Church in Owensboro | New Vision for the New Year

My wife’s son at me from the front row I have no clue what you’re talking about jesse we’re supposed to know. Each other was supposed to be in the flow by now. I, don’t know what you’re thinking connected right here this morning to mark chapter 10, mark, chapter 10, mark, chapter 10th:whenever you get there go ahead and say:y’all. Aren’t there yet you’re lying it’s on the screen, all right, all right, going to hold up your bible and shake it for a second those of you that have a bible there I want to know those are really gotten there. They’re they are all right. I receive it in jesus, name, amen, amen, amen, I want to go in intitle. Today’s message:it’s the year of our lord 2009, and we saw some great things happen in 08 I mean we saw. Hundreds of people come to the saving knowledge of the lord jesus christ for the ministries of river city church. We saw people spirit-filled, we saw miracles healing miracles that were notable. We seen marriage is gettingback, together, we, sing people’s lives to be touch this last year. Let’s get the lord a hand, clap for what he did last year. It was a great year was the next year of increase and i. Don’t think about it like this a lot but robbie told me. I mentioned this wednesday night that in march of last year he was talking to one of his advisers. He invited them to come to river city church and he was telling them how many people we have any said. There’s about 400 people at river, city church, and he went back just a couple of weeks ago last week or something-and he was talking to that guy and he said what we’ve got around 500 people now that’s 9 months and we grew about a hundred people on average, that’s the lord, adding to the church daily, spinner being safe and i. Think there’s like five hundred fifty people here today, look at florida hand, clap for that I believei believe the lord’s multiplying our tribe and I believe it or not. It’s going to be a great great great year. Here’s what I want to preach about 09 this year, I want to preach about getting new vision or new for new, year, new, vision or new eyes for a new year. You know a lot of people have natural site, they see, but it’s been said. Many people did all those lots of people have natural sites. Very few people have vision that what is vision, let me define for you. What vision is today, vision is not just seeing, naturally, is seen by the spirit of god and understanding what god would have with your life understanding number one what he would have for you. Morally everybody say. Morally, you know what is a vision or plant a moral code, the way that we ought to live as believers. He also has a vision for life as what we should do. What is what we do occupationally or what we dohe’s got these visions for our life. The bible says where there is no vision, the people perish weather is no prophetic over. Church in Owensboro There is no divine revelation the people perish, but he who keeps the law happy. Is he wearing a place in your life? Where you didn’t know where you were going or what you were doing, you were bitching list just kind of drifting and wandering through life and before long you found yourself in some bad places. Can I get a witness to that kind of a thing. I know, there’s many of you that were like that I think about me, being a young man, 16 17 18, all the way up to when I turn, 20 21 I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing had some gifts had some abilities had some talents, but I had no vision and mother is no vision, no focus, no understanding on who you are and who your god is. The people begin to perish because I didn’t have that I began to go and unruly ways do unrulywe’re going to get involved in all kinds of stuff and just get all messed up, but then got brought to me his planning his vision. I got a set of new eyes to see life in a brand new way. You don’t some of us. We walked past things every day and we’re not seeing what god wants us to see. We become so used to what we see we become numb to it. We become familiar to it when there may be somebody within arm’s reach that you’re, the key to their destinyyou say that again, there might be somebody within arm’s reach that you’re the key to unlocking their destiny, but we become so familiar with them. We miss it and we just walk right by maybe that you’ve been walking by your business opportunity for for 5 years, but you haven’t had the right eyes to see it just gets god’s trying to get a new source of blessing to you, but your eyes haven’t been quick and to see if I pray that your eyes will be open this next year, I think you would see every opportunity that god has for you to live life to the max and inner right into the fullness and the plans of the living god. Church in Owensboro Somebody say amen to that:that’s what I want to read you a story about a guy who doesn’t just received spiritual vision, but he receives natural vision. A man by the name of blind bartimaeus in the story set in a city called jericho. Now let me give you the history of jericho. Before we begin to talk about the city jericho before the torah was a wonderful place before israel comes into jericho a pagan place, it was a beautiful place and whenever god brought israel out of egypt and into the promised land and they cross the jordan, the first city that they came onto what’s jericho somebody say jericho and god gave them instructions. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He said I want you to march around jericho for 7 days and then on the 7th day. I want you to march around jericho seven times and then I want the priest to blow a trumpet and the entire congregation of israel to shout. Go help me out up here man. Let’s try that again and then I want the entire congregation of israel to shout. Yeah I can preach to crowds like that, and so they shall-and you know, the story. The walls of jericho come tumbling down in the city, they kill everybody, they burn everything because it was the first fruits of their entry into the promised land. One guy took something from the first fruits and it cost him and his family, their life, what’s in a prophecy, went out over jericho and they said any person that rebuild the city of jericho still rebuild it with the death of his first son, some guy either unaware of the prophecy or didn’t believe the prophecy went back and found a jericho and it cost him his first son as the scriptures upset now. Church in Owensboro Why would this guy do this I believe? Because jericho was in a beautiful in a luscious place, a wonderful place as a matter of fact, the name. Jericho itself means a city of sweet fragrance, but it was a sweet-smelling place. You know that even in the midst of sweet smelling places, there’s some people that are hurting even in lands of prosperity in in a land of abundance. In indian land of more than enough there still some people sitting around who were hurting in the midst of his sweet smelling city. In the midst of jericho, there was a man by the name of blind bartimaeus who was sitting and begging. He was hurting I want you to see him today, mark chapter 10, verse, 46 says now they came to jericho as he went out of jericho with his disciples and a great multitude blind bartimaeus, the son of the mask step by the road begging jesus of nazareth. He began to cry and say:jesus son of david have mercy on me. Let me warn them to be quiet, but he cried out. Church in Owensboro All the more son of david have mercy on me, so jesus, stood, still and commanded him to be called. Then they called the blind man saying to him feel good cheer rise. He is calling you and throwing his garment heroes and came to jesus jesus answered and said to him. What do you want me to do for you, the blind man said to him or a bone I put on my received my son, then jesus said to him go your way. Your faith has made you well and immediately. He received his side and follow jesus on the road. There’s a few things:i want you to know about blind bartimaeus, another, some things that the text don’t tell us, but there’s a few things that we do know number one. We know that he was blind number to. We know that he had to wear it in the culture of the ancient near east, like a batch of people in america. Today they have a chance at making a living. We have schools for the blind that teach them to read braille. They can be trained to do jobs and to provide for themselves, but in the ancient near east. It was not like that unless there were wealthy family members alive to provide for you, if you would be reduced I’m to a beggar, here’s what I know blind bartimaeus blind bartimaeus would have to sit on the side of the road and beg for everything he’s going to have to get in life. It would have been considered in the city of jericho to some of the lowest of the low one cursed by god. There’s a story in the gospels were a child is born blind and the gibson in its mother’s womb or because of its parents, sent and jesus says it’s not because of its sense, but the glory of god is about to be revealed here to you. Listen they treated blind. People like they were cursed and blind people would be forced to wear a certain garment that would identify who they were all the beggars garment. They would have this garment so when anybody would see them coming, they would know that they were a bigger. They would know that they were smitten by god and that they would know that they were blind stitch. People would be reduced to two begging to please it would be the only type of livelihood that a man would have in that culture. People like lepers would have to walk down the street trying out unclean unclean unclean unclean. Your malady became your identity on the side of the road in a rough place, even in the sweet smelling city and the text says this, the text says the jesus came to jericho. Aren’t you glad that jesus came to your job? Aren’t you glad you were sitting where you were blind and hurting wearing a beggar’s garments and he came by and he opened up your eyes. Aren’t you glad that he’s giving you fresh, vision somebody say amen under that he came to jericho and blind bartimaeus heard that the miracle worker was in town now here’s what must have happened. Somebody witnessed about the power of god unto blind, bartimaeus i, wonder who it was if it wasn’t. If it was another beggar, if it was some other traveling rabbi who was talking about this jesus of nazareth, they came to blind bartimaeus and they said bartimaeus. Let me tell you something:there’s a miracle worker in our midst. His name is jesus of nazareth he’s not 10 turret rabbi everywhere he goes to blind their calls to see the deaf they begin to hear when they start to walk and i. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Believe it’s in the jericho bartimaeus and you can get up close to him and get him to pray for you. That you’ll receive your site. Romans chapter 10, verse, 17, says:faith comes by what church, faith comes by what church? What is faith come by church hearing and hearing by the word of god has heard the word of god. He said his heart if I can get to jesus I’ll be healed, so he said it in the jesus came into jericho and then he was leaving on the other side, be careful that he doesn’t get by you before you get to him with your action of faith. You know that ordained by the spirit of god, but I don’t want you to miss a special day of your visitation. Jesus is walking through blind bartimaeus he’s sitting down and he hears a crowd but getting to come seated. Church in Owensboro My phone’s on in my pocket, my ipod turned on that’s supposed to be locked, look at your neighbor and say what an idiot please go off. At least I didn’t fall down today. Uh I did that a few weeks ago he steps down and he’s waiting are y’all back with me. Now come over and jericho huh. Alright, he sets down and he hears this great multitude coming by and he says it turned back on here. Jesse will you handle this work? He sets down still play and he’s waiting and here’s this multitude beginning to pass by and he wonders who it is and he could hear all the people and then hear somebody say it’s jesus of nazareth and blind bartimaeus. He begins to act right then, when he hears that it’s jesus he stands up. Can you see with me? He can’t see any turning around in the crowd he’s looking, but it is still many begins to say. Jesus son of david have mercy on me. Jesus son of david have mercy on me and there’s people in the crowds but tell him to be quiet about right. Then they say he doesn’t have time for you. You know that there’s always somebody that’ll give you a reason why you shouldn’t have the best why you shouldn’t? Have your miracle, like your marriage, shouldn’t, be put back together, while your kids shouldn’t get off truck, but here’s my blind bartimaeus said whenever they said be quite the bible said he got all the louder. It’s too loud people in the radical people and the people who will disturb protocol stick seem to get the miracles. It’s been my experience. The bible says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Bible says the kingdom of heaven is being preached and everyone is pressing into it. Do you want god to move my delay on your behalf, you’re going to have to press into you have to contend for your miracle. All things are possible, but they’re, not all he has to be quiet and he cries out all the more jesus son of david have mercy on me. One of the first things were going to have to see if we’re going, to have everything that god wants us to have his we’re going to have to see jesus in the right life, everybody say say:jesus in the, right light seatstir something to blind. Church in Owensboro Bartimaeus had a revelation up. He was seeing jesus in the right life. There were probably a thousand people in the crowd who saw jesus, as a prophet saw jesus, as a teacher saw jesus, as a rabbi saw jesus as a miracle worker, but whenever blind bartimaeus heard he was there, he already saw jesus in his heart as the messiah. He gives this title son of david, that’s a messianic title comes from the prophecies given by god under king david god, told david they’ll, be a sun set on your throne, still rule forever of the increase of his kingdom. There will be no end and the psalm is talks about the son of david, whatever bartimaeus called him, the son of david. We understand that he had the proper sight or visions. He saw jesus the right way. How do you say jesus? Do you see my savior? You seem as a sheep. Do you seem as a provider? Do you seem as a give her a piece? Do you seem as the restore and the reconciler of king of kings and lord of lords? How do you say jesus will dictate how you respond to jesus? How do you say jesus will dictate? Church in Owensboro How do you pray and what you ask for in his name, jesus some days is for you and some days it’s against you. You’ll never know to jesus in faith. For anything. God is good. His mercy endures forever. Somebody say amen to that huh. What do you see him as a good job and understand that he’s a good, loving god? Can you understand his character in that build a platform of faith that you can come to him and get your prayers answered? So he says:jesus son of david have mercy on me and he cries out loud enough that it gets god’s attention in jesus stops. The cry of faith moves the heart of god. The cry of meat does not always move the heart of god, but the cry of faith. It does jesus stops and he says who calls for me bring him here and the people who were telling him a minute ago. He doesn’t have time for you more than ushering at him in the presence of jesus had an interesting thing that blind bartimaeus does here is before he ever gets up and goes to jesus before he ever gets healed and gets his sight back before he ever gets his miracle. He was wearing this beggars cloak and the bible says the blind bartimaeus. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He took off that beggars cloak and he threw it down and it got up and he walked towards the son of david. What does that statement say to me? The blind bartimaeus was pulling off. That quote, that was a symbol of his brokenness and he said:i am broken no more and he walked to jesus and boom. He got his miracle number one you’re going to have to see jesus the right way, number to you’re, going to have to see yourself redeemed and chain a new creation where old things are passed away. Church in Owensboro All things become new, has the household of god most high? How do you see your self some people coming to the church they get born again? They get spirit-filled man, they think they they get bibles and this and that, but they never change how they see themselves and they’re walking around redeemed, but unaware of it paid for on calvary’s cross, but wearing the clock that says addict wearing a coat that says a busted up. Every marriage I’ve ever been where in a coke that says I blow my top wearing a cloak that says I’m, blind and I’m still begging. Church in Owensboro Do you want to have everything or supposed to have in life you’re going to have to take off the cloaks, get rid of the excuses of the old identities and pass them off? Somebody Say:i’m laying down my clock. Let’s say it Again:i’m laying down my cloak one more Time:i’m laying down my cloak. Let’s give the lord a handclap cuz he’s in stable. To lay down my cloak I’m broken no more in jesus name in jesus asked him a question. He asked a blind man of very obvious question he’s looking at a blind man. I love this about jesus, and he says what can I do for you? What you think it would be obvious, but jesus and probably been around long enough, that he understood that some people don’t want to be made whole big brother have a tension and penny and sympathy. Church in Owensboro Then they would have healing. So we asked what can I do for you and bartimaeus is rap on that I may keep my sight. Jesus says:go your way. Your face made you the greatest thing about this story is the guy who couldn’t see jesus didn’t know where he was a blank stare on his life not being able to provide for himself not stepping into the fullness of god said he was touched. All the sudden. His eyes were open and the first thing that he saw was the son of god in. The flesh bible says that jesus kept walking out of jericho and the blind bartimaeus turned healed, left that broken symbol of his life behind and he followed a praying 09. Church in Owensboro She would see jesus correctly. She would see yourself correctly and that you would follow him stand up on your feet with me today, I’ll just going to lift up holy hands to heaven. Let us worship him the healer of the blind, the restore of the broken the wonders, putting our lives back together in jesus name. I said clothes are coming off of people. The people are getting the proper perspective of the savior, but they’re being changed their being touched that they’re being healed fresh new. That way I say you have new eyes for a new year, but you have new fishing that you’re seeing was spiritual, 20/20 that the clocks are being burnt, never to be picked up again. I’ll blame down by coke I’m, laying down my cloak I’m, laying down my Church in Owensboro in jesus, mighty, mighty mighty mighty name, something you need to lay down right now by faith. Just lay it down right there, where you are whatever they say:i lay down that cloak put it off of me. It’s not with me in my life this next year it’s called in the past. It’s gone, I’m, redeemed it’s going up in purchased by the blood of jesus christ of nazareth. All that coke is gone. Download let, the anointing of the holy spirit we can to bind up the broken hearted bind up blind eyes. I pray, auto parts to receive your plan. Let the scars of 08 be erased. Let there be a fresh start in 09 I say we have new eye in the name of jesus new vision, all somebody’s visions, going a little higher today, somebody’s bishops going a little higher somebody’s coming, a little higher somebody’s coming, a little higher somebody’s coming, a little higher somebody’s coming, a little higher. It’s only just begun, you’re not finished you’re, just getting started in jesus mighty mighty mighty name. Praise the name of the lord praise, the name of the lord blessed, be the name of the. What places together take father i! Thank you for new eyes i. Thank you for nuvision i. Give myself to you in jesus, mighty name, amen, god bless you in the name of jesus christ Church in Owensboro