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All right, everybody looks good out there on a wednesday night in the house of god turn your neighbor for one moment and tell them. You are super lucky to get to sit by me on a wednesday night, so lucky to get to sit by me. They are seated by royalty, amen, huh scene about royalty. The bible calls that the born-again believer son and daughter of of the most I think they’re seated by royalty tonight. If you have your bible on the go ahead and open it up tonight, we’re going to go to the gospel of saint matthew, the gospel of st. Matthew and we’re going to begin reading in about chapter 4 and verse 18 here in a moment, that’s matthew, chapter 4 and verse, 18 and i, really more than I want to preach. I I want to pastor little bit. I want to share some vision about where we’re going, and what we’re doing here is the church and about what I believe is of the utmost importance of coming up in 2011 and also in the church. All across america I want to endtonight’s teaching I want to call it called commanded and commissioned called commanded and commissioned everybody say calls now say command. It now say come in what river city church is all about, and what we’ve been about from the very beginning of this church, this church planted as a seed, is grown and done exactly what was prophesied. That would happen in this church. Somebody came gave us a prophetic word out of the scriptures that this church would be like a mustard seed and even though a mustard seed is smaller than all the other seed, all the other herbs when it’s planted it grows and becomes larger than any of the other one and god wants his kingdom, the girl he wants his church to grow. He wants people who are far from him to come into the kingdom of god. If you agree with that, go ahead and say, amen, amen, but all of the church around america is not growing is not thriving, is not reaching is not doing what it’s called to do. A matter of fact. The stats show me this and I see this all in all the time cuz I want to wakeamerican western christians out of their slumber. Is it our nation is now only 11% church. That means 89% of america does not have a church and. Does, not really value the teachings of the bible. You know if somebody doesn’t have a home church. They haven’t yet learned the fullness of the scriptures, because the church is the bride of christ and there’s a corporate in the morning when we come together and we all have our place in the body and we bring something to the table when we come and when we don’t come to the table, there’s something that we have to offer. Someone else isn’t getting. So if, if 89% of america doesn’t get that revelation, we got big issues in our nation, and recently the lord was speaking to me confirm something to me through a dream:don’t dream a lot:don’t have a whole lot of god dreams. I’ve had three or four in my life, most of the time, whenever I dream of something weird that has nothing to do with god. As matter fact, the other night I dreami went outside and look up in the sky and there were just tornadoes everywhere and here’s what I remember seeing him in my in my dream, I Said:i’m no meteorologist, but I think we ought to go inside and then I get inside. The building starts falling down around me and had absolutely no spiritual, meaning whatsoever, but every now and then I’ll have a god dream. Bible says this next chapter:2 that the spirit of god comes up on people and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams. I, don’t know my hair is turning grey, maybe I’m going from a young man to an old man quicker than I want to, but I had a dream and in the dream, I was sitting at a table. That was there with a group of leaders from churches all across america and we were having like a council. If you will, we were talking about what was important in the church he in the coming years, and what the church in america had to do and had to accomplish, and there were a group of men that were seated there at the table and they were pushing and rowling for the church to behave a little more like it did in theandy’s to go backwards, and why are we while we advancing? Why are we doing all these things? Men? We had a mighty move of the spirit of god and charismatic churches in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and that’s what they were fighting for in championing, for that was a group of guys that that were kind of in my age bracket in some of my thinking and it wasn’t all age, some of some of the guys were different ages, saying different things and the other guys were saying. No, you got it all wrong. You can’t look back americas in its darkest hour. Ever it’s it’s only 11% church. If we don’t do the work of an evangelist, now will never reach our nation, and so we’re fighting and we’re having this debate and we’re going back and forth, and all the sudden and authoritative voice began to speak and I recognize who was speaking the moment went off in my drink. It was the voice of god and god said this. He said in this hour, every church that doesn’t focus on the great commission will shrivel on the vine and died when he said it. I said straight up out of my bed and I woke up and ithe.

