Church in Owensboro | A New Year

All right, why don’t you take one moment, turn to your neighbor and tell him to look good today? Would you tell them that,, they look. Nice say something nice to the people on both sides of you for one moment all right there, an older new christmas stuff. They look good, alright, go ahead and get your bible if you got a bible on your hold it up in the air with me for one. Second, you got one. If you don’t have one steal, your neighbor’s and holding up in the air say this this morning say this is my bible. It is the word of god to lamp, unto my feet. I like to my path. I. Have this word my heart, that I might not sin against god faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god today, I hear and my faith grows in jesus, mighty name, amen, amen, amen, going open up your bible this morning to acts chapter 4, we’re going to begin reading and verse, 36 acts, chapter 4 and verse, 36 acts, chapter 4, verse, 36, let’s pray and then we’ll begin to teach father in the name of jesus i. Thank you that you anoint eyes to see ears to hear what the spirit of god would say to the church. Lord I think you today that you’re leading us as a flock and that you’re taking us to a good place. I. Believe you lord that this, where is going to be one of the best years that we’ve ever experienced through your grayson through your glory in the name of jesus christ of nazareth, amen, amen and amen. What we had a wonderful 2009 together as a church body and i, want to take just a couple of minutes and celebrate what all god’s done in the midst of our church in the last year. We began the year off with a 21-day fast together, corporately and I know you’re all itching too fast, 21 days with me starting out right now. Aren’t you just look at your neighbor until you’re ready to fast? Aren’t you huh? Not what we’re not going to do that just yet, because we’re going to we’re going to do it at the beginning of this year, but we’re going into our new building first and help me know, there’s a time to feast and there’s a time to fast and we’ve got something to celebrate and how I can feast in a whole lot more than I like fasting, a man so we’ll do that later we’re going to party first cuz we got new building, but the lord did so many good things. I believe that that people prank people fasting people sacrificing it opens up the door got to do something supernatural on your behalf, and we saw god move supernatural this last year we saw hundreds of can people coming and making decisions for the lord jesus christ to river city church enter its ministries this last year. Let’s give the lord a hand, clap for that, a man it’s glorious. You know, we’ve had this:we’ve had nine church homes in 5 years, nine different places, we’ve had services in five years, and this last year, y’all know we’ve got a place that we’re going to move into and who knows, we met with maybe 6 months before we outgrow that one, but we have a new church home coming pretty soon. Let’s try for that church home we’ve seen bodies heal by the power of god this last year and saw verified healing miracles and testimonies and god’s proven to his people again and again, then he is still alive. We think marriage is put back together. We think the people come back to the church, who were prodigals we’ve seen so much happen, I believe that we’re going to see that x in this next year and that this ministry and what we’re doing together as a team, has only just begun. Let’s give jesus one more big hand, clap for everything you did this last year and for what he’s going to do this next year, it’s going to be fun, you don’t the rabbi’s jewish rabbis. They taught this about. A new child will say that when a new child is born, you’ve been given a clean, fresh slate. You can take that child and ride upon its heart, the values in the principles and the precepts that that child has to live by i, believe that the same could be said a bit about a new year. New year is wonderful time too past be the past. It last to forget those things that are behind us and depressed forward to press on work in the call of god for our life I believe it 2010 is a gift given to this church body, and today we can decide by faith partner with the spirit of god and his word. What we want to see accomplished through this next year, I believe that this is a year of god’s grace and his power and his favor upon your life. You know, as I was praying as I was thinking for the last few months about where I want this church to go and what I believe the will of god would be, and some of the things that I want infused into the dna of this church. You know every church has a culture got a dna got things that make it a tick you don’t. Every household is a little bit different if y’all noticed that how many of y’all, when y’all got married to your spouse, you found out their household was a little bit different. Now you’re my to worship the same god and ben ben christian both sides, but that household operate a different than your thinking about some things. I want to be in our household of faith.

