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Church in Owensboro Alright, let’s give the lord one more hand, clap today, one more hand, clap it for those of you that missed last week we started last week on monday a 21-day fast as a church corporately. So we we’ve been doing that a lot of people been using the model we had tons of people that committed to do something over the next 21 days, where they were going too fast meal a day. Church in Owensboro Some people are doing total fast, just liquid fast. Some people are taking 21 days and doing the daniel fast, which can be found in daniel chapter 10, daniel ain’t, no meat, he ain’t, no pleasant bread is what the scripture says and and he drink. No wine, no good drinks to people are some people, and that, aside for 3 weeks and we’re just devoting the beginning of january to god, so that we might grow spiritually and I believe that people are making giant giant steps ahead in the spirit as a pastor. It’s one of the proudest moments of my life to walk through my church and hear about what people are giving up:corporately for jesus, christ of nazareth and i. Just want tocourage you I’m pumped, but you’re, something i, don’t know, i, don’t know why they call it a fast when it goes so slow. You know what I mean it’s like a week is a month when you’re fasting and it just it just creeps along and crew salon creeps along. Eventually it comes to an in and out when I think about fasting I’m reminded of a story that I heard a pastor friend of mine he had to associate on his staff and the associate you know how it goes here is:go on, and you pick up a few pounds every year and before long a few pounds becomes a lot of pounds and I’ll wrestle with that kind of thing in the past. Church in Owensboro So I know I know about that kind of world, but this guy had gained a bunch of white and the pastor from high if it is real health-conscious, and so she started talking about the associate for, for else think the guy was getting older. He was having some health problems due to that and she was encouraging. Church in Owensboro You know him that he can. He can turn over a new leaf. It was the beginning of what you hear it and he asked her will tell me:how do you do it? How do you stay in such good shape and she said well, it’s like this number one I eat like a kingfor breakfast and then she said I eat like a prince for lunch. You have y’all heard somebody say this before and I eat like a popper for dinner, so I ate like a king for breakfast I eat like a prince for lunch and I eat like a popper for dinner in the associate symbol. That sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll. Try that try that on king prince pauper, and so he started that for about a month and she went back a month later and she checked on and she said, tell me:how are you doing on the on this new eating plan? How’s it working did. He said you know, what’s great in the morning I eat like a king and at lunch I eat like a prince and then it’s supper. I eat like a popper, but then for some reason about 10 at night, every night I hear this voice. That says long live the king and it just it just messes my home, and so here’s what we’re learning to do on a 21-day fast, we’re learning to silence the voice that says long live the king cuz are kings jesus, not our stuffsomebody, say amen. To that. It’s just the way. It is so that that’s one of the first ways you can grow second week. I know you got to hand out in front of you and I will preach for just 10-15 minutes, and then we got a video testimony. I want you to see and up the second thing a bit but I know that’ll help you grow so much in life is that is, that is the principle of prayer. The principle of prayer that the first point I have here to share with you today is that prayer has the power to change your world. Everybody say this out loud, say:prayer can change. My world come on. I said again:prayer can change. My worldgrab, your bible on you, i, want you to open it up to james chapter 5, james chapter 5 we’re going to go 2 verses, 13 through 18 james, 5 13 through 18 and I just want to show you how prayer can change your world in even practical ways. Now one thing I know that their prayers going to grow me spiritually prayers, going to make me more like jesus. What is prayer prayer is communing or talking or having a relationship with god prayer is talking to god I mean we all know what should pray, we’ve all heard about prayer, and when you come into the kingdom of god you just don’t really know you know you should pray, but you don’t know how to pray. So how do I pray? Those are things we have to discover as christians and one of the first things. I can tell you about prayer. This is just all free, not your notes, but we pray to the father. Here’s how you pray. We pray in the name of jesuscome on in the name of jesus jesus. Our access to the father bible says he’s the open door that gets us in the presence of god’s when I pray, I pray in the name of jesus, but but if you’re, something that the apostle james wrote to the early church about how praying can really change so much of our world even right, where we are even our health, james chapter 5, verse, 13, here’s what it says if you’re there go and say:aha today is anyone among you suffering.