God was talking to me not understand this, but the greatest called the church has ever had, and even more so in this hour, the greatest called it that we have today. The greatest called will have tomorrow will be the great commission of the lord jesus christ in it, and we need a new focus and a fresh perspective, and we need to forget about some of the heritage and some of the past prior moves of god and we need to focus on the future, because america needs us more than it’s ever needed us before they need the gospel, not americans changed radically in the last 15 years radically i, graduated 1995 america is a fundamentally different place in 2011, even if it was in 1995 and especially spiritually. Why is that woman 95? Most of us had at least there was a generation some people to have christian parents, some people did but most of the time you could come around and you can find at least a grandparent on the scene that had a voice that represented who god was some godly grandparents out there somewhere. Some of you did okay, a lot of you today. Listen some of the grandparents of the kids coming up today or a totally different generation. It’s the woodstock generation. If you will truly love our grandparents, how many? How many of y’all bought an original beatles album back in the day when the beatles first came out just just wave at me out there? Some of you did you pay guns out there I see, you know how many of y’all bought those albums have grandkids. Now, almost all of you do you don’t. That was a defining moment in a different day in culture for america. Wasn’t it those years and it changed everything we can to change the mindset and it was a first-generation strange, but now it’s not a first-generation change. It’s a second and a third past that there’s been other inventions and in the last few years, number one, the one that al gore invented the internet for mr. Gore gave us the internet, and since we have the internet, it changed the entire world. So rapidly things are so different. I mean we don’t do anything the same thing and there’s influence from all over the world, not just a a judeo-christian heritage in america we’re connected everywhere, and it’s changing our young people by the moment. It’s just so radically altering everything we got to look at ministries refresh new lens. We have to do things in a fresh new way and we also have to look back to ancient fundamentals. If we’re going to win the war for america next thing, I’ll say is that we are in a war ever play war. What is the world that we are in and I know that? That’s that speech that lots of people use haphazardly and especially christian leaders. You know it like the point in scream, spiritual warfare and things like that, and sometimes we’ve known people with that kind of talk, but I want you to understand that there is a war of the scripture say this, that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness in heavenly places there was a warm with a fallen group of angels. You’ll follow me here. All right. The leader of that following group of angels is called the devil or lucifer or satan. The scripture say this jesus said these words. He said, I saw satan fall from heaven like lightning satan was a renegade angel that got himself kicked out of heaven matter. Fact the scriptures teach that he was the bright and morning star. He was a worship leader in heaven. If you will became prideful wanted to be worshipped instead of to lead worship of god in heaven, so he rose up and started a rebellion. The prophet say in the old testament that one third of the angelic hosts in heaven rebuilt with lucifer again scott when they did. There was a great war in the heavenlies, and it says that that the angels of the devil made war with the angels of the lamp. But how me know anytime, you make war with the king of kings and lord of lords you’re going to lose right and then don’t make war with god, and you won’t turn out well going to be a bad deal for you. They get kicked out of heaven. Scripture also say that some of these angels now are change waiting for judgement who did other vowel actions. So here’s what the angels fallen angels are all ticked off about. The scripture say that you and I uman beings are made in the image of gods and it whenever we fall and mess up. God gives us a second or third or fourth or fifth chance. Here’s what it means! Scripturally! You have a redemptive quality because you’re made in the image of god. That means, whenever you mess up god wants to fix. You look at your neighbor and tell tell him just say:god’s wild about you. He wants to fix you up, tell him that picks you up! There’s a redemptive quality. What’s the angelic beings whenever they slip whenever they fall, they cannot be redeemed. They had a chance when they fall their chances over until the bible says. There’s a place called hell that is prepared for the devil and for his angels, the devil and the angels. Now hate humanity, because you have a place in the heart of god that they will never have and what they want to do. There’s a great war in the heavenlies, because what they want to do is to seaview manatee from taking a hold of the redemptive grace in jesus christ of nazareth, so we’ll have to go to hell with them as opposed to live in heaven for eternity was jesus.

