got to go help them financially that you bless marriages that that lord. Do you blessed? Kids, you bring people into the kingdom of god that there’s blessing in every shape, form and fashion, let it be released into their life because they have a heart for the house. Go and sit down, sit down right right where you are and here’s what I want you to do on the outside of that envelope. I want you to write the total number you’re going to give it today give it today, but if, if you’re not going to give it today, you’re going to give it over the next 30 or 50 days, I want you to ride on the outside of an envelope. What you’re going to do the total number and then circle the total number I want you to take the card out of the inside of the envelope. Now want you to ride on it. Your biggest need in life, what’s my biggest need? What do I want god to Evansville Church do for me in 2014? What I want god to do for me in 2014 tonight at 6, we’re going to take all those cards, will have a prayer service tonight special end of fast prayer service and we’re going to pray and believe god to meet your needs in 2014, going to have prayer and we’re going to break the fast tonight, which is going to be incredible, I’m pumped about that it and so on the outside right right, the number and circlet it on the inside what you’re, believing god for and whenever you’re done with your envelope I want you to hold it up right, where you are right, where you are the ushers going to come and get it right where you are and we’re going we’re going to count them today and we’re going we’re going to see what comes in what we’ve done together as a team as a church body all right now offering for our church Evansville Church whenever you get done just hold it up right, where you are right, where you are I want somebody on the front row to add this up.

For me, in this service, there’s a $500 gift:here’s a $25 gift;here’s a $40 gift;there’s a $200 gift;there’s $1,000 gift;there’s a $500 gift:here’s $100 gift;here’s a $500 gift;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s $100 gift;here’s a $200 gift as a $500 gift;here’s a what’s that:$480 gift;here’s a $240 gift;here’s a $5,000 gift;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s a $6,000 gift;i! Don’t know about that! That’s got something:here’s a here’s:a $5,200 gift;here’s a $500 gift;here’s $1,000 gift;there’s $1,000 Gift;i’m;losing stuff;matt;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s a $200 gift;here’s a $10 gift;here’s $1,040 gift;here’s $100 gift;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s a $500 gift;here’s a $500 gift;here’s a $80 gift;here’s a $2,000 gift;here’s a $2,000 gift;here’s a $500 gift;here’s a here’s, a $2,400 gift;here’s a $600 gift;here’s a $1,200 gift;we need a bigger pulpit;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s $1,000 gift;here’s $100 gift;there’s a $200 gift;here’s $100 gift! That’s some of these are incredible. I like to see a kid. A young kid give something done that much money, but has a lot of heart for broke college. Kids. Money doesn’t mean you can’t give the level of sacrifice not about the gift here. $600, here’s $500, here’s, here’s $1,000, here’s $1,000, here’s $1,000, here’s $1,000! Evansville Church Here’s $50! No excuse me take that back. That’s $600! That’s $1,200! There’s one about that! There’s $30 $45 robot that or that there’s $1,000, there’s $1,200 praise the lord. We miss anybody, hey i, want to! Let you see sometime what you do as a church together where you can. Where do you know where we are or what we’re doing you got that total almost how much almost $50,000 over the next 30 or 50? That’s that’s! That’s a hundred! Somebody else stand up and praise god for what’s 156000 over and above for us as a team for all kids for this ministry. For this house, man I believe the miracles going to break out and god is going to do something supernatural in our midst. Somebody say amen to that:hey I’m pumped as a pastor that so many of you have risen up to the occasion. Lots of times man we around here we do everything just to help. People come to the kingdom of god, but there are days we’ve got to be challenged, and today is one of those days not believe because you you you step up to the plate on a challenge day. You’ll go to the next level. Let me pray over you and then next week we going to baptize people I’m, so pumped father in jesus, mighty name I bless the people under the sound of my voice. Lord I pray, you leave them, you got them your help them you do supernatural things in their life. I declare that we’re growing our families are growing. Our lives are growing you’re, helping us what we thank you for it. In jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen,

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