Let him pray is anyone cheerful? Let him sing songs is anyone among you, sick. Let him call for the elders of the church and and let them pray over him. Anointing with oil in the name of the lord and the prayer of faith, will save the sick and the lord will raise him up and it be a committed, since he will be forgiven, confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much elijah was a man. That’s the prophet. Elijah elijah was a man with an hlike ours and he prayed earnestly that it would not ring and it did not rain all the land for 3 years and 6 months and he prayed again in the heaven gave her a ring and the earth produced its fruit. James starts talking about people in specific situations. He says it if your, if your happy sing songs, if your, if you got this going on, do this and then he says, if you’re sick, you pray and there’s a specific way. You said you pray you’re good to call for the elders of the church. If you got a real physical illness, that’s life threatening. You should call for the elders of the church. Elders in the bible. Lots of people come from church government systems that are not biblical, but elders in the bible are five-fold. Ministry gifts, their preachers teachers of the word of god to be an elder biblically you’re, an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher elders aren’t just old people in the church. Biblically their ministry gifts till the scripture says, call for the ministry gifts. Let them pray for you they’re, going to know what to do with oil and if that prayers offered in faith, that’s all I believe every party believe in the person being bravethe person, praying everybody’s believe in the pearl for them faith. What will save the sick and the lord will raise him up come on? We got a healing jesus. We got to god that that’s not dead. We got to go but still alive, singing the hill people of all kinds of things he’s still in the healing business. Now, after that, he says this, the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man it up fails much now, that’s some kind of tough language of the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man. It’s not a lot of words we use here. It is here it is in the new living translation. It says this. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. The second thing I’d say it says a righteous person. The only person has great power and produces wonderful result. Here’s the deal you are a righteous person number to. You are a righteous person. If you believejesus for salvation, how did you out there believe that christ is your savior repented on your sins called on his name? Let me see your hand for one moment. You believe that you can say this bowl that you can now say:i am righteous, that’s not anything! We’ve done the bible says in 2nd corinthians 5:21. He made him who knew no sin to become sin for us that threw him through jesus we might become the righteousness of god in christ, jesus I can say I’m right. Just because jesus made me righteous on the cross, I didn’t deserve it, I didn’t earn it I didn’t fight for it, I’m, not a good enough boy or girl to be righteous. He died for me and now I am right just because christ traded his spot. For me, there was a great exchange. He took my son and he gave me his righteousness. So now, I’m righteous, be effective. Fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much here’s the deal. That’s me so now the number 3, your prayers have great power, come on somebody say my prayers have great power and they produce wonderful results. I, like that, my prayers have great power and they produce wonderful results. Church in Owensboro That’s that’s encouragement to pray, isn’t it when I print? It doesn’t mean that but nothing’s happening when I’m praying I’m connecting to god when I’m connected went out when I’m praying for great powers being released in the earth when I’m praying I’m. Having wonderful results in the earth, see my prayers change thing things not because I’m special, but because jesus was special and he brought me into his kingdom and so now what an invitation to pray. It’s not just to duty. It’s not just something religious I have to do it’s, not something. Church in Owensboro If I don’t do god’s going to get mad at me about it, he’s just inviting me saying:hey brian, he saying hey son, hey daughter, come spend time with me, it’ll release great power and you will have wonderful results. Open up. Your bible I see what what jesus said in matthew chapter 6 matthew chapter 6 turn over to the new testament first book in the new testament were already there, but go to matthew chapter 6, your ears ears, one of the ways you can learn to pray and you ought to read. I got this on some suggested reading for later this week at the bottom go to read the whole chapter of matthew 6. But let’s just look at matthew chapter 6, verse, 5 or wait a couple verses here and and here’s what it says:matthew 6, verse, 5 and when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. They love to play, standing in the synagogues and on the corner of the streets that they may be seen by men, i, surely I say to you:they have their reward, but you, when you pray, go into your room and when you have shut your door, pray to your father, who was in the secret place and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Here’s what jesus said he said when you pray, you don’t have to pray just like the hypocrites he’s talking about the pharisees and the sadducees cuz. They just really love for somebody else to hear them pray you ever been in the presence of somebody when it’s time for somebody to pray. Maybe it’s a meal or maybe it’s a social gathering or something like that, but it’s time for them to pray and they get to pray and it becomes like a different person. Talking, don’t talk about the voice goes down lower and the language becomes strange. You know it and it’s like this formal, ritualistic, weird prayer nobody’s looking around like what happened to our cousin or uncle. Church in Owensboro He just left the building and somebody invited his body what’s up with that. Well, somewhere along the way he was trained it. When you pray, you become really stuffy all the sudden. You know what I mean. Oh jesus knows the real you not just the stuffing. You jesus knows to you that doesn’t talk in king, james english. Somebody say amen to that. Jesus knows the real you. So when you pray, pray and I’m, not center by the does, that wants to be heard by people some of that just what they learned the model they hadn’t passed, but but some people want to be seen as super spiritual. So we don’t want to be like that. Somebody say amen to that. We don’t to be like that. Jesus said, but don’t be like them. But