There is a war. What’s the spoils of the war, the spoils of the war, it’s the souls of men and women, the souls of men and women. They go on forever. What’s the church’s number one responsibility, the souls of men and women god loves people and he wants to save their souls. Yours out, jesus started it just look right here:matthew chapter, 4, verse, 18, he, begin assembling a group of men together who are going to lead the charge in redeeming the world and saving souls, focusing on the great commission. First, they have to be disciples later they will be teachers. Here’s out jesus calls them called commanded and commissioned verse 18. If you’re there say huh. Here’s outreach and jesus walking by the sea of galilee saw two brothers simon called peter and his brother cast internet into the c4. They were fishermen, then he said to them. Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. They immediately left their nets and followed him going on from there. He saw two other brothers james. The son of zebedee and john is brother in the boat was zebedee, their father mending their nets. He called them and immediately bait left the boat and their father and followed him. Here. You see the call of the first disciples. You got two different sets of guys being called by jesus there at the sea of galilee. All of these men are fishermen and I want you to know that they had pretty good businesses. First guys got peter and andrew. Second guys you have james and john. What do you mean pastor? How do you know that pretty good business as well? They own boats, you reading some of the other gospels, mad workers working for them, their father, 70, he’s there with them that they’re learning a trade so they’re at the sea of galilee and jesus comes walking up and jesus begins to call these men and the first thing first to he calls he calls peter nicole’s andrew and here’s what he says to them. He says follow me, everybody say follow me. Just like peter and andrew been called to follow. Jesus you and I have been called to follow. Jesus you haven’t been called right now, just go ahead and consider this. Church in Owensboro Your official calling jesus is calling you tonight he says. Follow me. We’ve been called to make disciples, but before we’re going to make disciples we have to be a disciple. Why did america get to only be 11% church, because the people who claimed the name of jesus work really behaving like disciples that makes sense church? So we’ve got the blind leading the blind claiming to see yet stumbling and staggering in the ditch everywhere, so he calls them. He says. Follow me and I’ll. Make you fishers of men. Church in Owensboro Christianity is about more than walking down an aisle and praying a prayer. Huh I mean every time you coming to the church. I want to give people an opportunity to receive jesus and won’t do it as long as I’m sucking aaron in charge of this place, people will always have an opportunity to receive jesus, but just coming into this church and praying a prayer is not the sum total of christianity somebody say amen to that. It’s about following jesus, literally living in having a a viable relationship with him. Where you walk after him, you do what he does you you take his teaching his yoke upon you and you live out the commandments of the lord jesus christ. That’s what it means to be a disciple in the ancient near east. There was something called a rabbi. Rabbi was a teacher, and then there was a disciple hebrew word for disciple is a town beans. This one who follows closely one who follows closely. There’s an ancient proverb, the jews would say they would say may the dust of your rabbi be upon you that that that rabbi would want-and you would be so close to him-that literally the dusty knots above the ground would get all over here. We need jesus as dust on our life, and you know what you don’t learn to do. Christianity until you follow the rabbi to be a christian means to be a little christ, not a creed. It’s not a doctrine, it’s not a bumper sticker, it’s not a t-shirt. It is a lifestyle that consumes every part of us. Every bit of us should be consumed with following jesus. Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men. Scripture say that those who say that they’re in him to walk like he walked upon the earth literally, were called to walk like jesus. That’s pretty tall order in it, follow me now you fisher of men. You know you can’t learn to do business in a classroom. Anybody know that if I got a business degree out there huh you learn to do business in a in a classroom. No sir I’ll tell you what else was in the ministry students out there. You can’t learn to do ministry in a classroom. I’ve got a theological degree. They didn’t teach me anything about. Ministry taught me something about the bible. Didn’t teach me anything about ministry. You know where I learned to do ministry i, learn new minister in the local church following men and women of god, watching how they did ministry see. That’s the only place you learn to do it it’s on the job training, so you can get all the degrees under the sun, but you don’t know what you’re doing to the moment. You show up on the first day of the work, and you start seeing somebody else to do it. I’ve recently taken up something I’m, taking up a racquetball right now and I’m. Really bad I played twice 2 times. You know it’s january I’ve got a new heaven I’m on it. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro This year, I’m going to climb mount kilimanjaro I’m, going to lose 30 pounds I’m going to have my picture on the rolling stone cover of the rolling stone forbes, magazine and I’m also going to play racquetball. That’s what I’m doing this year, those things and I played a couple of times. I’ll go in from time to time and I play by myself just to have a workout. You know so. I can hit the ball around and I’m hassling I’m trying I’m just trying to work out, but you can’t really learn to play. Racquetball playing by yourself. Played a couple of times with andrew edwards and andrew. Edwards has long arms so long. He can stand the middle of racquetball court in touch both sides of the court and he’s just destroying these beat me like 1, 2, 15, 3, 2:15 or 2:15 I’m, getting tired of it, but but I’ve noticed every time I play with somebody else who knows how to play i, get better playing by myself, I’m, not getting