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Go ahead and if you got a bottle on it, I want you to hold it up for one second, and let’s make a confession of faith together. Evansville Church If you got to take that bible up and just shake it just for moments like that, can you shake it? You know if I will take your neighbor bible problem and shake it for them. You get a hold of that. Everybody say that say this is my bible. It is the word of god to lamp unto my feet all right into my pass. I’ll have my heart that I might not sin against god faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of god today, I hear my faith is growing up my bible more than housewives of new yorkborland nfl football, northern, kentucky, basketball in jesus name, some of y’all cringed. On that last statement, god help you alright, here’s what we’re doing today we’re doing something. We call ask the pastor if I ask alright, so what we did it, we let you text him questions. Also, there’s still some things out there in the fourier, where you can write questions and you can drop him an out there, but if we wanted to give you a platform or you can ask us any questions that you want to ask and I want to do the best I can to answer those questions. Now. Those are the toughest questions in the box. You can imagine to try to stop the pastor. Evansville Church Shame on you this morning and I’ve been studying getting ready and if I don’t have an answer for your question. I’ll just make something up so get ready this morning going to be good. Let’s start with a few of these questions. Here’s the first question that I have and I believe a lot of you want an answer on this question and i. We found this out of the box out there and it says this:how come the worship leaders, arms are so big, no I wonder who wrote that question I suspect, that’s the worship leader himself and and the answer is he eats a lot of pork rinds. It’s all in the pork rinds is how you get big arms moving on to something a little better. To take second question:alright, here’s a question:what do you think about the year 2012? Will it be the end of the world and what would you say to those that live in constant fear of it? What do you think about the year 2012? Will it be the end of the world? And what do you think about the? What would you say to someone who’s in constant fear of don’t know what they’re talking about whenever they talk about the year 2012, all right, that’s Evansville Church something that comes out of one of the south american cultures, one of their ancient pagan religions. I, can’t remember if it’s minor aztec, it’s one of the other, but one of their guys. They thought was a prophet prophesied that the year 2012 on their calendar would be the end of the world hears what I have to say about pagan culture and there prophecies their gods are made of wood and clay and stone. They are not the true, nor are they the living god and when they speak, they speak, lies okay, so I’m not concerned what some profit from some pagan culture have to Say:i’m not I’m, not concerned what nostradamus had to say, I’m not concerned about what cleary someone 900 numbers have to say:i, don’t care what the fortune cookies have to say. There was only one true binding source of revelation in the earth today, that is the bible. Evansville Church You have it in your lap right here, genesis through revelation. This is god-breathed. This book is inspired by god and the list of fulfilled prophecies out of this book is mind-boggling. Listen. There are hundreds of prophecies alone for phil to a tea out of this bible in the person of jesus christ of nazareth and and his coming to jerusalem is jeff brown resurrection, literally hundreds of prophecies, even down hundreds of years in advance before jesus died, even down to the amount of money that would be paid to take him and to sell him out to judas, was prophesied and recorded the field that the money would be used to buy after judas. Wouldn’t keep it the priest and take it all of that was prophesied in advance, where jesus would come from where he was born at that he would come through a virgin the forerunners who would go before him. All of that was prophesied, and so many prophecies come again and again and again to show us and confirm to us that this is a super natural book. Everybody say the bible is supernatural. Let’s say it again:the bible is supernatural. It’s interesting that bit roman emperors try to Evansville Church bury this book in the early church. If you were caught with new testament document, it could cost your head, but people preserve the bible. Hitler tried to burn the bible off of the face of the earth other communist dictators and czars and socialistic leaders. Often communist and socialist, typically end up hating the bible and persecuting the church long-term by the way, just to be didn’t, know that, but but they’ve tried to stop the bible off of the earth. But do you know what you can try to bury this book as many times as you want to, and it just keeps resurrecting itself. The bible is the word of god, accept no substitutes, so 2012. What do I say? Will it be the end of the world and my answer is no everybody say no out loud. Alright, let me let me show you a little bit about what the bible does say about the end of the world. Couldn’t open up your bible to matthew chapter 24, matthew, chapter 24, matthew, chapter 24 and we’re going to read in verse 36. Evansville Church

