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Alright, let’s give all our kids workers in the back right now. Handclap will tell him about it later, ministering to our sons and our daughters, so proud of all of them that kids ministry, it’s going to be a blessing to generations to come. Somebody say amen to that:go ahead and open up your bible to genesis chapter 24 this morning, genesis chapter 24 more going to begin reading in a moment and verse, 16 genesis, chapter, 24, verse, 16 and I would ask you to pray as you’re turning their for wayne and jill use a wayne been a member of the board. Since we began the church. Also they serve on are cedars team, which is a financial team and also wisdom team. Here in river, city church and jill’s fathers went on to be with the lord their track, jill’s already down there, but wayne’s traveling to florida right now. So let’s just pray for him right now and pray over. This message will do that with me, but let’s pray father, the name of jesus christ of nazareth. We do pray for a brother or sister. We pray now lord and believe that you’re very present whenever our hearts are broken lord and that you bring the heatbling bomb of your son, your servant, the anointing to come and bind up the broken hearted right now, father, we pray that we’ve been wood in indoor for the appropriate time we’ve been will endure for a night, but joy would be restored in the morning and I think it will the we can have a peace that surpasses all understanding, no matter what the circumstances may look like father right now, I pray over this message that we share together, I pray, quicken me that you wouldn’t want me to share the word of god I pray that you would give us eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of god would say to the church. I declare that we are a second mile people in the name of jesus christ of nazareth and the church said:amen, amen, amen. Well, some people have hobbies that they do on the weekend. You know some guys hunt some guys golf some guys and ladies have different hobbies i, don’t know whatever you. Ladies, do scrapbook-or maybe you hunter golf to i, don’t know, but my hubby, as of lately as i, do weddings on the weekend. That’s what I do on fridays and saturdays. So this last weekendremember the guitar player that look like a sheep dog at hair down in front of face. Josiah and gracie got married week before that of shelly that they played the violin married married. A boy I tried to get some young man to marry her, so she wouldn’t lose her out of out of owensboro that some boy from down south meritor john mark is fine young man. They got married. We got steven faith on the front row recently been married, andrew and rachel been married not too long ago, and how many think that it’s good, that young people find each other in the house of god get all his stuff and stuff huh. It’s awesome also understand that there are 12 or 15 babies to be born in the next few months. So we’re doing our part 2 out breed radical islam at river, city church in jesus mighty name be fruitful and multiply subdue and conquer the earth. In the name of jesus, somebody say:amen, amen, amen., been, thinking about weddings and there’s a passage about when a fatherbubba name of abraham find a bride-to-be for his son isaac, and that’s contained in genesis chapter 24. Now I like the culture of the ancient near east culture of the ancient near east, because people aren’t on the internet looking for their spouses, you don’t find your own spouse, but your daddy finds your spouse for you and since I’ve had a daughter, that’s what the culture of the gibson households going to be a man jesse. So if y’all got boy, children, three or four, you can tell him stay away from my girl until I get ready and I’m going to bring the boy that I pick and I’m on a percent him to my daughter and I’m going to say behold your groom, that’s the way it’s going to work and it’s just going to be the way it’s going to work, and so here’s here’s that’s the way. It was by the way some people say in our culture. You know i, don’t know. Maybe we should have never got married in the first place. Maybe we weren’t compatible, maybe this or that you don’t I’m about ninety-nine. Point10% of that is all bull cousin, the ancient near east. They just brought you a spouse, set them in front of. You told you to respect your covenants and if the two of you would be loyal to the principles of covenants, that marriage was going to work, look at your neighbor and tell them be loyal to covenant huh and then it’ll it’ll work. If both parties will be loyal to covenant in that ride, jesse amen and oldest servant-and he says everything that I have it within your hand, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to leave this place. I want you to go back to the place where I came from to my family in from out of that lineage I want you to find my son isaac a bride. Don’t take a bride for him out of the canaanite people, but go back there, and so the oldest serving of abraham be loads up the cattle loads up the camels. He gets ready to go on this journey and appraise he gets to that that foreign land and it begins to pray, and he says lord show me which young lady you would pick isaac and he prays a prayer like this. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He said:i pray whenever I get to the well in that in that city I pray that young lady would come and when I asked her for a drink of water that she would not only give me a drink, but she would offer to water. My camels as well, and then i, don’t know when she offers to water. My camels as well that you’ve made my journey prosperous. Church in Owensboro Let me show you some things about a type of isaac. What isaac was prophetically? What is type? It’s called typology, their pictures of things to come in the old testament about what will come to pass in the new testament and isaac is a picture and a type of jesus who was to come. Listen to this isaac was a child of promise. Promise to abraham and isaac was brought forth when abraham was 100 years. Old jesus was a promise to the entire earth promised in genesis chapter 3, verse, 15, the proto evangelion. Church in Owensboro He was promised that he would come and redeem us isaac walked up. A hill jesus walked up the hill to hill north calvert isaac have wood strapped to his back as he went up to the hill, where he would be offered as a sacrifice. Jesus had the cross strap to a bike. What up dawg office hill, where he would be sacrificed? Isaac, was offered up as a sacrifice by his father. Abraham jesus was offered up as a sacrifice by his father. Jehovah, jesus and isaac have closed prophetic correlations. I have to go to type in the shadow of jesus, so what this man has assigned to him the servant is a simon. Is it go out into find the bride of isaac I believe that every person in this room, where a signed number one to be the bride of jesus? Nobody say where the bride of christ the church is the bride of christ and our bridegroom is returning. He comes quickly. I declare it in the name of jesus christ of nazareth. Somebody say amen to that. His return is imminent. The number one we are the bride of christ number to we’re. Looking for the bride of christ cuz, it’s our job to bring people into the church for the gospel of the lord jesus christ. What I believe we can find out in this text is what kind of bride as the father looking for for son genesis, chapter 24, verse, 16 breeds like this. Now the young woman was very beautiful to behold. You’re all beautiful people. Do you know of him beautiful people, beautiful to behold a virgin? No man is known. Her pure. She went down to the well filter, pitcher and came up, and a servant ran to meet her and said. Please let me drink a little water from your picture, so she said drink my lord, then she quickly let her picture down to her hand and gave him a drink and when she had finished giving him a drink, she said. I will draw water for your camels also until they have finished drinking, then she quickly emptied a picture into the troll ran back to the well to draw water and drew for all his camels, and the man wondering at her remain silent. So it’s to know whether the lord has made his journey prosperous or not. So it was when the camels have finished drinking that the man took. Church in Owensboro A golden nose ring wayne, half a shekel to bracelets for a risk, wayne 10, shekels of gold and said whose daughter are you tell me? Is there room in your father’s house for us to lunch? We have to serve it at the well interesting that the well in the book of genesis is kind of like the singles bar it’s where everybody gets married gets hooked up. All you single, ladies, will be out the water fountain after service I’m, sure of it. So the servant he’s there at the well he’s waiting in the women are coming out there performing their their duty and their culture they’re, drawing water for the household and taking care of business. Church in Owensboro The young maidens are coming out and the servant is there, checking them out, and here comes a beautiful knockout by the name of rebecca she’s walking down to the well I like people who aren’t too good to take care of the menial tasks, a man how many? What’s the manual tasks that make the world go round, it’s the little things that make all the difference in the world. It’s taking care of small things that can make big things happen, rebecca’s walking down to that. Well, and she draws water and the serpent comes to her and says:can I have a drink and she said she smile or explain something to you about the culture of the ancient near east that wasn’t. There was the law of hospitality, everybody say hospitality, not what that meant was if you had a stranger on a lien on your land, but you would have to give them a drink and offer something for them to eat. It was part of the culture and if you didn’t do that, it was a shameful thing for your family. If you make mini trip third world countries, that thing still isn’t in place in many people how many of those cultures, how many go to those places and they feed you and give you a drink. You can’t compliment anything in their house cuz. If you compliment something in your house and their house in many cultures, bill try to give it to you. What the word hearing to is the law of hospitality, the new testament talks. Much about this hospitality is the love of strangers, not the love of your family. It’s not the love of your friends in the west, we cook for my family, my friend no you’re, not you’re, not biblically, hospitable, fatality is the love of strangers. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Look at your neighbor and say:i love, you no matter how strange you are just tell him that love the stranger doug flows through love for strangers, and so she fulfills the law of hospitality whenever he asked her for a drink. She offers him that drink and he drinks he’s driving he’s in a desert climate and there’s no doubt that he’s looking and he’s trying to discern if this is the one for isaac and the servants been sitting on this gigantic mission and I’m sure he’s excited as hearts beating out of his chest. And then she says these words. She says now that you’ve drank. Let me go draw water for your camels. Also what this young woman did was. She went past the law of hospitality at that point and she inconvenienced herself. She perform the law of hospitality and then some I believe that god is looking for a bride for his church for the church of jesus christ of nazareth. Church in Owensboro That’s a young lady, a beautiful bride, pure beautiful, but it’s a person who do more than just what they have to do more than just the law of hospitality. But somebody who go ii mouth perform the letter of the law and then some look at your neighbor and tell them this morning and then some that’s what this lady did. Church in Owensboro It was ginormous what she did not want you to understand that she wasn’t watering a chihuahua. She was watering a camel. Do you know what camels are cousins to like a gigantic nasty, dirty, smelly, goat to filthy creature? This woman gave him a drink which was no big deal, but then she began to water his camels. Now the bible tells me that he had kim camels and all of those camels there like walking water bags there, an animal that’s designed to travel across the desert without much to drink those camels in one setting can drink as much as 40 gallons of water. So the young lady gave him a drink, and then she began to draw water. She poured it for the camels, she drew water. She gave the water to the camel sheet. She gave water to the camel she drew water. She gave the water to the camels. People tell me that this could take as long as three or four hours of drawing and pouring water. That’s what I call going the second mile. How are you, ladies, been watered a cam out there by the way anybody for water, the camel I bet? You felt like your water in a camel when you’re taking care of the babies taking care of a husband helped around the house when he passed out on the couch, you probably felt like you were watering a camel. Church in Owensboro Let me know, we’ve all got her and then sums that were called to do and then we need to find them. Church in Owensboro We need to be diligent to the we need to be faithful to see. Jesus is looking for bride that will go. The second mile jesus is looking for some people to establish his name throughout all the bb and then some kind of people in their marriages I believe the lord looking for somebody will be in and then some kind of business, man or business woman I believe that he’s looking for service in the house of god. It won’t just do the letter of the law, won’t just clock in and clock out, but then we’ll go the second, mile and work on the weekend and being and then some kind of people. I, look at the culture that we live in, and the kind of work ethic putting into our sons and our daughters and to be quite frank. It scares the heck out of me build terminology, protestant work ethic. You ever heard of that. It’s a beautiful thing, but if we lose it, but nation that we live in now will disappear off the face of the earth cuz. It takes somebody going the second mile text, somebody running the distance text. Somebody done just want to give somebody a drink but says hey, I’ll, water, your greasy nasty camels to and when your water, those crazy nasty camels, you’re putting yourself in the middle of the blessing zone be not deceived whatsoever. Church in Owensboro A man, soweth also shall he reap. He was so about to flee, shall reap bountifully. You sow sparingly shall reap sparingly. Rebecca was out there showing that day as she watered those camels. Let me tell you this:most of the blessing comes through the dirty work. Most of the blessing comes to the nasty works most of the blessing comes to getting up early in the morning. Church in Owensboro Most of the blessing comes through staying up late at night. Most of the blessing is keeping your hand to the plow and not looking back supposed to the blessing is not laying down what everyone else quit. But it said you keep on pumping to keep on fighting sticky pain points and it doesn’t matter. If you have no more strength left, you must drop a little more strength and you go the second mile jesus said it like this. He said if anybody asks you to go with him, one mile go a second mile. He was talking to a jewish audience who been under roman control and under roman law of roman soldiers could command you to carry their baggage in there shields one mile. If they made you go further than 1 mile, they could be punished by roman law. Jesus said, even though they command you to go 1 mile and you hate wrong and everything it stands for. You believe that rome is the horror of babylon, even though you believe that, because my love flows in your heart after you go one mile, you just pick up those bags and you go a second mom smile so that my life can flow out of you to a dark, dark culture. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Look at your neighbor and tell them being second, mile person, ben and then some kind of person in jesus, mighty name, i, see so many people and it’s a curse on some families. You watch it. Church in Owensboro They got it from a grandparent somewhere in from a parent somewhere, then down to children and grandchildren. It flows through familial lines. Attitudes can set themselves up and households. Some people have different terminologies for it, some call it a generational curse stronghold. Whatever really is a spirit, that’s got an attitude attached to it, and and and some people don’t have this attitude. You know I’m going to get my 8 hours in and I’m going to clock out I’m just here. Church in Owensboro How are you doing well, I’m, just waiting for quitting time never met anybody like that. If you ever said that don’t raise your hand appear so not look, never say not. Me. I never said that there are some people that want to fly under the radar and only do as much as they have to the only want to fulfill the law of hospitality, but they don’t ever want to go past that they don’t ever want to water. Church in Owensboro Any camels and I’ve been taught this all of their lives and I’ve heard this all of their life and they’re just going to fulfill their job description and nothing more. If that’s the kind of life you want to live, all you were ever have is right where you are today, but if you want to walk into the blessing of god, let me tell you this I believe that the eyes of the lord are running to and fro throughout the earth, looking for faithful men and women who are willing to go the second mile and do what they’ve been designed to do whenever god looks at you and sees your faithfulness, there’s nothing in the hell. There’s nothing in this world, there’s no devil! Church in Owensboro That can stop you from stepping into your destiny and seen the plan and the purpose of god established in your life being a second mile and then some kind of person rebecca didn’t know that the camel she were. She was watering at that moment where film was silver and gold. She didn’t know that the camel she was watering were filled with the letter be given to her family. She didn’t know that the camel she was watering we’re going to take her across the desert back to one of the wealthiest man in the ancient near east to marry her off to the prince of his family. She didn’t know that the camel she were watering was the cowboys that were owned by the patriarch of faith abraham amanda become as the stars of scott douglas and as the seashore I wonder, who’s your encounter in every day, but you don’t know who they are? You don’t there’s a story. Church in Owensboro They tell about a shopkeeper hotel keeper in pittsburgh pennsylvania. He was there one night and it was a cold knife and he was working and every room in the hotel was rented out. It was gone and an older couple came in that night and ask for room-and he looked at me, said I’m. Church in Owensboro So sorry we’re out of rooms and I guess you don’t know about the event, that’s right here in this region, but you can’t find a hotel room anywhere in this city that there’s none to be had and I got ready to walk out, and he said no, no wait. Wait! A minute! Wait! A minute stay right here on I can’t send you back out in the cold I know you can’t find anywhere else to go said. I’ve got a room here, but I’ll stay and when I’m not working, and if you give me just a few minutes, I’ll go back there getting my stuff out of there. I got to be here all night anyway and I’ll come back out. You know in the morning so just hold on one second and he went in the back and he cleaned up his room and it came out and they gave him the key and he checked them in and the next morning they came out and that man was still there at the desk and I said. Did you enjoy your stay? Church in Owensboro They said. Yes, we did and the older gentleman that came in he said I want to tell you something:young man there’s not many people who would have done what you did for me tonight and I’ll I want to thank you for the kindness you showed them in my wife. Most people don’t care about their workplace. The way you did then the guy said this to him. He said who knows maybe someday I’ll build you your own hotel, that you can be the head manager of it and they both laugh and the old man walked out two years later that man was still working at that hotel. Church in Owensboro He received a registered letter in the mail. He opened it up. It was a letter. It was two plane tickets to