Church in Owensboro | Promotion Number 2

Adam to my path, I have this word in my heart that I might not sin against god faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of god today, I hear my heart is open. My ears open, the lord is teaching me and I’m growing in jesus name, amen, amen, amen! Well, the last few weeks we’ve been talking about this subject up for motion and the word of the lord over this church is it’s a season of promotion at river, city church. What it means to be promoted is to be lifted exalted or raised its like this going to the next level in any area of your life. Why don’t you look at your neighbor and just tell them this say I’m going to the next level right there you see what god wants for all of our lives is that we might grow. He wants us to get bigger and better as people as believers as followers of jesus christ. My life is given unto the sole purpose of the fact that you might growas individual believers whenever I win in life is whenever you begin to grow. I. Put all of my effort into into a finding ways to teach the word of god to to talk to you to coach you and the lift you to a new level. I want you to succeed and getting everything that god has called you to be in in life. That is the pastor’s passion and it’s a thing that burns in your life I want to see. You promote it. So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about master keys to promotion from the scriptures the person of jesus christ prepares us for eternity. Would you agree with that? You think we’ve got to have jesus to go to heaven, but I say I meant the person of jesus christ prepares us for eternity, but there’s many many many principles that christ all and can be found in the bible that prepare us for the life that we live today. They prepare us for promotion and one of the master keys. A promotion I want to talk about today, something that will allow you to be promoted by the hand of god and we’ll. Let you keep your promotionis, that of character. Everybody say character. Having the right kind of character is king in life, having the right kind of character is of the utmost importance of being the kind of person that your yay is gay and your name is next been the kind of man that even the bible says would swear. Unto his own hurt. That kind of character is the real followers of the lord jesus christ are made out of how many know some people get promoted in life, but they don’t stay there very long. If you ever seen that let me cite today but be the atlanta falcons quarterback, how many know he was promoted in life? Was he the guy could move the ball down field, but he’s not there right now, he’s serving time did vick have a gifteverybody say:yeah wasn’t in the right place at the right time, yeah atlanta, falcons quarterback? Is he still in the right place at the right time? But if they know now, why did he fall had a character issue? Didn’t he not? As americans we become jaded, even drop the last 30-40 years. It didn’t used to be like this probably meant of jaded. The way we are, but we’ve seen again and again and again, people get promoted in life, only the fumble and a cough it up and fall in such a way where. Well, we just don’t hardly trust anyone anymore and they wouldn’t be truthful to the american people. Look at nixon and watergate after that. We’ve seen it in other political arena. What about clinton and the oval office everybody say character:mumblesyou can set character fumbles when I don’t talk about a politician up, there brian come on it and we all know that happened was in the national media. You know that act like I didn’t exist. We ever seen character fumbles. In the last 10 years, we seen a variety of fumbles from many different denominations, many different backgrounds. What happened? People get put in positions of authority and their character isn’t strong enough to hold them just yet. We’ve seen it in the financial, real man in big business. How do you know who enron was y’all heard of enron ken lay? All of these things service warnings to us as believers. Listen if we won’t let the spirit of god work on our character, if we don’t receive the principles of christ into our hearts and let the fruit of the spirit begin to be formed in our hearts:love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness will find ourselves in a position in life where are character, can’t, hold, us and when you fall and you’ve been promoteit hurts people. Here’s a quote:jr miller one said rid of a road named after a miller, but but but here’s a quote:john miller once said he said. The only thing that walks back from the tune with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of man. This is true what man is survives him. It can never be buried. Let me read that again. The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of man. This is true what man is survives him. It can never be buried the memory of what kind of person we really are really were live on long after we’re. Gonedon’t know whether we were what we said. We work whether we walk worthy of a calling with which we’ve been called in, or whether we were a lot of smoke, I pray that will have the right kind of character.

