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Church in Owensboro Come on, let’s give the lord a hand, clap in the house of god. Can you do that tonight? Church in Owensboro Amen, good to see you on wednesday night? We got a new year here, so go ahead and turn to your neighbor and just tell him say:happy new year, happy, new, year and I want to know how many of y’all blown your new year diet. Yet you have you blown up anybody else. I’m the only person there’s two of us right here:the charlie brown new year. So, we’ll try again after this after this, but up here, it’s good to have you here in the house of god tonight. My name is pastor brian, gibson and ups. One of your first times welcome it’s an honor to have you here in the house and also it’s good to see all the old faithful people that make river city church happen. We appreciate it. We love you, it’s an honor to get the lead and serve and I just believe this I believe the 2013 is going to be the greatest year. We’ve ever had as a church body. Up to this point, it’s going to get better every day. Somebody say amen to that:it’s going to be a great year and I’m, just anticipating everything that god is going to do as a matter of fact before the gear ever ever came aroundmaybe it’s about a month ago in a worship service I could see in my heart. I can’t even tell you how I saw it, but but I just could see by the spirit of god all the great things that we’re going to happen in 2013 I can tell what god’s doing here swelling it’s becoming bigger. Church in Owensboro I can feel the anointing increasing, just as a saw in my spirit that god is going to be in the same people had another level and do things of another level and I heard the spirit of god. Church in Owensboro Tell me just to get ready, not that we needed to pray or the fast try to make it happen, but the wheel to pray and fast to get in line with what he wants to do in owensboro in 2013. So some of you home folk i, want to invite you through january at some point, to do some fasting that everybody say fasting. Alright, here’s what it means to fast. What it means you going to fast is the only eat fish sandwiches on friday. That’s that’s! What a fast is. It just Know:i’m teasing, that’s not a factor by look at your neighbors, that’s not a fast! That’s! A fried fish sandwich is not a fast fastis that you give up. You give up food and you don’t eat for a period of time. There’s something else in the bible called a daniel’s fast and on a daniel’s fast. What daniel did is daniel fast for 21 days and he didn’t eat any meat. You didn’t need any any off. Pleasant bread, no good bread and he didn’t drink any fruit of the vine. So what a daniel fast is it’s like water and vegetables and end at just pretty much nothing good. If there’s anything good, don’t need it for be miserable. Church in Owensboro Every time you eat for 21 days and then that’s a daniel fast, but I want to ask some people to think of something I’m going to fast something I’m not going to eat. Some of you all to try fasting for an entire day. Some people never been 24 hours before without eating it and I sure you you can do it and instead of eating at the time, you would normally eat to get aside and you pray and you seek the face of god and it will make you put you in a place where the spirit of god becomes more clear to you. The word of god becomes more alive to you, and the plan of god for your life becomes all reality. Unlike itsnever been before fasting increase of spiritual power, get you in a place where you’re ready to do what god has called you to do so. Here’s what I want to know how many view in january will fast something some of you. Maybe it’s a day. So maybe it’s 7 days! Alright, you got your hand up, and let me say this I always hear this question. When I talk about fasting, pastor you’re not supposed to tell anybody ever when you fast, the bible says when you break down your closet, when you give don’t let your right hand know what your left does when you fast, it says, don’t be like the pharisees who disfigure their faces, they put stuff on their faces to let everybody know it’s a holy day and they’re fasting jesus specifically tells us not to do that, but but he’s talking about an attitude of us being on the street and wanting everybody to think we’re righteous. But there’s a time in the new testament were the apostles call the church together too fast. It’s my job as a spiritual leader to call us together as a church body too fast, and then you know when you go out to lunch with somebody whogo to church with you or maybe you live with, and you don’t eat they ask you or your fast that are you fasting? How much people try to do like spiritual somersault when people ask him that question? Are you fasting? Another, don’t even know what to say. It’s like how you can tell him, you know they know where it’s january we’re fasting, don’t don’t put a sign about it, but but I mean you know if I don’t eat for like 20 days, jesse lives with me, she’s going to recognize that and if I tell her that I’m not being a pharisee I’m, just letting her know. What’s up so it’s going to be powerful, let me see the hands of people who are going to do that or at that. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro That’s awesome. If you want to read on fasting of, we saw you so so now. If you don’t do it you’re a liar all right, just so you know, and liars go to hell, is what the book of revelation says that strong and it here’s something you can read. Church in Owensboro You’re looking for some good reading on fasting, never read or study on fasting jentezen franklin’s got a great book. You can probably pick it up at any of the christian book stores in town. It’s just fasting is what it’s called he’s writtenturn on fast and great book pick it up, read it. Let’s do some fasting. You figure out how long you want to go, pray and talk to god. It’s going to be powerful. I want to pray, I want us to pray together, corporately and then we’re going to we’re going to step into looking into the word of god tonight and I’m, going to pick up a series I left off last time we were together on wednesday night, let’s pray father in the name of jesus christ of nazareth i. Thank you for the people into the sound of my voice. I think you think you’re leading them. And, then I think you that you’re ministering to them and threw them father and tonight I pray that you would show them wonders things from your loss. I pray lord that we would have an encounter with the spirit of the living god that changes us lips us takes us to a whole nother level in life. I pray that some people lord. We would experience you in a new way tonight. I pray in the name of jesus christ of nazareth and the church said, amen. Here’s what I was talking about for the last few nights when we got together. I’ve been talked about the five most important things, but I know what are the things that I want you to know I want you toand i, want you that bedrock knowledge on as a believer as somebody who’s been sitting under the teaching of river city church in here are the five things that I want you to know. The first thing I want you to know is that jesus is lord. Helmi all think. That’s an important thing for people to know jesus is lord amen. Second thing is i. Want you to know that the bible is the word of god. We believe the bible the word of god. It is the only real source of truth on the earth today and that’s where we get everything we understand about god in the in the world. Third thing that I want you to know is that faith is the victory. Everybody say, faith is the victory man operating in living and walking in faith is what brings victory to our lives. The four things that I want you to know is that the holy spirit is in the now. That means he’s here right now and he’s active in his present in all of our lives started. Talk about this, the last wednesday night we were together and I want to pick it up again tonight. The holy spirit is the third person of the trinitythe. Trinity is three in one father, son holy spirit, one and purpose one from the foundation of the world 1 and plan on the earth. It’s the trinity father son, holy spirit. Now a lot of us came out of backgrounds when we talked a lot about the father and the son, but very little about the holy spirit. Maybe he was only mention from time to time. Anybody come out of a church background like that with the holy spirit didn’t give it as much air time as the other parts of the godhead, and so for me, the holy spirit became like kind of a mystery and i. Remember being a kid and the old king james version:does it say holy spirit, don’t know what it says:don’t youholy ghost and end it when you say it like that in the mind of a kid, it kind of becomes kind of creepy and I can’t even remember walking in the church upstairs from providence kentucky had a old school style beautiful church. But if you got upstairs and some of those old churches by yourself, let me know they could get just a little bit creepy, especially if it’s dark. If it’s afternoon and I remember walking up there and I can distinctly. Remember that phrase holy ghost going through my head is like, should I be scared of? What’s in the church and I just don’t know it’s a matter fact. Interpretation should have been holy spirit, because whenever the 1611 language was written, ghost didn’t mean to the common public. Something like casper didn’t mean something like a hunting or something paranormal. What ghost meant was the spirit of a person, the holy spirit. Here’s. What I want you to know church is the holy spirit. Is here right now and the holy spirit wants to lead you guide, you help. You take you into anything that godyou to have in your life the holy spirit’s here to coach you into that. The holy spirit is your greatest friend asset and coach on the earth. Somebody say amen to that. We need the holy spirit, amen, church, hey matt. We need the holy spirit, it’s so important and we need to understand the holy spirit matter of fact. Jesus right now has ascended into heaven. Bible says that jesus ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the father, so the father is in heaven jesus as at his right hand in in heaven. Right now. Do you know what part of the godhead is here on the earth right now to help everyone of usthe holy spirit doesn’t make sense that we would we would study and learn and try to figure out what the holy spirit is doing on the earth today.