any better playing with him I’m getting better. He keeps beating me I’m going to have to do like that. Olympic ice skater did I’mma, wait till it turns around no more rack at him in the negro hard and then I just start heat on 1 2, 3, 4 I want to be my crap. That’s what I want to do, but listen to do life until you’re willing, with jesus, tell you’re willing to follow the rabbi. Follow me. He said I’ll make you everybody say, make you when it when you begin to follow jesus walk with jesus. He begins to make you something that you’ve never been before. He begins to make you something that’s attractive to the world. He begins to make you something that’s different than the other people you live around. He begins to make you something that shines in the midst of darkness begins to make you something that smells good in a place. Church in Owensboro That’s full of the stench of death. The bible says literally when we get, around jesus. The aroma of christ is diffused into the atmosphere whenever you show up somewhere. That’s what he’s making you. Church in Owensboro This word is making you a different person. We used to be thieves, we still no more. The bible says that we used to be addicts. We don’t drink or smoke anymore when we used to be all messed up or not vile and angry. Anymore he’s making us different he’s, making us better he’s putting his seal on our life and that seals changing us each and every day he ought to be making us. If we’re following him. A man will be fundamentally different and we still need that message in the church in america today. I want to be positive. I Church in Owensboro on positive and I want to talk about the blessings to you, but I also want you to know that when you coming to jesus, your life needs to begin to change, and if there’s no fruit, we’ve got a big bad problem that needs to be addressed. We’re not following for life the same cuz he’s going to make us. What’s he going to make us he’s going to make us a fisher of men? Don’t make us able once were disciples you’ll grow us up and we’ll be able to pull someone else into discipleship been 11% will become 12%, that 12% will become 20%. That 20% will become 30%. I love this story, I told her the few times. You know that south korea during the korean conflict was a very, very dark spiritual, spiritually, a nation so dark. Church in Owensboro It was like less than 3% christian and after that that korean conflict towards the end of it there’s war-torn stuff going on everywhere. Some preachers begin to show up there preaching the gospel one by the name of dr. Cho. Dr. Cho had nothing but a bicycle would ride around preaching 3rd john, 2 beloved I wish, above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers finally got his hands on an old marine tent began teaching the gospel out of that people started coming getting saved getting born again, people started getting turned on becoming disciples before long. They began discipling other people. You know today in 2011 really not that far off about 50 years later now, dr. Cho he’s just passed the church off, but he established the largest church in the history of chris and them close to a 1 million member church 1 million members. That’s a pretty big church I’m at you know what I mean and then south korea statistics, not just that church. But so many churches came out of all of that. South korea went from being about 3% christian living, somewhere around 40% christian. Church in Owensboro Now somebody give the lord a handclap for that. That’s excited, that’s the power of somebody grabbing it becoming a disciple allowing that thing to change their life, so we’re called to be disciples we’re going to become fishers of men as we become disciple, so we’re called number to we’re. Commanded turn over to matthew chapter 28, matthew, chapter 28, so the great commission on the last things that jesus said before he left before he left this earth matthew 28, verse, 18. Here’s what it says all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am, with, you always, even to the end of the age amen. Jesus said this:all the authority in heaven and earth is given unto me. He says go, therefore, and he tells us to do what church she tells us to make. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro What what’s that make? What if I say it, one more time., were called to go and make disciples, so we followed jesus were supposed to train other people to follow jesus, so we’re supposed to be making disciples, and that means we’re giving people the gospel people are coming in the gospel they’re, getting born again they’re coming to the gospel that receiving jesus they’re, getting their sins forgiven they’re, getting their life changed their receiving the gospel so go. Therefore, and make. Disciples of all the nations says the baptized in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit you’re out there and you haven’t been water baptized after post-conversion or after you’ve been converted. Church in Owensboro We need to get that done out there. You need to be water baptized, and so we make disciples them week. We baptize them that baptism is a symbol of an old life dying and a new life coming up said that we do some more things. He says that we teach them to observe all things that he has commanded us and then he’s going to be with us, always even until the end of the age. So we’re called to be disciples, then work commission to make disciples so who’s stop. Is it to make disciples? Is it the preachers job to make disciples? Is it the pope’s job to make disciples? It isn’t, isn’t billy graham’s job to make disciples? You know who’s