when you pray here’s what you do, he said you go into your room. You go in the old, king james I think it said you go in the closet and you shut your door and then you pray in secret and your father, who sees you in secret, will reward you openly. Listen your prayer. Not only does it have great power and produce wonderful results, but your prayer is something that brings you great reward. Number for prayer is a living practice that has great reward. Prayer is a living practice, but at straight reward, so I just too rich. What’s not just something dead, it’s a living practice. It’s a practice that brings life I’m, going to tell you. The prayer is a source of life and I can tell when I’m praying went when I’m spending time with jesus I feel more alive as a christian than any other time that but I’m around and whenever I stopped praying in my prayer, life isn’t, as strong I feel more of the death of this world. Attaching itself to me all the time you noticed living in this fallen world, it’s always pouring ass down and whenever we pray I believe instead of this gravity pulling us down, we get an infusion of god spirit, which begins to pull us into more heavenly direction, so I’ve got I’ve, got a choice whether or not I’m going to go into the closet, shut my door and I’m going to take some of the gravity of this world. It’s making me more worldly, making me more carnal, making me more fleshly it and let the spirit of god come and left me a fresh and a new and make me more heavenly. Church in Owensboro Make me more like hamper. Has that kind of power? It brings great reward. Number 5, dad consistent spiritual growth. We must have consistent fellowship with god drive, consistent spiritual growth. Your wife have consistent fellowship with god and if you want to live in a consistent, blessed, zone wetware stuff’s really happening in and I’m, not saying that there are never any trials in life. Church in Owensboro Come on. We live in a fallen world, we’re going to fight our way through some stuff, but I found them or I pray, the luckier I get in life. You know what I mean i, don’t even believe in luck, either I believe it’s the favor and the blessing and the anointing of god cuz when you’re in his presence, it makes things different see. The presence of god is like until like a water or like an oil in the bible. It just makes things go smoother when we spend time with god that water you get in the water and you can travel downstream easy. You just put your feet up and you ride the water. You you, you got got oil in the car. You know the engine runs well and if it, if the engine has that oil in a boat without it stops going to go, awry, listen, we can get in there and we can have a ritual or living practice. That has great reward and we can have consistent prayer time that can change our world whenever I first put into here in to be taught about prayer. I heard this. Church in Owensboro This scripture and I was living out in amarillo texas. That was a new number and I made a decision meant. The word says it to the best of my Ability:i’m just going to try to do it, and it said it said:i was reading in the king james version back then, and all it said don’t of the closet and shut the door. So you know what I did. I went and I got one of my chairs from my kitchen table, not a one bedroom apartment out there, which was trashed because I was like this 20 year old bachelor, you know and I took my I took my chair and I’ll put it in my closet. That would go in that chair. I. Would go in that close that would shut that door. That was my place. I’m at with god I would sit in that chair and I will talk to jesus and I’m telling you jesus became more alive to me in that closet there, but here’s the key there anything supernatural out that closet, it’s just i, had a time. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro I had a play, not an expectation that god was going to meet me there. If you have a time, you have a place and you have an expectation that god’s going to meet you there to tell you your prayer life can change and go to another level. Prayer can change your world in the first thing. She would do when she would come to my house and she would clean it. Cuz understand that house, like i, stayed in that house. You know for amana. Church in Owensboro My house is like somewhere to hang your clothes in the lay down at night. That’s about it but up, but so she would come number. She found that chair in the closet and she’s, like hey you’ve learned to take the word of god literally i, see right here, I believe it I believe it we’re going to learn to take the word of god and apply it to every area of our life. Listen prayer can change. Your world I’ve got a good friend in the congregation day. Church in Owensboro Somebody we love very much, but I want to show you how god for 9 minutes is a 9 minute testimony show you how god changed his world through prayer check this out this morning, courage you find pat donohue, better known to a lot of people at rcc as patrick’s father, father-in-law of tiffany donahue, and soon to be a very proud grandfather of baby donahue great opportunity in 2008, presented itself to me on the week of september 16th through the 21st was ryder cup weekend as an international golfing event. It was at valhalla in louisville, which is a rarity to have a major worldwide event, so close to home. I had volunteered for and then selected to servers are marshall at the ryder cup on hole, 18, which is a big deal. We have gone through. Several months of training has been to louisville to meet with officials from the pga hours, not feeling well and became hill was diagnosed with cancer and something that we had to deal with surgically and the surgery happen to be on that weekend. September the week of september 16th, instead of being in louiville i, was in the henderson hospital having surgery and so I watch the watch, the golf tournament from a hospital bed, rather than in person on whole number 18 on the diagnosis of kidney