These are some things that jesus said about the end of days in about Evansville Church the end of the world and he’s talking about the end times all throughout matthew 24 and it gets asked a question of when will the end of the world come? When will these things be now earlier in matthew 24? He says this:you can pay attention to the seas. You can pay attention to the times so their seasons and times and their indicators about the end of the earth. But but never is there a day, here’s what he says and verse 36 butt off that day and hour, no one knows and even the angels of heaven, but my father. Only everybody say this. No one knows alright. Evansville Church Jesus specifically said when the end of the days will come that no one knows that the angels don’t know he said that he didn’t know and other places. He said only the father knows so. If you have someone who’s telling you on what day the end of the world will be, you can go ahead and turn them off and run the other way. A man right right now, there’s another group from california there’s a guy who’s been able to either make a lot of money or raise a lot of money and he’s got a prediction about the day that the end of the earth will be this year. But I heard anything about that out. There see anything about that in the media and he’s doing a big push, he’s passing out cards and all that about when the end of the earth will come and all of that kind of thing, and literally the bible says. If anybody tells you that, through the words of jesus there, either deceive or they’re just out a liar. No man knows the day is an hour of the coming of the son of man, acts, chapter 1, verse, 7, jesus said the same thing:i, don’t know it’s not in my thority on what day, god will restore the king what he gives us what we should focus on at the church as the church in the next verse. I, don’t know the day. I, don’t know the authorities what jesus said, but he said, but you should tarry in jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high, and he says this you, you shall receive power after that. The Evansville Church holy spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in jerusalem, judea, samaria and of the other. Most parts of the earth see the church should be more concerned about spreading the gospel propagating the message of the gospel. Then we are concerned about when the last day will come, cuz i, don’t even know. If we’re born-again believers, we don’t have to fear christ second coming amen. It’s going to be a glorious day. It’s going to be a wonderful day. It’s going to be a day when we are all joined together, a glorious glorious day. Somebody give the lord of handclap people eat. Jesus is coming back, I believe that so then may I ask what should I say to someone who lives in constant fear of the end of days and what I would say to him is there’s a scripture. John wrote the apostle john. He said that perfect love casts out. Evansville Church Fear. Perfect love casts out fear. How. Do we receive perfect love? We receive perfect club in the person of jesus christ of nazareth, and when we have them in our hearts, we don’t have to fear the end of days. We don’t have to fear this world, we don’t fear man, we don’t fear anything. The only thing. We fear is the lord himself, we don’t fear death anymore either. So I will just talk to him about jesus and say:listen. You can be delivered from that spirit of fear and witness the gospel to them. That brings me to my second question kind of flows. Right in line with the first question. Somebody asked me brian:what is your view of the in x & y? What is your view of the in x & y? And let me go out and say this about my view of the end times all right. My first focus is this:whenever jesus came to jerusalem the messiah came to the earth the Evansville Church first time there was a group of people who thought they had everything figured out about the coming of the messiah, the pharisees and the scribes, the sadducees they made a living teaching about when the messiah would come to the earth and exactly what it would look like, and they could tell you so much about the coming of messiah and they had it all about 95%, right, 95% right, but on the very day that the messiah jesus god in, the flesh himself came to jerusalem for filling prophecies to a teeth riding into the city on the form of a donkey people with palm branches waving them saying hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord, the very people who taught everybody about him comments they missed it whenever he really showed up and they’re the people who crucified him I think a lot of people miss their interpretation. Evansville Church The first time jesus came and I think a lot of the people who teach severely in-depth exactly how he’s going to come back I’m, just leery of somebody who thinks they know everything about the end times. Does that make sense to you out there so here’s my approach to the end times my approach to the end times is this matthew chapter 28 jesus said bisque disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

