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River city church, podcast, pastor, brian gibson just believe sunday january, 7th, 2007, 10:30 a.M. Service hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah praise the name of the lord. Thank you gentleman going to mark chapter five mark chapter 5 and I’m, going to preach a sermon to do today and title just believe. Everybody say just believe and maybe I’ll believe the presence of god is among us church and then does the bible tell us. So look at your neighbor and say this to him. So you have an anointing. Just tell you have an anointing. You know what the bible says that the spirit of god sets both in the believers heart and comes upon the spirit, baptized believer. Let me give you a testimony just a moment this morning before we start teaching about the goodness of god and the mercy of god in about how he speaks to the saints just about a week and a half ago and came down here late at night and I was getting a check, we’re going to purchase a new program for the church and got down here and I didn’t have my keys to get in the door and couldn’t find your keys, but it’s aggravating when you get all the way half way across town, you don’t have what you need to know so, I’m down there banging around in my car. Looking for my keys, my mom calls buddy loves mama, don’t you know if you don’t love mom, if you’re not american, so I picked up my phone and I’m talking to mama and we got done with our conversation. So I got to go and I hang up the phone, then I look and two guys come around the corner and they got this girl with them and they all look really drunk I mean that’s obvious. I know you can spot a drunk for about a hundred yards away. No doubt about it. You see him they’re, drunk and then they’re getting ready to get in the car, and this woman says I hear her say:i don’t want to go with you. She tries to get away from him and the guy grabs her and drags her getting real physical with her and tried to slam her in the car. Now look up there and there’s two guys trying to abduct this woman right in front of me put her in the car. Let me tell you something about the book of revelation book of revelation says that one of the types of people they will be in the lake of fire is the calvert. You know god doesn’t like a coward. We say that god doesn’t like a coward. It’s just. He doesn’t like a coward. How do you know whenever you see something like that going on as a man you got to do something doesn’t matter what it cost you got to do something I’ve been drinking i. Think well, here goes i. Guess we’re going to have one heck of a fist, fight, i, don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can’t let him take this woman, so I’m down here by myself in the dark with two guys. Don’t you just take this? While you got to let her go and the one guy I know it’s coming, it’s just on the one got turned around and puts his hands up in the air. He just kind of starts to backup and I thought. Why was expecting something different than any? He says these words to me. He says:look man she’s my wife and she’s crazy, but she wasn’t his wife. All she would do is say get away from me. Leave me alone in the running they’re fighting all this and that the guy says he put his hands on me. So just call the cops. He looks of the other guy and says call my family and tell him I’m in jail. I mean oh god can help you get out of some things. A man and his wisdom is better than the weapons of warfare and then i, say yeah. It wasn’t going anywhere good and another friend came around the corner. The lord sent him bob, evans came around the corner and bob had to call the police and the police came and took this lady away. She needed to be taken away, she’s going to hurt herself or somebody else. Let me tell you where the holy spirit comes into this deal. The moment I got off the phone with my mother. My mother hung up the phone and the spirit of god spoke to her and said:there’s two men downtown and are getting ready to try to hurt bryan pray for them. She stopped and prayed I pray that brian’s protected in jesus name. Let me know whenever you’ll follow that still small voice in your heart, you can pry somebody out of their problems. Do you know that y’all believe that the holy spirit talk to us and teach us and lead us? Somebody say thank god for the holy spirit in jesus name cards. We serve a living god I’m in church I want you to be fake people walking by faith and living by faith. Mark chapter 5, verse, 21. We will begin there if, you’re there say men, jason, london, y’all, give him a hand, clap he’s going to read for us to keep my voice or 21 through 43 salon on text now in jesus have crossed over again by boat to the other side, a great multitude gather to him, and he was by the sea and behold one of the rules. Rulers of the synagogue came jarius by name and when he saw him, he felt his feet and begged him honestly saying my little daughter lies the point of death come and lay your hands on her that she may be healed and she will live so jesus went with him in a great multitude, followed him and thrown him.

