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Church in Owensboro Person of the holy spirit I think it will do them for born-again that spirit of god dwells in our heart tonight, lord that we are the temple of the holy spirit i. Think your father. If we’ve had an encounter of baptism of the spirit spirit of god, is upon us tonight, father. We want to continually and counter your spirit father. We want to be being filled continually with the holy spirit and we want to move in supernatural power and be the most effective gospel witness. Church in Owensboro We can ever be father tonight. I pray that you would open people’s eyes, show them wondrous things from your law, father, open eyes. Let people have aha moments tonight in the name of jesus and the church said:amen, amen, amen, acts, chapter 10, verse, 38. It reads like this says how god anointed jesus of nazareth, with the holy spirit and with power who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for god, was with him some interesting verse, asbegins reading here it says how god anointed jesus of nazareth, so we have god anointing the son of god, everybody say god anointing the son of god and then it goes past it and he says what does he unknown tim with says the anointing with the holy spirit, who is also got so we have god on our own and god with god in this verse, and it’s one of the only times you find that in the bible, but it’s interesting, so the father is anointing jesus with the holy spirit and with power and here’s what holy spirit power comes to enable you to do not let me say this:holy spirit manifestation doesn’t come just to make people roll in the floor, so they say amen to that and I’m, not against rolling in the floor and I’ve. Had a few rolls in the floor myself. Church in Owensboro The spirit of god can do that to you, but that’s not the only reason. The spirit of god comesto the church says god anointed jesus with the holy spirit and power that he might go about doing what church about to say, doing. Good and healing all those who are oppressed of the devil for god was with him. Now. Let me ask you:a question is jesus. The son of god is jesus, scott is jesus the second person. If a dog had everybody say jesus is god, but cs jesus came to this earth to minister to broken hurting you manage the bible says amore the new testament epistles. Did he set aside a portion of his power and he came to earth and he stepped into this world as a man, jesus was fully god and fully man, as he was upon the earth. He fully entered into the human experience that he might redeem us from being fallen broken sinful humanity. So is it came to minister to this earth? Church in Owensboro He didn’t just come minister and as the son of god, he came ministering as a man as well anointed by the spirit jesus christ of nazareth was born by the holy spirit help me know. His mother was a virgin whenever she gave birth to jesus, amen, orthodox evangelical theology, jesus was born of a virgin, the holy spirit overshadow jesus and and are overshadowed his mother and and that child was born in the womb. He was born of the spirit later on. He was anointed by the spirit turn over to the gospel of st. Luke I’ll show you where this verse happened in luke chapter 3 in about verse, 21 just turned back a little bits. Are you there? Yet somebody say I’m there. Alright, here’s what it says when all the people were baptized, it came to pass. The jesus also was baptized in while he prayed the heaven was opened and the holy spirit descended in bodily form like a dub upon him and a voice came from heaven, which said you are my beloved son in you. I am well pleased, jesus, christ of nazareth the approaches john, the baptist john, the baptist baptizing people for the remission of their sent. Church in Owensboro One of the gospel says:jesus comes up to john, says I need to be baptized. John, says I can’t baptize you jesus I have need to be baptized by you and jesus said. Let this be done, that all right just might be fulfilled when john takes the son of god down into the water. He’s already pointed at him before this ever happens and said behold the lamb of god, who takes away the sin of the world, can you imagine being john baptizing god in the jordan river wow, it’s amazing. God, he baptizes son of god in the jordan river, as the son of god comes up from that river. All the the spirit of god descend upon him as in the form of a dove, and it was never until this thing happened in the in the life of jesus christ of nazareth. It was only after his spirit baptism that he ever entered into his ministry. He ever performed a miracle. He ever calls the blind to see if he ever calls the deaf to hear it was only after his empowerment by the spirit. How do you think, if the son of god needed to be empowered by the spirit of god that you and I might need to be empowered by the spirit of god? Somebody say:i know that’s right, so jesus he lived in this and he moved under the anointing of the holy spirit. We say:there’s nothing that we can do nothing that we can have no program, no gimmicks, no lights, no camera! No video, no music, no electric guitar! None of that can ever replace the anointing of the holy spirit. None of that can ever replace an encounter with a holy god. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro None of that can ever replace being smeared by the power of god touched and anointed and empowered for service see here’s what happened. There are two distinct experiences in the bible with the holy spirit and the first one is salvation everybody say salvation or it so we can save like this. We get saved by praying and asking jesus to come into our hearts. Repent, repent of our sins believe on the lord jesus christ and submit our lives under him, and then we are saved. The holy spirit comes into your heart. How many golf prayed to receive christ out there lift your hands. Church in Owensboro The bible says the spirit of god came in to you whenever you pray to receive jesus, and that is a salvation measure of the spirit of god on the inside of you. You’ve got it right now without a doubt, there’s spirit of god on the inside of you, everybody say the spirit of god’s in me. What that’s the first experience with the holy spirit, and that experience is all about you about you getting saved about you getting cleaned up about you getting helped about god touching you, but there is a second experience with the holy spirit that is in the empowerment by the spirit, and it’s not all about us, but it’s all about us being able to minister and reach and touch somebody else in an effective wife. It’s all about the world. Everybody say it’s all about the world now that second experience with the holy spirit I’ll show you in a minute biblically. It comes with other manifestations and one of the primary manifestation to find throughout the bible is when people are baptized with the holy spirit, they have an ability to speak and to pray in a supernatural language. You might have heard it called tongues at other places in the bible and don’t be freaked out by that. Don’t be weirded out by that. Oh, what that that’s just absolutely normal biblical christianity, we said again, it’s normal biblical christianity. Tell me you’re out there have ever prayed in another language, unknown language. Do you talking like that? You know records now show that they’re 650 million chris 650 million christians live on the earth right now bet that give testimony that they’ve received a second acts, prayer for the holy, spirit and pray, or have prayed and unknown tongue. That’s that second empowerment of the holy spirit help me sort some things out for you for a moment, cuz I know people have confusion. Church in Owensboro They haven’t heard everything appropriate about. This I was raised in a denomination that did not believe that this still existed today. I never heard about growing up I heard about the salvation experience. I was told. The bible was the word of god. I knew that jesus was coming back, but no one ever told me about a second experience with the holy spirit and the first time I ever found myself in a group of believers believe that kind of stuff it was at jesse’s dad’s church out in amarillo, texas and I’ve got myself all messed up in the drug st. Center dad into my life and her family into my life, to rescue me to two to preach the gospel to me to teach me about deliverance and all that kind of thing and I got in their services and I noticed that their services were different than ours were number one. Church in Owensboro I noticed there was life in the house. You know it’s good to have life in the house. I noticed that the people really acted like they were worshipping god. Whenever worship began. That was strange to me. Like wow. Look at these people, my mama, you know they got hands lifted up there, singing their dancing. They act like they care about their got one of the first things. I noticed they pray for people who were sick. Those sick people testified that god had touch their body, and then it wasn’t long after that, then I heard some of them trained and in languages that I didn’t understand and I knew I knew what it was. I mean I’ve heard enough about stuff to know what it was, but it still freaked me out. I thought my lord. What have I got myself into here, looking around figured it out, but it opened up something on the inside of me, rob again to get hungry for the truth of the word of god and I wanted to know if that was reality or if I was around religious fanatics for open up the bible. How many I believe that the bible is true? I open up the bar when I begin a quest to find out if this was fat or if this was fiction? Church in Owensboro If this was religion, or if this was reality and I went on this quest and I found out that it was indeed reality. Jesus was anointed by the spirit you ought to be anointed by the spirit turn over to john chapter 20. Let me show you where the disciples had to experience is too distinct experiences with the holy spirit john, chapter 20, and, if you’re taking notes, this will be good stuff to write down to help. You explain to somebody else. Let me know that a short pencil is better than a long memory. A man caught john, chapter, 20 and I will be going to reading in about verse. 21. 1996 jesus in the same bed evening bring the first day of the week when the doors were shut, were the disciples were symbol for fear of the jews jesus came and stood in the midst and said to them. Peace be with you when it said this, he showed them his hands and his side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the lord, so jesus said to them again. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Peace to you, as the father sent me. I also send you and when he accepted she breathed on them and said to them, receive the holy spirit just turn around your neighbor and breathe on him for a moment. Would you do that? I don’t get too close to him. Cuz your breath stinks or something not jesus showed up cuz after his death, his burial, his resurrection. The disciples don’t know that he’s resurrected, yet they’re all gathered together in this room in the freaking out, because their leaders been killed and all of these people from their community probably want them dead as well and jesus walks through the wall, and he comes in the first thing he says he’s his peace be to get. He says a couple things about peace, then he walks over and he breathes on these people. Don’t ever make fun of preachers who breathe on people whenever they pray for them. Let me know jesus did that he breathed on these people and he said, receive the holy spirit and how many I believe that those people receive the holy, spirit jesus breathed on them and said receive the holy spirit I’d say:that’s a pretty good deal that did a pretty good indication that you received the holy spirit jesus himself, breeze on it and says receive the holy spirit, but that’s their first encounter with the holy spirit after their sins have been paid for after jesus it spilled his blood on the, mercy seat in heaven. That’s the first encounter with the holy spirit acts chapter weight, acts chapter 1, verse, 8. Church in Owensboro The last thing jesus said before he ascended into heaven was this, but you shall receive power when the holy spirit has come upon you and you should be witnesses to me in jerusalem and then all judea and samaria, and to the end of the earth jesus is talking to the same people. He’s already breathed on and said, receive the holy spirit he’s got the fun group together and then he tells them you’re going to receive power. After that, the holy spirit has come upon. You will be my witnesses in jerusalem, judea, samaria and the other most parts. They are not. Let me ask you a question:have these people already receive the holy spirit how to say? Yes, they just received a different measure, different experience with the holy spirit. Cuz one comes for salvation. The second comes for empowerment. One comes to clean you out. The second comes to help you clean somebody else up one comes to heal your heart, ii come so that you might become effective and healing somebody else’s heart. The first one is all about you. The second one is all about the world and these his disciples he sending into the uttermost parts of the earth and he told them and luke 24:49. You wait in jerusalem until you’re, in dude, with power from on high, don’t even go. Church in Owensboro Try to fulfill my commission until you received this turned over to acts chapter 2 years. Were the apostles received what jesus and promise to them. Acts chapter 2 verses, 1 through 4. You learn anything or you with me out there. Here’s what it says when the day of pentecost it fully come. They were all with one accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting in. There appeared to them divided tongues as a fire and one set up on each of them, and they were all filled with the holy spirit and began to speak with other tongues. Church in Owensboro The greek word glossolalia what year, which means unknown languages that began to speak with unknown languages, as the spirit gave them utterance this group of men, the spirit of god, comes upon them. They begin to speak in the praise god in a language that they don’t even understand it rolled right up out of their spirit and a crowd comes, and they look and see what’s happening in the crowd says these men must be drunk with wine, but the apostle peter stands up and tells them what’s going on. He says this:isn’t these men aren’t drunk as you think they are, that they’ve been filled with the holy spirit? Church in Owensboro This is what the prophet joel opposite, and at that point, the church of the lord jesus christ wasn’t power. Just like jesus performed no miracles until he was baptized in the spirit of the early church was unable to really reach the world until it was baptized in the spirit, the same man, peter hood denied christ, not too long before this becomes the preacher on the day of pentecost. Who has thousands of souls come and answer the call of god, because they’ve been in power with the spear miracle start happening blind eyes, open up, deaf ears, hear great and mighty things happen because of the baptism of the spirit. Let me tell you from my own personal life:when I got saved, I got saved and jesus was real and I knew. I was forgiven, but I knew that there was something out there. That was more I knew that I was lacking. Some power effectively tell other people about what it happened to me. Navigate to search the scriptures I found this biblical doctrine. They can be hashed out in so many different places and I read about it and I studied it until faith rose up in my heart to receive it and I was in jesse’s dad’s house, that was by myself. I read another book on the subject and I was actually in the shower and i. Don’t to give you a visual image there, because I look like I’m pregnant from this side or this side, you know that’s disturbing I was i, was in the shower. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro I was praying, I said lord. If the church had this and if you’re the same yesterday today and forever then I’ll to be able to have this not praying I said lord I want to receive that and all the sudden, the power of god and different people have different experiences and explain it different. So don’t get hung up on the way. I explain this, but it was like a bubbling begin to happen on the inside of me and up, and out of me came words that I’ve never heard for the spirit of god entered into that shower, and these words came up out of me and there were just two or three of them and I was speaking in another language and prayed in that language, and it happened, and there was it was in me-and I can pray like that from that point forward and after that point i, never let anyone to christ when i, when I got born again until I got baptized in the spirit cuz, you shall receive power to be my witnesses in jerusalem, judea samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth after I have that experience I began to become an effect of salt water after i. Had that experience, this other other supernatural things we going to happen around me. You ever heard of a word of knowledge. Word of knowledge is a spiritual gift from 1st corinthians chapter. 