Church in Owensboro | Prayer Part 2

Church in Owensboro Alright go ahead and get your bible tonight and open it up to the book of james, the book of james, we’re going to begin tonight in the book of james chapter 1 and verse, 22, the book of james, chapter 1 and 22 I’m, going to finish up tonight. What we began and I was trying to finish up at the end of the year, but I didn’t get didn’t get all the way through it and I was talking about prayer and I was talking about patterns of prayer and I was talking about how you can take your prayer life to another level and learn how to pray. You know there’s some things you got to get in your life. If you’re going to have the best of god’s word the best of his life, the best of everything you need there, some disciplines there we’re going to have to practice. Somebody say amen to that. You know:god gives us every tool. We need to succeed. He’ll give you the word in the word:will workif you’ll work it? The word will work if you work it, but so many people never work the work. So many people never take the tools that god’s given them, engage them and apply them to that to their life. Let me ask you a question:how many of y’all have ever purchased a piece of exercise? Equipment just left your hand. All right. Most of us have ever had a gym. Membership. Raise your hand on that. But yeah. Let me ask you a question that piece of exercise equipment today all right y’all to clap for those people there y’all are impressive. When you’ve got me, your notice that your gym membership doesn’t make you lose any weight. You know, I got me a membership at anytime, fitness and I walked in the rain and cutting smoking hot in about 2 hours after I bought that thing, but it didn’t happen, you want to know why it didn’t happen. Cuz I didn’t work. It right. The bible says this. The bible says in the book of ecclesiastes that a three-fold cord is not easily broken, not easily broken, and when you talk about a three-fold cord, we talked about this a lot whenever I’m doing weddings or talking about marriage and often will say, there’s a three-fold cord and we’ll use that symbol as a man or woman and god all tied up together. But you know how I roll through looks. It’s got different things tied together in a three-fold cord, is not easily broken, I believe it there’s a three-fold cord in the bible that we need to put together with giving with prayer and with fasting, and whenever you put those three things together, it’ll release power in your life, you’ll begin to be working. What god’s giving you the tools he’s placed in your belt to see some things begin to coming to pass and new levels in new anointing and new breakthroughs will come to you. Somebody say amen to that:i believe that. But we’ve got to work the thing:here’s, what james says:james chapter 1, verse 21, will start there cuz they’re for last night, all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness. The implanted word, which is able to save your souls but be doers of the word and not hearers. Only deceiving yourself, somebody sabia door, one more time. Or, let’s say it:again. Or somebody Say:i’m a doer of the word of god in jesus name, that’s where the miracle start happening. That’s where your life begins to change. Church in Owensboro That’s when the difference and the change you been looking for begins to break out in your life. Whenever you begin to engage the word of god, the face requires more than just a mental assent or a nod tip of your hats. To believing that something itself. It requires you putting something in action and somebody say amen to that. Huh I’ve heard the story and I actually i, think I told the exotic route the story. Last night, the college-age ministry. I think they had a dvd last night, but the story about I heard another preacher tell us store in the past about a guy on his way to a ministers meeting and this ministers meeting it’s out in the desert and the people are leaving-and you know, there’s just no way to stipe resort out in the desert and everybody’s driving out into the desert to go there and everybody that supposed to be and is registered for this meeting shows up except one guy, there’s one guy missing in everybody’s looking around for him thinking. Where is he at you know? Where is our one guy or one guy who’s missing today, Church in Owensboro I guess we have to wait on him. What’s the deal and what it happened to this guy’s is card broken down on the way to the meeting, and this man had to get out of his car and had to walk to the meeting in the midst of the desert and walking through the desert stuff on them. And you know what I mean I mean to get thirsty. You get worn out. You get sunburned in the guy gets their everybody there. He comes walking through the door, he’s all messed up. Looking and i. He just collapses in the hallway, and everybody runs to him and I grabbed him and they pick him up and they bring them over. Church in Owensboro They sitting down at a table and they start saying. Is there a doctor in the house? He is there, a n n a guy comes up and says a. At, the doctors in the house he comes. He begins to examine this man and to see what’s wrong with him, and the doctor looks at him. He says yep I know what’s wrong with him:he’s dying of thirst right now, what a diagnosis, huh, yeah 8 years of school-and he can tell you what a man thirsty but anyway, so they bring a picture of water and they said it down in front of this guy and this guy you know so he says, he’s he’s looking at that water and he says I believe if I drink, that water I live and not die, there’s some pecans around and what are they say when he says that he meant if I drink, that water I’m on live and not die and whatever they can say they believe the day, then, if I drink this water, I live and I no longer and it’ll bring me up, and everybody said what a man in the guy said, I believe in about the floor, and they said the boys should have just drink the water huh I drink the water, put it in action. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro So here’s the threefold cord that he’s talking about number one. If you go over matthew chapter 6 we’ve been studying and we studied it for several weeks. So I’m not going to read it tonight, but the threefold cord that that I’m talking about tonight, things you need to start working is the first thing jesus said is:when you give somebody say when you give said when you do your chore double d’s, and it wasn’t that he thought that he would have to command us to give at that point, he thought biblical revelation was out there enough. He just said when you give it all to be a part of our characteristic came in what we give is ceiling our future. What we give is a seed that declares our harvest what we give as a symbol of the father whose raised us and poured his spirit out upon us and put his word in us. Whenever we give, we begin to look like him. He said when you give. The second thing you said is:when you pray and then when you pray, he said he didn’t say if you pray or when you’re going to break, he said when you press, if he knew you were going to do that. The last thing you said was when you fast:he knew that we were going too fast and he said that any proclaim that and lots of people only got two thirds or 1/3 or a portion of that equation going in their life and then they’re only getting a portion of the results that they believe that they get from the word of god. It’s because they don’t have everything working for them. So here’s some models that I promised you the last time that we met together. That I would talk about in your prayer life to sprint the mess I preached about fasting recently in the near future, I’ll preach about giving, but but the model of prayer we’re going to talk about tonight. Is this jesus said when you pray go into your secret place, pray to your father, who’s in secret, and you season secret will reward you openly talking about the daily prayer time, but then lots of people say I get in there and i. Church in Owensboro Don’t know what to say:i, don’t know what to do with the model:prayers in matthew chapter 6! You can get one of our previous sermon. If you want to hear teaching on how to pray through the model prayer, here’s another way that you can pray, let me tell you this today you can take a saw, everybody say the songs. This is the way I learned to pray years ago. That would take a song when I didn’t know what to say and I would open up the bible to that song and I would go in my prayer, closet and often the songs will start out with declarations of worship or price and when you first go into the presence of god and begin to pray. One of the best things to do is to be thankful, begin to worship, him and begin to lift his name and magnify him. We enter into his gates with thanksgiving. Church in Owensboro We enter into his courts with what church prays. So so the first thing you do when you go in there we say lord, we thank you. We love you. We bless you in jesus, mighty mighty name and always remember, be thankful. Start your prayers with what you’re thankful for in it cuz. If you quit talking about what you’re thankful for before long you’ll start thinking about what you don’t have you know what I mean we can have so many things that god’s given us and if we’re not careful, we’ll focus on the one thing that were missing when we go to pray instead of focusing on all the good things that god’s given us and a few years ago, man I mean I had a big wrestling match with this, and it was in my own personal life. My father died it’s coming up on 3 years ago and dealing with grief in the loss of him and all the time I was thinking about. I, don’t have my father anymore, and if you focus on that, that thing will begin to drag you down, destroy you. Take you deeper and deeper into depression and grief and despair. What I should have been focused on follow. The lord revealed this to me. Instead of focusing on the loss of your father, why don’t you focus on the fact that you got a wonderful wife, be thankful for it? Why don’t you be thankful about the little girl that you’ve got here in the land of the living? Why don’t you be thankful that you have a job and you have friends and that you’ve got family? Why don’t you be thankful for what you do have as opposed to what you’re missing one of the best ways to begin it is to go in them to begin to thank the lord, then you can take that song and read them through that song and whenever the song was just writing about, delivering to pray for deliverance, take those words per diem right out of your mouth and whatever the song about the grandeur of the glory of god. You just make it a declaration right here, the song that says let the lord be magnified, so I magnify the lord right, here. The song that says that the lord is holding so I declare that you’re holy. You see how you could just read through the song, and you could say those things out loud to the lord. It’s an order! It’s a way that you can pray. So many of us don’t know how to pray, because we’ve had the wrong kind of models and jesus in matthew chapter 6, he says when, you pray, don’t pray like the pharisees. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He says, pray like this instant. Church in Owensboro Don’t pray like these guys pray like this. Instead, they need to change the way they pray. It’s because they’re / models were wrong in the past. You know some people have just absolutely I’ve. Had the wrong prayer models, they’ve been it’s just a religious ceremony or they’ve been taught prayer, that’s just a shot up into the heavens. That’s not based on the word of god. It all give her hurt anybody play like that. There’s lots of people that don’t they don’t know anything about the will of god all they can pray as if it be thy will you know what I mean and there’s some things now that we don’t know the will of god on, but there are many things that we do know the will of god on somebody saying into that mean the words already said that god is going to give us grace in the words already said that god is going to give us favor and the words already said that he’s provided for our healing and the words already said that he’s going to give us a love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control. The works already said that he wants. Our marriage is to work, and so I can pray in faith according to the will of god, for all you can pray is a if, if it be your will, oh lord, you need to learn the will of god get into the word of god and you can come out of there with something to pray or another prayer model. I want to give you tonight. Is this prayer model and I’ll call it the ripple effect model and, if you’re standing outside of a pond, and you take a stone and you throw it out into that pond and it stoned, hits in the center of the pain you got the triple then you’ll have the second ripple. Then you’ll have the third ripple you have all of these ripples, and this is the way I teach people where you can have something to pray. Church in Owensboro Whenever you get into the secret place. Alright, the stonework goes in the first ripple is you everybody say me, you know you can start by praying when you enter into the secret place, pray for your self. You know it’s okay, to pray for yourself. You know that lots of people say it’s not good for me to to pray. You know there so many needs out there. God’s got so many things going on. Why should I pray for myself? Let me say this to you tonight that job cares about the smallest details in your life. How do I know that the bible says that the very hairs of your head are counted about some people? Not so much, but the lord knows the smallest details of my life, so you go and you begin to pray your the opera I’ll start by praying for myself after I worshipped and thank the lord I begin to pray that I would be strengthened. Father I pray that you would strengthen me. Lord I pray that I would enter not into temptation. You know that even jesus prayed for himself in the garden of gethsemane. How me know if god in the flesh is going to take time to pray to the father to strengthen himself, it’s okay for you to take time to strengthen yourself a man so I will strengthen make the next thing. I’ll begin to do is I’ll pray that all open my eyes and show me wondrous things from his loss. I pray that I would have revelation knowledge of his will. I pray that I would understand. The word I pray that I would hear the voice of the holy spirit the voice of the good shepherd and no other voice will I follow I pray that the lord would lead me and guide me I pray that I would walk in the fruit of the spirit top rated the seeds that have been sold out of my life for the word of god, in forgetting that they would come as a harvest. I pray that the lord will anoint me as a soul winner, and if the gifts of the spirit would be stirred up in my life and that everywhere, I go I would be encouraging and edifying to other. You want to begin praying for yourself like that right, then i, move on to the second ripple everybody say ripple to emeryville. To then is my immediate family or its people. We got. We got a special call in our life for our immediate family., we church husband, to have a special calling for your wife. The bible says that the time to take care of my family and if I don’t take care of them that I’m worse than an unbeliever. So the next ripple is my family, so I begin to pray for jesse and I pray for brawley jesse and lead her and got her and protect her and let her body would be healthy and that she would be hold and that the lord would order steps. The dreams in her heart would come to pass to brylee right there, the next ripple, that’s my immediate family. Let me say this:your relationship with your spouse should be the strongest relationship you have on the earth, encourage you, if you don’t pray for your spouse on a daily basis, begin to amen the strongest relationship on earth and it’s hard. Sometimes you know when you got two little kids and we got a baby as cute as riley when jesse looks at me and looks at her I’m sure in the natural she loves probably more than me, but we know in in faith and what’s right is it? This relationship is the most important one on the earth in it. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro That’s the order your kids will grow up and get married will get hitched to leave. You and it’ll be just me baby at the end. At the end of this deal she had this is what you have to look forward to ride here. You got to dance and shout over that hahaha alright, so they don’t forget to pray for brylee and get y’all to find some scriptures to pray over your children of the lord and pray that they’re like arrows in the quiver of their father, and you ought to pray that the lord would pour spirit will under descendants in this blessing on your offspring I pray, luke 2:52 over my kid all the time I say:briley increases hidden in wisdom and stature and in favor with god and man. We pray for our children, then there’s the next ripple. We begin to pray for other family I pray for our parents, just in my parents are brothers and their children. After that we pray for close friend and then we begin to pray for other relationship. Then I begin to pray for the church to pray for our church, amen, man, pray and intercede and called the blessings of god into the people’s lives. In this room. You have a special connection with the believers in this room. Were called together and assemble together and the spirit of god says that the lord sets the members together in the body as he sees fit in the greek. It literally says that he concrete’s them in the body. Look at your neighbor and say you’re stuck with me, huh concrete’s them! Church in Owensboro That’s why we weep with those who weep and we rejoice with those who rejoice and we pray a covering over each other and I’ll pray for you, then I’ll pray for the leaders and I pray for the staff and then, when I’m done praying all all through that ripple I begin to move on into owensboro and I begin to pray for my city will pray for owen for lemon I pray. I pray that the lord would would stir up the economy in owensboro. Even in the midst of a recession in the god will bring the right leadership to the city to be forward-thinking and to push this town of head instead of having it in reverse and to think outside of the box so that we could get new industry in new, life and new things. Cooking in this town for owensboro amen, pray for its teeth, pray for prosperity, then I pray that there’s a soul winning on the city. That’s souls would be once after I’m done praying for owensboro i, move on to the next I pray for kentucky after I pray for kentucky I’ll pray for the united states of america after I’m done praying there. You see how the ripples get further and further away from me. I’m started close to me and I move outward then I begin to pray for the world. Church in Owensboro As you pray like this things begin to happen, and you have a pattern to follow huh good to have a pattern. It is soap that there’s one thing about pattern in your prayer:here’s another type of prayer, that’s powerful that you can take to your prayer closet. When you don’t know what it what else to say-and that is prayer in the spirit of god prayer in the holy spirit prayer and glossolalia-is the greek word or prayer in tongue. Everybody say thomas now be careful that you’re not scared of that or that you think that’s weird or you think that’s for and if you think that’s wrong or something because that’s a very biblical concept. Did you know this at all of the apostles prayed in tongues? All of the guys that wrote your bible, they prayed in tongues mary the mother of god prayed in tongues. She was there on the day of pentecost. Did you did you know that all of those people are on the day of pentecost? They all that they they pray in tongues. They were all filled the spear. They began to speak with other tongues a lot of times. We talked about a first experience with the holy spirit, which is salvation and there’s many experiences with the holy spirit. But there’s a subsequent experience called the baptism in the spirit and then able shoe have a super natural language and interval to pray and speak in a language that you don’t understand and when you don’t know what to pray. It comes in great and it’s it’s a mighty tool in your belt bill to turn on and to use, and you ought to make it a part of your custom. You ought to see kit find it go after pulling into your life and in turn it on when it’s time to pray and the lord can help you and bless you through it. Some scriptures about that very quickly. Number one shoot verse 20 only one chapter says, but you beloved build yourself up on your most holy faith, praying in the holy spirit and the spirit build you up it build, you up. Second scripture want to give you very quickly. It’s romans chapter 8, verse, 26. It says this says:life was also the spirit, helps us in our infirmities in our weaknesses, but we don’t always know how to pray as we ought to. But the spirit himself makes intercession with us throughout. Excuse me in the greek it says in languages that cannot be intelligently articulated in languages. That cannot be intelligently articulated, there’s a time when you don’t know how to pray as you should and god gives us a supernatural ability where he’s going to break through us for us or he’s going to circumvent, are natural mine and pray, perfect prayers for us when we don’t even see what’s coming in the spirit, it’s that powerful. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Not let me say this about prayer in the spirit prayer in the spirit and you can find it define what the apostles define prayer in the spirit as in 1st corinthians chapter 14 and verse, 13, and it begins talking about and he’s talking about, a public service, and he says if we just come into a public service, and all we do is speaking a language that you can understand as ministry gifts, that everybody’s going to say we’re crazy and they’re not going to understand what we’re talking about. So he says what is it conclusion? What are we going to do about this? First corinthians 14, verse, 13 he, says therefore, I will pray in the spirit i. Will pray in the understanding, I will sing in the spirit I will sing in the understanding and paul says he’s going to pray in the spirit he’s going to pray in the understanding he’s going to sing in the spirits he’s going to sing in the