So he told me to teach you and for you to teach others all things that he has commanded us. Everybody say what he’s commanded us. Let’s say it again. What he’s Evansville Church commanded us I choose to focus on the broad base, commandments of jesus in my teaching ministry, and what I’m struck and I’m happy for anybody to have different views on the end times. I, don’t want to fight with anybody about that, but but I believe. If we’re going to make a big doctrine out of some issue, it needs to be avant obvious. It needs to be evident in the new testament and often what people get in when they start talking about the end times is they’ll, take obscure small passages out of a pop, apocalyptic literature or out of some of the profits, and then they begin to design gigantic doctrines around me small passages and then, if you don’t agree with them on these hard to interpret obscure passages that aren’t backed up by whole lot of passages throughout the scripture that they think you’re all for your out of their teaching. So I just want us to major on the majors. Are the majors that I teach about the end times number one jesus will come as a thief in the night everybody say thief in the night. You can read it later when you get home, but first thessalonians, chapter 5, 1st thessalonians, chapter 5, verses, 2 through 4, says jesus will return as a thief in the night number to i. Believe absolutely. The jesus came once as a lamb to be sacrificed for the sins of the world. He will return again as a lion who will execute judgment upon the nations came once is the lamb. He will Evansville Church return as a lion right now we live in the dispensation of grace. That means anybody that wants to come to jesus can be forgiven and be restored in this hour, but there’s a day coming when the curtain will close on the dispensation of grace and those who are not right with them will be caught up in the judgment. Jesus will come and he will judge the nation’s I know that whenever jesus comes back you’re going to want to be right with him, somebody give the lord of hand clap if you believe that I know that he will return as a righteous judge, a righteous judge and none of our reasoning or none of our excuses will matter in that day only our sins covered by his blood birthday, I believe about jesus’s return is, it is eminent everybody say eminent. That means it could happen at any moment. The scripture saying an instance in the in the twinkling of an eye in a very moment he could come back. He could split the sky, it’s an eminent last thing, I believe about the end times and have other beliefs about it. But it’s just not things that I am certain about all right, I’ve got friends that can make compelling cases on almost every side of an in x argument on why they believe. What’s going to happen to him and what lineup is going to happen and I agree with some of the things they say, but but I’ve heard enough arguments on every side, but I’m not convinced enough on a lot of those things that I want Evansville Church to teach you about it. How many know y’all know what you’re talking about before you start teaching about it? Huh and i. Don’t lots of people that just parrot the last 10 times teacher they heard so they parrot it and it’s a theological system. They’ve heard and I believe I’m going to be judged for everything, I teach. So it’s a waiting thing for me and so jesus is coming back last thing. I’ll say about the end times:the scripture say that this gospel of the kingdom the gospel message of jesus, it has to be preached around the entire world and it says literally in the greek in every ethnic language in every tongue, there has to be a gospel witness and then the end will come so until the gospel preaching every ethnic tongue. You know when india right now, you can go from one town to the next in some parts of northern india and you can find a Evansville Church different dialect, a different language. There places like that all over there and if we want to see jesus come back man the church. We need to get more serious every moment about missions in the in those regions, amen, amen., so, that’s what i! That’s what I say all right question:let’s up little less answer this one! Alright, what are your thoughts about animals in heaven like previous pets? What are your thoughts about animals in heaven like previous pets and I know? This I’ve had some pets that I really love how we don’t have an old yeller or something that you really love way back. Went I had a dog named snow dog and that’s clever name for a little boy with the white dog that when I was 4 years old that lived tell her till I was about 21 when that thing died. Man I cried for days and days and days so I understand what it is to love a dog. Now, what do I think about pets in heaven? First of all, I think that all cats will go to hell. I believe that every cat is going to hell. You don’t witches, have cats, not dogs, right, evil, little creatures now I love to mess with the cat people. It’s a lot of fun for Evansville Church me anyway. I believe the dog never bitched out and horses that never threw you might make it to heaven. That’s what I believe right there. That’s my animal theology, not let me answer this because people who love their animals and the difference between humanity and animal life, okay, difference between humanity and animal life, and you can see it right in the beginning it in the book of genesis and now keep in mind.

