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Well, happy new, year huh. Why don’t you look at your neighbor? Tell him happy new year and that you’re so glad to have them sent in by it. Just tell him that happy new year, it’s so good to move in 2011 have a brand new year, a brand new start I believe he river city church way too pretty good 2010. So, let’s give the lord a hand, clap for a 2010. We had a good year and I believe it next year is going to be even better than that and I’m glad to see you starting off your new year in the house of god. Here we are together. church in owensboro I can think of no better place to set the pace, then to get together with the believers in the lord jesus christ, to worship the lord and to spend some time in the word of god. So I believe you are in the right place, because the bible says those who were planted in the house of the lord shall flourish in the courts of our god. They. church in owensboro Let me ask you a question:how many all stayed up late enough to see the ball drop? Anybody make it out there. Quite a few of you did tell me all went to sleep. How many you old folks fell asleep before the ball drop. Yet you want to fight that. You know you’re supposed to have to feel badfirst day of the year, so y’all have ipad and hang out with us. You know what the last year was a wonderful year. We saw great things happen here at river, city church, we literally saw about a thousand people come to jesus. We we gave almost a thousand babies a month supply of diapers or even a little bit more than that. This last year we did outreach in thailand outreach in bolivia, with we literally touch the world with the gospel, but I believe that 2011 is going to be the best year that we’ve ever had as a church body and I want to go ahead and share just a couple of goals that I have that I’m setting that I believe that we’re going to do this next coming year. The first one is this:we’re going to see at least 1,500 people make decisions to receive jesus as our personal lord and savior in 2011. How many all think that’s a good goal? church in owensboro Will you get with me and faith that we’re going to do that? We’re going to do that, we’re all so we’re going to start a church body on the burma thailand border in association with life impact international, where burmesewho have no hope that have been up, beat on and chased and threatened by a horrible giunta and an army are are coming out of burma and into thailand by the thousands and thousands and thousands and they’re waiting for somebody to speak to life in the love in the hope of jesus into their life, and this church is going to establish a life-giving spirit field. Bible-believing church right there on the border, we’re going to bring that hope. Everything that we’re going to do this year it is. We are going to begin on television outreach, that’s going to come out of evansville going to service this area. church in owensboro To give you an easy way to invite people to church if they won’t come through the doors with you, you say check us out on tv. Here’s where show is that are also enable this church body to begin to plant. church in owensboro Other campuses in other regions are of the tri-state area, where people desperately need the gospel in a relic, irrelevant fresh, life giving way. I’ve said it many times, but literally america is only 11% church now and you know, whywhat is only 11% church. Now it’s because the church has styled itself and looks like it’s still 1950 we’re living in 2011, and we will have to do some things and some new ways to catch a modern culture. So this year we’re going to do all of those things that some of our goals as a church body I want to know what are some of your goals this coming year, personal goals, you know we gotta set some go. We got to have some standard. We got to have something we’re shooting at, because if you don’t shoot at something, you won’t get anything done. So let me give you some of my goals for 2011 personally, the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to lose 30 pounds how many yards on to lose 30 lb, all of us going to lose 30 lb in 2011 percent body fat after that, after that, then I’m going to produce a movie I’m going to ride my man more I’m, going to establish a network satellite company become a multi-billionaire, most famous people in the world in 2011how. Many think I got a pretty good over there. That’s a good one! Now, let’s talk about reality, all right for one moment, you know what the easy on the beginning of the year to make some crazy goals and we’re going to say that you’re going to do everything you’ve ever dreamed up in this year. But how many you know, there’s better things you can shoot for then just having some crazy list, that’s probably not going to come to pass by mark I will do all those things by march of this year by the way. Just so, you know that it’s better to work on something that you can really fix and something that’s really going to affect your life and I want to show you that I believe in the next couple of weeks and throughout the year will to work on the theme song of our lives. Everybody say theme song all right turn over in your bible to psalms, chapter 45 and verse, 1, psalm, chapter 45 and verse, 1 and here’s. church in owensboro