What I want a quip there and I’ll come up with something that I’d like to call iii or of the mathematicians they corrected me this morning. We’ll call it even cube this morning to hear they’re behind me with a great great smash and up there’s three is that I want in checked-in into our dna and the first is this I want us to be a culture of encouragement, everybody say in couragement. Let’s say it again in couragement now look at your other neighbor and tell him you look real nice to encourage them just for one moment we’re going to the labor that point all right:acts, chapter 4, verse, 36. Let me show you one of the most encouraging men in all the bible. Here’s what it says and joseph, who was also name barnabas by the fossils, which is translated, son of encouragement, I leave out of the country of cyprus having land sold it and brought the money and laid it at the apostles feet. Who was also name barnabas by the apostles, which is translated? Son of encouragement, everybody say, son of encouragement. You know the first thing I see from this text is:the closest was the guy who hung out at the church long enough that the apostles could give him a nickname. He was there. He was planning he was around church folks. How many you know you don’t give somebody a nickname the first time you need them to be a little bit awkward, if you shake their hand and they say hi, I’m brian, they say I’m, jason, i, say jason from now and I’ll call you cat daddy, that’s your new name. Now, that’s going to be just a little bit awkward you’re around somebody for a while before you get my nickname and joseph was around the apostles and the apostles began to decide. If we’re going to name this guy something and they noticed something about barnabas, they noticed something about. Excuse me:joseph noticed that he was always encouraging people around him, but he looked and he saw the best in people, but he look past their exterior any self. What god had placed in them in the heart and it will try to draw out the best parts of them anyway encourage people, and it would tell them that they were going to make it, and he would tell them that he saw the grace of god in the glory of god upon them, and then he believed in the pain that they could accomplish and not to believe what all the naysayers, it’s in about their life, because god has another plan for their life, and this guy was so encouraging that they nicknamed him the son of encouragement, i, wonder what your nickname would be. If the apostles nicknames you I would open, my nickname would be the son of encouragement and instead of the son of a butthead, you know what I mean I want to be nicknamed something nice by the apostles. Turn your neighbor and tell him you’re going to be nicknamed the way you act just tell him that they might be my nuts in front of your face. But they’ll say it when you leave the room, and so was this in averaging power around the church, and you can follow this all throughout the book of acts and you can see where barnabas believed in people when no one else would believe in them. There’s a player in the book of acts by the name of saul saul of tarsus saul of tarsus persecuted the church because of their faith. Saul of tarsus was there. Whenever stephen was stoned to death, he held stevens close. He went in and got papers from the highest counseling, the lamps that he could persecute and drag christian separate families take their children from the persecute them horrendously. But something happened to saul of tarsus god had another plan for saul’s life, so it would be changed into the apostle paul, i, pray and I’m. Believing for saul to paul transformations in this church body would somebody believe fort with me in jesus name, amen and here’s. What happened? Dog came in a great light came upon sauce. He was traveling one day he was knocked off of his horse. He was blinded and the glory of god came all around him and saw said who, who is this and and and the lord spoke to me and said, saul saul? Why do you persecute me? He said who is this? He said I’m jesus, who your persecuting saw, was converted that day for 3 days, so it without eating or drinking until the disciple came laid hands on him prayed for scale spell from, as I saw, it was filled with the spirit and he began the transformation from saul to paul. This man wanted to share in the doctrine of the early church. He wanted to know what jesus said taught his followers. You don’t have to be in the presence of the ekklesia the church, but he’s gathered such a reputation from cell to be a murderer, but no one would, let’s all come close to them until finally saw met one man by the name of barnabas, who was a son of encouragement when everybody else push soloway barnabas received salt, don’t you want to be like a barnabas? Don’t you want to draw your circle of love just a little bit bigger, doing quote somebody, but everybody else exclude to see something and somebody else that nobody else can see it to love. Somebody extravagantly that no one else can love and the season barnabas sold, sold in two souls harp. It brought forth a mighty mighty harvest. You say you don’t never know who you’re ministering to do you. You don’t ever know who your talkin to you don’t never know who you’re shaking hands with you don’t never know who you’re encountering barnabas could have thought.