12 I’ve never had anything like this happen before in the bible talks about the gifts of the spirit, but I would I would be around somebody, and sometimes I would get a bit of supernatural knowledge about him. I know it by the spirit of god and no other way and I didn’t know what to do with it. When it first started happening and it happens more when I’m away when I don’t know everybody around me, I know so much dirt on all you now. You know it’s easy cuz. You got facebook account, sometimes I’m prophetic and sometimes i. Just look at your facebook or myspace. Church in Owensboro Don’t know where you been, but but I’ll never forget. I was sitting in a intro to world religions class in amarillo texas, and it was in a secular of school there, and there was a kid sitting by me and I saw him sitting there and I thought for some reason. I just thought it came up out of my heart about that. Kids, a hindu god and the lord spoke to me clear as a bell, and he said:nah he’s a buddhist just like that. But that’s funny, i, don’t know what to do with it. Back then, I’m like okay, well, he’s a buddhist. You know and the day came around when the teacher was going to lecture about buddhism and he said we got. We got a great thing here today. We got a kid in this class. What happens if the episcopalian and is in buddhist and how you’re an episcopalian anderson buddhist is behind me, but this kid thought he was both and he got up and it was the guy that was sitting beside me. That’s the years went by learn to use that whatever would happen. Church in Owensboro You know when it started. Everybody say when I was empowered by the spirit say it again when you run powered by the spirit, holy spirit empowerment is a maximizer of the gifts and the abilities that god is already seated into your heart. You don’t need to be freaked out about it. You don’t need to be scared about it. Is it strange? Yes, it’s strange. Does it sound weird when people pray in tongues? Guess it sounds weird, isn’t emotional emotional? Whenever people encounter a living god? Church in Owensboro es, it’s emotional, but those aren’t the questions. We ought to be asking the questions we oughta be asking is:is it biblical and if it’s biblical in our god thought enough about it to put in the bible, we all think enough about it to receive it and not to be freaked out about it. Somebody give the lord a handclap if you believe that a man I’m running out of time, I want to have opportunity to pray for people, but I want i. Church in Owensboro Want you to turn over I want to show you one more reference here, turn over to acts chapter 8, very quickly, just to show you this wasn’t a one-time one-time encounter in the book of acts. Once you go to acts chapter 8, verse, 14, here’s what it says:acts chapter 8, verse 14. If you’re there hurry up, if you’re, not there right move quickly, exit 14, here’s what it says now, when the apostles who were at jerusalem heard that samara have received the word of god everybody say they’ve received, they received the word of god. They sent peter and john to them who, when they come down, pray for them that they might receive the holy spirit boys. Yet he had fallen upon none of them. They don’t have been baptized in the name of the lord jesus, all right for a falling apple, none of them. They don’t have been baptized in the name of the lord jesus. Then they laid hands on them and they received the holy spirit and when simon sold it to the lane or the apostles hand, the holy spirit was given. He offered them money and it was a mistake. Church in Owensboro They offered her money, but here’s what goes on. They preach. The word of god to samara samara, received the word of god and gets saved and I believe it whenever they got saved. The holy spirit came into their heart, but it was so important to the apostles that these guys, don’t just get say, but also received and empowerment by the holy spirit. They sit down and peter and john that they could pray for them. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Play hands on them that they might receive the holy spirit because it says that they have not yet received falling apple, none of them, they don’t have been baptized in the name of the lord, never heard anybody teach that you get all the holy spirit ever going to get. Whenever you get born again. You know anybody say that people say that they believe that, but listen. These guys are already been saved in water baptized and there was an another experience that they can half listen. There is a nother experience available to you. My brother, my sister god is the baptizer in the holy spirit jesus of nazareth is the baptized in the holy spirit. He wants to empower you with the third person of the godhead to know. Church in Owensboro If you can receive supernatural power become more effective than you ever could have dreamed in the in the working of the ministry. You can see. People come to christ it’ll, make you a stronger witness, it’ll