Evansville Church | A Long One

Hunter brought your bibles to church. You go I should bring your bibles and your cigarettes to church. Evansville Church My daddy used to tell me if you don’t have a bunch of cigarette butts out in front of the church. You don’t have much of a church. I found that god can deliver you from smoking, a man it’s never god’s will for a plant to dictate to you, your health and your future. God can set you free, I mean he’s been set. Free from smoking, can I see your hand, praise god, all take your bible and hold it up to the lord. If you don’t have a bible hold your hand up to the lord I want everyone to make this proclamation with me. So this is the word of godthis is god’s plan for my life. It’s a light unto my path way. The lamp unto my feet. This is a road map, for my future shows me how to get to heaven turn right and go straight and I am what it says:i am I have what it says:i have I can do what it says. I can do and I can be. What it says, I can be in jesus name remain standing please and turn with me and your bibles to the book of matthew matthew, chapter 6 and I want to begin reading. If you don’t have a bible google over to somebody who does have a bible, you can read on their bible with them, but a matthew chapter 6 bottle with me as i, read beginning with verse to there for when Evansville Church I do us, then or when you give and verse, for it says that you’re giving me being secret and that the father would see it in secret shall reward the openly say that was me. He shall reward the openly and then it for 6, but they all went out fastest and onto your closet. And when you shut the door, pray to the father would see if in secret and the father would see it. Then secret shall reward the openly then and verse 16. Moreover, when you fast be not as the hypocrites of a sad countenance but inverse then and verse 18 other towel up here, not adam in too fast but unto the father, which is in secret and the father would see it and secret show reward the openly father. Nature word with great power in jesus, name and everybody said amen and you may be seated. God bless. You I want to say it’s a real privilege to be with you tonight. Actually I was born right here in owensboro kentucky and my my dad came here many years ago and he started to church and he was holding a revival in henderson and my mother was playing the piano she hit a cord and her water broke. Add she motion to my dad and he came over and he dismissed at that service and he drove me to owensboro drove mark. My mother and I was I was born at the davis county hospital, but I was here till I was eight and then we moved to louisville and it’s a real honor to meet your pastor. Pastor brian and jesse I think you’ve got the greatest pastor I know of your mother doesn’t appreciate it very much. I want to mention that I have a number of materials out in the front, but I have something I want to give to everyone and usher’s. If you could begin to pass these out, these are magazines in this Evansville Church magazine is called the 21 day fasting edition I showed this down to the guys at charisma and they came out with a charisma 21-day fast this year as a whole lot better and but it’s a it’s a great magazine and I want you to have it inside of that there is a pre fasting diet, which is also a post that fasting diet. What happens when you fast your metabolism? Just kind of goes goes way down, so you can start gaining weight when you come off your fast, but just looking at ice cream, and so, if you go on the free fasting diet to break a fast, it fires up your metabolism, I’ve I’ve known people that have lost 17 lb in one week. Just on that diet, free fasting diet, it cleanses your body and then it helps you get off of fast right now, I’m on my 25th day of a 40-day fast I don’t need anything. I haven’t, eaten anything and I have I fasted for anywhere from 50 to a hundred and fifty days a year for 30 years and I fasting will not kill you. You might think it’ll kill you but eating. What kills you and I’ve had over the years to people that have died during a fast? Actually, they died when they broke their fast and so we’re Evansville Church fasting is dangerous. Is at the conclusion of a fast now if you’ve been eating along the way. Well, you’re, not it’s probably going to fly to you, but if you’ve really gone a complete fast, you don’t need to do anything that a baby would need to take a while to break that fast. I had a fella who was a deacon in the church and he knew better. He broke the fast at the olive garden with a lasagna, and it’s did. The greece affected his gallbladder or gallbladder, but oregon was asleep and so I went to see him in the hospital and they were going to remove his gallbladder when they did it cause you to have a heart attack and he died so be very careful when you break a fast and it’s the most important time. But I have a number books. I want to share with you and her to drop by one book is entitled:10 financial, miracle, breakthrough prayers, Evansville Church I was so badly bad I thought I was broke, but I went on a five-day fast and god gave me 10 prayers, I started, praying those prayers, sometimes I pray him 20 times in a day.

The first prayer that god gave me was to release an angel of prosperity. I, said:i didn’t even know there was an angel of prosperity, Evansville Church but there is an angel of prosperity he’s all through the bible in genesis, chapter 11 or 31 verse 11, the bible says an angel came to me and gave me a dream of how to prosper. Came to jacob and then he came to joseph and then he came to moses and he will come to you, but it’s a 10 prayers. Here’s a book that I wrote and title damascus and the four blood moons there’s been about their 6 prophecy done before the lord comes back. There would be the moon will turn to blood. Well, there are four blood moons that are scheduled from april 15th this year for the next 18 months that happened on a jewish holiday. I talk about it! That’s according to nasa’s website here’s a book that it’s called the lord’s prayer pattern and when you pray there should pray the word of god you pray about about 300, scriptures, when, you pray, it gets in your spirit and you Evansville Church memorize it it’s it’s! It’s a great book. Here’s a book that I wrote and titled the hundred fold blessing, and it shows how you can flow in a hundred fold blessing. Here’s another book entitled forbid, not to speak with other tongues. If you need the baptism in the holy spirit, this will release the holy ghost in your life. Here’s a book that has sold more books and any book in america on fasting is called a 21-day fast and I share in your how you can fast everybody can fast it’s a great book, then there’s another I pay. Your vowels and some people show out. I am not going to make a promise to god I’m not going to make promises. I might not be able to keep it like a shame. Cuz there’s certain things. You’ll never happen in your life. If you don’t make val’s number one, you won’t get married as a vowel and I sure. Was you five vowels that every person here, if you’ll make it it’ll change your life? You can buy any of these books separately or you can get all all of them for $30 or $10 a piece or seven of them. Are you get them all 4:30 the right out here. Also I have one other thing:i want to I’ve got. This is a Evansville Church bible, and this is the greatest study bible that you’ve ever sing with in this it has about every paragraph is marked, and then, if you want to look at say every miracle, you look in the back every miracle of christ-it’s not just recorded, but it is all printed out. It’s called the analytical study bible on daystar. They offered this for $1,000. We have a television station in in bethlehem, went on the air year ago, on christmas day is real miracle I fasted 100 days and I fasted, a total 40-day fast, and then god spoke to me to fast until easter and I went on a partial