church in owensboro What a lot of people don’t know is that everyone in this room has a theme song, whether you know it or not. You have one through the church, don’t be about 800 people come through here. This week800 different songs people carry into the room the song of their life everywhere. They want everything they do. People hear the song, they hear the music of their life, the music up their heart, the music of their soul, and it’s either a good sound or it’s a distorted sound and it’s a rough, sound. Here’s what the song was said in psalm chapter 45 and verse 1 we tell you what a psalmist was. A psalmist was a man who was the musician. We got the spirit of god came upon to write lyrics that were both poetic and prophetic. That would represent the heart of god to the people, be psalms would be written and later would be set to music and used for temple worship in the old testament temple system. Here psalm 45, verse, 1. It says this. My heart is overflowing with a good thing. I recite my composition concerning the king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. You are fairer than thesons of men. Grace is poured upon your lips. Therefore, god has blessed you forever. Your sword upon your thigh, oh mighty, one drink with me, and let’s go back some 3,500 years into the room where the psalmist was riding. This song was a special moment. It was a holy moment. The spirit of god has come upon. This man, I got was putting his words in that man’s heart and in that man’s life, so the anointing I believe comes all over this guy. You know what the anointing is. The anointing is the presence of god no testament talks about the anointing, the prophets would come and they would anoint someone that would pour oil upon them for special purpose and declare a word over their life. It might be your going to be a king or you’re going to be a profit or you’re going to deliver your people israel, and they would pour the oil on them and when they pour the oil on them, it was a symbol of the power of god being poured all over their lifethe anointing of the power came upon this song is about to begin to write these wonderful lyrics and the lyrics who wrote about in psalm 45. It’s a song number one about the messiah, everybody say the messiah. He didn’t know who the messiah with me. He lived before the days of jesus, but now we’re looking back after jesus has already come, and we understand that the messiah is jesus christ of nazareth, the song that he also wrote was about the the messiah and his bride. Everybody say his bride will understand that the bride of the messiah is the church of the lord jesus christ you people sitting under the sound of my voice, to put your faith in jesus to be your deliver to be your lord, to be your savior to be your provider, your healer, you are the bride of christ, and let me tell you what you have the right husband to take care of you provide for you, love you and make sure you have everything you need till the morning comes on this guy. He begins to write and an overflow of his heart begins to be expressed. It says, thisheart is overflowing with a good thing. Everybody say my heart, you know what are heart is overflowing with some kind of thing. This morning this guy’s heart overflowing wrote down these lyrics that were set to music and it became a song. Your heart is overflowing, it set to the song of life and it is becoming a song. The overflow of your heart will become the theme of your life. My heart is overflowing with good thing. I, don’t know about you, but I want my heart to overflow with the right kind of thin cuz. Everybody has a theme song. church in owensboro Here’s what we go to ask ourselves. What do we sound like when we enter into a room? Look at your neighbor and say:what do you sound like whenever you come into a room? Uh, just ask him at the sound good to you sounds sweet the sound encouraging. What do you sound like some kind of cut rate sheet music that nobody wants to listen to how many of y’all have ever listen to like satellite radio you know what I’m talking about you got like a xm. What else is there serious, there’s all that kind of stuff and the music on satellite radio most of the time it’s like the bee and the sea records not be a of any group you used to like. So it’s not the good stuff, it’s the stuff that didn’t really make it a lot of time. church in owensboro So I’ll turn on satellite radio to listen to something cool and it’s a free bands,. Nobody wants to listen to and there’s some people whose lives are just like that. Their hearts are overflowing not with a good thing, but with a bad thing, their hearts overflowing with the negative thing their heart is overflowing with a fairfield thinks their heart is overflowing with something like this. You know if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. They say things like the flu is going around better, be careful, we’re all going to get sick. It’s a bad theme again and again and again, I think I’m, a failure theme of defeat, a theme that nobody wants to listen tothere’s. Other people who have a good theme, look at your neighbor and tell him that you right there, the good thing, people right there and have a good thing of grace, and that theme is a theme of forgiveness and that theme is the theme of victory. church in owensboro

