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Alright, let’s give jesus one more hand, clap this morning praise the name of the lord, those of you that got it have a question. You want me to try to answer. You can take out your cell phone right now, the numbers to 5827 and starting the next couple of weeks, I’m going to do the best I can to answer it. Let me say this because I kind to me don’t try to stop me. Don’t try to mess the pastor up, but I’ll do the best I can to answer your questions and if I don’t know the answer I’ll make something up this next week, alright going to be fun up here, so you text that thing and get ready for that. Hey we’ve got a special treat here in the house of god today, and that is obviously sarah and caleb worley are here with us. Would both of you stand up for one second right, there turn wave at the crowd. You’ll give him a big river, city welcome in this place, caleb coming up here. These guys are mighty men and women of god, and you already tasted sarah’s ministry she’s been such an encourager and lifted the people here and I was encouraged in your session, so thingso much for coming and ministering to us. Sometimes I just need to go to a good ladies meeting, you know what I mean god touches my heart I cry and saw it was. It was beautiful. It was wonderful and caleb is a strong, strong man of god hear these two guys they come out of one of the greatest heritage’s in all of america that that’s victory church tulsa, oklahoma, pastor, billy, joe and sharon daugherty found at that church and, from my perspective, some of the strongest people. This is one of the strongest families in america, with with the purest heart and the best ministry motives and I know that you’re going to be blessed because these guys spent the last two years of their life in hong. Kong. Doing missions are in that part of the world all over asia reaching out and now they’re, just coming back to tulsa, where, where they’re going to be overseeing the missions wing of that church, let me tell you something about a portion of the missions wing of that church. There’s about a thousand bible schools that are going around the world that have come out of one churchhow. Many think the power of one church body can be mighty in the earth. Huh can be mighty in the earth. Also, hundreds of missionaries these guys are taking the reins of connecting leading, guiding and doing that thing that that’s a church, that’s doing more for missions in some entire denomination. I know that these guys are going to bless you today. It’s going to be awesome, you’ll give caleb a big hand, clap as he comes sir amen. Well I think we need to give jesus a hand this morning amen. Thank you, jesus god, we worship you, we honor you! You know it’s just exciting to be here this morning and to see what god is doing not only at this church, but in this region. Owensboro. In the surrounding communities, you’re a part of something significant and I just want to champion you this morning, just for a moment before I get to the word to let you know that your part in the kingdom is not insignificant. Your part in the kingdom is not my new you’re part of the kingdom is not just you know something that you might think well, i, just you know, have a job I just come to church i, just you know, maybe work on the praise team or I serve in the back know. You are a part of that, something that is much bigger than yourself you’re, a part of the kingdom of god you’re, a part of the greatest thing that is living today. Only girl on the earth-and that is a part of the body of christ, amen, i, said you’re a part of the part of the body of christ and now I just want to honor. Your pastor is pastor brian and jesse for the work that they’re doing are they doing amazing job here? Come give them a hand. Thank you guys for having us. You know. It’s been a joy. We went to school together a few years ago, but I feel like I’m getting older every year. I, don’t know why that is. But we went to school together and it’s always great to see how that went past cross you know years ago, and then how god reconnects people and how god just speaks to people’s hearts and then to see that being walked out by faith I’m so encouraged to see how god is moving here at river, city, church and hearing all the history and the some nine places that you met in over the years and just your short history that you have. But here’s what I’m believing for you-and this is what I feel by the spirit of god that, where you’ve been, is nowhere compared to where you’re going 12 of you believe that today, mel god has so much more in store for this church and the store for your life. The bible says in ephesians chapter 3 that he has more in store for us that that’s exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in the inside of us, and you have a part to play in that 2nd corinthians, 5 and verse 20 in the message translation says that god has given us the task of telling others about him. I want to just clarify something here this morning:a misconception that a lot of people have when they come into church. They think that the people who stand on the platform or those that are employed by the church are supposed to do the work of the ministry, but I just want to remind you of something today the bible says that believers are called to do the work of the ministry.