fast. At the end of that time, the lord dealt with me very strongly and we went to I want to palestine I met with the prime minister of doctor salon for yard of the plo and ask him permission to build a christian tv station. No one has ever been able to do that before not pat robertson i, paul, crouch paul crouch gave a half million dollars to arafat or a license, and they never still. Wouldn’t let him do it and chose we were talking, I begin to tell him how god spoke to me to build this station and that they had a huge drug problem and they do is terrible. Almost half of the used between 18 and 30 are on heroin. The russian mafia have brought to almost to highway of drugs. Through there I told him we would build a drug rehab centers if he would let us build a christian station and he did and it cost us $22,000 a month to Evansville Church run that station and for those that will help us if you’d like to to get one of these bibles or hundred dollars. That money goes straight to the holy land and. The fact is:i had to send some money over there today, I’m about $2,000 short and whatever you can do on these bibles it’ll it’ll go right. There praise god praise, trap a man hallelujah before I begin tonight, I like to this brother right here on the front row to stand yes, sir. What’s your first name again, jordan jordan god gives me a great promise for you. It’s found in the book of genesis chapter 39, verse for the bible says, and the lord was with joseph and he was a prosperous man and joseph found favor in his side and did serve him and he made him over so you’re over all of his house. Another promises and daniel 120 the talks about how daniel found favor with the cheek eunuch and as he went on a partial, fast god, gave him an anointing of wisdom that was 10 times better than all the other wise men. The lord said she’s going to give you a great favor this year, you’re going to have favor with people. You work with your going to have favor with people Evansville Church in this community and the anointing is going to increase 10 times in your life this year than it was last year. God gives me another promise for you in the book of proverbs chapter 7, verse, 4, and it says saiyan, 2, wisdom, you’re my sister and call understanding your cousin you’re near cans. People god is going to infuse upon you a real spirit of wisdom and according to the book of proverbs, that when you walk in that anointing of wisdom, it brings honor and brings long life and it brings wealth.

And you say it:a man and god is releasing that on you in the name of jesus, and it’s going to come up on you supernaturally for the glory of the lord hallelujah in the next 50 days. Evansville Church You’re going to meet someone and this person that you’re going to meet is going to open a great door for you and it’s going to be a door of opportunity and it should go through that door. It’s the beginning of what god has in store for you in jesus name, and that a great promise hallelujah turn on olivia. Put that my screen I wrote that down there for you, a man holiday I like I like this brother right here, to stand right here on the second row. Yes, sir, is:are you married your wife with you just your daughter or your wife here? What’s your first name neil? What’s your first name neil and rebecca? How long you come to church here, seven or eight years? The lord gives me a great word for you found in the book of isaiah chapter 50, verse, 4 and it says I will give you the tongue of the learned. That would speak a word in season to them. That are weary and I will awaken you morning by morning and to give you the ear. The lord has his hand on you and there’s been a real, a real consecration to seek god this year and a real desire to be in his presence and there’s a there’s, a prayer anointing up on you rebecca, it’s a it’s almost its. It is it’s a kind of intercession and it’s going to increase and that the lord has released an angel of god to your house. Now. I believe that every people, every person has a number a special number. It may not mean anything to anybody else. My numbers 3 3, 3 and 4 for 4 and I’ve had angels to come to me again and again, usually when those numbers happen, it’s a sign that a person is an intercessor, but god is marching. When god awakened you, the lord says you are to get up immediately. You are to going and seek god and god will begin to speak to you and he will begin to teach you and direct you. Gives me. Another promise, for you is from the book of proverbs chapter 3, verse, 5 trust in the lord, with all thine heart and lean, not unto thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge him. He’s going Evansville Church to direct your path this year he’s going to guide you in ways that you’ve never been guided before and one of the ways that god is going to direct. You isn’t finances he’s going to lead you to a place of great prosperity, there’s been some real struggles and some hiccups this past year, but god is going to put you in a situation where you can really begin to prosper that the third promise god gives me is from isaiah chapter, 58, verse, 11 and says when you fast and it’s conditional, because when you fast, he says, he’s going to guide you continually and satisfy your mouth in drought, and this is going to be time of god’s going to release the reign of prosperity. The rain of god’s anointing and the drought is over hallelujah jesus stretch your hands out here towards him. Father I bless this couple in the name of jesus. I bless Evansville Church him with the anointing of the holy ghost to succeed and a greater way that they’ve ever succeeded before hallelujah praise. God I would like to all the left-handed people to stand with your left hand. It would you please stand I want to pray for those that are left handed. There is a special anointing on left handed people. You may not know that, but there is paul was left-handed and in the book of acts chapter 19 at the bible says and paul did special miracles. There is an anointing of the holy ghost for you to do special miracles and special breakthroughs and special achievements for the glory of god the tribe of benjamin. They were left-handed. Paul was left-handed, the benjamites came to the age of david in a battle, and it says they were able to take a sling and they were able to use it right handed or left handed and I want you to lift your left hand up. Would you do that lifted? High father i, loosen anointing of the holy spirit to do unusual, miracles and the lord says this will be a time of unusual breakthroughs and I’ll come from unusual situations, but be prepared for something big in Evansville Church the name of the lord hallelujah. You may be seated. God bless you lol I want all the tithers and I didn’t buy that I’m, not saying you can’t I the one time, but it’s a pattern of your life. This past year, you tithe all through the year with your stand. Up I’ve got a award for you, but either you know, there’s a mark difference between those who tithe and those who don’t. The lord has anointed me to pray this prayer for you, because god is going to release big money. This is going to be a time of big things and at some of you are going to come across situations where unusual large inheritance is come. Some of you are going to sell property where there’s a large windfall profit god going to open doors for you for a huge scholarship. This is the season for god to do big things with those have been faithful to god i. Want you to place your Evansville Church hand right here on your chest:father in the name of jesus I lose big. Miracle I lose big financial miracles lord I’m, not calling in hundred dollar bills, I’m, not calling in thousand dollars I’m calling in 10,000 I’m calling in 25000 I’m calling in a hundred thousand I’m calling in a quarter of a million in the name of jesus pastor brian this year, god is going to raise up people in this church that are going to double their giving.

