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Church in Owensboro River city church, podcast, pastor, brian, gibson belt of truth recorded wednesday, january, 10th, 2007, 7 p.M. Service, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen. You know we have had a ministry running here. I, don’t I can’t remember how long it’s been going on for some time on wednesday nights, where we went to seven hills, baptist, church and we’ve helped feed feed the poor and the underprivileged and people who need a meal. Yeah, fred and barney vanfleet headed that up, don’t give them a hand, clap for doing it. Church in Owensboro A lot of people don’t know she does that and has done it. Thank you. Thank you, bonnie for a for your work also I want to let you know. I’ve got even landed on my heart. It’s not today, and it’s probably not tomorrow, but but this is something I see in the future. For river city church I see us as a congregation coming together in forming like a dreamcenter, a dream center church in tulsa oklahoma 12,000 member church is it was a sea of people, but we had a dream. Center one of the roughest parts of that city, where we continually did mills. We continually passed out food people came together to give their gifts to give their talent to help kids that nobody else were really willing to help him. You don’t think that’s a good thing and then went out on the limb and put money and did everything to bring to bring structure to some kids life, but also to bring the gospel of jesus christ I mean. Church in Owensboro Oh, that’s important. Let me know if the church doesn’t do that kind of thing. Church in Owensboro Nobody will I want you to get to pray and just see and think with me. It’s not today. It’s in the future, it’s in the future, but that’s just the heart of god. That’s just the heart of god to reach out and touch somebody that needs help I’m in church,. You will be interested in being a part of something like that, be interesting. It be good, be goodif. You want to do that. It gets good to enter into those type of ministries. Now, before the thing totally comes to pass, I mean no, you can get on it when it’s small right be a part of it when things like that grow into something something everybody see through 10 through 20 and the topic is the whole armor of god the whole armor of god. This is the apostle paul and he’s riding to the church of ephesus, he’s riding to the ephesians church, the ephesian church, and he’s talking about a war that the church is involved in. How many know that you and I are as believers as christians. We are in a war, am in church when the bible says we fight the fight of faith, the bible says we have an adversary, the devil that crappy old serpent that wants to come and steal, kill and destroy. Church in Owensboro The devil did not fall from heaven by itself, but felt the prophets say with 1/3of the angels. There was an organized rebellion in heaven, the lead worship leader in heaven any began to look up at the most high god and to become jealous and become envious and begin to want to set upon the throne of god. He says in the prophet that the stories recorded their through prophetic genre. He says I will become greater or higher than the most I thought. It was the beginning of a rebellion. There was a great war in the heavens and and the devil was cast out. How many of you read the gospel where jesus said, I saw satan fall like lightning to the earth. If you read that 10 there jesus saw satan fall like lightning through the earth end. Today, many christians are confused. They believe that everything that happens on the earth happens because god has indeed willed. It has the lord wills everything. That’s happened on on the earth today, church. No, no, no, take a look at it.Take, a look at any of those great atrocities in the history of humanity and you’ll know very quickly. That god did not will that, but the thief came to steal, kill to destroy paul tells us about how we can defeat the devil. Let’s begin reading here, ephesians chapter 6, verse, 10 I’ll pick up where I left off last last week. Finally, my brethren be strong in the lord and in the power of his might put on the whole armor of god that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age. Again, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places therefore take up the whole armor of god that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all to stand, stand thereforerecess having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, having shot your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace above the fight with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of god, praying always with all prayer and supplication, in the spirit being watchful. To this end, with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints and for me that other ones may be given to me that I may open my mouth boldlyto make known the mystery of the gospel, the apostle paul. We can talk into these people in ephesus, and this was a time where almost the entire world have been conquered by the kingdom of rome entire world was under one rule. Church in Owensboro The roman empire relation says this. When the fullness of time had come, god brought forth his son born from a woman born under the law that he might redeem those from under the law. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro All right. Everybody say these words of time, the fullness of time with rome conquer the entire world. That everywhere you went in the known world that people had a common dialect in their mouth. They, they all spoke the language that there was brought that roman empire really before through alexander the great. They all spoke greek almost everyone around and saw it was very easy when there was a comment for the gospel to befrom, one tribe to another. Church in Owensboro How many know jesus wants every tribe every tongue, every nation? Every kendrick to hear his gospel message and then church so rome was everywhere and when rome was also roman soldiers, all the children in the city of ephesus bed, scene, roman soldier coming out of municipalities, different different buildings, different places, and they knew what these guys look like the apostle paul being a master teacher. Just like you learn from jesus christ of nazareth how you would begin to take anything you see I’m going to use it as a teaching device. I mean oh jesus taught in parables jesus taught in illustration. He was the first guy to ever bring the illustrated sermon out. Church in Owensboro How me know whenever I teach and preach about whoever says to this mountain, don’t hurt me presets with the mount of olives in his backgroundhe’s, using it as an illustrated sermon, jesus talks about don’t sit down at the head of the table yard and tell that story. Don’t send it the best seats at the table. If you go to a party cuz, if somebody says hey, I need there’s a more important guest here, you need to go to a you need to go to a lesser see. You’ll be embarrassed if you read that story says sentinel or seat and people will bring you up. You know when jesus told that story told that story. Whenever we went to a dinner party and he saw people jacking for the best seats he gets up and uses it as an illustrated sermon. Church in Owensboro That’s pretty clever in it. How me know the guys sitting in the best places probably got rid when he started. Tell that story didn’t see. Jesus uses those things. Paul uses it and begins to talk about a roman soldier. You are in a war found in my brother, be strong in the lord and in the power of his might, but you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil in this text. Church in Owensboro One of the key words it’s written again and again and again is the word. Stand, everybody say:standso much of a christian life is about standing. So much of the christian life is about standing. You believe in god has called us to be a bunch of believers. You have been in power, back. Just, stand in the face of every attack of the enemy and to overcome, but you have to learn to believe it. You have to become a quip or prepared to do it. That’s why it says, put on the full armor of god, everyone say put on the armor you have to put on the armor of god. Everybody say this:that is preparation whatever they would go out to war, and it was about time to fight the roman. Soldiers will begin putting on all of their armor. How many know that if you fail to prepareyou prepared to fail now have it you have to take a test as a young person in school and when you got there, he failed to study what happens when you took that test. You failed the test. What happens whenever you get into a boxing ring with somebody? Who’s been training the box, but you never train you get your butt kicked now joe. What happens? I went and watched, I live in st, joseph, missouri and I would go downtown to the civic center and I want to watch boxing matches i. Like to watch people, fight and I know, it may seem a little barbaric but I like the apostle paul, even wrote about it. So I feel totally justified of my watching them fight. Ufc boxing, you name it i, like it. So I went down and I watch these people fight and it before long. It was like one of those homespun boxing meetings. Church in Owensboro they never been some of those when it’s unreal I watched about half of the people there, a hundred dollar bills. You know picking up drunk guy, saying hey from the bar. If you want to give you a hundred bucks and they came and little girl I bet, you didn’t wait on 210 lb into the rink, and you looked at this girl she’s, so small I mean by every natural inclination. Everybody think this lady’s just going to get killed right here and there bring some other girl that, probably out later 20-30 pounds and put her in the ring and the one girl the little girl said you watching begin to fight. She knew exactly what she was doing, shatter guard up she’s, throwing straight jab and this other larger girl she’s fighting like what like a girl just like this. You know what happens to her. She had a hamburger and hamburger and I almost didn’t even feel right, watching them fight after a while cuz. It’s like there’s two people to gunfight, but only one person has a gun. Look at your neighbor and say you need to be prepared, be prepared, so he says, cure some of the things you need to do to prepare yourself number one. He says this. He says in verse, 14 having girded your waist with drew having dirty drawer waist with truth, everybody write down the word truth if you’re taking notes right there right down the word truth, if you’re taking notes on this just for a moment. Last week today, last week, I was talking about how the belt of truth comes to gird up to gird up or the hold up the robes that they had to hold up the roads in to keep them from getting tripped up on those roads. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro The second thing the roman soldiers were doing they put on that belt of truth. It was like a utility belt like they had a utility belts in order. They were all types of hooks, all types of places for them to put their weaponry. They would hang one of their larger swords on one side, they’re smaller swords or daggers on the other. That would take their bag, which they carried. The rat rations in everything hung on that belt of truth. Church in Owensboro They even would teach their soldiers about. The placement of the belt was important that everyone of the weapons of our warfare would be hanging in the exact same spot. Whatever it’s time for battle, let me know if you were used to pulling your store for the right side, but your belted got turned around and you put different things at different places. Whatever the fight came, you might not ready in reach for the right thing. You see what I’m saying was important, that they kept it in the same place. I, don’t like cowboy history like cowboys stuff, have an office still with cowboys stuff, had a lot of stock. My backyard I’m a golfer now but I was raised to cowboy and have you ever heard of doc holliday, doc, holliday and people who, like that type of history, they say the doc holliday won all of his gun fights not because he was quicker with his hands, but because he had this utility belt, a gun belt, and if he came with this pivot system and its gun was almost like welded to his belt and my everybody else was drawing.. Holiday would just spend his gun right here and shoot from a side. Everybody else had to do this. With. New wear his belt was his handy with it. He could think of shoot you very quickly with the belt truth. Amen. Everybody safe i, need you know about my belt. The belt is the first thing the soldier put on, and it is one of the symbols that makes you like the godhead titus chapter 1, verse 2. It says this. The god the father cannot lie. You know there was some things that god cannot do three say that out loud there are some things that god cannot do. The bible tells me that titus chapter, 1, verse 2, says god cannot lie now. People often say god is god. He can do what he wants to do and I understand what they’re trying to say, they’re, trying to say that god is all-powerful. He can do whatever he wants to do, but I mean oh god cannot do something that violates his nature or his character. Why can you not lie because he’s truth, wall-to-wall truth on the inside from head to toe from left to right, every part of god is truth. I went to hear a praise and worship. Guy went to hear him down in that down in a town in tennessee and I was thinking about having come here and minister. Cuz he’s incredible these annoying it. When the guy starts to sing man, it’s like the glory of god falls, and you know he’s just strong in this gift. I thought I want to get this guy, but the guy did something. Nobody should do. How many know that praise and worship leaders are lead, praise and worship a man? Let me know the teachers are to teach prophet prophesied gifted a call to do things get a little bit messy, don’t they would be like if I tried to go and while you know what being nba basketball player-and he says this-he said some of you need to understand that god can do anything. He wants to do it anytime and the guys plan on his keyboard. Church in Owensboro You might go in front of god someday, you might be before the throne of god and got might be angry at you and he might just call you and cuss you out. Can. Do that because he’s god and he got all crazy. Church in Owensboro Looking I thought what in the world is just got talking about. You know:where did he just go with all the sudden I thought? Well, I’m, not having him in my nature, to save me having a mess up. This theological blurred praise the lord. God cannot tell a lie. Why? Because he is true that the next thing I want you to see. I want you to recognize here turnover in your bible to john chapter 14, verse, 6, that’s god, the father! Church in Owensboro There’s a proof, hottest chapter 1, verse to the god’s truth. God, the father through jesus, says this. He says I am the way the what the the truth and the life no one comes to the father, except by me. How many believe that jesus is the truth? Amen. Jesus is the truth. Why should we put on more like jesus christ of nazareth? He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father, except by him. Now jesus stood before pilate and pilot. Ask him this question. What is true, what he’s really saying that jesus? Is there such a thing? As truth he’s standing in the presence of truth getting says there is no absolute reality? Is there really true jesus? That’s what pilot is saying to him, but there is a right and there is a wrong. There is a black that there is a white that they’re there is a north and there was a south. There is truth, and then there is salsa jesus is the truth. Is in john chapter 14, john, chapter, 14, verse, 17, everybody say this. The spirit of god is the spirit of truth or john chapter 14, verse, who starred in 16. This is jesus talking about the coming of the holy spirit, he said and I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro The spirit of truth in the world cannot receive because it neither sees him. Nor knows him, but you know him for each wells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you. Church in Owensboro Orphans I will come to you. The holy spirit is the spirit of truth 1st john 2:27. You have an unction of the holy one and you know all things. John talks about false teachers, a lot and he says that the spirit of truth, one able you and let you know whenever there is a false teacher in your presence ever heard a man teaching something all the sudden. It’s like i, that’s not right, but your guts, not up. You know what I mean right here in your in your gut somebody say my guts yeah. You got guts everybody’s fake. His word is truth. Church in Owensboro His word is true turn over with me now to john chapter 17, we’re just a couple chapters over and look at burst. 