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Church in Owensboro Or not each and every one of them. You have a connection now to be a member of the body of christ, corporate, lake i. Believe you have to be a member of the body of christ locally. You need to be planted in the local body of jesus christ. Somebody say amen to that. Church in Owensboro The only thing that I know that god is building on the earth today is his church matthew chapter 16, verse, 18 through christ that I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it for 92. If you’ll get planted in the house of the lord will flourish in the courts of our god. Church in Owensboro You get connected to this word. A promotion in this local body double promoters corporately, and that means he’s going to lift you individually, wants to take you to the next level in your marriage, wants to make you a better husband. Make you a better wife. I know that some of us need to be better husband. Some of us need to be better wife. I see people pointing at their spouses right now, huh yeahskyrim in the fruit of the spirit, didn’t learn to walk out this fight that you’re living just a little bit better I believe that god’s going to promote you, some of you need financial breakthrough. I believe that god is the god of the harvest am in church. He can take care of us he can provide for us. He owns the cattle of a thousand hills I’m, leaving for promotion in your life in every area in jesus, mighty name the only place you will find the word promotion in the bible as we understand it in the english and it’s a little different word in the hebrew, is in the king james version in psalms chapter 75, verse, 6, here’s how it reads as this exaltation that word means for exaltation or to lift or to promote, comes neither from the east north from the west north from the south. But god is the judge. He puts down one and he exalts another, bring the hand of the lord. There is a cup and the wine is red. It is fully mixed any pours it out. Shirley, it’s drag, show all the wicked of the earth drainand drink down, but I will declare forever. I will sing praises to the god of jacob. All the horns of the wicked I will also cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted, shall be promoted or shall be lifted. The psalmist just talkin about judgment coming on to the wicked, but that the horns of the righteous are going to be lifted. The horns of the righteous it’s a hebraism, it’s a hebrew form of speech, and it means this. The power of the righteous is going to be lifted. The righteous are going to be exalted. Let me ask you a question today:are you righteoussome of you say? Yes, I’m, not setting you up. It’s not a trick. Question argue argue righteous. Church in Owensboro All right. One of the master keys to promotion in the kingdom of god is understanding. Your righteousness turn over in your bibles to 2nd corinthians chapter 5, 2nd corinthians chapter 5, going to go to 2nd corinthians chapter 5 and I’m going to show you where you are not just righteous. You have not just been made righteous, but you have become the bible says the very righteousness of god in christ jesus jesus christ has made us righteous. You see that right. This comes great promotion, because when you understand your rights as you can go before the king of kings and lord of lords and talk to him as a son and not simply as a slave or servant, 2nd corinthians, chapter 5, verse, 21 will begin and verse 20. Here’s the words of the apostle paul says this:are you there yet say I’ll holler, if you’re therefor christ through us, we in for you on christ behalf, be reconciled to god did you know you’re, an ambassador for jesus christ born again believers everywhere you go. You bring a message as an ambassador from another kingdom trying to persuade and convince the people of this world that they need to join the ultimate alliance with the kingdom of heaven all right. It says that verse 20, verse 21. It says how we become these ambassador’s this, for he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, but we might become the righteousness of god in him, for he made him who knew what to say no sin to be sin or to become sin for us that we might become the righteousness of god in him. The bible says very clearly that the son of god came down from heaven to make a great exchange with you and I god on couchcriss cross had all of this and that any person from the human race would commit from the garden of eden until the last man is born for the womb and one moment on calvary’s cross, several hours on one friday. Himself in the flesh was nailed to a tree, and in that moment the sin of humanity. Every atrocity you can imagine genocide, rape, murder, in lying stealing, cheating, devouring others was poured out on the son of god in christ, saw his prophetic destiny. We see it in the garden of gethsemane, he pray to the father, he says not my will, but thy will fuck father. Can you take this cup from my hands? He understood that the most horrible thing that would ever happen to anyone in humanity was about to happen to him, and that is the our sin was poured on him. Everyone say these words safe, the, great, exchangearson being poured on him such mental anguish, as it goes into that moment, skip against to sweat, literally drops of blood. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He prays any charles. Spaghetti can send some stuff to the will of the father, jesus nailed to the tree, and in that moment he reconciles up, under god, making us ambassadors to another kingdom, giving us the rights to be the sons and the daughters of god to be led by the spirit of god, and in that moment we have this exchange our sinfulness to him and we receive and become his righteousness. Today you can boldly say these words:i am the righteousness of god in christ. Jesuslet me say it again. Today you can boldly say these words. I am the righteousness of god in christ jesus. Let me say it again today you can boldly say these words right here. It says that the apostle paul pended, inspired by the holy spirit that we might become the righteousness of god in him. Somebody say this I’m, the righteousness of god. Let’s say it Again:i’m the righteousness of god come on. Let’s say it again:i believe it I’m the righteousness of god yeah. If you’ve been born again, you can boldly say that that is a master key to promotion in the kingdom of god and in life. So many people, don’t they can’t pray with authority because they don’t believe that the right one. Rochester’s is a big theological works, but it simply means right, standing with the lord, be in the lord we’re right. Where are we right now, because I’ve done something or been a good enough? Little boy and girl? How many know you can’t sit on the front row long enough to become righteous? You can’t give enough to become righteous. Church in Owensboro You can’t serve enough to become righteous. It’s by the grace of god has given unto us, and now all of our properties and sins are wiped away, and we can say I’m the righteousness of god in christ jesus. Stop doing yourself as a sinner somebody say amen. Where do we send? Yes, none of us are perfect and we were sinners, Church in Owensboro but we’ve been saved by grace now the bible says we’re a new creation. Old things are passed away, all things have become new and we are being conformed, into, his image. Are we perfect today? No, but we’re being perfected will be fully perfected when we see him again to view yourself as the righteousness of god in christ jesus. How do you know that god is hearing your prayers? Will the bible says that you’re the lord is open until the righteous? What do you believe by faith in the shed blood of jesus christ? All the sudden, you get a direct line to heaven psalms chapter 75. Does the horn of the righteous are the power of the righteous will be exalted? It will be lifted, it will be promoted. You can pray with authority. You can walk in authority. You can be in a relationship with your father. How many never prayed I’ll call them porcelain! Prayers before you got saved hanging on to that toilet, about midnight, .. You know. Save me, let me live through this I’ll. Never do it again, can’t can’t pray with power like that. Can you do you know why you can’t she don’t understand your righteousness, see this is the master key to get you in the promotion. The next master key I want to talk about to get you in the promotion in the kingdom of god turned over to james chapter 4, james, chapter 4 and verse, 10 james, chapter 4, verse, 10 will call at this will call it what will call it give military another one of the master keys to understanding promotion in the kingdom of god. Church in Owensboro It says this james said humble yourself in the sight of the lord and he will lift you up. He will exalt you. He will promote you same idea in the word. How about how many of her people say you can humble yourself or god can humble. You never heard that. Have you ever been humbled? If you ever had that experience, I’m going to give you one of the most humiliating stories of my life, cuz people, like that kind of thing, whenever you speak, they like to hear about your mistakes and whatnot. Alright, when I was a kid 19 years old to say, I was cocky would have been an understatement. I thought I was the man from snowy river. Church in Owensboro Have you ever seen that show the man from snowy river australian runs the horse down off the cliff and all that kind of thing they got out and one of my buddies calls me and says this guy can come over and help me get them up. Did you have a horse over there? You can rope off of her something and I was back from a college at that time and I’ve sold my horse or or I can trim a horse. I told him. I was real close to that horse. I can’t remember what happened to him, but but it anyway anyway, I called my older brother and asks i, say todd. You have a horse that I can go back and get her and take her out and get these cattle up. So we go down and we we get these horses. We go over to clay kentucky right, there’s, not a lot happening in clay kentucky. Whenever I get there. It’s like the whole town is I’m. Out. Just try to get these cattle off. It’s like you know, welcome to the rodeo or something and we get out I’ll settle up this gray mare get on her take off across the field. There’s all these men there watching this I’m running wide open, chasing this cab, getting ready, getting ready to rope it and as soon as I’m running I’m, tracking it and I’ll pull up my last or first time, I swing, the gray mare locks up her front legs. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Those are rear, end straight up into the air. Those me through my lasso over I do a 180 land on my back in front of all these minute. Just almost killed me. You know what not all the breath out of me all that stuff. So I get back up and I’m the man from snowy river, so I’m not going to be hurt. I get back on the gray mare and I take off after the next cab running wide open through the field. All of these men watching me I’ll pick up my lasso to swing first time. I swing, you know what she does. She likes out her front legs. He throws her back in straight up into their nose me. Church in Owensboro They said literally threw my last so again did it total landed on my back by this time. I no longer think I’m the man from snowy river. If you know what I mean to get in the truck had to pick both of my legs up to get myself into the truck under my buddy says down by me since you’re hurting bad aren’t you I thought you said he said. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you if you don’t want her up she’ll, try to kill you every time. I appreciate the information. You know we can humble ourselves. How do we view ourselves do if you are cells more highly than we ought to? James wrote this humble yourself in the sight of the lord. That word humble means to make oneself low to make oneself low in the sight of the lord. When we come to worship, often what we do, we val it’s a physical symbol of our hearts. They were making ourselves low in front of the side of god. Understanding can’t do anything on her own behalf. We are at his mercy and we need his grace and his help, and he says if your humble yourself, in the sight of the lord that god will exalt you lift you or promote you. The way up in the kingdom of god is down again and again and again in his parables. He says:if you go to a party and there’s a table or spread out, don’t sit down in the best seat. Don’t want to be the lesser seat so that you might be invited up. It’s a sign of humility. Jesus said:whoever wants to save his life, will lose it, but he loses his life. Will save it. Humble yourself in the sight of the lord, why don’t you you believe her so you’re comfortable with this just left the hand of heaven right now, just right there, if you’re comfortable with that lift the hand of heaven and say this to the lord, say:lord i, humble myself in your sight, in jesus, name. You know the sight of the lord is always on us. Church in Owensboro David said, even though we went into she old, we would not be absent from his present. The hebrew author said that the eye of the lord is always on us. Look at your neighbor and tell him to say god’s watching. You know that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. That can be a positive thing. Some people live in fear of the eyes of the lord because their lifestyles incorrect, but you come recognize your righteousness do the best you can to walk it out, and that means there’s a protecting, loving eye upon you, humble yourself in the sight of the lord and he will exalt. Church in Owensboro You turn over. Just a few pages. The 1st peter 1st peter go to begin reading there in chapter 5 peter has the same concept. All of these apostles do and he hasn’t in a little different context here. Talking about church authority in talking about eldership and things like that, first peter, chapter 5, verse, 1, here’s what peter rights he says, the elders who, among you, I exhort my fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of christ and also a protector of the glory that will be revealed. Peter, says I’m. Writing to you. Elders peter also says:i am an elder. You know an elder according to new testament standards. Peter was an apostle. It’s a five-fold ministry gifts is what an elder is an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher and elder isn’t just in an older person in the body of christ. Although we respect them and honor them, it’s a ministry gifts, so peter is riding to the preachers in the teachers he says you preachers and teachers. I have source. Church in Owensboro I am a fellow elder, a witness of the sufferings of christ and also a protector of the glory that will be revealed shepherd. The flock of the term shepperd that they’re used interchangeably here shepherd, the flock of god, is over sears to be an overseer, is another term for an elder, not by compulsion, but willingly not for dishonest game but eagerly not as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock and when the chief shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory. That does not fade away. I want you to understand, he’s talking about church authority. Here everybody say the teachers talking about the teachers who bring the doctrine to the body of christ the good teaching in verse 5. It says this. Likewise, you younger people submit yourself to the elders elders he’s talking about. Church in Owensboro Yes, all of you be submissive to one another testament to the elders or or or those who share and brake doctor, and he says, submit to one another. How many know life is given take with the people were called to live with it. Have you ever been wrong before anyone in here yeah we’re all wrong? Quite a bit sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re right, sometimes I’m wrong and we have to be submissive one to another. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Aren’t he says this. He says god resists the proud, verse 5, but gives grace to the humble there for humble yourself under the mighty hand of god that he may exalt you in due time, god resists the proud, if you want to go to war with god, live in prides that word in the greek. It means this the guy comes out and he sets himself in a rav4 battle when it went when it says he resists the proud he puts on battle armor and it comes out to the field to war with the proud. How do you know it’s hard to win a war against god? Now? Isn’t it I don’t want to war with god one of the things the bible says that god hates a proud look. He says he resists the proud but gives grace under those who will come before him and be lonely. He’ll. Give you boatloads of grace help in time of need, grace to forgive you, but also grace, to empower you to be everything you’re called to be. He goes on after that, and he says humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, but you may be lifted exalted a promoted in who taught that word hand of god is a hebraism, the hebrew figure of speech. How many never heard somebody say that guy in english is one cool cat. You heard that you’re not talking about a cat in a refrigerator. Are you need to talk about a cool guy? He says humble yourself. Under the hand of the lord hand, of the lord is a hebrew figure of speech for the instruments of the lord. Are the authority that god has set up in your life, doctrinal teaching of governmental authorities? Church in Owensboro Humble yourself under those things that god uses whatever the government, he is being led by righteousness, humble yourself beneath the hand of the lord, and in due time he will exalt you what are the keys to being promoted in life? What are the greatest lessons? I learned when I first got saved about 10 years ago, I went to victory church amarillo texas, and there were ministry gifts there to teach me and coach me and leave me and help me and show me what was good doctrine and at first it was hard I found myself doing things for the body of christ in the church, then maybe I thought we weren’t exactly what I wanted to do. You know I grew up with this concept, but that’s all of them. So many things you do in the kingdom of god I thought they were for women. Anybody ever thought that the being spiritual isn’t manly i, don’t know, I picked it up somewhere as a kid I stand up. My church, the women would send them and wouldn’t you know what I mean the man who sung I thought it was funny what’s wrong with him talking like a woman. Church in Owensboro So don’t think that deep down into my mind, since when I first went to the to the church, henderson understand serving the serving the lord being submissive being helpful doing even even the smallest things at the church, with the way to humble myself but ain’t the hand of god god used it to break a lot of pride out of me, I’m, not perfect. No one is, but he used it not believe. I began to center stage, where god could get me into what he wants me to do. For my life, I want to pray for you, I want to pray for a couple of things for you today, I want to pray that you would understand your righteousness. You been made righteous in the lord jesus christ also want to pray that you will begin to understand the master key of humility. That god would show us where, where, while we need to not think of ourselves so highly or all of us at nnn, to turn off pride and turn on humility, would you stand up on your feet with me for a moment while I pray, for you praise the name of the lord father I pray in the mighty mattress name of jesus christ of nazareth. Thank, you lord that you made us righteous. The bible says in right, standing with you by your blood today father. We thank you for that. We can boldly proclaim with the righteousness of god in christ jesus i. Church in Owensboro Thank you for this key to promotion. Now, lord I pray that you would help us have have the same mind that christ had in him. Will that same mind philippians chapter 2. He it talks about how he humbled himself and he came to this earth, took on the form of a servant servant. How god entered in and lived as a man I think you lost it. He came and he jerusalem lowly riding on a donkey and humility. Go to thank you that there’s power in the kingdom of god to go up as to go down I pray that you would make us like that in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ having issues up here in the body matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth just going to lift a hand to heaven. For one moment, let me pray.. The spirit of grace, the god of all power, beginning to touch people and help people, but I believe her and impartation in here. Oh that grace. That makes us more like you to right now, lord, let some of the corporate on in on this house, but let it flow into people’s lives. Let them leave this house different than the way they came in. I’ll bless them now in jesus, mighty mighty name and the church said, amen Church in Owensboro