This is a season that god’s going to bring big gifts to the house of god in the name, of, the lord hallelujah to the lord. A great big praise. Evansville Church God hallelujah, may be safe to say that hallelujah I like to this brother right back here at the yellow shirt and blue jacket test. And yes, sir. What’s your first name, farming aubrey? What kind of work you do all be real loud god gives me a great word for you. It’s down in the mat book of matthew chapter 7, verse, 7, it says, ask and you shall receive seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened. Unto you. Give me another word and math bay matthew 21:22, all things whatsoever. You ask in prayer believing you shall receive and then and john chapter 16, verse, 24 under now. You’ve asked nothing in my name but ask, and you shall receive that your joy may be full. My brother, there is an anointing coming on you now let your hands up, oh i, can see it by the power of god i, don’t know any or great answers to prayer. You’ve been going through a real walk of faith and it seems, like the things you’ve been really desiring in your heart. The breakthrough hasn’t come, but the lord says this is a season for great miracles and for great breakthroughs and great answers to prayer. God says:be bold, bring your Evansville Church prayers, don’t be praying $10 prayers when you need hundred-dollar answers. God says be bold, because this is a season he’s going to answer in a mighty way. God gives me one more promise for you. It’s found in psalms, 81, verse, 10. It says I am the lord thy god that brought the out of the land of egypt open your mouth wide and I will fill it., says, pray, big prayers, big prayers and god’s going to bring big answers in the name of the lord. This is your season. Hallelujah. Let’s give the lord another birthday present lol, either I want to share very briefly and I want to share about the three duties that every person has in this room:i, don’t care if you’re young, christian, you’re an old christian if you’re a tall, christian or short christian. There are three duties that every person has. The first is to give the bible says when you give not if you give, but when you give, we bring our ties and our offerings unto god. We bring it to the lord and it’s the first fruits in the bible says that the father, who sees in secret will reward you openly and other words. That is a promise that is independent of whether you pray or whether you ever fast in your life. If you just give I was at an auction and I saw a friend of mine at this auction and he begin to begin to talk to him. I said luther. What are you doing here so I’m going to buy that hotel? He said gus over here. Gus was a loan shark won the most ruthless people I’ve ever met. He said, gus has a six million dollars in that hotel and he’s got here at the courthouse auction he’s going to eat a million dollars he’s going to open the bed at 5 million I want to build 5010000 and I’m going to buy it. So the Evansville Church bid opens a fella jumps up and he said:i bet a million dollars and then gus got ready to get up and in bed and another fella jumped up. He said:i bid 10 million dollars. He made 4 million dollars off that one bit I thought to myself:how can that dirty no-good rotten scoundrel? He prosper, like that and I said to myself. I bet that guy is giving I bet. He has been generous to the poor. So I asked someone they said wow absolutely. He gave a half million dollars to the inner city to build a pool for them. Gods no man’s debtor god pays his bills. Money won’t get you into heaven, but it’ll sure bring god’s blessings in your life. Can I your name and switch this when you give the father who sees in secret will reward you openly and then it says and verse 6 but thou. That was a singular pronoun. It says, but thou when, you pray, pray to the father, which is sin secret is energy. Your closet, when you shut the shut, the door, pray to the father with see if in secret and the father who sees in secret will reward you openly in the next verse that says, but ye when you pray. There are two types of prayers:there is a a singular prayer and Evansville Church then there’s corporate prayer jesus, put emphasis on on praying by yourself instead of praying with other people. When you pray is a plural prayer, praying with other people and its secondary prayer. Most important for us when you pray by yourself-and the reason is-is because there’s some things you won’t pray about. If somebody is listening to you, there’s some things that I won’t pray about. If my wife’s in the room I don’t want her to know what I’m praying about and there’s a lot of things, she won’t pray about if I’m in the room, and so the primary prayer that jesus put emphasis on is your personal prayer, but then there’s corporate prayer. That does things that praying by yourself cannot do. If you’re going to take a city for god, you have to have a prayer cover. This man right here Evansville Church cannot take owensboro kentucky for god. If he’s not covered with prayer and hearing a man, because the enemy comes in, look at look at elijah, he took on the strongman of israel and and jezebel came against him and he wanted to die.

There was not the prayer cover many pastors, who try to take a city for god i. Don’t have people praying for him, they the devil and bushes. They they get into trouble. Evansville Church You know what years ago our church was was so broke that we had a prayer meeting and we pray that god would save a millionaire and it come to our church and page tire. So we could get out of debt. Nobody in our church had any money, and so we all prayed that prayer and two weeks later down the aisle walk a little white headed man with a white goatee, a white suit string, bow tie. It was colonel sanders, it’s finger, licking, good hallelujah he sent on the front room on the altar call was given a colonel was the first one who came to the altar and my dad started, praying for him. He said dumb and the colonel said brother rogers. You believe god could save me when he take my cuss her out of me, I mean every other word he said was I was a cuss word, I mean it say, that’s the blankety-blank best sermon ever heard pastor. Evansville Church How do I look and that night the old colonel got saved. He really got born again and then he, a few weeks later, he called my dad. He said that brother rogers, could you use some money over that church and my dad said we sure could use, will come on over I got a time check for you and my dad went over in the colonel wrote out a time check that absolutely made every need that we had and i. Remember my dad took it to the bank and the teller looked at that check should tithe check, colonel sanders I wish it was a baptist, however, but god will answer prayers, corporately, hallelujah and then it says and verse 16, but but ye when you fast, don’t notice. When it comes to the emphasis placed on fasting, it’s not fasting by yourself later it says, but thou one-down, fastest 9 out of 10 fast in the bible or a public fast, like you’re involved in right here. It’s a public trash, because when there’s a public fast and everybody’s involved in that fast, you become one family. So it brings unity to this church. I would guarantee that there’s more unity and peace in this church. Right now, in a season where there’s more divorces Evansville Church and more church strife is in january and february than any other time, but when people fast, they all come together, there’s a saying:it’s not in the bible it ought to be, and its misery loves, comfort hallelujah, but the second thing it’s easier to fast when other people are fasting, I broken more fast and anybody in this room everybody put together, but when I fasted corporately with other people, I’ve, always been able to complete a fast I’ve done. 12 40-day fast I’ve done so many 21-day fast I lost count, but I’ve done it when I fasted with other people, and so the third thing that happens. If you get a break through over here other people and show the third thing that happens. If you get a break through over here on money, then you open the door for everybody else to get a breakthrough on money and may of this year. Evansville Church There will be a hundred people in our church. That’ll buy new homes. You know why cuz someone just had a breakthrough in our church and I got a new home. One time we were on a fast and the rr music guy, he had diabetes and god healed him and we got healed. Him got healed, 18 other people. We had a girl in our church at alerting disorder and on that fast, when she got healed, eight other kids with learning disorders they got healed, come on soul in matthew chapter in mark, chapter, 2, verse 18, the bible says the disciples of the pharisees and john came to jesus, and they said why don’t your disciples fast, the pharisees fast did john, fasted and jesus said this as long as the bridegroom is with the children of the bridegroom, they don’t have to fast, but the day will come when the bridegroom is taken away and then will they fast in those days now there was a mosaic law was written by moses and it gave special leniency and a slackness of the law. When it came. When you got married, you didn’t have to fast. For a year, you didn’t have to go into the military if there was a war. The fact is, you didn’t even have to work, and you were given this extended period of time, because god wanted you enjoy your marriage, and so it was jesus is simply saying. Look in the bridegroom. These are the children of the bridegroom and and the the legalism of fasting is not an effect. Evansville Church We have a a. Grace here, there’s a moratorium on my disciples because I’m with them, but the day will come when I’ll be gone and then that moratorium will be lifted and then shall they fast in that day. Other several things were. That means that day means number one that there is an appointed time of fasting it’s per week. It is a day a week, just like there’s a day of rest, there’s a day that you fast and so the church said that day that he was taken away with friday. So that became the day of fasting. For the church is not a catholic thing, it was just the church. There wasn’t a catholic or protestant church, and so what’s happen. Is much of the church has gotten away with from fantastic, but every family here needs a day too fast you’re fasting day for your family, maybe thursday mines, thursday and maybe monday.