Church in Owensboro Why don’t you just close your eyes, those of you that are comfortable with it lift a hand up to heaven unless asked the lord to help us in the area of our character. Just say this:a father I give myself to you. Give me the fruit of the spirit. Help me have character that pleases you file on me and change me in jesus name:there’s a character in the old testament, a person in the old testament by the name of king david’s, to receive tremendous promotion from the hand of god. He was one of the most glorious kings inn off of israel’s history, and he reaches the pinnacle of what any man would want to do in the arena. As a king in his day and at the very top david make some very big mistakes. Church in Owensboro David was called by god. He was gifted by godhe was anointed by god, but a problem in his character would feel such a devastating blow to him and his family. He would go down to his grave still thinking about the problems he created open up your bibles today, the 2nd samuel, 2nd samuel chapter 11, 2nd samuel, chapter 11 and I want to read you this story of the life of king david. Here’s what it says in 2nd samuel chapter 11, verse 1. If you’re there saying huh, uh huh, here’s what it says it happened in the spring of the year. At the time when kings go out to battle the david sent joe a bandit service with him and all israel and they destroyed the people of m on embassy travel, but david remained at jerusalem. Then it happened one evening that david arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king’s house and from the roof. He saw a woman bathing and the woman was very beautiful to behold so david sent and inquired about the woman andis. This not best sheba, the daughter of helium, the wife of uriah, the hittite, then david sent messengers and took her and she came to him and he lay with her, for she was twins from her impurity and she returned to her house and the woman can seem so she sent and told david and said I am with child ben davidson to joab sang. Send me your right of the hittite and joe absent uriah to david. Church in Owensboro When your ride come to him, david asked how joab was doing and how the people were doing and how the war, prospered and david said to uriah, go down to your house and wash your feet. So your I departed from the king’s house and a gift of food from the king followed him, but you’re right I slept at the door of the king’s house with all the servants of his lord and did not go down to his house. Church in Owensboro So when they told david, saying you’re right, I did not go down to his house. David said figure out. Why did you not come from a journeydid? You not go down to your house and you’re right. I said to david the ark and israel and judah are dwelling in tents and my lord joab in the servants of my lord encamped in the open fields. So I can go to my house to eat and drink and ally with my wife as you live in as your soul lives. I will not do this thing. Then david said to hear I’ll wait here today. Also in tomorrow, I will let you to park so uriah remained in jerusalem that damn the next now when david called him he ate and drink. Before a mini made him drunk and an evening. Church in Owensboro He went out to lounges bed with the servants of the lord, but he did not go down to his house. In the morning. It happened to david, wrote a letter to joab and sent it by the hand of uriah, and he wrote in the letter saying set your right in the forefront of the hottest battle and retreat from him that he may be struck down and die. David’s wishes come to past, get down the verse 26. You can read the rest of the chapter later today when the wife of uriah heard that you’re righthusband was dead. Church in Owensboro She mourned for her husband and when our morning was over david sent and brought her to his house, and she became his wife and bore him a son, but the thing that david had done displeased the lord. Would you write those last words with me today? Everybody say this, but the thing that david had done displeased the lord, let those words service of warning to all of us are actions. Church in Owensboro Can either please or displease the lord hears what happens in the life of david david. He comes he’s been promoted, he’s at the pinnacle of the success. Everyone in the surrounding area knew who he was. He was moving israel out and he was taking over land after lance. That’s what david was anointed to do. He was anointed to kill, to be a warrior king and to expand the boundaries of israel a day came around when it was time for david to go out to battle. Buddy did not go out to war. He stayed at home, I mean you know. We are to be busy about, are calling amen, church being busy about our calling, will keep us out um, so much trouble by grandfather used to say these words and I bet. Maybe your grandmother grandfather used to say it. They would say that idol time as what how do you say it’s the devil’s workshop I mean how do you know whenever a man or a woman has no purpose or anything to do and they’re sitting around twiddling their thumbs still end up destroying themselves? You can go down and look in the projects today where men are forced to work but live on handouts. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You look down. You’ll, find every kind of drunk every kind of wicked file. Thank every kind of abuse, every kind of create it to produce something. Look at your neighbor and say big, be busy about the father’s business. Just say that be busy about the father’s business. So david is not busy and when you’re not busy you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing, he was up on top of his roof. It’s the middle of the day when men ought to be working and david looking down from from the top of his palace, where a woman is bathing and he’s watching her, but she, but the bible says that she was smoking hot. What it says says that in the hebrew right there somewhere, he told me it says I’m just kidding, but the text that she was beautiful to look at and so david gets fixated. Looking on her now, how many of you, ladies notice of a good-looking guy walks in the room, you can be honest. You noticed that you’re not going to raise your hand, you’re scared of your husband’s or something you’re, a liar. So I know you notice, when a good-looking guy walks in the room. How are you men notice when a good looking lady walks in the room? Of course you do you’re, not blind you’re, not stupid. You noticed I noticed thing. Isn’t the sin? Not your! You notice! It’s what you begin to focus on the takes you into into a sinful nature. You know what I’m saying stopping notice