A certain woman had a flow of blood for 12 years, and it suffered many things from any position. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse. When she heard about jesus, she came behind him in the crowd and touched his garment, for she said if only my touch his clothes I should shelby madewell immediately. The fountain fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt her body that she was healed of the affliction jesus immediately, knowing and himself that power had gone out of him turned around in the crowd and said who touched my clothes, but his disciples said to him. You see the multitude thronging you and you said who touched me around her who had done this thing, but the woman fearing and trembling knowing what had happened to her came and fell down before him and told him the whole truth, and he said to her daughter. Your faith has made you we’ll go in peace and be healed of your affliction. While he was still speaking. Some came from the ruler of the synagogue house, who said your daughter is dead. Watch trouble the teacher any further. As soon as jesus heard. The word that we spoke-and he said to the ruler of the synagogue, do not be afraid only believe, and he permitted no one to follow him except peter, james and john the brother of james. Then he came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue and saw and those who are wet and well loudly when he came in he said, then, why make this commotion and weep the child is not dead but sleeping and they ridiculed him, but when he had put them all outside, he took the father in the mother of the child and those who are with him and entered with a I was lying. Then he took the child by the hand and said to her to lisa,, which is translated. Little girl, i, say to you arised immediately the girl a rose, and they were overcome with great amazement, but he commanded them strictly that no one should know it and said that something should be given her to eat at what we’re going to do is i, want you and I to take a iview I want to go to the store and look at it and inspect some of the main characters. Here. This is what happens in the ministry of jesus christ. He comes to a city called capernium. How many you know jesus was born in bethlehem. He was raised. The nazareth, but most of his earthly ministry, it was centered in happened out of the city of capernum, the property and prophesied that there would be great like in that city. He comes and he’s teaching and a man by the name of jay, and this guy is a heavy-hitter everybody say heavy hitter he’s the top of societies. Totem pole. This guy is a leader of the synagogue. No doubt he’s wealthy, no doubt he’s powerful. No doubt he has a rank in the political moving of that city he’s the kind of guy that gets things done whatever jay iris wants. It probably happens for him in the culture in the city of capernum, but he had one problem. One thing they could not fix that he had a little girl, 12 years old. How many men out there have daughters, just lift your hand up for a second little baby girl. This guy loves his little girl. There’s no doubt about it. He wants to grow up again to walk begin to talk with him to do all the first thing and something horrible happened somewhere in her in her early preteen state. Some sort of affliction disease came upon her. No doubt this guy had medical attention, for he had money, I mean no money to buy your medicine and then just will pay. church in owensboro Money is a good thing to have, but there was nothing the doctors can do for his child and he had heard of the messiah. So this heavy hitter comes down to the radical teaching session of jesus christ of nazareth, most of the other leaders of the synagogue wooden of showed up there. They wouldn’t want to be associated that closely with jesus. church in owensboro They only would have been there to tempt him to come with me. Pray lay your hands on my little girl, she’ll be healed and you know what jesus says:everybody say:okay! Aren’t you glad when ever you need a miracle that jesus Says:i’m sorry you’re not elect for this I’m. Sorry, this isn’t your moment to be healed. As a matter of fact, there is not one accordance 1-1. Testimony of a person in the bible comes to jesus by faith and does not receive they’re healing. Do you know that this guy comes? He says jesus I want you to hear my daughter, jesus says:okay, so they go on a road trip. They start walking there walking through the streets is happening they coming to a city and all of the multitude begin, strong and and coming close to jesus christ of nazareth trying to get a look at him, trying to get close to him and they’re up close together just reach over and shake your neighbor a little bit right there for a second you’re in the east everybody’s too close to one another. How me know in the west we think that this room is crowded right now in the west couple hundred people or more in the westfield crowded you go to india. Do you know how many people that would get in this room for a meeting make it double maybe triple in here I mean this. Is this is too close to talk to somebody in the west, but in the east this is little more comfortable. church in owensboro

church in owensboro You know, there’s not much space over there. People are everywhere, and here comes. Our second person into the text comes a little lady pressing through the crown I want you to see or think about what she looks like she looks weak. She looks frail. She looks like she looks like the kind of person who’s lost a lot of blood. Why? Because she’s been bleeding for 12 years without a relief from a flow of blood virus at the top of societies, totem pole, the heavy-hitter, then we have this woman with the issue of blood in jewish culture she would have been seen as unclean would not be allowed into the temple. The bible says that she spent every dime she had on doctors and they only made her worse thank god for modern medicine, but it can’t cure everything, and so she comes look at. How do you believe that the gospel comes for the up an outer and the down-and-out arema in the banker? And it comes for the biker? It comes for the beatnik and it comes for the red. Aren’t you glad that you’re connected to people aren’t just like you in the gospel of jesus christ? They both came wanting a miracle. This woman way through the crowd she gets to jesus, just see yourself in that crowd for a moment, just want to feel that woman brush past you she’s going she’s gotten up ahead of us and all the sudden we see the teacher jesus stops, says these words. He says who touched me:i felt power go out of me. The woman testifies of her healing. Let me teach you some things about faith today through this great faith, healing these two-faced miracles right here in mark, chapter 5. The first thing I want you to know is it face, begins with the word everybody say the word, this woman. With the issue of blood she had heard that the messiah was in town. She didn’t believe that jesus was just another teacher. church in owensboro She didn’t believe that jesus was just another prophet. She heard somebody came to her and said:look there’s this guy named jesus of nazareth, and we believe that he is the chosen one sent to save the world, to heal the world, to redeem the world and to change the world and that woman’s heart begin to burst, something on the inside romans chapter. 