The bible says that a righteous man is good to his beast, we’re good to animals how to be kind of everything to the best of our ability, a man don’t be the kids, it’s mean to animals, the kibitz mean to animals. You know you’re on a bad map kid. So if you’re mean to animals, be nice to the animals all right, but here’s what it says in the book of genesis. It says that god in the first 5 days he created the heavens and the earth he created the greater the lesser light created the dry land. He created the sea, he created the fish, he created the bird. He created the things that creep and crawl on the earth. On the sixth day he created the pinnacle of his creation. He created you, he created man, you are the pinnacle of his creation, then he picked up man and man is made in the image of god. Evansville Church You are made in the image of god. That’s a powerful thing to remember in the image of god, then got picked up adam and he blew and adams nostrils the breath of life and the bible says that adam became a living being. Do you know what separates us from all of the animals, all the whales, all the trees? Anything else that might be out there is that you are created in the image of god and the breath of life was blown into adams knows everybody’s different than animals yeah. You know, I want to be nice to animals, but but but I want to save humans what I’m into saving throw them into saving that that’s that’s what my life’s about and will those animals i, don’t believe it. Animals are redemptive i, don’t believe they have spirits or souls i. Think humans do that’s why when we send jesus came to die for us and that we can be redeemed i, don’t believe that animals are like that. So will you see your pets in heaven. If, you know, i, don’t know, I have no biblical revelation. That would leave me in that way. I will say this about heaven there are references that there will be animals in heaven, i, don’t know if they’ll be dead dead pets, but there are things like this in the scriptures that says that the lion will lay down with what it says that the adder, which is the cobra, will literally play with the little kid in heaven, and it says in the book of revelation to jesus will return riding what a horse so is that language is contained to something else we understand. Maybe will they literally be there? Maybe i, don’t have all those answers hear some other things that the scripture say about heaven. The scriptures talk about heaven almost at times like it is a glorified, perfect, earth, a glorified, perfect earth and that it’s earth like sometimes and its description, but it’s poor, father, crystal seas there are streets of gold. The lamb is the light of the city. There pearly gates we’re going to get to see all that in heaven, someday and and and maybe it’s just a perfect glorified or if I don’t know, I haven’t been there, but I will say this. If my animals don’t get to go, I still want to go to heaven. Huh I still want to go. Have it I’m not like hank williams, jr., if, heaven, ain’t, alot, like, dixie i, don’t want to go, I’ve been to dixie, hank and i. Don’t know what you’re talking about you know what I mean I want to go regardless of my animals there it’s like dixie or what it’s like I’m, going to heaven Evansville Church somebody say I’m going to heaven:huh, let’s give the lord a handclap for having a man, amen all right next question that I want Evansville Church to deal with the day. So somebody asked me this and and I do want to answer it and it’s a little more, a heavy question, and somebody says, and how much this is the this is the jest of the question. Brian tell me what you think about once saved always saved, and what do you do with people who claim that to live whatever kind of lifestyle they want to live? What do you do with the doctor in once saved always saved, and what do you do with people that claim that to live whatever kind of lifestyle they want to live and what what they’re talking about? Is people in this part of the world? They’ve heard that once your saved your always saved and anna, and then once you walk down and I’ll and prayed to be a christian, some people misinterpret that miss apply to leave. However, they want to live. How many? You know that if we’re born-again, believers our lives should begin to show the fruit of a believer that there should be some chains there’s. Somebody should be some of the holy spirit working in our life and some things changing in our life. I, don’t know about you, but I want to change every day, amen, amen, i, want Evansville Church to change and I’m leery of people who hold up certain doctrines as a badge to live. However, they want to that’s, not a biblical thought, that’s know where in the bible that’s far from the bible-and this is an issue that divided by different camps of christianity and i, don’t think it should be. Something that divides us at all here is here is what I think is the truth about our salvation number, one I believe our salvation is secure. Everybody say it secure the same. My salvation is secure. Alright I repent of my sins, I believe on the lord jesus christ. My salvation is secure, I’m, a born-again person, I am and there’s some people on this side of this issue summer, like old, line thinking.

Some of that some of the wesleyan groups were like this. Some of the pentecostal groups were like this. They would say things like this. If you send, if you mess up, maybe you get mad and you you hit your thumbnail and you cuz that man you’re going to hell till you get that right, honey, Evansville Church I think I’ve got a little more grace for us than that. Let me know hope. God has a little more graceful than that. I hope. God has a lot more grace for me than that and i, don’t believe. That’s right, i, don’t believe I mess up and boom I just to lose my salvation like i, misplaced it or anything like that. I believe my salvation is secure and let me say this in this issue:i believe it ultimate truth is found in the midst of theological tension. Ultimate truth is found in the midst of the illogical tension, and it’s not an issue about what this is. What I believe only other in the bible has a topic, and it comes again and again and again that there’s something in the bible called apostasy or going apostate. Everybody say apostate is a matter of fact. It is literally there in tower books of the bible that are written to address you not going apostate or falling away. So apostasy isn’t sin or messing up. It looks