If it’s monday, it’s every monday need a day of fasting for the church. So it is not once in awhile it’s every wednesday, it’s every thursday, Evansville Church it’s every friday, and so if your family is scattered all over the country, if you got a daughter in florida, you got a son in afghanistan, they’re, all scattered on your fast day on thursday, your family comes together, and even if they can’t fast until you know it’s all day, have a fast to the evening meal having fast a six and even if they’re, on drugs, even if they’re not serving god. You said you wanted this fast and you’ll, be surprised how people that aren’t saved will honor of fast and it’s not long before god delivers them and they get saved come on out of here in a man. So then immediately jesus talks about a garment. He says you don’t take a new piece of patchwork and put it on an old pair of pants, because the old pants or have been shrunk, but the new cloth has not and when it shrinks it’ll rip from the from the patch or he was saying this, Evansville Church but when I go away, you need to fast, because that annoying that has been released as I’ve been with. You will not be there until you begin to fast and it will begin to do and prepare something new in your life. It’ll, open doors, new things when you fast and then he goes right and he said you don’t take new one and put it into old wineskins, because the old wineskins will crack and break because of fermentation. But when you take oil and you need you rub it into those wineskins, it becomes tender and soft, and so what god prepares to do? He wants to do something new. He wants to do something mighty and fasting. He is sane, will begin to take out the old and prepare you for something powerful and mighty in the name of the lord. Come on, let’s go! Why was in korea god spoke to me. Your pastor was there and god spoke to me so now, when you go back to america I want you to get your staff to fast for 40 days. I want you to prepare for a fast i. Want you to forget your deacons to fast 40 days, your leadership to fast 40 days, and you tell them this. You tell them if they choose to fast, however method they choose to fast. They are to finish the course now. I don’t need anything and most of and then I encourage people if they’re taking medication to eat a piece of bread and take the medication I do not emphasize the the daniel fast I know. Many of you were on the daniel. Fast daniel was 85 to 90 years old when he was on that fast and he was about 14 or 15 when he went into captivity, and then it was 70 years later when he realized that the prophecy of jeremiah was not complete. So he was in his late 80s to 90s an easy way to do it and I’ve tried. All different Evansville Church ways of fasting is fast. After a certain time in the bible, a half bath was considered after 3. They would fast till after the evening prayer which was at 3 on the day of pentecost, they were fasting, they did not eat on any of the feast days until after the 3. So, when the holy ghost fell, they were on a fast, it was a partial fast and they weren’t even drinking water. On that part of the fast down or are fast as christians we drink, we drink water and I drink fluids. The bible says that when jesus fasted 40 days afterwards, he was greatly hungered, it doesn’t say he was greatly thirsted. He was hungry, but whatever you fast, if you fast a snicker, if you fast anything, is under god. How many know that god will bless you guys, who don’t fast, become very legalistic, and it took a breath minute. Y’all just took two points off:that’s not going to happen it it. It is whatever you do under god:god will honor, you can I hear name and that maybe you haven’t been a part of this church is fast. Now is the time for you to jump in jump in and begin start where you are and god will bless you and god will honor you I’m going to tell you. I started fasting begin pastor in a little church, and this little church running about 40 people, which was about 20 more than i, was capable of fast of pastoring. The fact is, after about 40 days, we grew 20 and i, don’t know if you’ve ever been in a church that Evansville Church grew backwards, but that’s what happened with me and so I am they they couldn’t pay me and that’s so I was to be paid after all, the bills were paid, and so, after a few weeks of not getting paid anything, we decided to take a love offering, and so we would take a second off raining. My first love, offering was $5. My dad said, we’ll sign for preach means, poor pay and so I begin to visit people about dinner time. I started fasting. Cause I had to fast i, didn’t have any food to buy money to buy food, so I knock on the door open stretch, it’s dinner time we were just in here having dinner. Oh I’ve I’ve come at the wrong time and people think I’m joking, but that’s that’s really how I would I would do it at work pretty good until one day I’m busy these two old maids and they said oh brother bob, says come on in and join us as they just delivered our food on meals on wheels I didn’t know.