10 verse, 17, says, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god face always begins with the word, but next thing she knew about the messiah. She would have heard about the messiah through rebennack teachers around her jewish people would have understood. This comes out of malachi chapter 4, verse, 2 says this. When the sun of righteousness shall arise, he will come with healing in his wings. She knew that and heard that she thought in her heart. You know I’ve got this. church in owensboro Won’t be stopped, but they tell me the messiah’s hear the teacher say whatever the massage shows up he’ll be a healer. Jesus is still the healer of the world and then he’s the same yesterday today and see what do people 2000 years ago, he’ll heal people today, as a matter of fact, I’m an eyewitness not seen him kill people in their physical body. Somebody say:jesus, is, a, healer, taylor hart, accepting her heart until finally, faith was birth and if you look in the text she says these work, faith is burst in our hearts. Look back down at mark, chapter 5 and verse. 27 face starts in the heart of moves to the mouth when she heard that jesus she came behind them in the crowd, touched his clothes, for she said everybody say, said, see the connection between the heart. The mouth. If only I make touches clothes, I shall be made. Well now you and I believe close, and we see the hem of his garment and we don’t really understand what that is because we’re western we’re not eastern, but this is something men of god war in the jewish culture says a prayer show now i, don’t wear one of these because I’m a gentleman out of you, you’re glad that jesus open up the gospel for the gentiles as well. We go to heaven amen, all you just glad for that. But I act like i, don’t wear one of these because of who you are, but the rabbis in jewish culture. church in owensboro They would wear this i. Don’t look up! The wailing wall on the internet, you’ll see men in front of the wall with one of these on praying to jehovah and they believe in cold, as the people would bless. What does it look like whenever I do this like wings? Doesn’t like batman or something whenever they would see, and this became known as the men of god’s wings on the corner of every one of these prayer? Shawls there were four strand the jewish people called them sit sit and what there was in those four strands is there was eight double knots and 5 under other strength on every corner that was 13 things woven together. It was a symbol of them of the 613 laws in the jewish torah believed in her heart. There was power in his wings in his tassels. If you will see what kind of fight her way through the crowd fake began in her heart and she began to press to the crouch close to jesus. The second thing I want to tell you is that faith will require a fight. Lifestyle is not always easy, was never designed to be easy,. You know you’re not even supposed to see what you’re believing for, because we walk by faith and not by sight. You see it requires a fight if you’re going to enter in the face. As a matter of fact, the new testament authors talk about the fight of faith faith works faith without works is dead steers ago people whenever they started to her face teaching. church in owensboro

church in owensboro They said I’m going to quit my job and live by faith. What they said is I’m lazy. I, don’t want to work anymore, noble said around and just believe somebody is going to get me hand out every 10 minutes and that’s the way I’m going to live. My life I mean on living by handouts, is not living by faith. A man face people work for the bible says you know you don’t work, you don’t what eat any men stuff. This woman begins to work. She begins to press you against to push her way to the craft small lady, frail lady, trying to get through the crowd and get to jesus about to get pushed back. No doubt people are stronger than her, but you still got through the cracks and when she reached out with the reach of faith, she said her heart. If I touch him I’ll be here for cheap touch, that thing and all the sudden the power of god she was made hole in her body. Jesus knew it and he said both somebody touched me crazy. church in owensboro Somebody touched him if he knew it in the midst of a mob. In the midst of the mosh pit, he said, I just got touched. What course you did said? How do I know cuz power went out of me me. Tell you something the holy spirit inside of christian. Do you know that sometimes, when I’m praying for people feel power go out with me when the hand of faith comes from, somebody else believe in the gods going to touch them, they can come to you when you begin to pray and they can literally pull the power out of a can. church in owensboro You feel it sometimes it’s amazing people like that I don’t want to quit, praying for him. Cuz I can feel the power of god coming out of me and rolling into their body. Do you know the anointing it transfers like that jesus said there a ghost and the woman turned around. She was scared. Cuz he called her. He said this daughter. What did he say, daughter your your? What your, what what? What? What did it your face? It makes you whole didn’t say bye. My sovereign will eyes that this woman didn’t wait for god to come, find her. What did she do? She went looking for god you go looking for. God you’ll receive your miracle faith. church in owensboro It requires a five heart. So is there he come for the feeling of his daughter. He stays this woman with the issue of blood, get her miracle. How many think that would encourage your face? Amen, wow! This woman just got that by the power of god. My little girl needs a