something more like this I believe it’s a judas who’s been in the very presence of jesus and chooses to sell him out for 30 pieces of silver. It’s somebody who absolutely turned their back on what they know and walks away from it and I’ve known people who been in the kingdom of god for 5 8 years before and I’ve Evansville Church literally turn their back on everything they knew about god to go off into the party style lifestyle, maybe to go into a homosexual lifestyle, something that’s clearly forbidden in the word of god and say:forget the things of god living my way, that’s dangerous ground to be in huh, so whether you believe they were never saved or they were saved in their apostate. Let’s look at the fruit of our lives and get it right. Amen, i, don’t care what angle Evansville Church you come from, but but I do believe. There’s that pasta see park, it’s written really big in the bible and it’s written as a warning to us that there are other things like this things that safe in the latter days. Many shield depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. So listen here, here’s all you need to know. Let’s follow jesus, let’s do the best we can and we can’t use grace or any kind of doctrine to excuse a lot so that we don’t want to correct that we know is not biblical and then church amen. Alright, here’s the next question that I want to take today. That’s a pretty heavy one, so I would rather take something a little lighter and I’ll go this way right now this be the last one I’ll answer, and next week, I’ll hit some I’ve got. Some heavy question show me all were hard on me. Man you’re hard on me. Yes, me, the toughest questions I set myself up for this:here’s, what it says, what what can I do to become the best christian I can be. What can I do to become the best christian I can be home and I’ll bet that if you look at an olympic athlete a bodybuilder looking at olympic bodybuilder-and you know, I’ve done most of the exercises that olympic bodybuilders done at some point or another, the difference between me and them as I did it in the beginning of january for 2 weeks, and they did it all year long for years and years, plus that better genetics than me just to begin with so I guess. You know we got friends that pastor chad and on everett they were here for the women’s conference and they’re, both like 7 ft tall and ripped and play college sports and I’ll look at them. Some days are just like I’m genetic garbage. Next to you to people, you know that’s what I am so so people we can be by doing daily. What matters everybody say what I do daily changes me huh. So here’s one of the first things we need to do daily to be the best christian we could be, and that is pray. So what is prayer? Prayer is fellowship or Evansville Church time spent with god, not necessarily just the ask asking him for something. It’s communing with god god wants to hang out with you, so you can hang out in this present learn to worship the lord. If I turn music going worship music, if you need to learn to hang out in his presence, if you don’t know what to say, get getting like the lord’s prayer using as a model to pray, I get a song out of the bible and begin to pray your way through it, and you will learn to pray if you give yourself to learning to pray, spend that time with god. Second thing that we need to be the best christian we’re going to be. As the word of god everybody say, the words aren’t. We need the word in our life daily we’re going to grow as believers. We have to feed our faith. Here’s a great resource for those of you that wants some way to read the bible systematically everyday and I believe that if we don’t have a system, we’re going to fall off, bible study that there’s a website called you version. You version.Com, you can find it like that I’ve got an out come straight to my ipad iphone and I have a youversion account on youversion there’s, so many different translations of the bible.

If you don’t like one pick, another one they’re all right, Evansville Church there there’s also about 20 different daily bible Evansville Church reading things to follow on that 20 different, daily bible reading things to follow. I’ll pick one of those. It comes right to my to my ipad, everyday and i. Read that and here’s a way that you that you can read, there’s a method we used called soap, everybody say:soap, it’s an acronym s stands for the scripture. We read the scriptures all right, then there’s old old comes for observation. What was the author of this by of this book, trying to say to me through that and if something jumps out at me from the scriptures I make an observation about that passage? Maybe I’ll write it in my own words, what it means I am out of soap is application, everybody say application. That means where can I apply this to my life? How you know what we learn doesn’t change our life. What we apply changes our Evansville Church life, a man and the last thing is p. Now I pray that scripture so soap, that’s a powerful thing. Next thing you need to do to be the best christian you can be. Is you need to get planted in the local church? The bible says this. Those are planted in the house of the lord shall flourish in the courts of our god matthew chapter 16, verse, 18, says jesus said:i will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The book of hebrews says:don’t forsake the assembly of yourself together. There is no such thing as a healthy, lone, ranger christian the church is the plan of god. It’s the only thing that god is building on the earth today and literally jesus calls the church, his bride you’re, going to be built up, be the best person you can be you’re going to be in the house of god. Look at your neighbor and tell him you’re in the right place. Right now. Still in that last thing, I will say:is this christian service we’re never going to be the best christian we can be as long as life is about us. The way you mature as a christian isn’t hearing teaching. It’s not just praying the greatest way. I know that you can mature as a christian is begin to get out of your box and begin to serve someone else. Cm maturity is all about. What can I get? What can I get? What can I get, but, as we begin to mature, we begin to realize what can I give. What can I give? What can I give I believe that we grow up in the Evansville Church harvest fields of christianity working together to accomplish god’s plan upon the earth amen

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