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You’ll, give those guys a hand. Clap today that run staples does a pretty main theme song back there on the piano. Me. He can. He can impersonate all of you as well. You just don’t know it yet you got to catch him doing you sometime and then you know what I booked in impersonating me before and i. He does a pretty good me to say it to say that the truth about the matter this morning to the book of psalms, chapter 45, song, chapter 45, and if they were talking about theme song and it’s going to be guess, your theme song, look at your neighbor and tell them I’m going to guess your theme song today. Just tell him that 45 we’re going to show you our key text and where the idea of having a theme song comes from in the in the scriptures and what a song is is a psalm is a a poet poetry that was written and it would be set to music and it would be used in temple worship in the old testament or israeli worship in the temple, and so god wouldn’t want a song thomas to write songs, and he says that those songs come out of his heart. Let me show you some 45 verse, 1. Here’s how it reads my heart is overflowing with a good thing:i recite my composition concerning the king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. You are fairer than the sons of men. Grace is poured upon your lips. Therefore, god has bless. You forever hold your sword upon your thigh, oh mighty one. The first part says my heart is overflowing with a good thing. This song, as heart, was overflowing with the theme idea or an attitude was coming forth from his heart and that idea or attitude coming for from his heart was going to be set to music and people would literally worship the lord from that music. I have a question for you today. What’s blowing out of your heart, could music be set to it and could it be used for worship of the most high god I want that kind of heart I want that kind of overflow. I want what kind of stuff coming out of me defining me be coming by theme song? What does our theme song sound like for our life? Everyone of us, our heart, is overflowing with something some people’s hearts, their overflowing with the word of god, some people’s hearts are overflowing with joy. Some people’s hearts are overflowing with grace. Some people’s hearts are overflowing with love. Some people’s hearts are overflowing with anger. Some people’s hearts are overflowing with resentment, and that is becoming a sound in the spirit around each and everyone of us. The attitude of our heart begins to define our life to catch everybody up. If you weren’t here last week, this is what jesus said about our heart. He said a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what church everybody say. Good things says an evil man out of the evil. Treasure of his heart brings forth what whatever we have in our heart is, what’s going to come out, and it’s going to begin to define our life, it’s going to become a theme song if. You will but there’s another scripture that says to guard your heart with all diligence, because out of your heart will come the issues of your life. I’ll. Never forget. I was down at the old building down 2nd and allen, with the bats in the rats and the waterfalls and all of that kind of stuff and I hated that building, because that building it become to be restrictive. It was good for us when we started within the thing that become too small for the church to grow and I was in there praying about getting a bigger building about the lord and large in our territory. Does that mean no there’s still a lot of people knowing from the surrounding region, and we need him here with us on sunday morning somebody say amen to that:i think that every church in the world all to be a growing church, a man we’ve got the gospel rrr deal was worth of filling the great commission church should never stop growing anything but healthy is healthy grows. It stops growing. You got an issue, so I was praying my way through that issue and I’m there in that room and I’m. Looking at my building that won’t fit, my people and I’m praying about god doing something, and the lord spoke to me clear, isabel and he said brian. If you enlarge your heart, I’ll enlarge your building. If you enlarge your heart out, enlarge your building, you know what we need to do. If we want our lives to be bigger, we need to make our hearts bigger than our lives will follow same thing with the song of our life or the attitude of our life. Jesus said:there’s are in the new testament that says this, that there’s an aroma that comes out of every person, every believer, but literally people smell jesus on you know, there’s a roma that comes out some other people I know and it doesn’t smell like jesus. You know what I’m talking about I want a good smell coming out of me, not a bad smell I want a good song coming out of me, not a bad song, but here’s the deal with the song of our life. Isn’t it it’s just like a radio station. You can put the dial on a certain radio channel or station you’re listening to that station, and you can like the song, that’s on there for a moment, but in about 5 minutes, it’ll change. If you don’t take authority over that knob over that channel, changer right there I’m thinking about listening to an oldies station, there’s some oldie groups I like i, like the beatles any other beatles fan, tell her I like the beatles beatles are good I like creedence clearwater, revival i, like those guys I like some of that kind of music and I’ll.

