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Church in Owensboro Go ahead and open up your bibles tonight to matthew matthew chapter, 5 matthew are skews me chapter 6 and we’re going to talk about prayer for a little bit tonight. I had a good message prepared:i was ready. I was going to talk to you about soul winning and talk to you about winning people to christ and in prayer before the service to holy. Spirit prompted me and told me to go another direction and all that typically never happens to me. I. Church in Owensboro Don’t do that so I believe the spirit of god’s got something he wants to say to some people in the room tonight. Look at your neighbor and tell them this get ready to receive just tell him that all right, matthew, chapter 6 and verse, 5, and here it is what we’re going to read this text, starting in verse, 5 years how traits and when you pray, you should not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets that they may be seen by men. Church in Owensboro Assuredly I say to you:they have their reward, but you, when you pray, go into your roomand when you have shut your door. Pray to your father, who is in the secret place, and your father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly and when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen. Do you think that they will be heard for their many words, therefore, do not be like them. For your father knows the things you have need up before you ask him in this manner therefore, pray our father in heaven, hallowed be, your, name, your, kingdom come. Church in Owensboro Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. One for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen, for, if you forgive men, their trespasses. Church in Owensboro Your heavenly father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive men, their trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses here we have thejesus christ of nazareth and he’s talking about when you pray for you look at verse, 5. The first thing he says is he says when you pray, everybody say when you pray always think it’s an interesting fact there that jesus doesn’t say if you pray, jesus, dutton saying you know, if you think about it, bring he says when you pray, he assumed that all of us who would follow him and follow his teachings would be people a prayer. Church in Owensboro Jesus was serious about prayer was in a church. You read about the life of jesus christ of nazareth you’ll, find him going into the temple. You’ll find them going to wear the money, changers were and what they would go around. The temple in that day was that people had to travel a long way to worship in the temple in the middle of jerusalem, and then we have to bring animals to be sacrificed, their and money changers begin to fight, but that people didn’t want to travel with animals. They didn’t want to come and bring the kind of money they needed to give cuz their money would have to be exchanged it in the money from jerusalembe given in the temple, so they would bring animals there and they would sell them outside of the temple and around the temple. Church in Owensboro They would bring animals that weren’t really good animals, and then they would jack the prices way up on the animals to take advantage of the people. Also, you couldn’t give money from the roman system into the temple. It would be a defiled thing. It couldn’t be given from the roman system in the temple their the jewish system. They would have to exchange that money and those guys would also jack up the exchange rates to their advantage. Jesus went to the money, changers tables and he threw those tables over, and he said this you’ve turn this house into a den of thieves, but it’s called to be a house of prayer for all generation. Everybody say a house of prayerjesus is serious about prayer. I was sitting in the back of this room prank. Last week, I was sitting on one of the chairs they’re in here by myself, in the sanctuary in the spirit of god spoke to me and in these are the words that he said to me. He said the first place, just as clear as a bell. The first place. What he saying is he wants the first place in all of our lives amen. He wants the first place in all of our lives. He wants the first place. He wants us to seek him. First, he wants to be the first priority. He wants to have the best part of each and everyone of us. He wants the first place, i. Think. If we look at our prayer lives, we can see. We can begin to decide whether god has the first place in our life or the 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th. Take a moment with me. If you will and I want you to think about your own life, how is your personal prayer life? Maybe youheard a lot of teaching about a personal prayer life? But do you have a personal prayer life? You have a time in the day, every day when you come before the presence of god seek him talk to him worship. Him spend time with him one of the most important habits that you’ll ever get study the life of jesus you’ll find that even jesus would get away from the crowd we’re talkin about god in, the flesh will get away from the crowds. He would go alone to a separate place and he would seek god and pray there.