17th, look at birth, 17, john 17:17! This is jesus, praying for the church, says sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth. Your word is truth. What are the most important revelations you can ever get under? The heavens is that the word of god is absolute truth. How do you put on the belt of truth you begin by putting the word of god on each and every day open up the bible begin to read. It begin to look through begin to, let it change your mind and get into your heart and guard your spirit. You can no absolute truth through the word of god. Had a friend in tulsa oklahoma by the name of carl carl was born in poland. He lived in the apartment that I lived in there in tulsa late at night about the time the bar started, clearing out and I would go down and I would shoot pool with guys. Church in Owensboro There was a pool table to our apartment, I like to play, pool and I get down there and I would wait and I would use it as an avenue to get to witness with guy shooting pool with a guy named carl carl found out. I was a christian and I began to try to twist his arm to get him to go to church with me, but I like carl relented. After really supernatural intervention, I said carly lived across the way from me. I would come down one set of stairs. He would come down the other and I said girl. I’ll meet you at the car in the morning. You come with me to church and i. Don’t have a set of stairs and I’m waiting on carla finna go over waiting on somebody to show up at the church doors I had to wait on, forget carl, I’m, going to church and then one day car was sleeping and he woke up and he said I’m going to go to church and then he said now. I’m, going back to bed call said he literally felt the hand grabbing by the shoulder begin to shake. Church in Owensboro It said it feel like something danny jumped up and that morning carl met me coming down the steps and we got the church and the people were praising god in the spirit of god was thick. How many you know the spirit of god would stick in the air. Sometimes you can feel it almost looks like the manifest presence of god. You know phil phil, some people say they feel fire. Some people feel like it tingles, so you know different things. People feel different stuff, but we’re there on the spirit of god is like what carl felt something in there:man, it’s crazy, but energy or something all over me. What is what is that? That’s it. What you felt america was victory, that’s the spirit of god. You felt it before when you’ve watched the olympics girls I’ve got big. Church in Owensboro You looked at me all crazy. How did you know that? But I feel something like that when I watch the olympics before the word of knowledge, I mean oh well against the spirits exist. Like that just rolled right out of what I was saying, I saved that day, then ask me different things to ask me different things about what is truth austin. It would look not much different than pilot standing before jesus christ of nazareth san. Is there such a thing as truth call, would ask me brian? What do you think about people who party and get drunk I’d say well call the bible says the fusions chapter 5 verse 18, but he said the bible says the bible says don’t be drunk with wine. Where is dissipation but be filled with the spirit? Say? Okay, alright! So that’s what you believe. Church in Owensboro So that’s what the bible says:carl, same-sex marriage. You know what young guy thinking about all these moral, social or ethical issues and so will call the bible says everybody said the bible says the bible says if a man lies with another man as though she’s a woman is abomination before the lord i, think it’s wrong because the bible says it’s a well, my roommate lives with his girlfriend sweet sleeps up there with her all the time. What do you think about that? Well, the bible says that a fornicator will not inherit the kingdom of god. Everybody say the bible says so the bible says before long. You know what carl said to me that brian I want to quit. Coming to you and asking you what you think about things, because all you ever tell me is the bible I said:call you just about got it. You learn to live like that, live by what the bible says, that you have truth in your heart and it will change your very existence. Everybody say the bible says. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro If you don’t know, live like the bible says you will have the belt of truth around. You need to hold every piece of your armor on that’s the first thing the soldier would put on and then he would begin to tie on the breastplate of righteousness, but he say:righteousness bill said to go on first cuz. It’s about didn’t, go on first. That armor would hang too heavy on the soldiers shoulders. It will begin to wear him out how many you guys played football growing grown-ups. How mean are those pads? Sometimes it will begin to wear you out rubber all places on your shoulders. You didn’t have the right shirts on them. Well as a breastplate of righteousness, it was a whole lot of 10 years ago. Playing football. I know it was so they would take that belt of truth and then they would take and tie off where it would hold the weight up off of their shoulder, and some of the wait would be around their midsection and some would be on their shoulders. Now the breastplate of righteousness was built to do three things or just the roman breastplate number one. It was there, so you could move. It was supposed to be somewhat like I wasn’t supposed