church in owensboro You like listening to negative people, or do you like listening to positive people? Nobody wants to listen to a downer or a drag, or somebody that always talks from that perspective from the negative things, but but I think they do. That and the theme song is like that, because their heart is overflowing with a bad thing. Let’s see what the bible says about the heart. The heart is the center of man. The heart biblically is what really defines you on the inside. The heart is the thing that sets the pace for her entire life turn over with me just for one moment:y’all to memorize the scripture proverbs chapter 4 and verse, 23 proverbs, chapter 4 and verse. 23 love this scripture, I preached it for years. I talk about it allbut. It says this proverbs chapter, 4, verse, 23, it says, guard your heart, everybody say guard your heart guard, your heart with all diligence for out of it flows with this version says springs the issues of life guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows out of it spring out of it comes the issues of life. Here’s. What the bible teaches about our heart bible teaches that our heart is a spring. It’s a well where everything in our life is flowing from right. Now. Lots of people like to think of their life is happening because of some outside influence upon their life. That’s where the blame game originates from. We don’t have to take responsible for actions, responsibility for actions, because something else is defining. Our life. I was talking to a guy the other day and he was talking to a family member and that this guy’s, a christian i, was talking to his family member isn’tthe family member, told him I’m angry at god. For the way my life has turned out, I’m angry at god. For the way my life has turned out about this family member was somebody who’s chosen. It was been an alcoholic all of their life chosen that vice internet into it now has a grip on it. Someone who’s quit jobs and destroy relationships and made a string of decisions, that’s destroyed their life and then, at the end of the day, that person wants to be angry at god for the way their life was turned out. Let me say this:god is not a god who is destroyed. Anybody’s life bible says that god is a good god. The god wants the best for you to be able to lift. You got most help. You he’s not the one that shows those bad decisions for you. You are not a cosmic pocket. Pup pup. church in owensboro Excuse me on the end of god strings him controlling you, makecan you dance making. You do everything that he wants you to do. That’s not the kind of god we serve. Our god. God is giving us free, will who’s giving us inability to choose or reject him. The truth is, our life is not dictated by.. Our life is dictated by the abundance of a heart. That’s why the song I said:keep your heart guard, your heart, everybody say guard you, don’t literally that word in the hebrew guard beans to guard your heart or to watch over your heart. What goes into your heart with the same tenacity as a father would guard the virginity of his young daughter, that’s pretty serious in ithuh, I’ve got a young daughter and I would kill you and if I wasn’t bad enough to kill you I would pay somebody who was bad enough to kill you. You try to cross the line with her praise the table or you will get it big time out of this. church in owensboro If you got a little girl stopping sexual text messages to this guy’s daughter, and he found it on the phone and he got the phone and he acted like he was the daughter and he lured the kid over who was sending the messages to the house and the kid comes to the door. Thinking he’s going to get some action or something like that, but that jumps out grabs a guy carries the same closing down in the basement, stripping down naked and then tortures and tastes the kid all night long I want to meet that guy and bring it in for a child training conference in 2011 somebody give a little hand, clap it’s going to be a good time guard your heart with all diligence for out of it. I got some anger. I need to deal with all diligence for out of it flows. The issues of life is an extension of my heart. So if that’s true, that means I can’t blame the economy for everything. In my life, I can’t blame the democrats or the republicans I can’t blame the white folk or the black folk I can’t blame the black panthers I can’t blame the ku klux klan I can’t blame the president. I can’t blame the fed I can’t blame the reserve I can’t blame wall. Street I can’t blame my ex I can’t blame my mama I can’t blame my children. I can’t blame my friend in my life. Isn’t falling right, I’m going to have to blame by self and that’s free that’ll set you free guard, your heart with all diligence out of it comes the issues of life jesus said it like this turn over to matthew chapter 12, matthew, chapter 12, everybody said that’s good, preaching pastor right there matthew chapter 12 and we’re going to read what jesus said about it in verse:33, here’s what he said:matthew 12, verse 33. He said either make the tree good and it’s fruit good or else make the tree bad and it’s fruit. Bat for a tree is known by its fruit brood of vipers. How can you be an evil? Speak good things for out of the abundance of the heart. church in owensboro