How many you think, if jesus needed to pray that everyone in this room needs to pray, somebody say amen to that amen. Let’s look back at our text, matthew chapter 5. He says this when you pray, don’t pray like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues on the corner of the streets that they may be seen by men. Oh surely I say to you, they have their reward, but you, when you pray, go into your room and when you have shut your door, pray to your fatherwas in the secret place and your father, who sees in secret will reward you openly. So don’t pray to be seen by people don’t breathe so that you can see more spiritual, don’t tell everyone about your prayer life. You don’t have to try to look like the most spiritual person in the room. You don’t have to be the loudest person in the crowd. All the time don’t forecast. Those things said to do. Church in Owensboro That is to be a hypocrite in their culture. What a hypocrite was is a hypocrite was an actor somebody who wore a mask in a play and he’s talking about the pharisees. They would do those things and it was a hypocritical thanks, but he said whenever you pray you go to the secret place, everybody say the secret placeand. He said you get a secret place, a place where it’s just you and got one on one, but two of you and if you’ll develop this ritual of the secret place, it’s a ritual but has reward. He said this that your father, who sees in secret, will reward openly having a real vibrant prayer. Life changes things for you having a real focus prayer. Life makes all the difference in the world having the time you spend with jesus set you up to live and reward, and it says the god, the maker of the heavens and the earth. Church in Owensboro That god is the one that’s going to reward you openly. How many you think that our god, who made the heavens and the earth is able to reward us better than anybody else or anything else. It anything else we might get our sites on our god is able to reward us in a mighty mighty mighty way says:go to sit, go to your secret place and pray. You need a secret placethe, best ways. I’ve ever found in my life to establish prayer. It is to establish a time and establish a place where I’m going to meet with god. Now I’m, not saying you have to do it that way, but that makes it easier. How many know lots of things that you don’t schedule you’re not going to get done? How many bills recognize that out there in your personal life? It’s true with going to the gym. You don’t have a time you’re going to the gym and you’re going to work out, you’re going to work on your body, you’re not going to go, and it’s true with what I eat. I don’t have a plan on what I’m going to eat. What I’m not going to eat come about 9:30 at night, man I believe everything. That’s not nailed down. I got to know before it gets there. If I went to bed at 8 at night, I would like a hundred fifty pounds. I know I would be like swimsuit ready. You know tomorrow when I get up everywhere, swift anywhere, but just in case I want it. You know what I meanso you gotta have a plan. You got to be ready, so lots of people talk about this. If you want a good prayer, life, lots of people will say and I think they’re, probably right that early in the morning is the easiest to get it done and make sure you don’t miss it. Now, some of you hate the morning, so I’m never going to be legalistic about that jessie hates the morning. She really does she didn’t understand our family cuz. Church in Owensboro My my I come from a bunch of morning, people. Early in the morning. We’re up talking we’re laughing around the table. We’re doing that kind of thing and jesse would come down when she first married into the family and she’s like what is up with your family in the morning. You know, what’s up so like afternoon or night time would be more a time she would want to meet with god. But you got to get a time scheduled. You got to get it there. You got to get ready cuz. If you don’t have it somewhere, set aside you’re not going to get it doneand. It’s not a legalistic thing. It’s not prayer else! It’s well! What a blessing to be able to come into the presence of an almighty god on a daily basis, what a blessing to have an audience with the most powerful ruler in the world every day, what a blessing to stand before the one who created you and made you and forms you and put the very breath of life into your lungs, what a blessing to stand before the one who called you out of darkness and into marvelous light, and to talk to him and i? Have him whisper things into your ears? What an incredible blessing to be able to walk and talk with god jesus said this:he said when you pray, verse, 7, don’t pray like the heathen. Do they think that they’re going to be just because they talk a lot, he said, but when you pray, pray like this verse, 9 y’all look at it. This shows us. This is the model prayer right now and I want to talk about a little bit and then we’re going totogether a little bit. Here’s what it starts out at in this manner therefore pray. The first thing he says is our father. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro In heaven everybody say our father all right I want you to know that when you pray there is a specific god that we pray to as christians amen church. We don’t just pray out there to an unknown god just like jesse was talking when she was exhorting earlier that there was this nation persecuting people, but the only religion they persecuted, where the christians there’s a reason. They were persecuting the christians because we serve the true and the living god. All the other dogs are dead, they’re not alive. So we pray to the father in heaven, whatever I start to pray, I like to let everybody around including entities in the spirit worldpeople in the room, flesh and blood or angelic bean. Anyone that might be listening to me, I like to make it clear just whose presence I’m invoking whenever I begin to pray. So pretty like this often coming up right right now, I pray to the god of abraham isaac and jacob I pray to the god of israel and I pray in the name of jesus. Church in Owensboro Don’t you want to be clear who your brand to huh not praying to allah I’m, not praying to the unknown god I’m, not print any other god people might make up one time I was talking to a girl. I was witnessing to her. She was a waitress hear it in in town, and she told me you know that she was i. Think she told me she was a member of she said she was a pagan or she was a wiccan. She was a pagan or wiccan, one of the other and I said really you’re you’re, you’re you’re a pagan or wiccan i. How about that too and I’m just talkin to her whatever and I said so tell Me:i’m a christian and I worship, the god of the jews, the god of abraham isaac and jacob his son jesus christ. That’s why i, worship and I have scriptures that tell me about my god has scriptures that tell me his character is nature. What he wants from me. I said it. If you worship this this deity-and she told me that the deity she worship was some deity in at the ancient italian deity, I said, surely you must have some scriptures about what you worship this guy. And. She looked at me all puzzle for a moment and she said well i, just I get on the internet and I found things that I like but are written about my god and then that’s the way. I worship, my god, so I said. Let me let me get this straight again:okay, you worship, an ancient italian deity and you just get on the internet and poke around and find things that you like written about your god and that’s how you worship your god. She said yeah, you know that’s pretty much, it. The fact of the matter what she said. She wasn’t really praying really worse thing. Any guy. Church in Owensboro You know what I mean she did fight whatever she likes. She found things that she likes and she made it up to be. And then would worship and talk to that guy. That way, how many? No, we don’t do that as christians a man we worship god according to the book, and we talked to the god of the book. So the first thing it says:our father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. I, remember:i worked up in st, joseph, missouri, jesse and i. Church in Owensboro Did there at word of life church and the pastor was pastor brian’s on and he he was invited to an ecumenical prayer meeting and if you’re going to an ecumenical prayer meeting, you’re wasting your time so don’t mind going because ecumenical kind of means all face are going to show up we’re, not work, we don’t pray to the same god. We don’t do all that and so they’re there at the prayer meeting in the first guy called to pray. What was a liberal pastor? He comes up and it begins to pray, a prayer to the unknown god. Church in Owensboro Now father we come tori said we come now and we pray to the unknown. God is the way that he pray and went on and pray. This prayer and people are sitting there and pastor brian was the second yahoo is dupree in line there and pastor brian came up after the first guy I prayed and, of course it just rubbed him all the wrong ways. You know what I mean and he took the podium and he came up and he said:nope I pray to the god of abraham isaac and jacob I pray to the god of israel i, know, and I’ll pray to him in the only name under heaven by which men might be saved, I pray in the name that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that jesus is lord, I pray in the name of jesus and whenever he began to say that there was a black bapticostal guy in the room and he started praying like that and that guy, in the background started going yeah yeah yeah. He was, he was given some music in the back cuz. He was prince that got was an agreement. How many you know that we are to be the kind of people that only pray in the name of jesus. Somebody give the lord of hand clap do you believe it and if you get invited anywhere to any government function to pray and i, asked you not to pray in the name of jesus. Look him in the eye and tell them. There is no other way to pray, because the prank any other wife is the pray to a devil huh. We don’t ever take the name of jesus off of the way we praise church amen in it. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro So I says this in this manner. Therefore, pray our father in heaven next thing you said, is halloween, be your name. When you come to pray to the lord, you need to remember that we serve a holy god. Amen holy got a right, just got to be holding means to be separate. The word kudos needs to be cut apart or a. Cut above, if you will, but we serve, is a cut above. The way we think our thoughts are not his.. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Church in Owensboro He is the different. He’s a holy perfect, righteous god i, like that. It shows that when you pray for the first thing you do it is you identify who your friend too, and then you begin to talk about his attribute says holy is your name. We come into his courts with thanksgiving. We come into his courts with praise whenever we first began to talk to god. How many think it’s a good thing to begin to worship him for one more jesus said this holy? Is your name? Why don’t you just lift a hand to heaven? And, let’s just say holy is your name. Oh lord just talked to him. For second, we love you, we worship you, we magnify your name, we bless the name of jesus. Tonight we say holy holy holy lord, god almighty, who was and is and is to come. You are god holy. Is your name? We love you, we worship you, we magnify you, that’s why you coming to the presence of god you coming to the presence of god, with thanksgiving flowing out of you, thankful father for everything you’ve done holy is your name. You can talk to him right out of your mouth there, but we love you. We worship you magnify, you bless your name. We bless the name of jesus holy. Church in Owensboro Is your name hollow it be. Your name says this after that eats your, kingdom come everybody say your kingdom come when we pray were supposed to pray that the kingdom of god would be established in the earth that the kingdom of god would be established in the earth. Alright jesus said this:whenever he came, he said things like this. The kingdom of heaven is at hand everybody saying it’s in hand or right. That’s. That means this that the kingdom of heaven is within our reach by kingdom come kingdom of heaven is within your reach, something that you can obtain something that you can be a part of about. John. The baptist said the same thing. Church in Owensboro The kingdom of heaven is at hand it’s here and he would say because it’s here repent turn turn from your waist turn to god’s ways it’s within your reach, but we’re also supposed to pray for an ultimate return of the kingdom of god. The kingdom of god is here, but the kingdom of god is also coming. Bible says that jesus will come back that he will return. It sure is anything you can imagine. His return is imminent. The bible says he will come as a thief in the night and then we’re supposed to be to pray for the return of his king of the king, the return of jesus. We pray for his kingdom to come that there’s an ancient word. The people used to break it. It’s this maranatha maranatha means this even so. Church in Owensboro Come quickly. Lord jesus, whatever we pray for the kingdom of god to come, we’re praying for a couple of things. Number one we’re praying that the world would be evangelized quickly, because the bible says that this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in every ethnic tongue. Every every linguistic group that that exists on the earth and then the end shall come jesus can’t return to the earth until the gospel is preached in every tongue. You know when some remote parts of the world there are so many linguistic groups, small tribes, even the twin woods, are different from tribe to tribe. To try for god can return to the earth. Church in Owensboro There must be a gospel witness in every tongue. Book of revelation says we get to, heaven will see people from every tribe and every tongue. So whenever we pray maranatha are we pray for the kingdom of god to come? We’re praying that the work of the gospel would be hasten, but missions would go forth that people would be anointed and sent to all of those tribes. All of those people went went with a witness of the gospel with so we’re praying for that. We’re also praying that god will come back. Jesus will come back and establishes kingdoms upon earth. How many I would like to see jesus come back, huh I want to see him come back. Church in Owensboro The longer I’m with him used to I didn’t want I have so many things. I want to do in life before christ would return and now I realize life is wonderful, but there’s nothing as wonderful as being in the presence of jesus sing. Come back any day beat be fine with me or at your kingdom come your will be done. Everybody say your will be done, but the will of god is the word of god established in our life. We pray that his will would be done. Not my will, but thy will oh lord, not my will, but thy will we don’t want our stuff come to pass. We want his stuff come to pass. How do you discern the will of the lord you discern the will of the lord by the word of the lord only way you know what god’s will is his get to know his word. Some people are out there. Just listening for voice. Is all the time waiting on god to talk to him. You know, but but have no idea what the will of god is for their life. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro I can introduce you to the will of god for your life. It’s right here in my hand, to get acquainted with this book. Get this book in your heart. Look into to read through the pages of this book spend time with this book. You’ll know what the will of god is for your life. Your will be done. The next thing he says is on earth. Everybody say on earth best way:i know for the will of god to be established on earth is all of us are made out of earth. Aren’t we dirt road? We came from your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I think it would really look a little bit like this. Your your will be done on earth in earth in my life. Your will your word beginning to happen in my life, just as it is in heaven, you know what happens in heaven. Everybody said the will of god. The will of god is what happens in heaven. Bible says the jesus wants his will to be done on earth, just like it is in heaven, whatever he wants when he wants it, how he wants it. Somebody say amen to that Church in Owensboro