Listen to that, if that’s on the oldies station to be listening to creedence, clearwater revival one moment and the next moment of things turns and it’s playing something like the old song from the 50s or 60s lollipop. There has never been a worse song, written performed or put on the radio. Then a lollipop I hate. It drives me crazy, so I got to take authority over I got to change that song. You know you got to watch the song of your heart song if. Your heart can be right for a moment, but I mean you know. We live in a fallen world. Their situations in this world that we live in. There are no perfect environment on this fallen earth and there are things that are attacking our heart every day and if we’re not careful watching garden over a heart, what used to be joy and peace and grace that song or that thing that attitude, our spirits can change to something that doesn’t glorify god god has a song. He want your heart to play, but the devil and the world have the song that they want your heart to play. Just as much you got to guard your heart, look at your neighbor and tell them guard your heart with all diligence me tell you about the time. I left my theme, song of my heart, get a little bit out of whack and it was a time where there was some big grief in my life and the bible says this. It says that weeping endures for a night, but joy is restored in the morning. So we know whenever there’s some tragedy and things like that. There’s some weeping that goes on there’s some grieving. That goes on and that’s alright. Just like yesterday, y’all pray for him. The jones boys come to church here, kevin and corey I did the funeral for their father. Yesterday, it’s a grieving season. You got to grieve, you got to go through that. You got to you, got to that’s part of being human and it’s okay. Weeping endures for a night and joy is restored in the morning, but I’m in over. There comes a day when it’s time for the weeping in the grieving to be over amen. We go through that. We work through that and then there’s a day that the joy has to be restored. What some people do is they’ll stay in a season of weeping past its productivity and literally spirit of grief can attach itself to get and then, instead of just the person that died dying, there’s a person in the grave and there’s another person walking around who’s dead, just as good as the person in the great cuz that spirit of grief has attached itself to my father, passed away of a heart attack 5 years ago and I didn’t deal with it real well at first. To be honest-and you know, I come by faith and I’m going to smile and I’m going to act like everything’s right, whether it is or not, because I’m a fake person, sometimes we fake it till we make it a man, so make it a little too and glad for that huh yeah act like you’re all right. Everybody want to know when your bums, the bible, says that the fool vents all his emotions on the floor. Let everybody know how they feel all the time. So so, when we control that, but on the inside, I was nurturing a spirit of grief and I’m, not talking about months or anything like that, but it went on for about a year-and-a-half somewhere along that where I was just mad. I was just bummed and i. Some things looking back but extended that bad song coming out of my heart. Here’s! What I did I literally made some sad ipod playlist with sad songs on it that would listen to the saddest music I would listen like to bridge over troubled water i, don’t even like that. That was nurturing the spirit of green I had other real of a dark johnny cash songs like right before johnny died. You know it’s music., really, even darker than have him before and I was listening at this playlist to be sad, songs and manny would affect me and I feel sorry for jesse. You had to live with me back then, because I was just I was grieving. The song was weird in my heart and it was like that for a while and literally I write some songs to my heart and soul. Men affected with this till I began to write songs with such wonderful titles. As this play something painful, don’t you think that’s a great title:uplifting song, listen, there’s people who allow their heart to get affected. They stay there longer than they should. The song of their spirit begins to change and then, instead of having a song of grace and a song of peace and a song of hope, there’s something else coming out of their hearts. I don’t know about you, but I want to be encouraging whenever I’m around people, instead of discouraging a man, I want to be positive instead of negative I want to believe the best. Instead of focusing that everything’s falling apart, they’re good promises of the word of god I can fight the fight of faith change. What I put in my heart change the way my heart is change. My output, my heart and my theme song if I’ll grab ahold of the radio station and turn it to where it’s supposed to be. Let’s set our dial appropriately. Somebody give the lord of handclap. You believe that today and I believe that what are some of the things that get our dial off of whack off of kilter, one of the primary ways-i know where the theme song to get messed up is the people we hang out with everybody say people. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You know people have a song, they have a theme song, just like you do and if you’re, not careful you get around the wrong people and the beat the heartbeat of your life will begin to match up to the beat of somebody else’s life. You know what a catchy song you here somewhere never walk into a store, they’re playing a certain song. You walk out and you got this song stuck in your head and it’s a song. You don’t want in your head, it’s something like! Church in Owensboro Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot. Like me, don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot? Like me, I like watch what about singer? Matt, I’m, sorry,, pastor I’m, not a girlfriend. You know cuz I got to catch. You theme song, huh, proverbs, chapter, 13, verse 20. It says this proverbs 13, verse 20. Does he walks with the wise man will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed. He wants a blast. Man will be wise, but a companion of fools will be destroyed. So if I want with wise people get around, why is people not beat begins to match up with theirs by song, begins to match up with, and their wisdom literally is transferred into my life by hang out with fools people who don’t understand the things of god of the way of god or the peace of god? If I hang out with them, their song begins to synchronize, with my heart, not begin singing their song and imitating there, so you can most obviously been be seen and in such an easy illustration, is how many you know I’ve ever seen a teenager start to run around with the wrong kids. I need watch a sweet kid and a good kid and a kid with everything going for in life begin to change their attitude. Church in Owensboro There outlook the way they carry themselves when they respond to authority the way they respond to their family. Church in Owensboro Why is that happening because it got their life aligned with somebody that is messing up the beat of their life and if they stay there, you know what will happen. The companion of fools will be destroyed for people with the right music, see people have a default mode in a fallen, world, war I believe a lot of us go if we allow ourselves just to go back to our base side and there’s really that there’s two attitudes that the world falls to again and again and again and again, and if you were to hear it in a song you might it might sound something like this I think this song is about you. Anybody I got older I thought you trust ate. Church in Owensboro One of the first things we learn to say is me:it’s mine, it’s i, that’s the kind of spirit we have. Everything is focused on our cell. If you look at the thing I got up here, it says theme song, but if you break it down in a bass, weigh in a human way, it’s the me song, everybody say the me song huh, but that’s what happened? Church in Owensboro That’s what goes that’s why jesus talked to us about things like this. He said if anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me. Whoever wants to keep his life will lose it. Whoever loses his life, for my sake, will really find it will to fight self-centeredness self-centeredness the thing and the song. In the spirit and the attitude that’s crippled the church in america church in america, used to be close to 50%. Church in Owensboro Today, it’s 11% church in america. What happened because christians all over america began to be focused on themselves and their song didn’t sound any different than anyone else’s, and because of that, the me song replace the theme song that god had for a hearts and we’re feeling the effect in our america right now how we know that america is fundamentally a different place than it was even 10 years ago. Right now, that’s that’s the reason why, let’s keep our theme songs different, the second song that people always go back to it seems to be across the board in any anywhere you go. This is human nature when they’re not fighting against it. With the word of god and the grace of god, it’s a song. That sounds something like this final touch with me. It will never i, don’t know what you’re thinking trying that I had a friend who did that once upon a time he went bankrupt, he’s living in a cardboard box down by the river eating. Church in Owensboro Can a cat? Can food it’ll, never work for you, the eternal pessimist anybody have anybody in your family. That sounds like that. Sometimes you know who I’m talking about out there. Church in Owensboro That’s what people do all to be as we ought to be. An optimist and hun I mean come on. There’s going to be a day that we’re going to walk on streets of gold, we’re going to be in the very throne room of god we’re going to see the lamb of god, which was slain from the foundation of the world. Where do I see the gates outside of heaven made out of pearls and precious stone, we’re going to see the lamb, which is the life of the city and we’re going to live in eternity with him? Somebody give florida handclap. You think we ought to be optimus huh. We oughta be the most optimistic people on earth and not just for heaven’s sake. Church in Owensboro Also, for our sake, the bible says this I would have lost hope. Less I have believed, but I will see the goodness of god in the land of the living you’re going to see god’s goodness, not just in heaven, but in the land of the living. If your guard, your heart, if you’ll keep focus on the promises of god, if you’ll fight the good fight of faith, your heart will stay in the right place and god will do mighty mighty mighty things through you. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro So how do we do this? How do I do that password? How do I keep my heart right? Well, I’m glad you asked I’m going to show you this morning turned over to philippians chapter 4, philippians, chapter 4 and I will close with this. Today, philippians chapter 4 we’re going to begin reading here in a moment out of about verse, 6, philippians, 4 and verse 6. When you get there safe, huh, here’s what it says:words of the apostle paul, how to guard our hearts, be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Let your requests be made known to god and the peace of god, which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and minds through christ jesus. Finally, brethren. Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are, just whatever things are, pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthy meditate on these things, the apostle paul says:if you got something you’re getting weird about things are bothering you be anxious for nothing. Church in Owensboro Everybody say this out loud I’m, not anxious for anything yeah. He says if you’re anxious go and pray that with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, so we don’t just pray and then leave it there we pray. We ask the lord to deal with the situation and then we thank him for the answer, prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. We give thanks by faith that it’s already done, how many? No we don’t have our answer. When I answer shows up. We have our answer. The moment we say:amen, amen with thanksgiving. Let your requests be made known to god, says this:that the peace of god, which surpasses all understanding i, don’t know about you, but I could use a little peace in my life everyday and not just natural peace, but the peace of god. Church in Owensboro The peace of god, which surpasses all understanding a piece that doesn’t even make sense begins to guard our hearts. Your heart, what your song comes from your spirit. Man is 12. The aroma goes out to the world. What setting the pace? You enlarge? Your heart, you and larger life guard your heart guard, your heart and your mind. Then it goes only says this. He says now. Let me tell you how to stay there. Church in Owensboro He says whatever things literally says:whatever things are. First, one is true, says noble. He says pure, he says lovely. He says good report. If there’s virtually anything praiseworthy says now, I want you to meditate on the good things. What does it mean to meditate in minster motor order and repeat the same utter utter repeat:that’s what it means to meditate. So the way we got our heart and keep on theme song right is we focus on the goodness of god. We focus on the truth and the grace and the mercy and the peace and the praise and everything that he’s done for us and it’s so easy in the devil in the world, wants us to focus on the .5% of bad things happening in her life. So the will miss the 99.5% of the good things and are spirit and our song will get messed up there. Hey. Let stand up on our feet together today and let’s focus, let’s meditate for one moment on some good things:here’s what I want everybody to close your eyes for one second just close your eyes for one second, not want you to begin to think just like the apostle paul said, let’s meditate on some of the good things that god has given us. Come on he’s giving us so many good things. How many is god saved you forgiven, you healed. Church in Owensboro You set your feet upon a rock delivered you from addiction, deliver to from alcoholism, deliver to from depression, deliver to from yourself how many was god, giving a spouse giving a child given family. Put you in america very fact that you’re in this room you’re the top 3% wealthiest people in the world own. Let’s meditate on that, let’s think about that! Then we week we have more than enough. We have clothes on her back where the warm building. Today we had breakfast and are probably on our way to heaven lunch lord. Church in Owensboro We thank you for that. We meditate on that and father. We repent today for thinking about the other stuff, focusing on the negative, focusing on the small things and let them become the abundance of our hearts. Father fix that about us. We pray today. Let us glorify you magnify. You be the person that you want us to be now. Lord I pray that all theme songs will be your theme. Song did every person under the sound of my voice, father. They would walk the way you want them to walk in the grace of god, but their hearts would be filled with the peace of god in the word of god and out of their heart would come a song that will change this region. We declare me the creek that the people of owensboro and the surrounding region are you singing through us. Oh lord and I’ll receive jesus, at, the, glorious, hope of the gospel flowing in their lives. Use us. We pray in a mighty mighty way. Everybody say this out loud, say:i have the right theme song in jesus, mighty name all give, the lord one more big hand, clap hallelujah Church in Owensboro