This was just some other man. He might have never known that the man that he was ministering to an encouraging and bring it in to teach. He didn’t know that he would be a guy who would write 12 or 13 books in the bible. He didn’t know that he would be a man and leave the three most important missionary journeys of the early church. He didn’t know that he was in the presence of a man who would preaching churches in the five most important regions of the world. For his stops, be careful and understand. Look for the potential and people because you don’t know who you are encouraging when you get in their presents. Somebody say this say god make me encouraging in jesus name, you know I found my ministry that most people, they kind of know the direction they should go in. A lot of people know that there’s some things missing in their life. They need straightening up. The problem is most of those people don’t believe that they can accomplish. It said this. He said if you hear a voice that tells you that you cannot paint then by all means paint in silence that voice forever. If you hear a voice to tells you that you cannot paint, then by all means paint in silence that voice forever. Most people know the direction they should go, but there’s a voice. That’s been telling them that they can’t do it and they’re waiting for you to show up like a van gogh and safe. You can do it silence the voice, that’s what encouragement does it puts the courage of god into the heart of man, I pray that we would be the most encouraging church in the universe? If you want us to be that just go ahead and give the lord I handclap this morning, hey man, hey man, hey man, you know just a few weeks ago, I was in your preaching about the goodwill of god. You know the gospel is an encouraging message and we walked out of of of the room here, and there was some guys out there with bull horn screaming at people and god bless. Everybody say bless their hearts bless their heart. You know they’re screaming at people and we’re saying god has a good will for your life and their same gods. Angry human hate. You and it reminded me of a story:i welcome them back, they’re, great publicity. You know you get some protesters and if you want to come and find back they’re growing my church. Thank you gentleman prison in the story of when his ministry begin growing. He was, he was out preaching doing his thing and he went to a church one day and there were guys there outside screaming all kinds of bad things about him with signs and this and that and he went in, he taught me didn’t steal it, and you know what it was over. He called chancellor oral roberts, who, who is the is the what’s the chance of recent passed away and I went to an oral oral laughed, and he, if you can’t pay any attention to those those guys he said the problem is, is that they can’t draw a kraut and because they can’t draw a crowd that to come. Church in Owensboro Try to borrow yours for a moment. You know what happened a few weeks ago, as those guys were so encouraging to people that you’re drawing a crowd and those guys had to come by and try to borrow your encouragement will draw people to you. Discouragement will make people run from you. I want to be encouraging. Ii e. That I want to talk about today is this. Is that we want enlightening it in this region? Well saying, like men, i, don’t see it in any kind of new age term. I said according to psalms 119, verse, 133. It says this. The entrance of your word bring it light. Everybody say the entrance of his word. What’s that again, the entrance of his word brings light see. The entrance of the word of god brings light on to the people of god there’s a prophecy. That’s repeated from isaiah and matthew chapter 4. It talks about the region of the ancient near it east. It says that galilee of the gentiles would be seated in great darkness. They would be engrossed darkness that it would fill the entire lance, but all of a sudden there with don to them a great light. That prophecy was prophesied. Church in Owensboro The coming forth of the word of god made flesh jesus christ of nazareth, and when that word was born of a woman in the ancient near east, great light came to all of humanity. The bible says in the book of john in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god. He was in the beginning with god. All things were created through him and without him nothing was made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not over listen to me. Church the enlightenment of the word of god strikes back, the camp of the enemy address back the kingdom of darkness. It drives back, every fallon wicked thinks they will try to impress you and stop you from fulfilling your calling and if you’ll, just let the word of god coming to your hearts, bright light will donna and the nations will see it come for forgetting his word brings forth light. Everybody say, give me more likes. The apostle paul pray this in ephesians chapter 1, verse, 18, he, pray that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened that we would see what the hope of his calling in pray. For the word of god to enlighten, you play the prayers of the psalmist open my eyes and show me wondrous things from your law. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Pray that the lord will take you on the emmaus walk as jesus walked with disciples to emmaus. They didn’t know who he was until finally, the open their eyes and they saw for the very first time you ever had that moment, where you see, for the very first time, I pray that we would have those kind of moments. I pray for the people we’re connected to would have those kind of moments. Church in Owensboro Don’t you don’t you pray that your lost family members would have those kind of moments that you’re lost coworkers would have those kind of moments that your lost children would have those kind of moments. Church in Owensboro I’m praying for the enlightenment of the word of god to come to each and everyone of us. Now we believers will do something to prepare the ground for us to have those experiences amen. Church in Owensboro You know you can prepare your life to have a visitation from god. You