That means you and me we aren’t different know. We are the same. We’re all called to do our part in the body of christ, and your part is just as significant as someone who stands behind the stage, because there are people that only you can reach to believe that this morning, just lift your right hand like this and say I have a part to play and I’m going to do my part, let’s pray, father i. Thank you for all my friends that are here this morning. I thank you lord, that you brought them in from so many different backgrounds from so many different geographic locations and you’ve planted them here in this region. For some purpose, god and I pray that today, that more of that purpose would be revealed to them in their lives. I pray for those that came in with questions that they would leave with answers. I pray for those that came in with sickness or this situations and their families that they would leave, realizing that you are the healer that you’re the restore that you’re, the one that brings peace and comfort. So I pray that right now over every single person here that they would leave this place. Different and change, not through the words of a man but through your power father today our prayer is simple. We asked that we would be challenged that we would be encouraged and then we would leave this place is equipped to change this world. For you, we honor you in this place and everybody said, amen, amen. The question I have for you this morning is this:have you ever been in a place in life where you were called to do something or you felt in your heart? You were supposed to do something, but yet you felt a little bit incapable to do that thing. How many of ever been in a place like that? Don’t point at the person next to you, I just ask how many of you been at that place. Sure we’ve all been in a place at times where we felt we were called to do something we we were asked to do something we knew we needed to step up to the plate, but yet we may be felt a little incapable to do that thing. I was thinking just earlier about a time when I was playing basketball in high school I heard in kentucky. There’s a few basketball fans, any basketball fans in the house this morning. For some reason, I heard over lunch yesterday, there’s only one team in kentucky, even though I’ve heard of a few those of you that know what that team is, they hear what they wear blue. Tell me where I was playing basketball when I was in high school was a summer league basketball game and we were in all doing pretty good, but the team we’re playing was much better than us and somehow we were staying with them right and you know until the end of the game and it came down to the end of the game. There’s about 12 seconds left I had the ball and I was driving to the basket to shoot the ball, we’re down for points and i, get found on the side of it on the side, ready to go, shoot the shot, and so it’s a shooting, foul and I’m standing at the line. Shooting free throws and knows it. Wasn’t no basketball know that if you’re down for points and there’s 5 seconds to go on the clock that you have to pray for a miracle and something needs to happen because most of the time you’re going to have a difficult time winning that game. Let’s all remember, standing at the free throw line and I stepped up there and I made the first shot and now we’re down 3 points we have 5 seconds to go, have one more shot to shoot and at that time I coach calls a time-out, as he calls a time-out we all run over to the huddle, and he just looks at me and he says:okay, here’s what’s going to happen and I’m thinking. Okay, he’s got the play from heaven. What is going to happen? He said. Well, he said here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take the basketball, don’t want you to act as if you’re going to shoot the shot, but it at the moment when you shoot the shot I want you to throw them all right off the front of the rim. Bounce it back to yourself, get the rebound step back to the three-point line, shoot a three-pointer and make it and we’ll go into overtime, yeah those either the ever seen. Basketball know that that is almost impossible. I say almost because there was one time that I know of that. It happened, and so here I was standing at the free-throw line and I’m remembering the words of my coach, as he told me that and then I’m walking off thinking to myself. Is he crazy and about that moment when I was thinking those thought those spots? I don’t know if he was a prophet or what? But he screamed out to me. He said caleb, you can do it and I thought he really thinks. I can do something that I don’t think. I can do, and so here I am standing at the free, throw line ready to shoot that shop and I’m thinking to myself. I don’t even know how to hit that half of an inch of an orange thing up there I’m in our practice, making free throws and that’s hard enough and now he’s expecting me to some out, throw it perfectly off the front of that room. So it bounces back only to me and not the other guy standing in the rain and then somehow he’s expecting me to grab that ball dribble backwards without any defenders and shoot a 3-pointer and make it at the buzzer. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro This guy must be crazy, but I’m standing there in as I go to shoot that shot i, throw it right off the front of the rim. The ball comes immediately back to me:i grab the ball. The defense is running, i, take two steps back, I stand and I face the basket:i shoot the three-pointer as I practiced many hundreds of times before and, to my amazement, the shot went in as the buzzer sounded. We went into overtime and we won the game and, if I said, amen, true story, I wouldn’t have believed it. If I wasn’t there and it didn’t happen, I wish there was a lot more people there to view it, but that was the one time it happened. I’ve tried it a few times since and it didn’t work as well, but I thought about how that my coach saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. He saw capability that I had his saw a way around the obstacle that seemed impossible. That I did not see with my life and I was thinking about how that so many times in life. That is exactly how they are situations feel that is exactly how we feel many times when were facing obstacles or impossible things, and we have a gracious father in heaven who is looking down at us, he’s serving our situation and he’s saying:okay, here’s what you need to do. Church in Owensboro You need to fix this. You need to arrange this. You need to adjust this and then this is how this is going to happen, and many times when we hear god saying that or we read from something from the word or hear somebody preach a message we think to ourselves:are they crazy? They don’t know my life, because if they knew my life, they would know it’s impossible. But what I want to encourage you with today that there is stuff on the inside of you that you have yet to tap into. There are things that you are called to do that you have yet done in this day. There is places that you’re called ago that you haven’t even ventured to think about, but I want to tell you today that there is more in you than you realize, and you have exactly what it takes. You believe that this morning, four of you believe that, hopefully, by the end of our time, I’ll have at least 6, and we will have increased by 50% to read a passage out of joshua chapter 1 for you this morning, because this is a similar situation where joshua found himself. Moses was the leader of israel, who led the children out of the wilderness and was supposed to take them into the promised land, but we know the story because of disobedience and merman complaining and lack of vision. Church in Owensboro They wandered in the wilderness for all of those years and then the lord said because of you know your lack of vision and disobedience. You will not inherit the promise land, your next generation will and joshua is to be the leader, so joshua finds himself in a situation where he now has the next generation of israelites and his responsibility is to lead them into the promised land, except he had one problem. He felt very incapable. He felt like you and me many times when god says I want you to go over here. I want you to give this I want you to serve I want you to show up I want you to do whatever it is that maybe you felt uncomfortable to do. That’s how he felt in this moment and it’s interesting to see what the lord spoke to joshua as the lord begin, reminding him, and he said this and joshua chapter 1, starting in verse, to moses my servant is now dead. Well, thank you very much for that information. I knew that already joshua was thinking, but then he says, therefore arise and go go down to the place which I have told you enter to the with the people to the land which I’m giving to them. The children of israel every place that the sole of your foot will tread. I have given it to you, as i, said to moses from the wilderness over to lebanon. As far as the great river euphrates, all the land of the hittites and the great sea towards going down the sun shall be your territory. No man shall be able to stand before you all. The days of your life as I was with moses, so I will be with you. I will not never leave you listen to this or forsake you, but be strong and of good courage for to this people. You should divide as an inheritance that which I swore to your father’s and I’m now giving to you only be strong and very courageous. Church in Owensboro You may observe to do according to all that moses I had commanded him do not turn away to the right or to the left that you will then prosper wherever you go. So here’s the situation joshua is is looking at what he’s supposed to do, but yet he’s feeling very inferior, he’s feeling very insecure, he’s feeling very incapable to do this job and now the lord speaks to him and he says:look hey joshua I’ve called you to be the leader. I was just gone. Never what I told him I was I’m telling you the same thing, and then you remind somebody, says:joshua go and possess that land and don’t worry I’m going to be with you not going to leave you I haven’t made a mistake:i didn’t choose you by random, you know i, didn’t it was an accident you’re, the one that’s supposed to be in charge and I’m going to be with you and then he says, be strong and of a good courage and as I read through that, it’s almost like I hear the lord’s sing this to joshua joshua. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You have exactly what it takes to do. The job now get up and go and do it that’s what the lord was telling joshua. He was encouraging him, because what joshua needed to realize is that as joshua was going in to do what god told him to do, it wasn’t joshua going by himself. It was god almighty. The creator of the heavens and earth was actually going with him and because god was going, then everything was going to change in that place and I’m here to tell somebody today, I don’t know who it is but I’m here to tell somebody today that it’s been questioning things in your life. You’ve been wondering about your vision. You’ve been wondering about dreams that have maybe been unfulfilled. You’ve been wondering about situations in your life and I’m here to declare for you today by the word of god, that you have exactly what it takes. I said you have what it takes. You have what it takes. You say:pastor I can tell by your reaction. You’re saying:pastor, that’s great, but you don’t know me, you don’t know my life and you’re right, i, don’t but i, know god i, know your creator, he’s the author and he’s the finisher and he is on your side. So here’s the reality that we need to understand in the new covenant in the old covenant god had to show up to the people and he had to remind them look. Church in Owensboro You know what you may have hanging on may not know all. What’s going on, you don’t understand the situation, but me god, almighty I’m going to go with you. We have something much greater. We have the person of jesus christ, who came down to the earth who lived in flash, who died on a cross who was buried in the grave and then was resurrected after 3 days in the bible says he is now seated at the right hand, of the father, interceding and praying for us and the at the moment when we make a declaration of our faith in him, and we ask him to forgive us our sins, that something miraculous takes place in our lives and salvation comes to us. Jesus christ, the son of the living god, comes to live on the inside of our last and because jesus comes into our lives. Everything changes so Church in Owensboro I’m here to tell you today, but if you have jesus than you have what it takes. The only way I can tell you that my confidence today is not just from what I’ve read in the scriptures, but from what I’ve experienced in my own life, I can tell you at an age of 17 years old I found myself on a missions trip and ghana west africa I went not because god said go over there and do great things for the people. Church in Owensboro I went because it was going to be an adventure. I went because I wanted to see a new place. I wanted to see some animals I didn’t realize that country I was going to only had a few baboons and 1/2 an elephant, but anyways I ended up there and I was expecting to see all these wonderful animals that all lived in east, africa and I’m standing in west africa, and so my whole trip was shot. You know at that moment and I’m traveling around this country, and then you know terrible conditions and dust everywhere and I’m trying to figure out what in the world am I doing in this place, and about that time our leaders begin to drop us off to buy two very biblically. In different villages and they said, will come and see you in two days and I’m thinking. Church in Owensboro Are they crazy? Do they understand that i? Don’t know what to do with it. I understand that I’m only 17 years old and what am I supposed to do for 2 days in a village with no running water, no electricity. Without anything to do so here, I am standing with my friend for about an hour. Church in Owensboro We don’t know, what’s going on we’re standing by this little mud hut which, with the fast group in about that time, this young gentleman comes riding up on a bicycle. He hops off. He is so excited. He says:oh I’m, so glad you’re. Here today, I said:oh hello, who are you you said I am the pastor in this village and we are about to have our service. It starts in 15 minutes and we are so excited that you’re preaching for us today, you’re laughing. Imagine what I felt about that moment. I was so thankful. My friend was with me and I said:oh I’m, so glad you’re preaching today. He turned to me and said the exact same thing, so we were able to solve that problem by playing paper, rock, scissors and I lost, so I have a few minutes to repair the first time that I’ve ever preached before, because remember I wasn’t there to preach I was there just for the adventure I spent several of those minutes miserably trying to create a sermon that was terrible, I felt sick on the inside and then I begin to do something very profound. I begin to pray, you’re saying, why did you do that? First remember:i was there for the adventure not forgot. I begin to pray and I felt on the inside of my hardest peace come over me and I felt. Like someone told me on the inside of you just open up the bible and speak. What I tell you to speak, then I’m going to do things in this place that only I could do and I remember grabbing my bible and walking into this little church service with a kerosene lantern one side, a little bongo drum in the other and this pastor. So gracious so happy so excited you got up there and he said to the people that are in that little building that day he said, and now the man of god is going to come to preach the word and he turned around, as he turned around to my direction. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro I’m. Turning around looking at the wall, wondering who in the world is he talking to, he was talking to me. I went up there, feeling very scared, feeling very incapable and, as I begin to preach, i, don’t know what happened for the next 45 minutes, not because I fainted and fell out, which maybe would have been great but because god begin to move and the only way I know that god moves, because at the end of that time that we had together, I saw god moving on people as they were weeping and many of them were crying and god was just doing things in that place. That I can only say, happened through him and had nothing to do with me, because the life of faith is not about what we can do, it’s about what he can do in us and what he will then do through us and I’m here to tell somebody today, because I learned a very important lesson in that experience. I learned that if I would just continually make myself available than god would make me more than capable in this life and I want to challenge some of you today that it felt incapable in areas of your life, that is, you continue to just make yourself open and available to god. It doesn’t matter where you’re from it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter your background. It doesn’t matter your knowledge or intellect, where there’s been a lot or a little, it doesn’t matter. Your financial status doesn’t matter which side of the tracks or river you’re from what matters is. If you’re connected to god, then god can take you from this place and he can transform you and then turn you can transform the world. Why? Because you have what it takes. If you have jesus, you have exactly what you need. Does anybody believe that this morning it’s one thing for me to say it? You know I can get up here and preach till I’m blue in the face, but that’s not the reason to preheat the prisoner preaches because we’re getting the word to you so that something happens in your life. This is my prayer today. My prayer today is that those of you that came maybe you’re a single parent. Church in Owensboro Here this morning, maybe you’re married with children, maybe you’re a student, maybe you’re a grand parents, but somewhere in your life. Maybe you felt incapable to do some of those things that god is asking you to do. Maybe you felt incapable somebody here you felt like on the verge of giving up on some of those things that god has spoken to you in your heart and I’m here to plead with you today to stand in the gap for you today and say you know what don’t give up don’t give in, but wait and see your god coming through strong for you and your life see god, restoring that marriage, see god working in your family, see god, bringing the lost loved one back into the kingdom, see god bringing the dreams in the visions that he put on the inside of your heart. See him bringing those things to pass because you have what it takes. If you have jesus living on the inside of your heart and all throughout scripture, we can see different examples of people that were used by god, that that felt very incapable it felt like they weren’t qualified and I have some good news for you today, you’re never qualified when I walked up here today, I wasn’t qualified to speak to you, but I serve a god who is very qualified and as long as we get ourselves out of the equation-and we add him into the equation-we always have the majority working for us, so you might be on the backwoods of kentucky or you might be in the big city of new york or wherever you might travel in this life. But here’s the important thing people can know about you or not know about you. But as long as you’re connected to your creator and your heavenly father god, then he will see to it that he is going to work things out in your life because you have what it takes and his name is jesus christ, the greatest gift that this world lit needs is living on. Church in Owensboro The inside of you and when he went up to heaven-and now it’s praying for you-the bible says he sent his holy spirit, the comforter that got down to the earth to a bind and dwell on the inside of you, the person of christ. Now in the spirit of god living on the inside of you, and when you face the obstacle, you face the opposition or you come against the inferiority where you battle fear in your mind, or you come and gets problems in your life. You have to realize that you are not standing there facing those things by yourself. You have god almighty on your side and just like he spoke to joshua I’m not going to leave you. He will never leave you in this world. Do you believe that this morning you see it takes faith to believe things that you don’t see it takes faith to attach yourself to something on the inside before you see it on the outside, but I’m here to encourage you today, then, when you get it in your heart and you start seeing it here, it doesn’t matter what it says in here or what you see through these things here eventually, when you believe it here, it will become a reality that transforms what’s going on here. You’ll start to speak differently out here and eventually these things here will begin to see that reality out here. Is that a little difficult did you get that the bible says that faith can transform our situations, not faith in things or faith in desires, but our faith in god and I’m sure to encourage somebody today that you have what it takes to overcome. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You have what it takes to prevail. Do you have what it takes to stand? You have what it takes to press through. You have what it takes to win and you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle and to go around any trouble, because you have god almighty on your side. Church in Owensboro You believe that today you know, there’s a story and closing that I was thinking about with abraham, who is called to be the father of many nations in genesis chapter 12. We see the lord speaking to abraham and he says these words abraham get out from your country, go to the land which I will show you and through you, you’ll be blessed, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed except abraham. What had one very big problem? He had? No children we see in genesis chapter 15 is abraham, is gone and done what god told him to do and he stepped out on faith and obedience, and here is in this new land. Still without the true fulfillment of the promise, he saw some of the fulfillment, but yet he still has no children and he’s in his tent one day in genesis chapter 15, verse, 5, we see the account of this in the lord speaks to abraham, as he’s in his tennis is abraham, come out from your tent to abraham comes out from his 10 and the lord says these words look up to heaven and count the stars if you were able to social, your descendants, be something amazing took place in that moment, because faith rose up in the inside of abraham’s heart in the bible says it. At that very moment, it was accounted to abraham as righteousness because he believed the reality is this. You came in through one of these entrances today, you’re going to leave through some of those same entrance as you go out on your way to exit to the parking lot. Church in Owensboro But the difference is that something can happen on the inside of you that can transform your life forever and that is faith to believe that god can change your life and that you can be more capable than you realize and all I’m simply doing today is I’m helping to pull you out of that tent I’m, helping to pull you out of that problem, helping to pull you out of that situation and get your eyes on him. Get your eyes on your father. Get your eyes on your creator. Church in Owensboro Get your eyes on the one who resurrected you out of darkness out of scent out of shea. Get your eyes are back on and steak & tea leaf focused on him, because the bible says in hebrews that he will be the author. Church in Owensboro That means he’s going to start thing, but he’s also going to be the finisher he’s going to finish thing in the midst of that we have time we have the life in which we live. But if you focus on him, you will beat you begin to see him for feeling things. You never thought was possible and you will be like me that day in the basketball game, standing as the buzzer sounded for the final overtime and we won and I’m standing in amazement, you will find yourself standing in amazement at the things that god will do through your life. But you have to settle some issues in your heart to believe that god can make you way more capable than you might feel, or you might think we stand as we have a time of prayer today, I felt the scripture is for some people that are here this morning as we bow our heads and close our eyes in a time of prayer. Church in Owensboro Scripture says this and deuteronomy 1 and verse. 6 is the lord. God spoke to them and horeb saying you have dwelt long enough at this mountain turn now and take a journey. Go to the mountain love your enemies into the place which I’ve called you to the plains. See I have set these things before you and now it’s time to go in and possess that which I have promised you. There was someone here to today and this place, and you will long enough around that mountain, it’s time for you to go in and possess it it’s time for you to go up and inherited. You have dwelt long enough for that addiction. You have dwelt long enough with that inferiority you have dwelt long enough with that fear. You have dwelt long enough with that problem plaguing your family and it’s time for you by your face to attach yourself to what god is saying today, and you are saying it is my time I am going to go in. I am not going to be held back I’m not going to quit on the side of the road. I am not going to be defeated, because I know that if I have jesus I have what it takes and right now is your heads are bad in your eyes are closed. Church in Owensboro All over this place, I want to pray for those of you that or hear you say you know what that to me. Church in Owensboro I’ve been held back in arizona, my life I’ve, been held back by fear, inferiority I’ve, been held back by addiction, but I’m not leaving this place the same I’m going to leave different and changed by his power. If that’s you just left your hand all over this place, you say:that’s me, that’s me come on just looked it up. That’s me! That’s me. This is my day. This is my day. I. Don’t want you to do right now, every single person that lifted your hand, here’s how we going to do this just step out of your seat and come stay with me here at the altar just step out of your seat, every single one of you. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro This is your moment. You say why do I need to do this, because this is an act of faith. If you mean business, if you say you know what I really want to see, the breakthrough I really want to see the freedom I really want to see. God moving in my family and my man I really want to see. You. Moving in my finances, I really want to see the breakthrough in my life. It comes by just continually, surrendering and being available to him and that capability that strength of restoration and peace and guidance and direction provision only comes from the throne of god. So here’s what I would like you to do. Those you that are coming in the rest of us just lift our hands, and let’s just make this a time of surrender, is the worship team leads us in this song and then we’re going to pray, come on just lift your hands. Let’s worship Church in Owensboro