whose job it is to make disciples there by say my job. What are the other reasons? The church’s went backwards is because we’ve hired clergy churches of higher good little preacher boys in our good little pastor will take care of all the ministry and will do all the disciples heal reach out and you’ll visit. Neighbors and you’ll do all of that stuff. And what happened? Is there were less people doing the work of the ministry all of the time and has less people did the work? The responsibility was lifted, less got done, but the truth is:is that the pastor’s, the preachers the people who stand in pulpits in america become in their community? Church in Owensboro Some of the least able people to reach the lost. Do you know that it’s so much easier for you to reach people who have not yet heard the gospel, then it is for me to reach people who have not yet heard the gospel. Do you know why? Because my cover is blown by the way case, you didn’t know it. What are some of the questions? You ask somebody when you first meet them, we introduce each other. What’s your name all right? We go through name what what comes? Church in Owensboro Where are you from right? That’s number to where you from I’m from providence kentucky, they always say where in the world is providence kentucky, you know of anywhere else, and I explained that after that we say:what do you do when I tell them what I do well i, sometimes I’ll just try not to answer if I just met him now that I’m embarrassed to of it or anything but I know where the conversations going then I know that the conversation shut down. What like it, it’s amazing I play golf and stuff like that, I’ll be on the golf course with the guys were cutting up we’re having a good time we get to this part, and they ask me what I do and I tell him I’m a pastor and you would they would act like I’ve got the boy bonic plague or something like that. Church in Owensboro They won’t away from me man. All of a sudden see my cover is blown now when I’m out somewhere else in another city. Where people don’t know me, it’s a different deal and I’ve got some other answers. I go to other things, I do well. You know I’m involved in in the cattle industry. Rob I’m a motivational speaker eventually I’ll get to it, but I don’t want to get there just yet. You know what I mean cuz I want to keep them. Where I can talk to him but see you are not there, but they don’t know what your covers not blowing. Show me you. Church in Owensboro They don’t even know your savior lives are all they don’t even know that you’re born again so like you’re out on the front. Porch and you’re smoking with them and y’all are doing whatever you’re hanging out out there. They don’t know you can just hit him with a right hook. Church in Owensboro They never see it coming. God wants to use you in a supernatural way like that I believe I’m, not to pick on people that smoke whatever you get delivered from at y’all to you about lung cancer. He keep doing it. So he who has ears to hear let him hear what the spirit of god says at the church, but I don’t care. If you smoke smoke all day. If you want to i, don’t care do whatever you want to, but it will kill you. You know up just what I say about that, but it’s your responsibility to share the gospel huh. Somebody saying that it is your responsibility to share the gospel, not know it sounds scary and I know it freaks you out, but the scripture say that you’ve been called to be a disciple. The scripture say you been commissioned to make disciples commanded to make disciple. The third thing the scripture say is that you have been commissioned to make disciples. Jesus said this all authority in heaven and on earth it’s been given unto me all authority, all authority in heaven and on earth is given unto me and then he said, go therefore, and make disciples:what’s he doing he’s conveying power he’s, convey no authority he’s conveying ability he’s contain his spirit. You want to step further acts chapter 1, verse 8. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro He said you shall receive power after the holy. Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in jerusalem, judea samaria end of the other most parts of the earth. Do you know what the spirit-filled life, style and spirit-filled experience is all about it’s about receiving power to be a witness in a dark world for people who don’t know jesus and her far from god’s hand, her bankrupt, spiritually and on the way to the hell, can be touched and saved and lift it up and can find his grace and forgiveness and mercy. That’s what the spirit-filled life style it’s all about, and that’s what we’re here to do. That’s why we’re spirit-filled, but we’re focused on preaching the gospel. Some churches are so focused on just being a spirit-filled church. All they’ve ever read is acts chapter 2, you know what I mean spirit on the day of pentecost and it’s true and it’s powerful and I believe in the pentecostal experience. Church in Owensboro By the way. I am a tongue talk and christian, just like paul wasn’t peter watts and james was in john was and if you read through the scriptures there was not a biblical author in the new testament. That was not a tongue. Talkin christian by the way don’t exist, wasn’t here all of them had that, but that acts chapter 2 experience. You know it came to give the church power to be a witness, didn’t come to. Let us have a wild meeting every sunday and every wednesday didn’t come. So we can roll on the floor. One more time didn’t come. So so the old lady could get up and have a spiritual fit in front of us all and us have to watch came so that we could