said:can you can prepare your life? Have a visitation from god? How do you do that? Make time everybody say, make time make time for the word of god, romans 10:17, says:faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god that you want your face to grow. If you want to have an encounter with god, you need to make time for him to step into the midst of your life. Church in Owensboro He can enlighten you. You know, there’s a great story from the old testament about an old prophet, miracle worker, and it was a time of great turmoil for the nation of israel. Israel was at war and up the enemy of israel, kept trying to make military advances against israel, but god at a prophet in israel and every time they would plan an attack on israel doubled, whisper that prophet in his ear in his bedroom and the profit would take the news until the king in the military leaders of israel, and he would stop every attack. Church in Owensboro You know you can have the kind of relationship with god, where god gives you intelligence about what your enemy is. Trying to do to your life with can ever come to pass. Church in Owensboro You can have that kind of connection. The holy spirit wants to show you things to come. Tell, finally, that opposing king he becomes paranoid. He thinks that someone from his courts you telling about the nation of israel their plans. He thinks there’s a mole or at any calls all his advisers into his room, and he says which one of you is selling me out to the king of israel and they said king, you don’t understand. There’s a prophet in israel. God tells me what you’re thinking before you ever can even move in that direction. So that can you send out an entire army to go after one old, prophet old prophet in his assistant, they were staying at a place. They got up early in the morning the assistant got up and dennis calisthenics. Church in Owensboro He was stretching. He was brushing his teeth. He was combing his hair. He was flat ironing his mohawk and he got all that done and he’s going out to see what’s happening and he walks outside knee looked in and they were surrounded but army of another nation. They see all these people up on them and the young man freaks out and he runs back in and he tells the old property says we’re, surrounded and he’s freaked out. But the old prophet doesn’t about a knife, because when the light of god has been in your heart and your eyes have already been open, since you got a spirit of faith and you don’t ever embrace the spirit of fear and that old prophet said this to the young man, Church in Owensboro he said:i pray that your eyes would be open so that you could understand that there are more with us than there are with your enemy and suddenly god enlightened that young man’s eyes, and he looked up and he saw that the hills. The mountains were burning with the fire of god. He saw the chariots of god he’s so angelic creatures with their swords on wheeled ready to fight, and he understood in that moment that there were more with him than there were with his enemy I pray that your eyes would be enlightened. Like that young servant of the prophet-oh god, everybody say this lord and, like my eyes in jesus mighty name, the third and final I want us to focus on for a while I wanted infused into the culture of this church. That is, we our place of holy spirit, empowerment, everybody say:empowerment, acts, chapter 1, verse, 8. It says this. You shall receive power after that, the holy spirit has come upon you to be my witnesses in jerusalem, judea samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth. Church in Owensboro You know that the gospel was never designed to go forth apart from tower. The god is a god of power. Bible says once god has spoken twice. If I heard this the power belongs to the lord, one of the last things jesus said before he ascended into heaven, is that he was going to empower his church. God wants to empower your life. God wants to put his spirit upon you in a peculiar supernatural wife that will make you a more effective witness than you’ve ever spin before we are to be a church of unbelievable power in this region. If you believe it give the lord a hand, clap for it this morning, I believe that there is power for you to be a soul winner, there’s power for you to be a signs and wonders worker. Church in Owensboro There’s a power for you to have healing in your hamster’s power, for you to pray in to see your prayers come to pass, there’s power for you to hear from heaven prophesied and then see its fulfillment. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro There is power that is come to the church of the lord jesus christ, through the outpouring of the holy spirit on the day of pentecost. Church in Owensboro His spirit is here:it is among us. If we will embrace it, we can do great exploits in the name of our got that one we talked about power. What are we talking about talk about the holy spirit’s presence, you’re born again, you got the spirit of god in your heart this morning. How many are born again, lift your hand right there. You got the spirit of god in your heart dwelling within you. Bible says that you are the temple of a whole spirit they’re more expensive than that with the holy spirit. Church in Owensboro There’s the baptism of the holy spirit in a supernatural measure, filling with the holy spirit, wear your full name for flowing step prayer languages that are given to people and in the holy spirit that will equip them for the work ahead. God is a god who wants to anoint his church with supernatural power. Listen if we won’t receive the holy spirit for who he is, and its movement in the church I believe it will never be able to fulfill everything that god has called us to fulfill cuz. Church in Owensboro He is the one who brings the power I would hate to live apart from his empowerment from his ability. What the holy spirit does is. He comes any maximizes. The gifts that he’s already placed within a within our hearts that we might bear fourth great great fruit. Would you send them your feet with me this morning? Everybody say this out loud, say:father I want to receive power in jesus, mighty name Church in Owensboro