healing, I believe she’s going to receive it then, and it keeps walking in before they can get very much further. One of his servants comes up and he said, brings the worst possible news that he could ever have that don’t bother the teacher anymore little girls dead. Imagine what the heart of jay iris must have done. Well, I’m sure it fell right down in his stomach. Jewish men wear always do if they would reach up and grab their clothes and they would rip it. I can see. Jay I was reaching up and go to grab his coat cuz there’s no other words that can describe that kind of a loss and getting ready to rip rip. It and jesus said these words. He says don’t, be afraid only believe when the worst things happen to you when you get the worst news possible. Let me tell you what jesus christ on the cross break into a million pieces I understand that we think it makes total sense, but jesus says don’t. Be afraid only believe it is faith that survive through even the worst news. Hebrews chapter 11, verse, 1 now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen her before. church in owensboro But yet the elders obtained a good report fake lives through a bad report, and it just flat keeps on going to his house. They get there and before they get there, they can already hear people whaling crying out loud at the in the loss of this little girl. In that day they were even professional mourners. You can hire take money from people to come in at your funeral without payment, don’t you, you know even purchasing hire professional mourners back there. How do you know if there’s lots of professional mourners in america today? Do you know that have to pay to become a wreck and not come often hiding behind sentiments not coming so it’s okay, baby I know you got terminal cancer to go to die. It’s all right. I love! You just, let, me, love, you lord loves you. church in owensboro They will try to get you a miracle they’re just there to comfort and sometimes that the enemy in disguise. Let me tell you the next point facebook stood out. Everybody say that faith put the doubt out. Jesus only took three people with him on this trip:peter, james and john his inner circle before went in to pray for the girl. They said this. They said the little girls dance and here was his answer in the king james version. He said the damsel is not dead, but sleeping damsel is not dead, but sleeping, but damn door is not dead, but sleep. It’s one in your life looks dead. Is it your marriage? Is it your phone? Is it your physical body looks dead in your life? How to use the word of jesus christ only sleeps. If that’s not good news, i, don’t know what is clap your hands. If you believe a damsel is not dead but sleeping, but look at him like he’s crazy, they seen her no longer breach, they see no breath in our bodies. church in owensboro

church in owensboro They seen her cheeks turn colorstay seen her look dead and dead people, don’t look very good they’re walking by sight, not by faith jesus pronounces. The word of the damsel is not dead, but sleeping goes in and he kicked everybody out at the church. In st, joseph, missouri, car, praise and worship leader was driving down. Riverside drive one day, I got, came and ran a red light and hit him in the side of the car broke. Part of his neck cut is a nerve that runs down to his vocal cords crust. Various parts of the body and it look for sure, like he, was going to die eric start good friend of mine. church in owensboro They took him into the corner of the emergency room and they put him over off. The side said:get him later. You know triage she’s, probably going to die anyway, as eric was laying there. He said, I heard the voice of the holy spirit speak to me said eric, you have a choice right now you can live or you can die. church in owensboro Choice is yours. Eric said I want to live, made it to the room and here’s. What are pastor did our pastor went and took the youth pastor and station him at the front of the door? He said this. Nobody comes into this room unless they have total faith that eric stocker going to live and not die and declare the works of the lord i. Don’t care if I don’t care if I don’t care. If it’s live, not. How many more like that, use, pastor’s job. Sorry grandma,, you don’t believe good enough get out of here. You know stuff anyway, watch derek and they said around her and prayed around us and believe god for eric and this morning about this time, church in owensboro I bet eric start is leading the praise and worship at at word of life church in st joseph missouri. You want to hear him saying, even though it’s nerves that control his vocal cords was cut his like dave matthews and knowing about the holy spirit, bringing the power of god he’s incredible. Tell me know if you put the doubt you can win any faith victory and then the next thing is this last point today:is it faith gets when it comes after faith gets what it comes after that’s been put out, jesus walks into the room sees that dead body laying there, but the damsel was not. Then she was only sleeping since two words to it in aramaic text to lisa,, and you know what happened the little girl she got up this morning. There’s something in your life that needs to get up, but damsel is not dead. Damn she was only sleeping. What is it where? Is it fun to fight a fight? This morning? Stand up on your feet stand up on your feet. The damsel is not dead. The damsel is not dead. Just close, your eyes, the damsel is not dead, but damn soul is not dead, but damsel is not dead. Somebody say that out loud, the damsel is not dead, but damsel is not dead. She only sleeps. church in owensboro That means there’s still a chance for you today, but I’mma start breath in your lungs blood in your body. If you still have, and this young lady didn’t even have that there was still room for a miracle in her life. What do you need from the lord? What do you need from the? What are you crazy enough to believe god, for you can have it? Whoever says to this mountain be removed, be cast in the sea. Does not doubt the things you said believe what he says will come to pass. He will have whatever he says, whatever you believe for when you pray believe that you receive it, you will have it. Those people who have a damsel, these resurrection in your life I want you to come to the salsa right now. I want to pray for you want to hook my face to you just go ahead and come to the doctor. Right now, wouldn’t come out of your seat, going to pray for you right now. church in owensboro