You got your food from meals on wheels that all yeah I said put put you on. As I said, no I wouldn’t eat your food for anything they should know know. If we didn’t like it is mexican food. We gave it to the cat cat, threw it up. Please help yourself and tell yourself, and so I begin to fast as very young. Very young in the ministry I was about 22 23 years old. Nobody taught me out of fast I broke every rule on fast, but I begin to fast and i. Evansville Church Remember is I begin to fast. Something unusual begin to happen. In my life there began to be a release of the gifts of the holy ghost i, absolutely didn’t have any gifts off break in my life because I begin to fast. Suddenly there came an anointing on me. God would speak to me. I never had heard god speak to me before and then I started, seeing angels it’s a gift, it’s nothing because you’re more holy or anything else, it’s just a gift of god and I’ve, seen I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of angels i. Remember years ago, I was approached by a ministerial association down in burkesville kentucky. My dad had to preach the revival down there and he would go and start churches and went to burkesville and they rented a part of the courthouse and they they were people started getting say, feel the holy ghost killed and one fellow who went to this large denominational church. He went toe dispatcher I got filled the holy ghost and got open my ear. First time, I’ve heard heard in 20 years the pastor became so angry. He went to the county judge and that night they came over and arrested my dad and they told him he had to leave the town. They had a trailer and they had an organ in it, and my mother played the organ. They loaded up that organ. He got them out of the motel room after the service. He drove them to the county line. He said you cross that line. He said we’re going to arrest you, so my dad took his shoes and they shook the dust off his shoes. Let me tell you what happened that county wayne county became won the most impoverished counties in america, not just in kentucky. It lead kentucky and teenage pregnancies. There was no industry, they all moved out. Evansville Church Kids could grow up, they have to leave because there are no jobs, it was. It was so impoverished to alcoholism was the highest county in kentucky, and so they called me. They said that brother bob, it’s kind of well-known what happened. There was a cursed it was placed on our town when they did that to your dad. Would you come down here in and pray over? The town break that curse and accept our apologies, I so I’ll, be glad to know. I was flying over those mountains back to louisville and yes, I’m flying. Suddenly a demon came right from my airplane. It’s so unnerve may I I i, remember, I got my map sound. So where am I and I was right over burkesville kentucky and the lord said 2 weeks, you’re going to be down here preaching and i. Just wanted you to know the demon spirit that you’re going to have to contend with. So I went home, I started fasting and i. Remember it came the day was a sunday night. I was supposed to go there and then that sunday morning, after the service of prophet a prophet was at our church. When he came to minnesota. Are you supposed to preach tonight? Someplace I said yes, he said what the lord says that you’re not to take any money. It’s okay, so I went down to burkesville and I preach that night and I found and I lose. The crowd was so packet. They were standing around the walls and I bound, i, prayed and, and then I took an offering for the church. Evansville Church I remember that pastor came too many, so brother bob, we have an honorarium for you. We have a check for you and I looked at the check. It was $200 i. So we’ll listen, I really thank you, but can I give this check to you and to give it to you and your wife, and he said all man thanks cuz, you sure you want to do that and said yeah. You should. Let me take you out to eat and I had an eighth I would have broke that fast yet, and so he took me to a bp station diana and they had a hamburger stand at bp station on ever forget it I ordered combo, number one and that pastor he just barely had enough money to even get himself. It’s a small child’s of hamburger. What a revival begin to break out in a church revival begin to break out. It was so powerful. They went on a 21-day fast I did a prayer walk around that county and a revival happened that lasted almost 6 weeks. The church was so packed, I went down there one night and they were on a a basement underneath that church in the floor, you can fill the floor again as a brother. They were shouting and jumping I thought this is going to break and I’m going to get beer out of the bottom of it. But there was such a move of god, they went out and they built the largest church in that county. I went down, I went down there come on, give the lord of lakes, racetrack I went down there and that and asked me to preach and I preach that night and when I left I was with a felon. I said:let’s, let’s go by that church was that pastor kicked my dad out of town I just want to see a church and when I did the church, which at one time was the largest church in that county, there was grass growing in the parking lot.

It look like a ghost church. You look like an abandoned place. It’s an amazing thing. What happens when you fight against god, but god begin to release angels i, remember:i was fasting for 40 days and I was asleep. It was during the time of of this cenami that hit over in indonesia and and india and sri lanka, and that part and and we did raise money to send over the india and sri lanka and I was asleep and suddenly at 3:33 and angel stood at my at my bed. I got out of bed and I want the other room. Miss angel said to me, said you’re to send money to indonesia. I said i, don’t know anybody in indonesia this angel he he would speak to me by just mine transfer. It wasn’t that he actually spoke the words out loud. He just speak to me and I would know, and he would know what I was thinking and i. Remember, I turn when I said i, don’t know anybody in indonesia and suddenly it was like my head turn and there was a directory I reached over and grabbed that directory and open it up. I just opened it up and there was a guy jacob, not away from jakarta indonesia it had his phone number is email and and it’s exactly 12 hours difference in the time and so I called the number. But now it’s for not huawei answer the phone. He pastors a big church. They are not I told him what had happened. Evansville Church He started crying. He said I’ve been down here on my knees, just praying praying that god would release some money because we spent all of our money trying to help these people, and so we said $25,000 rachel and some others took that money over there to his church. But it was the angel of the lord. Somebody say man:how did jesus desire spiritual gifts? Did he sit on a chair and say:oh I want them I want them I want of my desire, my. No, he fasted 40 days, that’s how he desired. I want to close with this. Many people don’t realize this, but what fasting does more than anything else, it breaks poverty off of you, it’s impossible for you to go through this fast and come out for when you started. If a person will help poor people and they’ll fast a day a week, you’ll prosper above anybody in your family. You know it’s interesting there. It was the year of jubilee, how many what the year of jubilee is in leviticus 25 every 50 years there was a debt cancellation. How would you like to have all your mortgage cancel your credit cards cancelled your house, your car payment paid off. How make them think I’ve been pretty neat, wouldn’t well. Every 50 years there was a debt cancellation, it was called the year of jubilee. Well, if you were going to have this year, 2014, what’s going to be the year of jubilee, you would start it seem like it start on january one right, that’s not how it worked. Evansville Church It started after yom, kippur or the day of the fast and sold the debt cancellation started after people had gone on a fast. In the day they came off that fast. Their debt was cancelled. It’s interesting when jesus came after fasting 40 days, the first time he opened his mouth and ministered. He said the spirit of the lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. His first anointing that came was to break poverty in the name of jesus and if you’re here today and you’re broke you’re poor, you don’t own a home, get you you can’t get a job you’re under a curse of poverty. Fasting will break it in the name of jesus. The fact is the bible says in isaiah 58. It says when you fast what happens the waist places are put away with, and then you raise up the foundation of a new generation, our generation under the blessing of god in jesus name hallelujah to the lord praise praise the lord hallelujah. We had a couple in our church at his name was ricky shapiro, ricky and melissa. They came from a terrible family. Neither one of them knew their parents and their dad and they go on this 21-day fast and so at the end of the fast i. Have the people plan shade and I said I want you to plant the biggest seed you can in and for them they they owed $10,000 in debt. They they didn’t, have any money and they planted $100. Well that night he goes home and he has a has a drain. Evansville Church It wakes up, melissa, said melissa, said:i dream that pastor rogers was handing out crowns and then he handed out $10,000. He said praise god. That means god’s going to bless us in a great way. That week she said you know ricky I believe god wants me to go back to virginia her mom and dad had gotten a divorce. Her mother fled to dad never knew where they went, but my dad lives in richmond, virginia and I’m going to go back and I want to meet him and that’s what she did she knocked on the door. He came to the door, it was a very emotional meeting. He said to her said:you know:melissa I never knew where you were. Just I have saved for your college. Education I’ve got your college education safe for and not only that said, I have a I paid money all these years for child support for you and your brother, Evansville Church but it’s down there at the courthouse. So they go down the court house and guess what her part was $10,000 hallelujah with that money. She went to college. She went back and got her degree, and so I had them up on sunday morning and they were sharing that test.