But so many people are in a predicament kind of like you can find in acts chapter 19, the bible on you to not go and open it up. Two acts chapter, 19 and I want to show you where the apostle paul found a group of people who are in a predicament where they didn’t understand. The holy spirit hadn’t been around the holy spirit had no instruction about the spirit of god and when the apostle showed up and he fixed that acts, chapter 19 and verse 1 and whenever you get there tonight, go ahead and say:haha, x, 19 and verse. 1 I think it’s on the screen behind me right now. Here’s how it reads and it happened. While apollo’s was at corn, that paul having passed through the upper regions came to ephesus and finding some disciples he said to them. Did you receive the holy spirit when you believe so they said to him. We have not so much as heard whether there is a holy spirit and he said to them into what then, where youbaptized. So they said into john’s baptism, then paul said john and be baptized with a baptism of repentance same to the people that they should believe on him. Who would come after him? That is on the christ when they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the lord jesus. So these guys hear what paul says they received the gospel and then they’re baptized into the name of the lord jesus. How many don’t think they’re christians now come on help me out soundtrack question:huh paul preached to them. They said yes to the gospel and then they were baptized. Everybody say:they’re saved folk, okay, so then he says this. He ain’t says this verse 5. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the lord jesus, verse, 6 and when poured laid hands on them. The holy spirit came up on them and they spoke with tongues and prophesied. Now the men were about 12 in all, so here’s what happened to paul shows up finds a group of believers, and he says this to him. Did you receive the holy spirit when you believe they looked at him and they said we didn’t even know there was such a thing as the holy spirit, when we don’t have this kind of teaching, we don’t know. What’s up and soap all starts to discern these people, don’t have the whole story. The whole book of acts bible gospel. Take the message around the world kind of store in that he starts crying in their lives. Tell me what were you baptized into and they were baptized into john’s baptism. John came john. The baptist preached a baptism of repentance repent believe that the kingdom of god is, is here and you’re going to be baptized for the remission of your sins. So so paul says they need the rest of the story and he preached to them jesus, and then they heard the gospel and they were baptized into the name of the lord jesus christ and for most of us that’s the end of the story. Church in Owensboro You know what I mean in the modern church most of the modern church. They stop right there and they never talk about the rest of the story. About the apostle paul after these people were baptized, he said, there’s something else. You need and that’s what he was asking about in the first place he said. Have you received the holy spirit since you believed just look at your neighbor and ask them this say:have you received the holy spirit since you believed, can you ask him not to come on somebody ask somebody that have you received the holy spirit, since you believed that the question good enough for the apostle paul, it ought to be good enough for us and and and they hadn’t, and so he baptized the man after that he laid hands on them and here’s the deal every person receives a measure of the holy spirit the moment they are born again how many people receive jesus and been baptized in the jesus christ of nazareth out there. Have you get the bible teaches now that you are the temple of the holy spirit, so you can boldly say I’m the temple of the holy spirit. He even asked the temple in the middle of jerusalem. What’s the temple of god now the day that you’ve received christ, you are the temple of the holy spirit. Church in Owensboro That’s good news in the church spirit of god is in me somebody Say:i’m. The temple of the holy spirit come outside god lives in me. He dwells in me. He walks in me. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world in jesus name, so that the holy spirit the moment somebody gets saved? The spirit of god comes into the inside of them spirit of god. If you read through the through the old testament new testament, the symbol is water. So it’s just like this. Whenever you get saved water comes in you, it’s like taking a drink, but how do you know that taking a drink of water is different than absolutely being baptized in water that make sense? It’s one thing to get a drink of water to another thing, to get totally dunked in water. It’s another thing to walk into a shower with clothes on when you walk out, you are dripping wet see. There are two experiences with the holy spirit that are available to every believer on the face of the earth. Church in Owensboro One is getting saved in the spirit of god in you, ii is allowing the spirit of god to come up on you in baptismal measure. It’s different, there’s a power, that’s what paul was after have you received the holy spirit since you have believed, or have you received the baptism of the holy spirit ii experience with the holy spirit? Here’s the deal. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro We need the spirit of god in our lives and there’s something that I’ve discern something and I’ve. Seen as I’ve been to the church been around christian. You cannot replace the spirit of god with anything else, it’s impossible to replace the spirit of god. With anything else now watched it I’ve been in churches, I’ve been around places, I get to trav I’m, a student of church culture and I’ll go in some churches. Church in Owensboro They have all the same gadgets, all the cool stuff. All the great programs that got kids ministry galore they’ve got up wow you, you name it. The greatest musicians, lights, camera, action, video, but but there’s just something missing in the midst of the assembly and, what’s often missing, is that second experience that baptism with the holy spirit, spirit baptism is important, it’s powerful and we still need it in our churches in america today somebody say amen to that. We need it come on. Let’s give the lord a hand, clap for god’s power. Intermix jesus himself is an example of multiple experiences with the spirit of god. It’s interesting jesus had he was god, but he came and he didn’t just operate as god on the earth. He was fully god fully man buddy operated as a man anointed by the spirit of god in much of his ministry died as god was fully god. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, but he operated as a man anointed by the spirit, acts chapter 10, verse, 38 says this:how god anointed jesus with the holy spirit and with power to go about doing good healing all those who are oppressed of the devil for god was with him. Everybody say how god anointed jesus with the holy spirits empower to interesting verse. Acts chapter 10, verse, 38. It says that god anointed, god with god, is really what it says, got it on to jesus with the holy, spirit and power and there’s something you need to know about. Jesus first thing is:the jesus was born of the spirit of god. He was born of the spirit of god mary had a child not with the band but mary had a child. Church in Owensboro She was overshadowed by the spirit of god. Jesus is not joseph. Son jesus has mary’s son and he’s child of the holy spirit say he was born of the spirit. You know. Every person needs to be born of the spirit. Jesus was born of the spirit of god. Second thing:you look in luke chapter 3 jesus was baptized in the jordan river. He comes out luke chapter 3 john, the baptist baptizing people eat in the jordan river just turn over there with me. For a moment. Luke chapter 3 want to show you this. In the word of god matthew mark, luke, google, luke, chapter 3 and about verse, 21 loop 32012 got your bible and in your there say on hyundai loop 321. All right to go over there look 321 it’s on the board. Here’s what it says when all the people were baptized, it came to pass. The jesus also was baptized and while he prayed the heaven was open and the holy spirit descended in a bodily form like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven, which said you are my beloved son in you. I am well pleased, so jesus is being baptized in the jordan river john deere. Church in Owensboro There people there all the sudden there’s this divine manifestation and the spirit of god descend. Upon jesus like a dove, got thunder from heaven says this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Jesus was been baptized in the holy spirit holy spirit came upon him for ministry interesting. You can’t find anywhere in the gospel where jesus worked a miracle pryor to being baptized this baptism in the spirit of god coming to pool. Now. That’s why I asked 10 says how god anointed jesus with the holy, spirit and power to go about doing good healing all those oppressed of the devil for god is with him. Is anybody following me out there so now jesus enters into his ministry? You look over in luke, chapter 4. This is whenever jesus said he comes out and he says the spirit of the lord is upon me and that’s when the fireworks start going off in the book of acts, not just when he was born of a spirit is baby, but after the spirit of god came upon him he starts opening blind. He starts causing deaf ears to hear again. He starts causing the lame to walk. He turns the water into wine. He starts working miracles. Church in Owensboro