understanding. If you follow that chapter down a little further, then it begins to give details about something other than prayer tongues, and that is a prophetic time and he says when you all get together and then people come up front corporately and all the attention is on them and they’re they’re getting a message in tongues. Let so many of them speak like so many of them interpret and if there is no interpreter, let it be done. Let them sit down, speak to god into themselves. I Church in Owensboro go to say all this to say that prayer language tongues are not for forbid by paul in a public service. Let me say that again:prayer language tongues are not forbidden by paul in a public service, but he was very concerned that all the people were going to do was run around screaming in and nobody was going to get in a fight in the service. So he says yes, I’ve ever been in the service like that. It’s like is this ever going to, let you know we’re going to get over and I’m all about praying in the spirit I’m about to get some, but I could see how some services I’ve been in a been so disorderly in the past. How could anybody understand what’s going on? So that’s what paul was talking about, and he says these things. Church in Owensboro He says that when we’re together to do when you’re worshipping out there in the crowd, you can pray it in the spirit always tell people, they have to be careful that there are those around you that don’t understand. What’s going on at all, so we always want to be sensitive to the unbelievers around us for people who don’t know what’s going on. You know you don’t want the greeters at the front of the church, say, can do people’s hands and screaming in tongues in their face, doesn’t work, they don’t know what you’re doing and then it freaks them out, but there’s plenty of room for prayer and worship tunks you in a service where you are, and also the interpretation of tongues. Church in Owensboro But but let me say this:if you don’t have a prayer language I want to encourage you out front there. There’s some books called white tongues and you could get one of those taken and read. It does a good job answering that also, if you want further teaching i, have a teaching that’s available called of the gifts and experiences of the holy spirit, but I want to let you know:believers, we have a prayer language. You want to turn that thing on and begin to pray in it in your private time. It’s a way to pray when you don’t know how to pray its way to get connected with the spirit of god it it’ll help it will help. You now won’t make you more spiritual or better than anybody else in it, but it’s another tool that will help you be better than you are right now before you engage it like all the other tools in the bible. Would you stand up on your feet with me to not stand up on your feet with me tonight, hallelujah go ahead and close your eyes they’re in the presence of god for one second, next wednesday we’re going to move on into another topic. Church in Owensboro Close this chapter move on into another topic:lord i, thank you that this year is a tremendous year ahead. I stand in all I stand with faith and expectation believe in world that you’re going to move heaven and earth for river city church that you’re going to pour out blessings on these. Your son’s your daughter’s this coming here, I think that this is going to be a year of overflow in many people’s lives, but their cups going to run over your cup runneth over in jesus, mighty mighty mighty name. I say that people are learning to walk by faith and not by sight. I think that they’re not moved by what they hear. They’re, not moved by what they see, they’re, not moved by what they feel their own to remove by what you say:oh lord, let that revelation be placed deep, deep, deep down in their hearts. Now, father I pray that you would teach us to pray, I pray, the for the disciple said. Whenever they came to you, they said teach us to pray, lord teach us to pray and more than just to pray, teach us to believe in to engage and put these things. These tools that you’ve, given us into action, I believe father, that these people are people of generosity but they’re, giving her problems with their people to prayer, but they’re at your throne and they’re fasting church know that they set aside things at the appropriate time, saying that only you or our desire right now, if you’re out there under the sound of my voice and you’re, not right with the lord jesus christ, you say:i am not right with the lord jesus christ and you need to be born again and you know you’re far from him.Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Let me tell you:god loves you not mad at you wants to restore your life page or price on calvary’s cross once for all the sins of humanity they’ve been paid for tonight. If you receive christ confess your sin believe on him, you can be saved. He went to the cross to pay your rap you’re out there. You say:i need to be born again bryant, but I count to three just wave at me right there, where you are one 2, just wave at me right there, where you are right there, where you are right there, where you are right there, where you are father, we pray that you would make this house a landmark for salvation in jesus, mighty mighty name and the church said:amen, amen, amen. Let’s give it one more big hand. Clap tonight praise the lord I believe the big things are in store for you. This year, I’m excited about hearing everybody’s testimonies about the 1st of this year in the fast and we’re going to have a big time this year, god bless you tonight. You are dismissed Church in Owensboro