go to new. York-and there was a statement there-that that I want you to come and see the hotel that I built for you. He didn’t know who he’s talking to at that time, but the man he gave his room to was mr. Waldorf of the waldorf astoria, one of the most famous hotels today in new york city. Listen, you don’t know what to text to that that your watering today, you don’t know what tomorrow god will go out of his way to bless you through. You, don’t know what plan and purpose for you, but you need to position yourself at all. Of those things can come to pass, and one of the first things you can do to position yourself is to change the attitude of your heart to make sure it’s hard working to make sure it goes to the second mile to make sure it’s an and then some type of attitude I want to close, which is three quick statements. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Statement number one I see him the story. Is this? Don’t despise the days of small beginnings? Everybody said:don’t despise it listen anything in the kingdom of god start small and it grows. Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard. Seed starts smallest planet and it grows, and it becomes large. You think you have to enlarge. You’re going to be sorely disappointed, be faithful, don’t despise it take care of what you have today. The bible says he who masters over little well, the lord will make him master over much. Second thing, I would say. Is this be a second mile person? Nobody said being second mile person when everybody else checks out? Not you, you keep on working. Your twitter statements are never never negative about your job. No jesus sees your twitter statements. Jesus sees your facebook account. I said be positive on that. Oh there’s, nothing i, hate worse than negative statements on twitter and facebook. We’re going to be second mom kind of people live in everything I say is expect a miracle expect a miracle everyday. We expect miracles, we expect god to show up and show out everyday. We start out saying today is a holiday. It’s a beautiful day. Church in OwensboroMy god is going to do something. Supernatural for me, cuz I’m, walking in his heart and then this attitude. Would you stand up on your feet with me today? Let’s give the lord a big hand, clap hallelujah, hallelujah jesus is looking for an and then some kind of a brat leaves eyes are going to and fro throughout the earth. Looking for somebody who’s willing to go, the second mile bible says the promotion doesn’t come from the east from the west or from the south says it. Promotion is up. The lord can’t stop the lord from promoting the faithful man or faithful woman. You’ll come across the world in a jet in the form of an old guy, with lots of money bill that faithful person a hotel that they can manage across on a herd of camels, bring a blessing to some young lady who’s called to be the bride of isaac. Won’t you close your eyes with me for one moment close your eyes with me for one moment, I want you to think about the attitude of your heart. The statements you make about the assignment that god has you doing right now? Are they appropriate? Church in Owensboro Are they positive? Are they the statements of a person who works as unto the lord and not as unto a man think about it for one moment, if you got something like that there that you don’t think represent your lord well I want you to repent of it today, you better person who just been getting by and you haven’t, been and then some at all I want you to repent believe that hurts the heart of god pain of that attitude. Change. That thing come on god’s, giving you so many abilities. Don’t minimize, don’t excuse it away that you I’m talking to whatever head about every eyes, closed, I need to repent of some of that I want you very quickly, put your hand up and down very quickly by there before the lord very quickly. I’ll just say this out loud to the lord, say father I repent for just doing enough change. Church in Owensboro My heart, I call your name power me to be a second mile person to go beyond. Do all that. You want let your kingdom my come in my life in jesus name. Now let me pray for you, father i, pray for the people now under the sound of my voice, sound of my voice, that you would give them a second mile and then some kind of attitude, I declare in the name of jesus, even though we’re just what seemingly is just a menial task. I say that their camels are coming today in the name of jesus christ of nazareth, bigger, seen a change in their heart right now and it may be down the road but I believe that the journey of blessing coming into their life has begun in the name of jesus and all of that dowry. All of those things all of your plan. All of your purpose is coming to pass in their lives. I say they haven’t even been some spirit in the name of jesus christ of nazareth and the church said:amen, amen, amen, hallelujah, well, hey! It’s been so good hanging out with you you’re going to be a witness this week. I will see you here on wednesday night or this coming sunday morning. You don’t want to miss it. God bless you, you are dismissed. You are dismissed Church in Owensboro