church in owensboro The mouth speaks, a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things and an evil man out of the evil. Treasure bring forth evil things, but I’ll say it again:you that for every idle word that men may speak they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words, you will be justified by your words. You will be jesus said this. You can tell a tree by its fruit. If the tree is good, you got a good tree. Y’all are at the fruit is good, you got a good trip of fruit is bad. You have a bad tree because only said that says this is a good man out of the good treasure of his. What church of his heart brings both good things. All good man with good treasure brings forth good things and evil man with evil treasure brings forth evil things you can tell what kind of person to person is by the fruit that our life is producing. Lots of people say this. You know what uncle joey says. He’s beat every wife he’s ever had they left him 3 or 4 times, and you know, he’s destroyed. Every relationship is ever had, but shows got a good heart. You know he’s got a good heart he’s just got some issues. No jesus said joe didn’t have a good heart cuz. If joanna good hearty will be bringing forth good thanks. Joe has an evil heart you’ll be bringing forth evil things. Everything comes out of the abundance of our heart, so the negative. True, the bad things come forth, but you know what the good things can come forward to. A heart is overflowing with the white shirt, a good thing. We were site or composition concerning the king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. You can fill your heart with the right kind of stuff and then the music of your life will be the right kind of music. You can feel your heart with the wrong kind of stuff and the music of your life will be the wrong kind of music. This is the beauty of this message. Is you get to decide what you feel your heart with? You? Are the master of your future, the master of your destiny by partnering, with the grace of god? In the word of god, we can literally change our heart huh and so here’s what I know about theme, songs, here’s what I know about music and movies you can tell what’s coming in movies, you can see what’s coming by the kind of music that comes on the stage. You know what I’m talking about you know. What’s coming, you know, what’s coming up about what kind of music you see up there, so if you get you get lovey, dovey music, you know what’s coming like we’re watching a show with broly the other day and lovey-dovey music comes on and jesse says broly going to leave the room right now. She knows. What’s coming on a four-year-old to watch so get out of here, you know what’s coming, but how many all would know what’s coming if you heard this kind of music begin to play brother jozee, some about it, that part of the movie, whenever you have that kind of music going on so bad,, the theme of your heart sounds like that. You better watch out cuz, you know. What’s coming the world’s getting ready to eat you up to thieves, getting ready to eat you up. You set yourself up for slaughter by what you’ve allowed the abundance of your heart to me, when you can change the abundance of your heart and you can have a whole different kind of music, something different can come in your life. How do you know what’s coming when this kind of music begins to play? All right? You hear any music in somebody’s, getting ready to get rescued. Are they going to be some victory? The bad guys are going to get their butts kicked and something good getting ready to happen. If you could go theme, song of your heart sounding like that, the right things will begin happening in your life guard, your heart with all diligence for out of it flows. church in owensboro Out of it comes out of its zubes literally. What the word in hebrew means the issues of your life. I want the ride theme song I want the wright life song I want that going on in my life. Why don’t you stand up on your feet with me this morning? Let’s just worship the lord, for one second could stand up on your feet with me this morning. What’s just go ahead and close your eyes in the presence of god I want us to do some observing some observation of our own heart of our own life, of what’s really going on in the midst of us, look and think for one moment what do I sound like in the spirit realm, do I sound like something that’s getting ready to be destroyed or do I sound like something that’s getting ready to be lifted? What’s the theme of my heart is in a playful theme? Is it a fearful thing? Is it a god kind of theme? Is it a worlds kind of faith? I need to know what that is theme of my heart. Now. Won’t you just close your eyes for 1 seconds now, I want to pray for you, I want to play the goodness of god. I want to pray. church in owensboro The grace of god I want to pray the ability of god to get the theme of your heart right. This next year, the father I pray for people under the sound of my voice, pray that you would bless them. I pray that you would lead them. I pray that you would help them in a mighty mighty way, pray that you would get that theme write that thing flowing the way you wanted to flow, but we reject that which defiles us and stops us keeps us from having doubts best. church in owensboro

church in owensboro We receive your grace this morning. Let’s worship the lord with these guys has they say:i once was lost, but now I’m found I once was lost so far away. Hindi songs, I once was blind, but now I see I once was blind, but now I don’t know touched me see song sayings I want noma tear to you. Thank you. Lord. We worship you in this house. We thank you father, that our life song singing to you that we have a theme song. That’s a song about the son of god, the grace of god and the goodness of god. We did thank you, lord, that you’ve taken us from death to life from being blind to not really sing to walking with a dead man suit on to really living the father. We thank you that the song of our life will match that truth and that reality in the name of jesus christ of nazareth. Let’s give the lord a big hand, clap for that today. Hallelujah worthy is the lamb church in owensboro