put something on your life that will set you apart, the unction of the holy spirit, and it’s easy for me to identify any more. Let me say this:being baptized in the holy:spirit doesn’t make you better than anybody else. Hey there buddy said, don’t make it better. I’ve got family members that dick I’ve never had a second expensive holy spirit, don’t pray in tongues that are better christians than me all. Church in Owensboro The second experience will do. It is a make you better than you are right now doesn’t make you better than anybody else. It just makes me better. I, don’t know about you, but I need all the help that I can get a man and I’ve been reading your facebook status. I know you need all the help you can get as well, and this help is available for you tonight. Right now, jesus said this. He said if a child asks his parent for bread, for that parent won’t give that child a rock that child ask for an egg that the parent won’t give them a serpent. Church in Owensboro Then jesus went on and said:if you being evil, know how to give good gifts, how much more will the father give the holy spirit to them that ask him what it comes down to is asking? Have you asked? Have you believed you you would receive tonight? You have an opportunity to do that. Would you stand up on your feet for one moment stand up on your feet for one moment now:listen I do not believe. Let me say this. People do not have to pray in tongues to go to heaven. Suppose a minute call on the name of the lord go to heaven call on the name of jesus. There’s churches that teach that in our region and they confuse people their doctrines, horrible and i. Don’t ever want people confused into thinking. We believe that we don’t believe that listen to get saved by call on the name of the lord. There is a second experience that that is a blessing to you to make you more effective witness and to give you power to move under the anointing and and to bring the gospel people whose so drastically need it,. But she said pastor tonight, I want a prayer. Church in Owensboro Language I want to be baptized in the holy spirit I want to be empowered by the spirit I haven’t I haven’t had this I haven’t received this and then I I want to listen it’s as simple as asking there’s new testament value for this, and some of you might have been prayed for before, and you at received tonight to ask again so many people, you know they want it. They want a spouse, they’ll pray for a spouse, everyday till christ returns. Talk about you talk about the baptism, the spirit they went down to an alternate 73 and didn’t receive it until they gave up. Will you didn’t give up on the spouse? Bible says knock and keep on knocking asking keep on asking. If she can keep on seeking drought, then you said:pastor want you to pray for me. I! Want you to pray for me that I might receive this just left the hand right there, where you are right there right there right there right there, hotels, love you tons of you all of the bike. I want you to come to the altar right here tonight. Make a straight line facing the office of the ushers are going to get other people down here with me:you’re not going to feel alone, go ahead and come nobita, nobi, nobi, i, don’t know a hundred people down here before we’re done going to come to make a straight line down here. I want to talk to you for one moment, just a straight line that people going to get baptized in the holy spirit. All over this house tonight and and believers are already spirit baptized you’re going to get filled fresh and a new id clear tonight, you’re going to get filled up fresh and a new. All people don’t get baptized in the spirit, there’s more. If you going to come just make that line that first straight line bring them right over here gentleman ride over now, church those are believers in the back or people are already already do that, go and start praying for these people they might receive. You stretch your hand for don’t touch him. Yet this just in the church, quietly pray right right, there. I want instruct those of you that are down here. Okay, y’all are here:you come by faith. You’re going to receive me tell you. God wants you to receive this. Somebody say he wants me to set that like to believe that he wants me to see now. I believe that you really thought we tell you what it’s like. This is what it’s like, alright or all of y’all save. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro If y’all caught on the name of the lord jesus. You’re born again, that’s a done deal. Let me just see in you, but this is easy. All right, no work to this at all. It’s already any of this is easy. Business and I are what we’re going to do. Is I want i, want people who have a prayer language. You wouldn’t come down here, going to come river city and have been around for a while. Won’t you come get behind some of these people right now in the book of acts, believers would go and they would lay hands on people and they would receive the baptism in the holy spirit they would receive it and I want you to know this, so many people get all hung up. They think that god’s going to come and make them speak in a tongue like god’s, going to come over. Take your body and make your mouth form. Words doesn’t work like that. Here’s, the way it works that would be almost occultic I got to making me do something like in the holy spirit in hand, pub and i. Just can’t stop and I walk into walmart and I’ll be rattling in tongues that that’s not the way it works. Holy, spirit, two, gentlemen spirit of god come over. Come come to you Church in Owensboro