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Church in Owensboro People with worship, people who are expressive, people who give of ourselves under god in every area now i, don’t believe that worship and praise only happens in a sanctuary when the lights are down and music is pumping and all that kind of a thing I believe that worship goes further than that. I believe that worship is a lifestyle we honor and worship, god with everything we do amen, we honor and worship god with the way we interact with our family, we honor and worship god with our finances. We honor and worship god with our service. Church in Owensboro But there is a special thing and we was talking about it tonight called corporate worship when the saints of god come together. The church is the greek term. Ekklesia means cold out and assemble together to special time where we get together and we celebrate the death burial and resurrection of jesus christ of nazareth i, believe the corporate worship services. Look, like funeral servicesi, believe the corporate worship services. Church in Owensboro Oh, not be so boring that you pass out on the puke and spit split your head wide, open, amen, i, believe it you all not be playing. Hangman I believe they’re, all too big sign in the throat to be life in the house of god. The people of got called to lift up their voices, raise their hands, clap their hands shout to the heaven. Let the lord know that they care and love him for everything that he’s done. For us worship matters. We have a god who is worthy of all of her worship. Church in Owensboro Your worship doesn’t just affect you, but it affects other people around you. You tell your story. I told the store a couple of times in the history of river city church, but one other man’s worship affected me in a great great way. It was sometime before 1998 public 97, something like that. But my brother got born again and it was a shocking thing because he changed the whole lot very quickly and we used to carry on a party todaythere and do all sorts of things that even the pagans don’t talk about tomorrow, biblical term together and one day he just wouldn’t party. Church in Owensboro He wouldn’t do anything like that anymore. That would go by and I try to get him to backslide i. Try to mess him up, I will take back the cocaine to his house. I would wave them in his face that would dance around and make fun of a spirit-filled preacher. Saying can I get a witness? How about the irony of god? What did he do? He made me a spirit-filled preacher hallelujah, but but I would do all that to him. And finally, he talked me into going to church with him and I would go from time to time. I would clean myself up and go. He was going to a church in madisonville, kentucky and I would sit. Man and I would just hang my head like a dog for the service of any bill ever been there just convicted and miserable in the spirit of god working on me and me not I was so ready to get out of that place. You know these people are worshiping the lord. The preachers preaching I remember something on the inside of me would scream when that preacher would breach, and especially when you get close to the offcall I would think I got to get out of here. I got to get out of it. I got to get out of here and I can remember, voices coming out of my hearts and I hate that preacher I hate it I wish. You would shut up my devil talking to me right. Church in Owensboro There hope you don’t have a devil talking to you right now, but I remember they started worship, one time when I was there and this old black man, he had to be a hundred years old. He got up from somewhere in the back and he started walking down the aisle and it came up to the front and where I was sitting, he was up stage. Right is where he was and they started the music and this guy started to dance. He couldn’t dance real, fast cuz. He was a hundred, but he was dancing and he would take it forward for a moment to the music. You know real slow and then he would back it upany taking forward and it would back it up and he did that throughout the whole work. She was service, whether the be changed or not. He had the same cadence now watch that and I thought wow. That guy got something that I don’t have look at that man up in front of all these people was a big church to in it and it’s day and it’s an hour in front of all these people before the lord. That’s not something I would have ever done, nor was I around guys. Who did anything like that and it affected me and the lord almost used as an image I saw in my head again and again and again so I can let guys got something that you don’t have to make a long story short I end up getting born again and I always wondered what happened to that. Little old man tell i, don’t know 7 8 years later, or something like that. I went to preach at another church in madisonville, kentucky and the worship started. I was sitting on the front row and I was there to preach. I was to guessminister that night and all of a sudden when the worship started, guess who I saw coming down the aisle to my right, the old man. This time. A hundred ten years old, he walks down the aisle i, think he lives alone, because he was a person to worship and those who wait upon the lord. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He shall renew their strength. They man and this guy walks down to the front the music starts. He starts taking it forward and back in it up and I said my lord that got him if he still alive right. There I got up to preach and I got the opportunity to say hey, sir, you don’t know me, but I know you so many years ago, whenever I was a cranked out kid, you came to the front of a church and you dance to the lord to use that image of you dancing to convict me, and it was one of the steps to brought me closer to the cross of calvary i. Want you to know that you’ve got you got fruit in heaven, just by being a worshipper in man of the crowd, went nuts when I told him that pretty cold I got to tell that guy that before he departed left this world in it give the lord a hand, clap for divine encounter, south carolinalisten, your lifestyle of worship won’t just affect you. It’ll affect people around you, I’ve heard so many kids talk about their parents being people of prayer, people of worship, people of the word it affects them. Church in Owensboro They remember they don’t ever forget, seeing mom and dad really care really go after jesus. They don’t ever forget seeing them in the early hours of the day, with the bible open, with their hands held up, praying they don’t ever forget I’m still here. My mom is singing in first baptist, church, providence kentucky beside me, and she can’t even sing that well, but it affected mecuz. She love the lord. Look at your neighbor and say people won’t forget you’re. Some of the reasons I want to give you quickly from the scriptures on on. Why I believe we should be people of worship number one it it’s? This turn over your bible revelation chapter 5, verse, 8, revelation, chapter 5, verse, 8! Never you get there tonight, go ahead and say all huh you’re taking notes. You could write this down because a short pencil is better than a long memory, and then you can write this down. Revelation chapter 5, verses, 8 through 10. Here’s what it says this is john the revelator looking into a heavenly scene. He seen the throne room of god hears what it says. Church in Owensboro Now we need taking the scroll, the four living creatures and the 24 elders fell down before the lamp each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints and they sing a new song sing. You are worthy to take the scrolling to open it. Seals for you were slain and you have redeemed us to god by your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and it made us kings and priests are god and we shall reign on the earth. The first reason we worship is because we understand the worth of god look right here at verse:9 where’s, the song they sing. They sing a new song in the heaven. It said you are worthy to take the scroll, everybody say:god is worthy. Let’s that one more time he is worthy. Oh i, don’t you say it again? He is worthy, listen, he is worthy, the scripture say and it talks about a scroll that’ll be opened up at the end time and they’re. Looking for someone who is worthy to open that scroll and sealed up her open up the things to come and the elders in the heavenlies look-and they say this about our god, they say he is worthy. Church in Owensboro How many of y’all would agree out there that our god is worthy of all our praise of all our worship of all our adoration, and it says the reason that he is worthy says he is worthy because he has redeemed us out of every tribe out of every nation out of every kindred out of every tongue. What does it mean to be redeemed? It means to be bought back like this. We were being sold on auction block to the highest bidder and the highest bid in with sand and in san had a hold of us and was taking us to death hell and the grave in our god stepped up, and he redeemed us he outbid send when he gave jesus christ of nazareth to die on the cross. Church in Owensboro He has spilled his blood for us, and so we bowling declare that he is worthy. That brings me to my second point. We we worship the lord because of what he has done for us and we worship the lord because of what he has done for us. I, don’t know what he’s done for you, but he did a lot for me and he’s still doing a lot. For me. Huh came to me whenever I was an enemy of god. The bible says when I was living for myself when I didn’t think anything about what he wanted for my life. He came to me and he started knocking on my door. Church in Owensboro They started the pursuit of me. He started the pursuit of you. He began to hunt you down and came to you through family members. He came to get through friend. He came to you through the tv, some of you he came to you through cds people gave you he came to some of you through tracks, somebody putting your hand he came and he brought the gospel to you by spirit. He gave you a chance to just step into that life. Some of you he’s healed. You physically, don’t forget. It amen the great thing that you can’t forget where he brought you from it’s tempting to sometimes it’s tempting to forget about everything. He’s done. The only be focused on the problems of the date him to forget about all of the victories of the past, the psalmist as he’s riding he’ll talk about some of his woes, but one of the great things I like about the song is that often the samus will begin to count the great things that god did for israel in the past. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You always go back to to egypt in the, exodus and I’ll talk about his deliverance, the deliverance of the people israel it, and he says that in the song, listen we worship the lord because of what he has done for us and if you’ll remember what he’s done for you, you’ll become a person of worship. Church in Owensboro Third thing I would like to say tonight is this is it we worship the lord, because that is what the father desires. Everybody say it’s the father’s desire in john, chapter 4. You can read it later, but there’s this exchange between jesus and the samaritan woman and and she’s asking him these questions about worship. These big theological questions and she says:listen, not my people. Church in Owensboro My father’s, they tell me we’re supposed to worship on this mountain, but you and the jews y’all believe that we’re supposed to worship in jerusalem, what’s right in jesus, looks at her and says woman the hours coming, what you want worship in this mountain or that mountain not fall over up here, the hours coming. What would you want? Worship in this mountain or that mountain, but you’ll worship the lord in spirit and in truth-and he says, the father is seeking people who will worship him in spirit and in truth, I said the father seeking that’s a powerful revelation that the lord is looking for. Someone who will worship him in spirit and in truth now we’re all called to seek god to be seekers of god seek ye first, the kingdom of god in his righteousness. So we seek god first, but if we become worshippers and we seek the lord and interesting thing happened is the god is already looking for people who will worship him in spirit and in truth, so it becomes to a place where I’m, not just looking for god’s public I’m, aware of worshipper + 1, + 6 after god god begins. Church in Owensboro Looking for me and I know, he’s already been looking for me from the beginning of times, but it’s good to know that he’s just he loves a worshipper that much he likes to invade a worshipers life. He likes to come close and to reveal things for the people who will worship in the scripture say, draw nigh unto god and that god will draw nigh unto you. Everybody say this if I draw 9 under god, that god will draw nigh unto me. So what that means, when I become a worshipper, is that I position myself for god bless me a position myself for god to break out in my life I position myself to get revelation knowledge from heaven going to get me in the right place at the right time, as anyone else discovered that in praise and worship often you hear the voice of the spirit of god more than you do it other times. Anybody else experience that out there yeah cuz, you position yourself in a place where and you taking that time and you’re focused on him there and you open up avenues for god to speak. To you says we worship him in spirit and in truth, what does that mean? We worship him in it with our spirit, not us born-again believers, with the holy spirit in our heart, so that spirits leading us to worship. God, we worship him in spirit and that’s an attitude as well. In the end, we also worship him. In truth, everybody saying truth. Church in Owensboro That means according to the scriptures, according to the biblical revelation and that’s why we do some of the things that we do. Church in Owensboro You know some people think we just lift up our hands because the spirit of god comes over, so my lord I got to put my hands in the air or I’m going to get struck by lightning or something like that. Church in Owensboro But I say it’s not like that. You know why I lift my hands and worship cuz the scripture say it in in first timothy that men everywhere all to lift up holy hands without wrath or doubting. This is an emotional thing. This is just a honest response to biblical truth. Why do I believe in things like talking in tongues? Is it because I’m an emotional fanatic? No, because it’s all over the scripture and I submitted myself years ago to the fact of the word of god is the truth. I mean I believe that the word of god is the truth. Okay, so up the scriptures. Tell me that I’m going to lift up holy hands without rapper doubting what should I do. That’s. Church in Owensboro Why I do it now shouting in a worship service? Why do we do that? Cuz, there’s a time for the scripture say, clap your hands. All ye people shout unto god with a voice of triumph is an emotional thing. Everybody say no, but I mean the motion can be involved and that’s fine, but really it’s an appropriate response to the written word of god. It would be emotional for a christian who believes that the word of god is true to not do those things because they feel uncomfortable in doing them. That would be the emotional response. Church in Owensboro Cuz then i, don’t do those things because of what people might think about me. That’s the person who’s ruled and rained over by their emotions. That’s rule and reign over by this world they haven’t, got the revelation who’s king, just yet they haven’t. I’m also not waving the banner for out-of-control worship services. As a pastor, let me say that we worship in spirit and in truth we do things decent and in order, and you got to be careful cuz. Sometimes when you’re preaching about radical worship, you get the one guy that got loose from his village know the the the village idiot and here’s your preacher about this in the next thing you know is that he’s going to be doing. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You know kung fu kicks to the first time, visitors and worship services, and that’s not what we’re. After how many know, if you stick out and worship service, every sunday show me pastor for a minute. Talk to the wednesday night service, right, I’m, all about radical worship and I’m, all about worship, him in spirit and in truth. But if I stick out every week in a worship service make a noise waving, a kazoo got a banner, and you always know where I’m at when a worship service is going on. You think maybe I might be looking for a little attention there. Church in Owensboro You know what I’m talking about so okay there’s a time for all of that tell me know we flow with the worship service. The way that thing goes, I wouldn’t talk about this on the sunday morning and if and if I’m always screaming or I’m always doing this. Church in Owensboro For that now, I want to be a biblical worshiper, but how many know that we got to be decent and in order as well? That makes sense, since I gave the lord a handclap you’re, not mad at your pastor, so where people worship but but understand the first place you begin to worship. Is you gotta, learn to worship when you meet with the lord alone in it and there’s expression for some things that we do whenever we come and meet with the lord, there’s public worship and then there’s private worship, and we have all of those things flow together and work appropriately, and so we learn to worship there. We learn to worship, corporately and when we come into this house it is a house of worship. It is a place of worship adopt at spirit of the worshipper, and let that flow up and out of you not believe you’ll find a great blessing. I want to keep teaching this next week. Cuz I’m out of town today go ahead and stand up on your feet. Church in Owensboro Tonight stand up on your feet tonight. The lord is looking for some worshippers. Let’s just take one more moment tonight and worship them. Should we just going to lift a hand up to heaven responds to the word about those of you that are comfortable with I’m, not I’m, not trying to beat anybody up here or make you do something you don’t want to do that’s far from what I want to do, but but let’s just worship the lord tonight, just just going to lift up your hand, talk talk to the lord for one. Second, he wants to hear the fruit of your parade, but the fruit of your lips lord make us a group of worshippers of people of worship, of people to pray for people who come and pour out oil upon the feet of jesus christ of nazareth hearts desire to be in your presence, oh lord, I pray to our hearts would understand that there’s so much strength that there’s so much help this so much grace that’s released to us in the midst of worship. Lord. Church in Owensboro We love you tonight. We weave thank you for all the good gifts you’ve. Given us, we remember what you’ve done for us. Oh lord, we worship you tonight because you’re worthy, we worship you not because of what you’ve given unto us. We worship you tonight because you desire it out of every man. Out of every woman, you desire us to be people of extravagant worship, people of extravagant worship in the name of jesus christ of nazareth just say this out loud, say:father. Make me a worshipper i. Give myself to you. Teach me from your work on the subject in jesus. Name, amen, amen, amen! Let’s give the lord one more big hand, clap tonight hallelujah hallelujah praise the lord well, we’re going to this sunday I believe will be announcing on what sunday we’re going to have our first meeting down there in the new facility in the former service merchandise building, so be praying be listening. Also, this sunday don’t forget our vips we’re going to meet down there, we’re going to pray together over that facility and then we’ll have a time of talking strategy to get us ready to receive the masses. You know what scripture I want you to hold on to that there’s a scripture I want you to believe with me for, and the lord’s told me to believe it, and that is in the prophet says that a little one shall become a thousand and a small one, a strong nation everybody say a little one shall become a thousand and a small one. A strong nation I believe that we’re headed there very quickly as a church, and that will be a thousand people strong on sunday morning and that’s going to mean lots of conversions in it. Lots of people getting born again getting right with the lord and we got to be ready to come alongside and help them the end to care for them, and people say you know what the church going to do to care for the people who just found jesus with we. We can all try all these different things, different programs this and that, but the truth is, is that all of the believers who helped bring them to church all of the believers that that pray for them and leave them to the lord you’ve got to help care for the only way it works, because you have the connection with them. That’s why they came here in the first place and the people have the connection have to keep putting into their lives. God brings them up. Let’s get ready to do that. A man hey man want to give somebody a high-five. You are dismissed tonight. God bless you, you are dismissed Church in Owensboro