have power so that we can be a witness. So we can be relevant to a lost-time world and so that we can have that thing that sets us apart. The anointing of the spirit of god, where is spirit-filled church for reason, acts chapter 2 came so that there could be a next chapter, 3, the next chapter, four, the next chapter, 5 all the way to acts chapter 28. Did you read acts chapter 28 and never comes to a close, there’s, no concise ending, because tonight you and I live in acts, chapter 29 and we’re supposed to be all over the world. Making disciples sharing the gospel. Church in Owensboro Changing people’s lives. You’ve been called, you been commanded you’ve been commissioned. Would you stand up on your feet with me for one moment? Here’s what I want to ask you? Are you working on anyone to bring them into the kingdom of god? Are you working on anyone to bring them into the kingdom of god? What it’s all about just think about it for one moment am I working on anyone to bring them into the kingdom of god. Think about it. I’ve lost connection with the loss with people. Don’t know any who don’t know him yet or are you in that? Are you thinking about it? Are you praying god help me find somebody to bring them closer to you to bring someone into the kingdom of god? Do you invite somebody to church. That’s the way, I believe her thanks cuz, we got the love of god blowing on the inside of us and we want to get that love to somebody else. That’s the way believer really thinks. Have you been doing that or have you fallen off of that thing? Have you fallen off of that thing? I heard a new term today, I was eating with ron staples are media guy and he’s more than a media guy. He actually has a bible degree and he’s a poet and plays all kinds of instruments in a songwriter and i. Don’t know what else he does. A very talented man, ron staples is almost scary. Have one gift in this? Is it that’s? The only thing I got what I’m doing right now, but he told me to turn called slacktivism what he called it. Slacktivism, the new term that’s been coined whatever and here’s. What slacktivism is the it’s hey raise awareness by wearing this. You don’t put a bracelet on not against the bracelets for breast cancer, but let’s use it as an example. I’ve got a bracelet on for breast cancer. I’ve got a pink bow on for breast cancer, but I’ve. Never given any money to anybody was fighting. Breast cancer never told him. I had to go, I have a mammogram or anything like that. Whatever you do, you know, but it’s just or how about this I’ll put I’ll put I’ll make my facebook, but I love, children or traffic in the sex slave trade and I want to see them help. So I put it on the facebook wall, and it makes me feel good for a moment, but I don’t ever actively do anything. Don’t don’t go help anybody don’t give to it. Church in Owensboro Don’t really the only way you can help things that you got to go work in it or you got to give to it or you got to pray for it. There’s no other way to help anybody on the face of the earth working at it. Pray for that’s it, but the spirit of slacktivism in america need to come along and we think we can do not do. Church in Owensboro We feel like we’re doing things when we’re doing nothing just by giving it face service, and that happens the church with with witnessing and bringing people, so you believe in soul winning yeah I believe in soul winning. When was the last time we talked to me about jesus, well, I haven’t, but, but tonight we’re going to do different name in church ever going to love somebody your ears, what you need to do, pray, let’s take a moment and, let’s pray. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro Let’s ask god to put somebody in our path to put somebody in our path that we can invite to church somebody that we can invest in their life, invest in their life and invite tell them about jesus, invite them to church and and be led by the spirit of god. Church in Owensboro Why don’t you just pray right there, where you are and ask god to show you somebody that you can begin working on to help to bring them into the kingdom of god to help them father? We pray right now that you would help us lead us guide. Us show somebody to us, but we can help. We can be a blessing to eat. We don’t want to just sit on the bench we want to be on the field. We want to be active in the gospel in the harvest, so lord. We pray tonight that you would annoying us right there you’re serious about that. Just just left the hand of heaven. You want that tonight, you’re serious about it rolled up. Thinking that the scriptures of said that he wins souls is wise. Church in Owensboro So, right now we believe the wisdom of god is released into this church. Released into these people know that we’re effective, soul winners. Then we flow in the spirit of god that we flow in the wisdom of god. Then we flow in the love of god, let them love of god swell up in our hearts. Father, let us be baptized in an uncommon love, a fresh baptism of love, a fresh baptism of the spirit of god to reach the unreached to love beyond love, to make a difference in a dark world bother to win the war being waged help us use us. We believe we receive it tonight and I’ll just say this outloud say father i. Thank you for your love. Church in Owensboro I think you that you’re teaching us to love, others I think you tube anointed us you’ve called us. You’ve commissioned us to make a difference tonight. We believe we received the ability to be a soul winner and we thank you for it. In the name of jesus, amen, amen, amen. Somebody give the lord a handclap tonight praise the lord Church in Owensboro