My regular sharing that testimony and it was such a great testimony-it went to shut down and then in a little bit he got up and he went, he went out or services live on television. Evansville Church It’s it’s carried, live, it’s not recorded its live and-and there was a fellow that was back there and ask the usher to go, get him so you ricky shapero. He said yes, he said I’m, your daddy, so I saw you on tv today and he said it’s an amazing thing, because I know that that I go to this church to should I go to the early service and you come to the second service, but god supernaturally brought it together. Can a man that’s a miracle from god not tonight? What I want to do? I want to I want to give you an opportunity to plant a seed at the end of this fast and when you plant a seed. God is going to do something supernatural and here’s what happened when you pray there’s a blessing that comes on you. When you pray, the father said you will reward you openly, but guess what it’s a 30 fold blessing, and so what you do you you plant a seed, there’s a blessing if you just give, but it’s also 34 blessing, but those two thirties make a 64 blessing. But now, when you add fasting to that, it brings this hundred full blessing. You’re, not tremendous I want to talk about a hundred fold. I’m not talking about 100% I’m talking about a hundredfold, for instance, if a hundred is a special number, if you get a hundred on your test at school and there’s 20 questions, how me know if you got the best, you could do it right. If there are 50 questions and you get a hundred, you got them all right best. Evansville Church You could do well. What about? If you had a farmer or you add some milk cows. If 104 was a hundred times, you can never be blessed a hundred times, because old betsy is not going to have a hundred cash, but if she has 10 or 12 cabs in her lifetime. How many know you got the best out of that? You could ever get come on cuz, it’s a man, but you know if you have, if you have an apple and you plant an apple seed, do you do you know an average apple has five seeds in it and if, if it was just a hundred times that means you would have an apple that in its lifetime would produce 20 20 apples, but the average apple tree produces 5000 apples. So that’s 25000 *, that’s what a hundredfold blessing is and that’s what god going to do in the name of jesus. Not tonight the ushers have an envelope I want you to pass out every an envelope to everybody in Evansville Church this auditorium because I want you to give i, want you to plant a seed and I’m, asking you to plant a seed that perhaps you’ve never planted it before and that’s a shade of $1,000 i. Want you to look up here. Just a moment. Don’t drop dead I want you to look at in may. I was in. My I was about 36 years old. Before I ever gave $1,000 I thought you had to be a millionaire to give $1,000, but you don’t you just have to have $1,000 and I had $1,000. The fact is, I had saved $1,400 and I was going on vacation and it was sunday night sunday night, Evansville Church and we had this guy from africa there and he’s talking about his work there and he wanted us to give $1,000 I leaned. Over to my wife, I said margaret I believe god wants us to give $1,000. She said. I do too, and so I said alright I’m going to write this check for $1,000 and i. Tell you I didn’t feel good about it. I didn’t feel a mole. Thank you. This is the most exciting thing it it just like something. I mean my belly, just brew it I just was at it after all, got $1,000 and then, when I got home that night and I praying next morning, she said bob said i, don’t guess we’ll get to go on vacation I said man god spoke to me. He said because we playing at that we’re going to the best vacation we ever had so I took that $400 I took a hundred of it and put it in the back of my billfold and I went on a $300 vacation and that when I run out of money, I was coming home on that 100. So my dad was alive any so. How are we going to be gone outside all night long? Then I got $300, so I took off, and this guy I took all this potion. What you preach for me tonight talk preach for me, gave me $600, and so we headed down to wilmington north carolina. We headed up that bitch I called a fellow friend of mine in virginia beach. He said:bob wants you for each friday night, we’re having a miracle service and so I preach that night, and he said at the end he’s at you won’t believe what they offering. What does it Evansville Church was $2,000 to hold $2,000 I said you don’t have to give that all to me I’m not worth all that. So we didn’t, he didn’t get it all, but it gave me enough and I just kept going. Man I got up at the boston i, never been up in boston before i, just kept going on up to plymouth and all through new england. And finally, three weeks later, my dad called you. When are you coming home? I said there. This is the best vacation I’ve ever had when I got home.