to weigh you down too much. Second thing was supposed to do if it was supposed to keep you from receiving a mortal blow into your midsection. It protected your heart, proverbs writer wrote these words guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows. The issues of life, your life that you live today is an extension of your heart. How many know that there is no outside source? That can stop you from doing and becoming everything that god wants you to do. Want you to become the only thing we can stop you or hinder you his. What lies within your heart guard your heart with all diligence out of it flows, the issues of life jesus said a good man. Out of the good treasure is heart:bring, forth, good fruit and evil man out of the evil. Treasure of his heart brings forth evil things. Church in Owensboro Everybody say this say my life, it flows for my heart, see people always want to blame. Some outward influence. Messing up your life, my dad was a drunk milacs messed up. Maybe he damage your heart. Some people say the republicans are messing up. My life, the other party says the democrats are messing up my life. Church in Owensboro What man neo-nazi types does the black guy he’s running my society messing up my life, the black panthers? That’s the white man is messing up my life. How many know that life really jesus said blows out of where your heart, the only thing that can limit you is what’s on the inside of you so I so important to guard your heart? Alright, the breastplate of righteousness, righteousness righteousness means this. It means right standing with god that you stand right before god that you are right with god. How do you get right with god. Well roman says this. It says the we become righteous by faith in jesus christ. You can find that romans chapter 3, verse, 23 24 25. You can find in romans chapter 4 verse for abraham believed god, and it was a credited to him as righteousness. Righteousness comes through faith in the shed blood of jesus christ. Church in Owensboro How many believe that jesus died for? If you believe that you believe that your sins are washed and cleanse all right right, there turned over to 2nd corinthians i, believe chapter 5, 2nd corinthians, chapter 5, verse, 2nd corinthians, chapter 5, i, haven’t gotten very far tonight verse, 21, here’s what it says he made him, who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of god in him. He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of god in him. Jesus christ man, sinless god man hundred percent got a hundred percent. Man came to this earth, never missed it. He made him on calvary’s cross, who knew no sin to become sin. Jesus became the send sacrificed it’s the great exchange. If you will it’s the righteousness of god traded for the sinfulness of man on calvary’s cross, and it doesn’t say here that you were just simply made righteous. It says that you become the righteousness of god I’m, not just a righteous man. The bible says the bible says that I am the righteousness of god i. Church in Owensboro Am you can boldly say that? Did you know that you can boldly say I am the righteousness of god damn? Why? Church in OwensboroBecause the same sacrifices been made, he made him who knew no sin to become sent that through him, I might become the righteousness of god, and you are the righteousness of god in christ jesus. Somebody say that out loud say:i am the righteousness of god in christ, jesus. Would. You stand up on your feet with me. I’ll pray, pray with you pray for you this next week. We’re going to continue in this teaching the weapons of the warfare that god’s given us. But let’s pray right now and close your eyes I want to know. If there’s anybody here until the sound of my voice, never is entered into that great exchange. I was just talkin about there’s a great exchange, the simplest of man for the righteousness of god bible, says all sin and fall short of the glory of god. Bible says that jesus christ died but came a sin. Sacrifice that you and I and the entire world might be able to go free right now. If you need to go free-and you know what you’re not right with jesus, won’t you lift your hand up right now, you don’t repent of your sins believe on his death and resurrection. Church in Owensboro

Church in Owensboro You can be born again. You can have a new life. You can have a brand new start with god. You can become the righteousness of god in christ jesus. Anyone here tonight is reborn again he’s to be born. Again. Is the boy father I pray in jesus, mighty name that we would learn to put on the full armor of god father? We say it tonight. We stay the night in jesus, mighty name that that we come and we have the belt of truth upon know that we have that in the center of our life, the belt of truth, we also have the breastplate of righteousness, father i, thank you that are feeder shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. North I think that we are ready for the battle with the shield of faith, with the sword of the spirit with the helmet of salvation father, that we stopped every dart of the wicked one farther than we charge into the enemy’s territory and take back what is ours and what is this world lorde from the hand of the enemy that you would bless these people, father, that you would teach them to stand in the midst of trial that you would prepare them to win every fight. You put them in all that the enemy brings at them in jesus, mighty name, i, pray, amen, amen, amen, let’s giggle or one hand clapping. For the day, laugh office praise the name of the lord our god bless you. You are dismissed Church in Owensboro