cancer, sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma. It was decided to remove that kidney during surgery here at home. That surgery went well because the cancer was diagnosed to be in the lymph system and possibly in my bladder, we were referred to in the anderson cancer center in houston. The prognosis was you have a fighting. You have a good fighting chance. We certainly believed that our chances were a great deal better. A good fighting chance. Church in Owensboro That chemo went very well to the point where late 2008 dr milliken decided that we are the lymph nodes had introduced. The cancer was at a point where we could do surgery. The surgery was called debulking, which is where they take out everything that looks like it’s affected by cancer except major organs. As in your chest, we had a great report:no, no cancer, your cancer free. You can go home with the explanation that there is the potential that the cancer could reoccur. If it reoccurs within 5 years could be, could be a problem if it doesn’t return in 5 years. Chances are very, very good that it won’t return. October 2013 after 4 years and some odd months for testing I was on my last last dr. Visit last test last ct scan the last one and I expected that it would be the same as though every other one that I’ve had over the last 4 years, good clean result, you’re doing fine. You look great, no cancer, that clean test, no problem and really it almost become passive about the test, because everyone had been so good and I just felt. Church in Owensboro Like but this will be, this is just going to be another good report and everything’s going to be great. The report report. What was not what I wanted to hear, and it was that the cancer was back. Church in Owensboro There was a spot on my left lung. That was one of the places that the doctor milliken and told us that if it comes back that that’s that’s where it would be, so there were seven different opinions. That said, we believe it’s cancer and we need you. We believe you need to have surgery right away, and so we schedule that with dr. Shefali that day paige admit it. The fear really grabbed hold of me just like it did on the first diagnosis 5 years ago. Disbelief anger, what’s really about my family not going through this again, but we always have to remember that what were here in the flesh is not what we believe in the spirit, even though the bad news was 90% chance, the cancer is back. We told the doctor in his office 10% with god’s better than 90% with you, and we just don’t believe this and we’re not going to accept this report. We obviously I alerted people in our church and ask for prayer people at river, city, church or praying as well. Many people called us and told us that, but they’re also times that we would visit at river, city and people would say we’re praying for you, we’re lifting you up. Church in Owensboro God knows where you are all those things that we needed to hear and in immediately we knew that prayers were going up on our behalf that things are going to be okay, that doctors will make good decisions, that right choices would be made. Patrick a task is to visit river city, which we do occasionally and following service patrick and if back to the office, is about pastor jesse pastor brian back there jesse started to pray over soon said that she felt the lord has given her word that she was to share with us, and so she showed that work with us, and she said it’s like you’ve been in a great battle, but the lord said you can rest in me, and this one is a gift says god for I will give it to you and I will give it to you in gift form, says the lord for some times. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro According to your faith, it is done to you, but today I will bless. You says the lord in your body will be home from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and it will be said that only the lord has done. This thing. I want to share with me later that dr. Shefali had told her that he had had called doctor who had originally given us. The report that the spot was back was there that the cancer was back. Eddie called him from the old barn said he needs to talk to me about an unusual circumstance that there’s nothing there, the spot that have shown up on the original ct and had shown up on the pet scan later. That confirmed that he said it’s not there. I can’t find it i, remember susan and pastor jackson telling me, after that, when I woke up that when he came out to explain that to them that he had this funny look on his face, like i, don’t know! What’s going on here, just disbelief! You know this.  Church in Owensboro This great thing has happened here and even though the doctor can explain it, we know what it is. It’s an answer to prayer him. That’s guy. I mean he had taken care of baby one more time and taking care of me come on. Let’s give the lord a handclap come on somebody how to stand up and praise the lord thanks man, we think it king jesus your healing jesus. We believe that you’re for us and never against us,. Would you stand up on your feet for one moment tell me you know that our god still in the healing business amen, we got to go to the answers, prayer he hears and answers. Mr. And mrs. If, you were right right out here:you’ll give them a hand, clap. We love you guys, union county friends, incredible to have a here there’s some patrick’s run in the class, but but it’s patrick’s birthday today and then what a birthday present to have a whole dad healed of cancer supernatural by the power of god man. It’s it’s incredible. Incredible! I want you to know that the same way prayer changed his world prayer can change your world. Let me say it again. The same way:prayer changed. His world prayer can change your world. The bible says that god is no respecter of man, can’t he doesn’t respect one person more than the other he’s a god that anybody will come by faith and believe he does miracles for the make changes their situation Church in Owensboro