everybody notices, it’s the focus, david soul, bathsheba his character could have checked him. He could have turned and walked right back inside. You know what I mean. Sometimes you just don’t know where to look as a man. You got to look at the floor. Look at the ceiling. You just got to look awake, but if you focus on the wrong thing, whatever you focus on her fixate on that before too long you’re going to go after I hate when you’re driving down the road in the car-and you look out to the right-where does that car begin to br-2 after a while yeah you’re focused on it, the apostle paul says whatsoever. Things are lovely of good virtual praiseworthy. A good report think on these things you don’t stop focusing on something you shouldn’t focus on by telling yourself I’m not focusing on it. I’m not focusing on it. I’m, not focusing on it. If you try not to focus on something, what would you focus on it to focus on the right things? The bad things exit the entrance of light that drives darkness south? What enters me determines what exits me focus on the right thing in the bad thing will go. He who has ears to hear let him hear what the spirit of god sets of the church. That’s a key. Church in Owensboro That will keep you out of so much trouble come on, come on, get find something good out of the word of god to focus on the bad things jump in your mind. You can focus on that and that stuff will be gone, david focuses and then he acts on it. He acts on it. He sent down one of his messengers. He says find out who this lady is for me and then he has or brought unto his palace and he sleeps with her. She can see a child we’re talking about david. The bible says he was a man after god’s own heart, the bible says the prophet went to his house. So that’s why I was but a teenager and I know one of them. King of israel in the bible, says, play the giants. He took a giant head off with his own source, carrying it back to king sauce and was ushered into this great great prophetic destiny of the kingdom of god, but this great man of god on this day because of a lack of character in lost in his heart, becomes a rapist number one. Church in Owensboro Now, why would I say david is a rapist. David was the most powerful man in the in the ancient near east at this time when he calls for a woman to come into his office. How do you know she can’t resist whatever he wants her to do with that time? It’s impossible. She does. He can kill her he’s the king. It’s the weather thing work. It’s an abuse-of-power, just like just like the school teacher sleeping with children on television, just like politicians, sleeping with him turn in their office. It’s an abuse of power, it’s a form of rape. As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to say amen to that so david wright’s, this woman, she conceives and he finds out about it and he’s got to cover his tracks when your character is broke and busted it cost. You so much you live life to cover your tracks. Church in Owensboro You don’t remember who you told what, where what, where am I stories match up and you got to just over everywhere you walk so david called me says, have have uriah have uriah brought in from the field in his plan was to get your ride to sleep with his wife so that they wouldn’t know that that child was david and uriah comes in and he says, go down to your house wash your feet and he finds out the next day that you’re right up so loyal. He says:i can’t go down and sleep with my wife, because my brother and her fighting for israel and the art wellz intense you talk about insult to injury to david. David has done nothing but wrong to this. Man in this man wants to serve him. So the man sleep sitting at the door of david’s kingdom that night next day, david gets another plan is plan, was I shall get uriah smashed when I get him drunk. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You’ll want to do the only thing that drunk men want to do and that’s sleep with a woman. That’s why women you won’t stay cuz trunks all I want to do is get you in the sack remember to try to sleep with you before they’re married to you. Church in Owensboro They don’t care anything about you anyway, don’t matter for drunk or sober all, they want to get you in the sack. So that’s david’s planning those two characters, man, but he didn’t understand the character of uriah. Your eye gets drunk with david the next morning that wake up after the party-and you know where you’re right I slept, slept right by the door of david’s house, wouldn’t go down, wouldn’t leave his men and so then david moves past being a rapist. He moves into being a murderer, he comes and he takes parchment. Royal parchment any rights on that apartment. That I want you to send uriah down into the heat of the battle. This the battle rages on I want all the other men to withdraw from your ira and see to it that he’s killed and then david rolls up that parchment. He takes the seal of the king and wax and he sticks it together. Then he hands the hit on your riots life to be executed by david’s hammer name. Joab’s, he hand to your right to carry it to joab rapist, a murder, sending a hit on a man’s life by his own hand, to his captain. Can you imagine what joab felt like whenever you’re right, I handed him that letter joe have the dark? Individual becomes more dark as the scriptures go on pof opens it up. He reads the bit that he’s to kill the man that just handed him this letter. Can you imagine how the respect for david crumble that day, you know lack of character, will cost you something call speaker, reputation, cost you your name cost you your position, it’ll cost you something so joab. He goes through any. Church in Owensboro Does what david asked him to do? Cuz, that’s! The kind of guy joe at was so uriah dies in the battle david text bathsheba to his house, she’s with child. You make sure his own wife and a child is born, but the child is born sick and at that time god raises up a profit by the name of nathan. Nathan comes to david’s house and says:david I’ve got a story to tell you. There are a couple of people and one of the towns in our kingdom. One man’s very rich has much livestock. Everything he needs has lambs has abundance and money. You had a visitor, come and visit him and he needed to prepare a lamb. There was another man in the city who was the poor man, the man that only one lamb, it was dear to him. It was raised up with him and his children get drink from his cup and slept on his bosom and that rich man, when he needed to kill a lamb instead of killing one of his home, he took the poor man’s lamb and he slaughtered it any fed it