How god anointed jesus with the holy spirit amitabha, go about doing good and healing all those oppressed of the devil for god was with him. You know what the holy spirit enables you to do in life. If you let him come up on you in a baptismal measure, he allows you to go about doing good healing. All those are pressed of the devil for god will then be with you, hey man, that’s what the spirit of god comes to the church. To do. The spirit of god comes to the church to enable us to be a witness of the gospel to the world and it enables us to heal and the help broken people. That’s what the anointing in the spirit of god is here to do. That’s why we’re talking about and preaching about the spirit of god cuz? We don’t just want to minister in our flesh. We don’t just want to minister natural whenever you’re ministering to people in in a natural sense. That’s all you have. Is you, but if you allow the spirit of god come upon, you in a supernatural wave god can use you and flow through you wilder than you ever imagined, turn over to john chapter 20, john chapter 20, so we see jesus. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He is born of the spirit of god in the spirit of god comes upon him, I’ll show you how the early church was born of the spirit of god and also the spirit of god came, upon them matthew mark, luke and john go to john chapter 20, luke john, chapter 20 just want to teach some stuff, so you know things. You know why you believe what you believe:john chapter 20. Let me set the stage for you for one moment:here’s what happens. Jesus has already came to the earth ministered and he’s died. Church in Owensboro He was placed in a tomb and now he’s resurrected toys, resurrected and he’s showing himself alive on the earth to his followers. But this is before his ascension john chapter 20 and will start reading in about verse, 19 west, region, 19, 2019. Here’s what it says then, the same day at evening being the first day of the week when the doors were shot, where the disciples were the symbol for fear of the jews jesus came and stood in the midst and said to them:peace be with you when he said this. He showed them his hands and his side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the lord, so jesus said to them again. Peace to you, as the father has sent me. I, also send you and when he said this, he breathed on them and said to them received the holy spirit. So here’s the deal did jesus. He shows up super, naturally they’re, all freaked out there, hiding in a room and suddenly jesus walks through a wall. It is what it says it in one of the renditions it in and how many will become comfort inn of jesus just walk through the wall if you’re having a bad day, I’d like to have that visitation sometime, I ain’t never walk through wall for me, but I am looking forward to it. Church in Owensboro If he ever does nobody walks to the wall and freeze on them it and he just blows on them. You know:don’t ever make fun of a preacher that blows on people when he prays for them. Jesus was a preacher blue on people when he prayed for them, and he blows on me, says this:receive the holy spirit. How many I’ll think the people in that room received the holy spirit in jesus blows on you and says:receive the holy spirit. You received all these spirit. Don’t you huh? Okay, so they receive the holy spirit. But this is just the first experience. They’re born again jesus went to heaven he’s paid for their sins. Comes back, the holy spirit comes in them, the other temple of the holy spirit not turn over to luke chapter 24, verse, 49 I’ll, show you I’m teaching and preaching so stay with me. I’ll show you the last thing jesus said before he ascended into heaven. This is one of the last things he says, and he says this to a group of people he’s already blown on and says receive the holy spirit matthew, mark, luke and john luke 24 and we’ll look at about will start in verse. 46 give you some context:luke 24, verse! 46! Are you there? Yet alright luke 24:46, here’s what he says then he says to them. Then he said to them. Church in Owensboro That’s it is written and us it was necessary for the christ to suffer and die rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preaching his name to all nations beginning at jerusalem, and you are witnesses of these things. Everybody say witnesses primary reason that he sends the spirit of god it’s. So you can be a better witness:listen I’m charismatic, but I’m, not just looking for the next wildest meeting. I can be a part of I’m charismatic and I’ve. Seen people fall on the floor and I know god. Does that but honestly I don’t care if you ever fall on the floor, I’m, charismatic and I’ll believe in prophecy, not thankful for prophecy, but you know what the number one reason I believe jesus needs. The church to be empowered with the holy spirit today is that we could be a witness to the nations of a death burial resurrection of jesus. So we can unload hell and load heaven. That’s bottom, dollar! That’s what it’s all about that! That’s