I had $1,400 in my pocket. I ain’t been asked to preach of god made it when I said you know what hallelujah there’s something about when you give $1,000 the first time you read about a thousand it’s in the book of genesis chapter 20, verse, 16 abimelech. This king was sick and he asked abraham to pray for him and he says here’s a thousand pieces of silver. First time anybody ever got healed in the bible happen when a guy planet of the number of town, then you read about in 1st kings about how, in a second chapter how Evansville Church solomon he offered a thousand sacrifices and that night the lord appeared to it. He said:hey. What do you want? He said I want wisdom and god said because you didn’t ask for money or riches if I’m a long life I’m going to make you the richest man in the world and so I begin to pray and said, god I want you to help me to learn to give $1,000 gifts. So I came to church brother brian and it was such a revelation to me. I stood up and I said that. How many are here and you like to give $1,000 a week to the work of god and nobody stood up and it suddenly a guy stood up over here then another fellow stood up over here in another and they begin to stand up all over the church and boy if I ever prayed, I prayed that day. Well that year, two people gave $1,000 a week and one of them work for me and he only made $35,000 a year and he Evansville Church gave us $1,000 a week. I said how’d, you do that billy. He said you know. I start using my face and when I did god gave me a piece of property and I flipped. It and I made some money. I flipped another one, and he had given over $52,000 in the last year, not helped us, and we gave over $100,000 my wife and I to the work of god I gave more my salary, you don’t know what you can do. Do you step out and start believing god can I hear in a man now how many have an envelope I want. Those who say pastor I feel like god, wants me to be one of those I give $1,000 I want you to stand your feet and come right down here, want to pray for you to get a real close to get so close that your toes are up here against this off. You may not have the money right now, but you say:pastor I’m going to be a part of this over the next 30 to 60 days or 60 days, 30 days over the next 30 days. I want you to come on up here and be a part of this. Your pastor never asked me to take us off. I felt like the holy spirit spoke to me to take this offering and it was going to release great prosperity in this church which I want how else god spoke to me for a fast in this 40 days or told me that she said when you come back. He said this is what’s going to happen to you number one god gave me three promises. The first promise was from the book of isaiah 22:22. He said and I will give you the keys of david and the doors I open. Evansville Church No man will shut and the doors are shut, no man will open and then from the book of revelations chapter 3, verse 7. It says into the church of philadelphia right i, give you the keys of david and the doors I open. No man can shut and the doors are shut, no man can open and then in the book of acts chapter 3, verse, 19, it says repent and though your sins be blotted out until the time’s the refreshing come god is going to give you keys in the name of jesus keys unlock doors, unlock cities, they unlock businesses, they unlock the cars, they unlock houses and that’s what god getting ready to do. There’s at least seven other people, god speaking to you right now and you’re scared to get them up here. But you come come on up god speaking, you come right on up here right now, hallelujah to the lord. Evansville Church Now you may be here and say:pastor I really don’t have a thousand, but I would do want to come up there and if god will give me $1,000 in the next 30 days, I’ll give it I want you to come up here to you, don’t have it, but if god will give that money to you in the next 30 days, I come on up here. Pastor brian I asked oral roberts come pray. For me, brother robert said to me he said. Alright, he said I’ll come if you’ll join the in the middle, so there’s more room. Cuz I’ll give he Said:i’ll come if you’ll join the golden eagle club golden eagle $5,000. He said why not it’s cuz I don’t have $25,000. He said you got a thousand I said. Yeah he’s would give me a thousand and then y’all send the rest until I gave me a thousand and then after a few weeks, more money to come in I said some more. That I said some more. That I sent some more than or roberts was playing. Notre dame at the the nit and I went up to south bend for the roberts was then I went down to him a hand in this envelope, some other options $10,000 and that’s my $25,000. Now you that came up here. You don’t have the money I’m going to tell you how to do it, how it’s going to come in you’re, going to give something or go get something tonight I’m going to ask you to give the biggest you can get.

Maybe you don’t have your money all together, but you got to get something you got to get your seed in the ground and this is 2014 gift $214 you give something and then the rest of it I’ll start coming. I wish it came to that our our our service or miracle service and and we have people plant a seed and i. Remember I had this guy on mike murdock hit head come and I and he always does $1,000 deal so I told my wife I said he’s going to ask for $1,000. You get up come up here and soul. Brother mike murdock said you know. God spoke to me. Those will give $10,000 and my wife jumped up and she came walking and I about had a heart attack and finally I thought. Well, so I went down and stood by eric. Evansville Church I said why don’t you come up here? I told you,, but she said well, don’t you believe god will help us. So, yes, I do like jumping off in a cold water, and so after it was over here. I got I said to her I said you know:margaret snow white. Let’s keep what we’ve got, let’s get our seed in the ground and we did we start again. Everything I could get some. My I started it and I gave that money in about 60 days. The day after I gave that money I got a phone call. With a doctor, he said, pastor bob said you had a lot of real estate, a lot of rental stuff after I said yeah. He said well, he said I’m trying to buy these apartments anna the bank, my credit’s good everything it, but they said I needed a partner. Who has experience? Will you be my partner? I said hi dr. Bob I can’t do that i, don’t have any money, don’t know? No, you don’t need any money. Just need to be my partner, so we bought 48 units. I mean the bank came to his office. Is your doctor. It is not like being a preacher and then we bought another 50 units. I tell you that year, I made more money than I ever Evansville Church made my life a real estate and sure you don’t know what god can do until you take that step of fight I want to pray for you. Anybody else want to be included in this right here. Anybody else now is the time to come. How many hearing you say, pastor I can’t do a thousand, but I’m going to do the best I can I want you to come and stand behind them too. If you’re hearing you say, I’m going to do, the very best I can and want you to come and stand right here. Hallelujah to the lord praise, god, praise, god, praise, god, praise, god, praise:god. Pastor:will you work with me another about 15 15 minutes? Will you give me another 50 I’m, going to give me another 15 minutes, I’m not going to preach, but I want to count this off. I’ll pray for you and I’ll show you how more doing it will be real, quick I want to pray for your father, you’re still out there still coming come up here:lift your hands up to the lord right now, father i, loose upon this church and upon these men up on these women, the keys of david boreanaz. You spoken to me, I loosen up on them and I asked it. Is they give to you that you don’t open doors to them that have Evansville Church never been opened before you open doors to homes, to businesses, to opportunities to scholarships to miracles in the name of jesus I break off of you, every demon of hell, in, the name of jesus and I speak these for blessings on you number one I speaking annoying to be a soul winner this year, may you win your family to the lord may they’re not be one member of your household that goes to hell, but may they all come to christ. Secondly, I loose upon you, the the the mind of christ, that every decision you make will be the right decision in jesus name. Thirdly, I loosen anointing up on you for divine health. May you not get the flu? May you not to get migraine headaches? No, cancel I love your body, I cursed, diabeetus in the name of jesus, be healed for the glory of god and number for I release finances and money at father is send at least one person in the lives of these men and women. That can prosper them and bless them with big gift in the name of jesus receive it for the glory of god and everybody said a man, here’s what I want you to I want you go back to your seat. I want you to take your envelope Evansville Church and if you have, if you can do the thousand dollars right to this church, put it in the envelope and I end up on the inside is a card and all that card i. Want you to write your name. It’s inside your envelope. I want you to write your name and i. Want you to write your greatest need that you have on the front of that I want you to put your. If you got the, if you got the thousand put it in the, if you don’t have the thousand I want you to put the biggest gift you can in there, but put something in that envelope. If you have to borrow some money from this beautiful red headed lady right here on the second row and this fella right here, i, can they just look prosperous, hallelujah they’ll, be glad to loan you money, but I want you to put something in that envelope and then on the on the front of the envelope, your name and the amount $1,000 and circle it real big and when you’ve got it, hold it up and I’m going to pick it up and we’re going to count real, quick right here.