to his david became outraged. Whenever nathan told him the story and said, tell me who this man is. It will cost him his life because of his cruelty and nathan turns around with the prophetic anointing on his life, and he says these words to me says you are the man. David has god not giving you israel and judah, and everything you could ever want, and if it wasn’t enough, he would give you more yet. Church in Owensboro You have coming in your neighbor you’re right and you have murdered him because of that. The sword will never depart from your house that will raise up someone from your own house and the things that you’ve done in darkness. They will do on the rooftop. It will be a shame for you. Church in Owensboro You know a lack of character, it’ll cost you something won’t look at your neighbor and tell him that I lack of character will cost you something. David is prophesied to that. The store will never depart from his house and it doesn’t the first thing that happens if one of david’s sons rapes, his half-sister turbo in his house, because of his son’s actions that girl’s brothers kill, david son of david have to bury a child. Another child who he can save with bathsheba dies before his arms david feels pain on, like you could ever believe the loss of a child, because he wasn’t willing canvas character, work to palm later on. Church in Owensboro Another son david had by the name of absalom water, david’s throne, and began to lust after his power and its position. He began to woo people on himself as they would come into the kingdom until. Finally, he would rise up in a rebellion against david ruffin david out of his own kingdom, then take david’s wife to a high heel in front of the sun and all of israel said he would sleep with them. They’re in the presence of all the people. Look at your neighbor and say this. Church in Owensboro A lack of character will cost you something. David has two war he’s ran. He is ran out of his own kingdom. He is as an escaped convict until finally, he he raises up and army comes back after his son absalom. He is able to overthrow him and he watches his son die breaks his heart, even though his son was rebellious people often talk about the david who’s, the psalmist and the david is anointed and the david who was a mighty warrior and a damn. Who does all these things? But so often we forget that the second half of david’s life was one of brokenness and pain and bearing children and shame and his wife being raped on top of a hill in front of his entire kingdom. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Do you know why all of that happens because david’s character was weak? So what? If we can go back to the moment where david is supposed to go out to war with the kings? What if we could? What? If we can roll the dvd back turn back the pages go back to the day? Maybe he doesn’t even go out to work any standing on top of that rooftop and he sees bathsheba. Church in Owensboro What, if we go back to that instance, worst character begins to break and we change the way. You think we change his heart and at that moment, instead of focusing on by sheebah, he turns and walks away, and he says I made a covenant with my god in my heart, not to lust against the woman’s. What, if his character issue could have been resolved at that day, it would have made everything different. Listen to me, your decisions determine your destiny. Your decisions determine your destiny. Let me see your decisions determine your destiny. You got the cards in your hand, man. You can turn the deal today. If not, if you want let your character be worked on, it will cost you something and not just you, but your family cause david is liv’s. Some people say well, that’s unfair, that’s not fair. How can it at my actions affect other people? I know it’s not fair, it’s family! That’s why what we do affects our children. Church in Owensboro Doesn’t it what we do and it affects our spouse? What we do it affects our co-workers. We don’t live in a bowl, our character matters, i, believe and I pray and I’m asking god today that he would give us the ability to stand firm with the right kind of character in those rooftop moments. Where is all laid out there in front of us, and we can choose that day whom were going to serve I pray, that we would choose the way of character. Let god work in our hearts. Give us the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control, where we don’t fumble, somebody say amen to that. Would you stand up on your feet? Allow me to pray over you this morning. Stand up on your faith, stand up on your feet. You can lift the hold hands to heaven, lift the holy hand of heaven right now. Let’s, let’s, let’s let the spirit of god search us look at our character! Church in Owensboro Look at our look at our ways! Father. We pray that you would search us lord, that you would check us where we lay our selves on the altar, letting you letting you sign that flood light of the holy spirit on her character. Lord, we pray that you would begin to remedy those things that aren’t like you, but those things that are simply human in fleshly those those things from this world. This broken world we live in that we picked up. Church in Owensboro We pray that we wouldn’t live like the world or walk like the world, that we wouldn’t walk in the flesh, but that we would walk in the spirit, but I think you two were ambassadors from another kingdom, I pray lord. We will learn to live in, walk like one brother. We would stand true, but whatever the mourners walked back from our to buy the stories of our life, be, he was a good man. He was a man of principle. She was a woman of integrity. She was a proverbs 31 woman, who washed the feet of the same. She love people. She made a difference. Church in Owensboro These people did what was right by that be our legacy when the mourners walked back from the 10 legacy northbay preachers not have to lie at our funeral mlb easy photo to read our last right:i pray, i, pray, i, pray, lord, i, pray for the anointing of god. To begin to move on us fall upon the shape of make us what you would want us to be right now, if you got a a glaring character flaw-and you know it right there, just repent of it before the lord. Tell the lord you’re sorry ask him to forgive you and help you right there, where you are god’s willing to help. He wants to help pray lord that you would help us help us help us help us help me lord have mercy on me. Lord help me change me from the inside out. Apart from you, I can do nothing next prayer in the mighty matchless name of jesus christ of nazareth, amen, amen, amen, Church in Owensboro