where it’s at that’s what I live and die for, and here’s what he says. He says your witnesses of these things in emperor’s, 49! Look! Here’s how he says he’s going to make us a witness! Behold, I send the promise of my father upon you, but terry and jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high says the promise of the father, which is the sending of the holy spirit to baptize the church in power. These guys already had the first dose of the holy spirit whenever they got saved and he blew on them, but now they need a second experience with the holy spirit once they got water in them. The second time they’re going to get water on them and that water going to turn the world upside down turn over to acts chapter 2, verse, 1, and you can see the fulfillment of that. It says that on the day of pentecost after it is fully come that they weren’t they were all in one place, will turn over there when we’re doing a bible study. Let’s go and finish, it acts acts chapter 2, acts, chapter 2, I read this last week, but for those of you, the one here last week says this. This is the fulfillment of what jesus told him that that he would do when the day of pentecost and fully come. They were all the point of court in one place, some of their name, a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting in. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro There appeared to them two by two tons as a fire and one set up on each of them, and they were all filled with the holy spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance. 120 people waiting in the upper room for this for filament this holy spirit to be poured out upon them and baptism measure their there and send me. There’s the supernatural manifestation of the power of god a wind blows into the room. The whole room begins to shake under the power of god and I’ve, been in rooms before the spirit of god came and so thick. It was like the place is shaking and literally where I couldn’t even stand. I’ve had those kind of experiences then divided tums and some kind of manifestation of fire came upon many of their heads in the bible says they were all filled with the spirit, and then they began to speak with other languages, as the spirit of god gave them utterance, and it’s that place where the church became effective in the book of acts. But church is doing nothing in the book of acts, so to speak of until the holy spirit is poured out upon the church and when the holy spirit was poured out upon the church. The whole game begins to change. Listen my life, whatever the holy spirit was poured out upon me in baptismal measure. My whole christian experience. It began to change before that. I believe that jesus was real and I believe the bible. But after that it was like man. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that god was alive. There was power, and then he was here to change things before I got baptized in the spirit i. Never let anyone the price that I can remember after I got baptized with the spirit, up-to-date I’m, not blowing. My own horn, but I have literally thousands of people to jesus through, the preaching of the gospel before I was baptized in the spirit. I am never prayed for anyone and saw them healed after I was baptized in the holy spirit I’ve seen people healed of stage 4 cancer I have seen them healed a blind eyes, I’ve seen them up deaf ears, I’ve seen jesus heal people of many different things. Church in Owensboro Pepsi I’ve seen them healed of all sorts of things, wife, because the holy spirit does the works. It’s not a man, that’s the spirit of god and I’m, going to tell you. The holy spirit is available not just for a preacher, in a pulpit but he’s available to every person who would call on the name of the lord he’s for you he’s for your children he’s for those who are yet to come. Soak soak your feet. Here’s the question, the fundamental question:do you want more of god in your life? Do you want more of god in your life and if you do, the answer is seek god to fill you and baptize you in the spirit of god jesus, said this. He said this. If you being evil know how to give good gifts, you know christmas was the other day. How are your parents still got some stuff in your house, some gifts, you know what I mean, how many of those kids have just thrown things I mean my house looks like a christmas bomb explodes on it, every every 30 minutes, just a little toys and stuff jesus said if you being evil, know how to give good gifts. How much more will the father in heaven give the holy spirit to those who ask having the holy spirit in your life? Is this simple asking all you got to do is hask and your receipt and it’s a gateway to this new realm of experience in god. You see god supposed to be more than just a doctrine he’s supposed to be more than just treat her motto. He’s supposed to be experienced. The psalmist said oh taste, and see that the lord is good spirit of god, something you can taste something you can experience. Something will change your life Church in Owensboro