It won’t take us just a few minutes. Can I jump off this? Somebody give me a big hand. Hallelujah amen now, Evansville Church I want you to on the outside of the envelope. Once you write your name and the amount and I want you to circle the amount. Only inside I want you to put your check, put some kind of offering write your name and the greatest need that you have and pastors going to pray over those needs and then, when you’ve got it raise your hand, who’s push whose real good math can I see your hand, somebody good in math, alright, here’s what I’m going to do when I call these out I want somebody to give me an amount. How much it is when you get these envelopes, hold your hand up and just pass them over here, real, quick, real, quick. You got them all right. All right, come on in anybody else is hold’em up praise the lord everybody else is passing over here. Are these ready or anybody else? Alright? Here we go alright who’s, my calendar, Evansville Church who who’s going to count for me, give me three or four counters. Okay:here we go. Let’s count these I’ll take a nap just a minute, I’ll be able to start out with this on the outside of it. Okay, here we go. Let us count this real, quick, just real, quick there we go, 1000 I’ll, come and get them 1500 here, 6:20, here’s 20, here’s a thousand, be sure and put it on the outside, so I can count it and I’ll come and get them. Thank you, sir there’s a thousand. How much is that 3740 alright hold them up here, I’m going to come, get him. We should put it on the outside, where I can see it. It’s past movie here. Thank you. Thank you back here here you go. Thank you! Rage, guy! All right, passing over to the island. I’ll come by and pick him up here. Okay, how much are we got how much 3740 alright? Here we go here we go 3740, but you just passed mount over here. You will. Thank you, sir. Thanks for 7:40 I’ll be ready. Okay, here we go. There’s 100. Here’s to 50 is 1000. There’s 1,000 years 1000 / 65 is 30, is300 is 200. There’s a hundred. Here’s to 15 is 90 or 70 years. 10, there’s 500 all right. How much is that 8705, alright I’m going Evansville Church to pick him up down this way. Your pledge of a thousand put the thousand on there. How, much you going to put in it tonight. Thank you, praise god. Is this hallelujah I’ll get to 8705 esco here, $1,500 $20, there’s $100, there’s $300! Thank you! There’s $1,000! It’s $215 sexy doll, that’s alright! I’ll come and get them. Thank you. Here’s $1,000! Here’s $1,000! Here’s $1,000, there’s $1,000! Here’s $1,000! How much is that 69 years $20 years $1,000, it’s $500 is $20. Here’s $100 there’s two 14 years without his $2,000 here’s $1,000, there’s $100. Here’s $1,000, here’s $100 praise god all right over here. I may come around this way. How much is that right now what you say all right, wanted, 2000 954-is that right, alright I’ll, be there in just a minute. Are here we go. Here’s a thousand there’s 20 years 200! Here’s 10 is 20. There’s a hundred! Here’s a thousand here’s a hundred and twenty there’s 20 praise, god. Okay, you feel led to get more than a thousand i. Do it in the name of jesus hallelujah. Thank you, sir. How much is that right now, I didn’t hear you could you say out real loud 25444? Okay, here we go here is 50. Evansville Church There’s a thousand is 1000. Here’s a hundred there’s a thousand there’s a thousand is 150 you’re starting 1000. Here’s a thousand there’s 500, here’s a thousand 500 there’s a thousand there’s 10 20 is 20 years a thousand. How much is that 35824 years, another thousand is 120. Is 500? Here’s 40, here’s a thousand, there’s a thousand praise god, who else colorado? How much is that 39000, 484 or I somebody else back here:hey man. Over, here praise god, hallelujah, a man, anybody else 39000 how much for $84,000? How many here and say pastor! You know, since we started doing this, I really feel and maybe I want to give more-or maybe you put a certain amount and you feel like you’d like to step it up, you’re going to really believe god. But you, like another envelope, hold your hand up. Dusters will give you another envelope, usher’s a very quickly. There’s an envelope hallelujah a pastor. This preacher came and he is preaching and in the middle of a sermon he stopped and he said or told me to give you $100,000, then just get freaky and so I got all excited and and so, when they offering was so I have to church I want to tell him I said he said you don’t go to bob. He said I’ve got I got 25, though he said in I sure want you just get the 25 and then once will take an offering tomorrow and then I’ll, maybe others will give and they’ll be a hundred thousand comes in at night. Evansville Church The lord spoke to me and said:bob I want you to give a hundred thousand I said me, $100,000 and and I told margaret I said margaret. The lord spoke to us to me to give $100,000 she’s. So what we going to do, we don’t have that kind of money i. So we got a house and I’ve been trying to sell my house for 6 months and I haven’t had one person to look at my house in 6 months and I said that if we could sell our house, we could give $100,000. She said alright, she said.

Let’s believe that god will help us so the next night, when they took it off ring I had a thousand so I put in a thousand that was on the thursday night I sunday I had 3 offers on my home. Nobody had looked at my house in 6 months and I had 3 offers between friday morning and sunday, and when I closed, that I wrote out a check for $100,000 I was still at the law office. I said i, don’t even want to be Evansville Church tempted and i. Tell you what you don’t know what you can do until you did to you:obey god than I heard a man at the end of 30 days. If something happens and you weren’t able to do it, brother, brian and jesse aren’t going to be knocking on your door riding a motorcycle, and so we’ve come here to collect. Evansville Church There’s we got that’s not going to happen. You’re doing this and faith is unto god a man or who else got an envelope all right all right. All we got 40. 4500 praise, god praise the lord, everybody else. Don’t scratch ahead, I’ll be over to see him amen. Thank you. Thank you. Anybody else over here right here. Alright, thank you. Thank you. Praise god play god’s going to help us, hey man, just passed right over your sister. Thank you, I tell you. Your pastor is a real bonafide uk fan after this past I’m going to dinner because those cash your beat up on our cards down there in lexington virginia. Alright, what’s up what’s up? What’s your total right now, 40049 years 300, your 780, your 750, here’s 500 is $10 is $40 and here’s $50 hallelujah. What was that give us a total 40 mm? You know we don’t need to have $919 who’s got $81. Evansville Church Will you have $81 right here, anybody got to go. I will go 43,000 right who give 80 right here right there give her a big head. Thank you. Pastor

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